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    Demystifying The Mother’s Lab

    Has the episodic outrage of our left liberal frauds for Mother Teresa retroceded a bit? Ok; then let’s talk truth now. Because truth seems to be very dear to our liberals, our media morons, the litfest mafias, the idea of India jokers and many such noteworthy intellectual morons of India. They have unearthed train load of truth from Gujarat by their sheer love for verity. They in fact have unearthed uncountable amount of truth about Narendra Modi as well. So for their benefit, how about finding some truth about Mother Teresa?

    But before the truth, myth busting is the need of the hour to set the record straight. According to the frauds and their stooges on ground, Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief, made some derogatory comments against the mother. So the version that the liberals rolled out after a lot of spin is this – Mother Teresa did her charity work with an intension to convert all those she was helping. Though I agree 100% to this conclusion, this is not what Mr. Bhagwat actually said. These are the lines of BSF DG who was present at the meeting. In response to that Mr. Bhagwat said – we are not sure about Mother Teresa’s intensions but RSS’s intention is only helping the needy and poor. Our media which primarily is anti-Hindu, yet again did the bastardization of a simple statement to give it an anti-minority color. And you guessed it right – all this because the lines somehow could be attributed against RSS, a Hindu organization and in turn a freehand to bash all Hindus, BJP and Narendra Modi for a week.

    As expected the frauds in Congress and other such secular outfits picked the rotten thread and started barking in their trademark orientation. Gallons of crocodile tears were shed in just about half an hour by our liberals and mafias of various hues. That is an age old plot, no? The frauds in media do a spin and blow something out of their posteriors and the hawks on the ground propel it further. We are seeing it from 2002 till today and we saw that again when everyone in our pig farms seem to be head-over-heel in love with Mother Teresa. The same frauds that routinely question and criticize Netaji Subas Bose, Saheed Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda and many such true sons of the soil without any reason were at once ganged up and started defending a woman who in all probability was a dubious character. May I just ask why? Is she something who is beyond criticism? When these frauds take the best of liberty to criticize Hindu mythology and all gods therein, why on earth someone else can’t even question about the functioning of Teresa? Logic?

    How many of this barking lot know a certain Aroup Chatterjee? I am sure, not many. While many from the outraging lot have their knowledge about Teresa limited to just pictures of her and reading her so called noble stories in our fraudulent history/civics books, this guy has worked closely with Teresa’s mission for quite some time. He only left in disdain when he noticed gross scale forgery and ill activity within the mission, spearheaded by the Mother herself. According to him, it is not a mission to heal the needy but to create a Christian mass by exploiting their downtrodden circumstances. His investigations led to interesting exposes of the mission in general and Teresa in particular. Basing on his findings Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ali produced a Chennel-4 documentary that was very critical of Teresa and her functioning. They named the documentary ‘Hell’s Angel’ and quite rightly so. The duo didn’t stop there. Hitchens in fact later in the same year published a pamphlet titled ‘The Missionary Position : Mother Teresa In Theory And Practice’. The pamphlet was not only critical but also exposed the dirty nexus of Vatican with Teresa and their filthy ideology of converting poor by exploiting their situation. Since no one yet has countered the claims of these guys, including Teresa and her missionary and the Vatican included, it is only safe to assume that there is some truth in what these three fellows are rumbling about. Simple reason to ignore such ghastly claims could be to avoid the real rot coming out in open in case of a confrontation. Same is the case with our liberal frauds. They would never discuss the work of Mr. Chatterjee because they know that would lead to the stinking underbelly of Teresa’s mission which our secular lot barely can afford at any juncture.

    But the love of Congress for Teresa is simply not because for that minority appeasement. In fact their love goes back to the days of 1975 and the then idiotic and self-serving PM of India called Indira Gandhi. Post the lifting of emergency it was Teresa who first hailed Indira Gandhi as a great leader. When people were dying of hunger and youths were roaming around like vagabonds without jobs, this angel in Teresa found people to be rather happy and surprise, surprise, she also found plenty of jobs. In general Teresa termed the advent of Indira post emergency as a good thing to happen to the nation. There you go; Salma advocating for Sabrina right there. Such healthy words immediately saw a Padma Bibhushan thrown at the mother within seven months. Not only that, her charity got a whopping 68 crores as federal donations by the Indira Gandhi government as a token of respect for all the good work mother was doing. By the way, an RTI filed to unearth the account head under which this money was paid to Teresa’s charity reveled narrates that is as suspicious as mother’s work itself. Some Jiten Shah and family, a big textile merchant  was named as the donor through priminister’s fund while a ground search never reveled any such family ever existed in Surat. My guess on who paid the money and in which way is as good as anyone else’s.

    Even mother’s charity was evasive about detailing the donor’s list all the time. They never disclosed why a poor, starving and crippled nation like Haiti would pay millions to her charity when their own citizens are far from having the basic amenities. It is only after the ouster of the dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier that things got cleared. Both mothr and the dictator seem to have a mutual love for poor. Duvalier loved his poor to keep running his dictatorship while Teresa loved her poor for obvious reasons. Ditto are her association with British MP Robert Maxwell who later on found to have siphoned 430 million pounds from employee’s provident fund. By the way, Mr. Maxwell himself donated 12.8 million to Teresa’s charity over a period of 4 years. Impressive, no?

