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    Modi’s UK Visit – Why It Should Be Called Off Immediately

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    In a recent twitter interaction with one of my regular readers, we had this discussion if Narendra Modi should visit UK or not. My simple and instant answer was NO. I said NO because I never could find a reasonable angle that could support the upcoming visit. Even looking back at the recent past, it is close to ten years that an Indian PM visited UK. And there has to be reasons for it. Not sure if I am entirely correct in my assessment or not but the prospect of gaining anything from UK is as remotely possible as our football team making it to the world cup finals in recent future. So why waste time on a country that looks nothing beyond a beggar in a suit?

    Firstly, UK is a country which has no significance in world forum. Other than their astounding ability of getting down to their knees and kiss USA ass at the slightest opportunity there isn’t anything great to write home about UK. As it is we never had gained anything from UK except for a bloody partition (if you want to call that as a positive for India) and in all probability we won’t gain anything from them in future either. The recent multiple visits of Cameroon to India with a begging bowl say much about how they need us more than the other way round. Secondly, UK has a strong anti-India stand that needs no elaboration. They left India in the hands of absolute nutcases when they found it is impossible to manage their rule any more. It was judicious for them to leave their struggle here and to sit back at home and remote control the affairs via their stooges. They look like been successful to quite an extent. Their idea of imperialism was well corroborated in public discourse by people like Nehru and his clan. Remember Commonwealth and Nehru's effort in building this nonsense as if his life was dependent on that? But things are destined to change, more so when people get educated out of their misery. Over the years people of India have seen through the diabolical idea of the British that was sugar-coated by our worthless politicians and have decisively rejected the nonsense in due course. That must be hurting to the British since their age old fantasy of keeping the bloody colonialism active in India has failed miserably. This is perhaps why UK as a whole is pathetically biased against the Hindus also.

    As far as foreign relationship goes UK is a minor country. I haven’t seen in recent past if any international diplomatic call has any effect of UK at all. They are well known to wag their tails in front of the USA for every damn thing. Economically also they are equally crippled to support even themselves, let alone anyone else. They don’t have any industry worth mentioning. Except for few financial institutions, which again are because of the close to 10 trillion USD that they stole from us, they have got nothing to showcase. Their standing in Europe is as precarious as what Pakistan stands for in south-east-Asia. Their whole existence heavily depends on these financial services which even are drying up. In event of this, the best we can expect from UK as gain is nothing. For India, what matters in whole of Europe is Germany and I am sure that base is all covered. UK can be given a miss on any day without a single sleepless night.

    Third, I was worried about the intentional humiliation that we can expect for the nation, knowing how their media, especially BBC and Guardian, are biased against India and the present day government. Evident of the UK government’s disinterest in culling these media houses is no less reflective than this deplorable projection at the UK parliament by a fringe group based out of London. I am not interested to know the exact involvement of this Awaz group in Indian politics but the manner in which they could project such disgraceful imagery on the parliament building is astonishing. And I am not here to believe that the administration there had no role to play since I haven’t seen anyone being held accountable till now. The manner in which ‘OM’ was disfigured to appear like the Nazi Swostik, not only degenerates Hindu sentiments but also questions the intent of the UK government to keep a check on such filthy dissenting voices. Can you imagine anyone getting away after projecting something similar about Xi Jinping and questioning the lack of freedom of speech in China? Your guess is as good as mine. If not Mr. Jinping then why so light hearted attitude towards Indian PM? More so when you guys are dependent on us for your economy. Is India and its PM are easy preys? Since there have been constructive efforts, both by UK’s media and their government, to brush it under the carpet, we have a valid reason to cancel the trip at the last moment and held UK accountable.

    My fear of intentional humiliation came out to be right. The two notorious media houses of UK, BBC and the Guardian, were at their worst when they asked Modi to explain the alarming intolerant level in India. I am sure the liberals back home must be having sadistic pleasure but the jokers don’t realize that a nation is insulted, not just an individual. Not to blame BBC alone, they have a rotten history vis-a-vis India. They have a separate and dedicated unit for anti-India bias for a long time; so as Guardian. But let’s first look at the BBC.

