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    Supari Journalism And Arvind Kejriwal

    From the day it was formed, I am of the opinion that AAP is a highly dangerous political outfit. It is dangerous because, people who have formed it are actually not sure about their own goals as individuals.  They are not sure about their party’s goal/s either. Their vision limits only to the next twelve to fifteen months at the maximum. As a party, all that they do is to watch out for opportunities in near future, thereby overlooking their responsibilities as the party in government. Same dharna drama continues, even today, when a deprived Delhi badly needs governance. Speaking of governance, for AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, governance is all about rolling out free doles. At least that is what I have seen coming from AAP during  both of their regrettable tenures in Delhi. If providing improvident doles in the form of free water and electricity is governance then, either us or the AAP is referring to a grossly wrong dictionary.

    Along with being totally out of sync with governance, skullduggery is another thing that AAP practices generously. So when, a lady volunteer accused Kumar Vishwas of having an illicit relationship with her, I could easily be the last person in India who said ‘What?’ with astonishment. A person who specializes in insulting women and that too in public platforms, surreptitiously working to get out of his bedroom mess, can only be defined as routine. And as such, I am not that fond of peeping inside other’s bedroom for fun. Both Vishwas and that woman are majors and let them handle it in their own way. Even let Vishwas’s wife handle the matter in her own way as well. In the process, if KV gets the regular home grown broom remedy by his wife and beaten black-end-blue, it still should be fine for me. I am not bothered about that. What bothers me after KV masala magic is the reaction from different quarters. Starting with Arvind Kejriwal and ending with our ever foolish media.

    Let’s first catch Kejriwal with his dirty work yet again. While giving an interview to a local media called ‘Janta Ki Reporter’, AK was very vocal in describing his perception towards Indian media. He called our media as Supari takers and termed whatever our media does as Supari journalism. For a change, here I totally agree with Arvind Kejriwal. Presstitutes actually best describes our media chaps but then, politicians can’t afford plagiarism in this time of cut throat competition. Hence AK coining his own adjective for our thugs in media is justifiable. But AK was only correct till this point. His second line after this was worrisome. In his counter argument he asked the reporter – “If media can deliver justice basing on their own findings then let us prepare a list of the wrong doings of our media and go to the public”. This very line is as good as AK proclaiming himself as an anarchist, not long back.

    The line sounds quite innocuous on its face value. But the depth to which these bunch of shameless AAP chaps have gone down can’t be explained in any better manner than what this line does. AK, being an elected representative of our democracy, believes strongly about having kangaroo courts and mob justice for everything. Not only is he believing in it but also setting up a very dangerous trend in the process. As if there is no law on this land, AK vilifies his anarchist stand by again pointing at his mentality that loves lawlessness so much. This is the precise mentality that is abundant among the Maoists of India where respect and belief on our laws is naught. The Maoists love their kangaroo courts and ‘Praja Sabhas’ and here is an elected CM who is not much different. How bad our media may be, you can’t have an opinion that is, in want of a better word, puke worthy. You may call them by any name but you can’t threaten them to put behind bars as AK is doing for a long time. Forget about ethics, a person like AK, who was nothing but a media created whore child can’t and shouldn’t complain about media and their latest invectives against AAP. Without media, both AK and their good for nothing initiative called IAC would have died a slow death. Every media house is a culprit in giving more than adequate air time to this jerk and his equally deplorable brigade earlier. But surprisingly, AK never found media so repulsive then.

    When media rhymed around for this joker of a character, AK was jollying around with media morons and caster getting nonsense at an alarming regularity. But today, when the same media is picking each nonsense of him and trashing it the way it deserves, AK suddenly finds media a problematic opponent. In fact, AK seems to have added media in his long and well elaborated problematic list. When someone seems to be in problem with everyone except his bunch of looney cohorts, media is quite natural to have been declared as a folly a long back. I was surprised how an equal offender AK got late by at least a year in proclaiming his hate for the media morons. I am saying a year because even during 2014 general elections there was heavy ‘Langot’ sharing going between AK and the pathological Narendra Modi haters of our media. Even AK was fine about a month before Delhi elections. Problems brewed when media challenged AK’s duplicities in his cry for honesty. From there on, it was an entirely different AK; much different AK from the once giggling and jiggling AK among the sea of cameras that we saw during Anna movement.

    As I said earlier, AK can very well have his reservations against a bunch of lampoons that pass of as editor guild in our country but threatening the press freedom by unsolicited narratives is just crossing the line. At no point, he should have threatened to put all media hawks behind bars. If media shows something wrong then they can be prosecuted as per our laws. Where AK does finds the utility of the general public in handling issues that only our law is capable of handling? In want of a better word, it can only be called as mob justice. How AK is different from the irritating Khaps? At least the Khaps don’t come on national television on daily basis to defend their skullduggery or they don’t send their filthy spokespersons to take the onus. AK not only makes a mess of sensible thinking, he allows his rabid spokespersons to create mayhem on the floor every night.

    But in today’s time, can a nonsense of any nature be left unattached with Modi? The usual suspects were there across different studios to do exactly that. To honor their pathological hate, they found equivalence in AK’s idiocy and the Bajaru chronicle of Narendra Modi for our media. They simply can’t differentiate between having personal opinion in discrediting certified thugs and the abject threat of putting someone behind bars for doing his job. How servantile and wrong it may be, they are doing their job. Modi simply let know his opinion about the media and the current scheme of things in our journalistic sphere. Did he ever threaten anyone with anarchic pandemonium? But the haters can’t help remaining sane while talking about Modi. Hence the louts like Kumar Ketkar have to show their detestation philosophies in their usual style. As rightly pointed out by Sambit Patra, even the schizophrenic elephants of Africa are because of Narendra Modi and his faults.

    And to our loathsome media – why cry now when you yourselves have created this Frankenstein?

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