    There are many such financial nonsense that encircle the pious mother but let's not dig in there for too far. Let's keep aside Teresa’s nuisance in her finance management. Let’s look at the authenticity of her so called service towards poor. In one of her interviews to Tim Sabastian, Teresa agreed to have ordered her members to baptize the dying patients. Interesting. Why on earth someone whose motto is to serve the needy would think about religion ever? And why one should be baptized irrespective his/her religion at the first place? To advocate her nonsense further she was seen once delivering a speech which sounded something as churlish as – "Something very beautiful... not one has died without receiving the special ticket for St. Peter, as we call it. We call baptism ticket for St. Peter. We ask the person, do you want a blessing by which your sins will be forgiven and you receive God? They have never refused. So 29,000 have died in that one house [in Kalighat] from the time we began in 1952." There you go liberals who are shouting for the heck of it. Who gave her that liberty to convert 29000 of them, even if they are dying? Would the frauds support if RSS would ask people to convert to Hinduism before helping them during flood or any natural disaster?

    But there are lots of fools in India, either by choice or by free rice bags. They are in fact so many that they are virtually impossible to list in one blog. So I am picking just couple of them. First exhibit is this Rachit Seth or something. That is why I say, these frauds have no knowledge about Teresa at all. Just to sound intellectual they blabber for anything and everything. If I remember correctly, Teresa died on the night of a Friday. That time Doordarshan used to telecast late night movies on Fridays. As soon as her demise was broken to the public, DD, at once stopped playing the movie and started airing some sad music and that continued for three straight days. Now which bus this joker was in? When I asked this very specific question, the lout turned up with an answer that he was crying in the school bus next day. He had to be a real Krantikari to start crying from Friday night, till he landed up in his school bus next day. What was his mother (original) doing then? What kind of mother allows her emotionally hurt and crying kid to board the school bus anyway? Exhibit two of this fools league is a certain jobless Bollywood actress called Dia Mirza. Before we analyze Ms. Mirza’s nonsense, I want to ask – I’m a Hindu with both parents as Hindus. I belong to a family where Hinduism has its presence in everything we do. So what I am? A guest in India? And by the way, for this erudite lady, Bengali is a religion. Cleverly she would hide the fact that her mother is a Muslim. Cleverly she would hide that her mom ran away from her original father accusing him of being dishonest and abusive while nobody knows the facts. Such low life selfsame jobless hypocrite hacks would educate us what Indian and India means? Bollywood is always a swarm field for secular pigs who simply hate Hindus. Every Bollywood thug has this fundamental right to be stupid but Diya Mirza is just abusing that liberty. Who asks these stupid idiots to open their mouths at the first place? Laughable, to say the least. These are the same jokers who will run around accusing everyone because people did the mistake of questioning a Bharat Ratna; be it Mother Teresa or that fraud Amartya Sen. Just want to ask these clowns - isn't Atal Bihari Vajpayee a Bharat Ratna as well? Where your unconditional love for Bharat Ratna awardees go here? To the school of secularism? Enough said..

    I still find my theorem relevant. The moment you see these media morons, litfest mafias, Idea of India jokers, NAC bigots, left liberal frauds gang up and start barking, be rest assured, you are moving in the right direction. I am sure Mohan Bhagwat has done (as alleged) something perfectly right.

    P.S – I used the word MOTHER because that has become the norm or else I have no personal intention to malign such a pious word by using it alongside such a dubious woman. 


    1. Dear BC-you got DM with her p's down. Great post.

    2. May be Skirts ;)

    3. What Mother Teresa dis was indeed noble. However she had been put on a pedestal and anything slightly critical is looked down as blasphemy. As I understand Mohan Bhagwat was only referring to the BSF DG's speech and said about Mother Teresa in context. They have blown it up and RSS also has to be blamed. They need not react to everything the "progressive seculars" say and make it an unending headline grabbing story. By the way Nanaji Deshmukh who was khattar Sanghi and a great opposition leader during Emergency (either on par or even senior to Vajpayee and Advani) totally left politics once Janata Party came to power, he retreated to Chirakoot far away from the public eye and carried on his yeoman social work till he passed away unsung a couple of years ago. How many Indians know of Baba Amte who could not sit-only stand erect or lie down - who had lived his life in the deep jungles of , one a doctor are also living in rural area serving humanity. There is truth that Mother Teresa did noble deeds. But because of her foreign origin and Vatican support and presence in Kolkata in limelight she got good leverage as compared to may unsung heroes who did equally well. No comparison is intended but if some critical thing is said let it be the opinion of those saying. There is no need to blow it up and make it an RSS vs Mother issue.

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    5. Shrirang EdgaonkarMar 18, 2015, 8:13:00 AM

      Truly eye opener!!

    6. BC I have told in the past as well, To unmask these hidden agendas of these missionaries and dumbness of pseudo secular, liberals and fake intellectuals you need to come on mainstream media

    7. BC, I couldnt help commenting even though it is late. Dia Mirza hides not only her mother's religion , but father's fatherland as well. Her father was German. In fact, as per German laws, she is a German Citizen, even if she is holding Indian passport.