    "Keep India backwards, do not let them have a better form of governance to realise their true potential, make them vote for Congress-l" - Wikileaks of BBC  
    This is precisely what Wikileaks released. Since there were no counter, either from BBC or the Congress party (while they defended Rahul Gandhi related Wikileaks), I tend to believe the veracity of this leak. Now why on earth BBC should draw parallels between a continued backward India and people electing a Congress government again and again? Sounds logical? If so then can we safely say, BBC in other words was covertly supporting the electoral success of Congress party with a sole motto; it is the Congress party that would always keep India backward? What kind of a foreign media stocks so much interest on another country’s affair, if not for the abject hate towards that country? Like a visitor spewing venom against the character of a particular city these foreign media houses routinely parachute in India and gossip around all the absurdity that is possible. They do so because there are enough liberals here who buy their filth without asking a single question. The liberals cum the Congress doormats can laugh their heart out at the questions been asked to the PM yesterday but the truth is, the same media house equated you guys as the sole and capable hindrance to an otherwise vibrant and developed India. They hate the current government and Modi because they see a much more developed India if this government stays for a long time. Hence the over the top effort to destabilize the present dispensation with help from anti-nationals from India is on. Yesterday’s question was precisely on this well thought out and well ironed out path.

    BBC’s Hindu hatred is also legendary. This is what came in March 2012 editorial of BBC against the festival of Holi.

    “No words to describe if someone calls Holi a festival. The least that one should attach with Holi is; it is a filthy festival”  - BBC editorial, March 2012
    Last I checked the meaning of filthy in a dictionary, it said - full of filth, disgustingly foul; grossly obscene; morally vicious or corrupt. Really? The same BBC which goes on praising inhuman rituals like Bakrid and Muharrum is way too vocal in describing a Hindu festival in most unwelcome words. The same BBC which ignores the concerns of the British intelligentsia, which is worried because of the radicalization of British Muslims but goes on to call Hindus as filth and terms Sikhs as mobile bombs with turban on top. This is both hate towards non-Muslim faiths in particular and India in general. Though they shamelessly apologized for their own filth later but the intention of this garbage bin called BBC is well too exposed. Little did the BBC should forget are the London tube bombings and hence, where exactly the real filth lies, in Holi or a set of people who simply can’t tolerate or cohabit with other faiths.

    Lets take another example of BBC's hate towards India. BBC’s Christmas episode of Top Gear is yet another proof of their pathological hate. These set of pictures here aptly describes the hate that I am referring to. At the beginning of the show the host decides to attach a lavatory to his car boot while travelling across India. If that is not enough he was nonchalantly been shown citing – how does it matter where you fit your lavatory in India when the entire nation is a toilet? And surprising enough, many in our liberal circle found it humorous. That is as bad a representation of a nation as it can be but we have morons back home who still see humour in it. Lovely and hospitable people we have, no? But honestly, I can’t even ask, how dare BBC could try attempting this nonsense in an episode that was specifically meant to be aired in India. BBC could afford to do it because they found able supporters of their hate India campaign here in India itself. We can grudge on those Awaz organization jokers as much as we can but we aren’t short of scoundrels back home either. I am not finished on that particular Top Gear episode yet. The host was also seen in his boxers to attend a party and was seen making fun of the rituals and the Sehnai that is played in any marriage in India. And to support his boxer get up he in equal nonchalance explained how in a country where most people can’t afford anything decent to wear, his boxers should hardly be anyone’s concern. I am told; our liberals had a hearty laugh on this joke as well. The banners that he attached to the train bogies appeared innocuous at the beginning while they unfurled their core intention of insulting India when it tore up strategically after some time. Again the doormats laughed loudly on this witty insult of our nation. When they couldn't handle the pressure of protest by concerned Indians they finally apologized for their filth but the damage was already done. I distinctly remember few doormats lining up at Arnav Goswami’s Darbar to defend BBC and hail their imaginative brilliance. Ditto when Indian government banned BBC documentary called ‘India’s Daughter’ for abjectly generalizing an entire nation. Though these vagabonds of media forget the systematic rape of their school girls in UK by the Jehadi lovers (well documented fact available for public consumption), they were seen castigating the 5000 year old value system of India based on a single apprehended rogue. But have you seen how the brothel houses that we still call 'Indian media' went black for an hour (during the hour long designated time period of the telecast) after the ban was imposed? Perhaps the same doormats were in tears with laughter when Top Gear termed India as a vast and unobstructed toilet.

    BBC’s deplorable question to Modi yesterday was because of anger that is brewing since last year and half. Since they were/are now questioned and even stopped from insulting India by the present government time and again, the anti India elements in BBC are getting uneasy by the hours. Airing of ‘India’s Daughter’ is just one instance. Not only they were banned from airing but cases were being filed by the government as they didn’t follow the dictate. If I am correctly informed, GOI may altogether ask BBC to pack from here and go back to UK to cover the innocent and peace loving Jehadis who are routinely planning to plant bombs under their posteriors like they did in London tubes. 

    Coming back to another example of BBC's hate; as early as June this year, BBC had to close their Karachi office since they thought another of their bile in defaming India would be taken lightly. In an editorial they mentioned how MQM in Pakistan is monetarily being supported by India. For a frood BBC had nothing to present except their hate towards India. The same BBC which in an editorial in 2010 rejected squarely that ISI had no role to play in terror activities in India when there are irrefutable proofs are now equivocally corroborating India’s role in the disturbances in Pakistan without any proof. I guess this is the benchmark of BBC's version of ethical and prudent journalism. Both MEA and MQA refuted these claims. BBC was threatened of legal consequences in event of a misleading and fractured story. As usual to their filthy attitude of blame first and apologize later, they apologized and sacked their Pakistan editor and closed down Karachi office. And by the way, BBC is dragged to the court by the government of India and in all likelihood would pay a hefty fine for their misadventure without proof.

    Guardian is very much similar to BBC except that they also house bastards like Hasan Saroor in their brothel. They not only domesticate such perverts but also allow them to churn out unsubstantiated stories to defame the BJP government and Hindus of India. The idea is in line to what the Wikileaks exposed about BBC. Somehow keep Congress in India to rule so that the country perpetually remains deprived of development. That is why Guardian hires (most of the time as guest columnists) absolute idiots to blabber against India. From Angana Chatterjee to Dilip Desouza, all certified Modi haters were given a freehand to write whatever they can write as long as they are insulting India and BJP as a party. As an exercise you can take the list of the faggots who signed to not allow Modi at Wharton and search their names in Guardian website. You will find all of them dutifully propelling the nasty ideas of Guardian in disguise of op-eds. When I say all of them, I precisely mean all of them. In last five years of following Guardian, I never found a pro-India post. And surprise-surprise, half of our own presstitutes regularly feature in Guardian to have their set of lies. If that is not enough, our media syndicate also engage bastards like Hasan Saroor to write for them so that the same bile can flow at the domestic level. Ask Hindustand Times, The Hindu, Firstpost to know more about their lovely association with a jerk like Saroor.

    Now take a look at the latest nonsense from Guardian and wonder yourself – how such a piece could be allowed by the editorial board for publication in a prestigious (believe at your own peril) newspaper when there are no proofs to support the nonsense.

    London is set to play host to one of the most dangerous politicians on the planet this week. Not that you’ll hear any such thing when Narendra Modi arrives. Instead, we’ll be reminded that India’s prime minister is the leader of a giant and dynamic economy. That he’s taking tea with the Queen and buddying up to David Cameron.
    Most dangerous it says at the first line. A person having a historic political mandate is dangerous which in a way suggests, people in India are dangerous themselves to elect another dangerous person. More so, how a reputed daily can afford such language at the first place? They can afford because they have plenty of supporters who feel delighted at the prospect of their country being insulted. This is the same kind of bile that BBC also intentionally allows to get out of their hate factory. They call an elected representative of world’s largest democracy as dangerous but don’t submit a single proof to support their nonsense. Search Hasan Saroor minus paedophile in Guardian and you will find hundreds of crap by that man. The above post further denotes.

    Religious extremism is not some long-faded part of Modi’s past. In 2002, while he was chief minister for Gujarat, a train carriage carrying Hindu pilgrims caught fire in the state. 
    Look at the buffoon who wrote this and the Guardian which published it. At Godhra the train caught fire by itself. Really? This is nothing but classic hate. When we have culprits who are been sentenced for torching the Savarmati express by our courts we have jerks here who have their own skewed up theories that has no relevance with fact nor they have proof to support their bastardization. But Guardian gleefully publishes such nonsense knowing very well that it is only the culmination of their oozing hate for Hindus and lies of the presstitutes and liberals back in India. But our liberals won’t find it hurting their ego, even though the criminal justice system of their country is being questioned as if we are a banana republic. They in fact will have parties stretching well into late night because their favorite newspaper is insulting their own country for fun.

    This is just a snapshot. Both Guardian and BBC are full with similar hate towards India, Hindus, BJP and Narendra Modi. With such people around and a weak kneed UK government which is nothing but a beggar, do we really need our PM to continue with his visit there? I am sorry to say, I even fear for the security of our PM in the filthy country that survives on the loot money. After all there is a serious lack of ethics, moral and accountability with those thugs and we better without their friendship. After all why hobnob with unethical beggars? Jerks should be left jerking in a corner. 

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