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    Year 2015 – How About Rewinding It?

    Quite a break it was, isn’t it? I was busy with tons of work or I was traveling exotic places are no more worthy enough excuses to furnish. I was ill-treating my blog should be an apt acceptance than to go on defending with excuses. Anyway, let’s go back to business. 2015 was quite an eventful year. Lot many things happened in past twelve months. Few things happened in the course of time while lot many other things were diligently constructed to appear like happening. Case-in-point the intolerant farce and the award Wapsi that went along for quite some time. We will talk about that little later. Nonetheless 2015 was a year that doesn’t have anything special to remember it in future. That said, 2015 still deserves it’s bits of adieu and nothing better a farewell can be than to rewind the year and see how we stooped ourselves to further loathsomeness.
    Intolerance Phobia:

    It all started with Nayantara Sehgal. Or maybe, the secularists of India urged her to start the farce. We have already discussed this intolerance charade in length so we won’t be going in deep again but would refresh this mega event management phenomenon in bits and pieces. 

    There are many free loaders who were dutifully domesticated by the Congress party at various times in the past. These sold out doormats were having their skirts and pants on fire; not because of the degrading social fabrics, which they would make you believe, but because of a certain Narendra Modi and his elevation the post of PM of this country. There weren't burning necessities to call the fire brigade either but the insignificant intellectuals (read slaves) in Nayantara Sehgal and few handful others found the intolerance level in India to have increased since Modi became the PM. If only the inconsequential intellectuals can tell me the unit to measure intolerance, or else, I as an individual, who isn’t a free loader, never found anything intolerable among the masses. One Dadri like event made these intellectuals to come out of their free scotch hangover and shout wolf. Though they never answered where they were when 1984 happened or mass exodus of Kashmiri Pundits happened, they were more than vocal to go over Dadri over and over again. They also picked Kalburgi’s murder to appear secular but ran away from the topic when people pointed out the Congress government, both at the state and at the center when Kalburgi was murdered. To avoid any further inconvenience the intellectuals were asked to stay focused and swarm around Dadri only. So did the slaves and kept on flogging Dadri till a point it appeared all too manufactured. Perhaps this is what the idea of India frauds were specifically instructed to do by their pay masters. Keep dragging the nonsense on a single issue and refuse to hear or answer any logical and valid questions. Or maybe, keep on returning your undeserving awards till the Bihar elections are over. And this is precisely what happened. The moment Bihar elections were over, the touts and their masters went back smiling to their free scotch circuit. Not a single word on intolerance was heard after that. It is close to two months and no one in the frauds circle has been reported with his/her innerwear on fire. Could be a coincidence that suddenly the unit to measure intolerance is showing a downward trend but I don’t want to give these self-serving free loaders any benefit of doubt.

    Messiah In Amir Khan And Sharukh Khan:

    You see the coefficient of the linear is just a position by the haemoglobin of the atmospheric pressure in the country” Amitabh Bachhan : Amar, Akbar, Anthony – Trust me, both these clowns could have said the above line and still would have made as much sense or may be even more than what they managed with their increasing intolerance in the country jibe.  There was some inexplicable horridness with both of them to quote the nonsense as early as possible. As if they were competing to outdo each other in delivering the stupidest incoherence of the year 2015. First it was the turn of SRK. During his interview to Barkha ‘Radia Tapes’ Dutt in the most secular news channel of the milky way, NDTV. I don’t blame SRK entirely since asking a worthless actor to act like a secular intellectual will lead to embarrassing output. Few things should be left for the professionals. The act of pretending like a secular be best left for professional secular mask makers like Barkha Dutt to do. First, it was a wrong question to SRK and second, SRK thought his below par acting skills could pull up a stunt and deliver a picture perfect secular and intellectual character on TV screens. But it failed miserably. The man in SRK, whom the public at large tolerated for so long and made him what he is today, finds everything intolerable with the same public. Isn't it laughable? As a rule of thumb, a mass that can tolerate such a third rate actor like SRK can’t be intolerant to anything. Tolerating SRK and his regular nonsense increases the tolerant level to a stage where tolerating everything else looks a cake walk.

    Ditto could be said about Amir Khan, though he is a better actor than SRK. And he proved he is a better actor with his manufactured openness and acting skills during an open interview. Not to forget, we must also thank Mrs. Khan as well to make her husband accomplish the black belt in the field of secularism. The man in Amir Khan who doesn’t hesitate to photograph himself with LeT terrorists during his visits to Mecca suddenly pulls up his sleeves and lectures people of India about tolerance. He not only lectures all but also quotes his equally intellectual second wife and their bedroom discussion. As per his scholarly second wife, the situation in India has turned so grim that, the pious lady in Mrs. Khan fear for the wellbeing of her child and lo and behold, she even finds migrating to another country a judicious idea. Tough Amir Khan never listed the countries they have shortlisted for their possible exodus; I find it my personal duty to suggest some. After all he is a loving actor, isn’t he? So how about migrating to a Muslim country? Like UAE, Iraq, Iran, Somalia etc. I know Mrs. Khan have to spend rest of her life in a black tent or invite public flogging as punishment but that is far better than staying in a rotten and intolerant country like India. She also can’t venture out of her home alone or else public flogging could be the order of the day but that is still far better than staying in India. What if her child will see some beheading right in front of their home since they still would be living among some highly tolerable people of the world? Even migrating to any European country or USA won’t be bad either. Occasionally Mrs. Khan and her family won’t be allowed to board a flight after letting their religion of peace known to the authorities but that is only occasional. I admit, her child would require personal escort to reach school in single piece every day but that is nothing compared to the intolerance her kid is facing in India. A random street thug would pounce on her and her kid after knowing their religion but those are just hate crimes and the entire nation can’t be generalized. But…but…but…A single Dadri for sure has made India completely intolerant. I see logic in Mrs. Kiran ‘Intellectual’ Rao Khan and her thought process. And I admire her passion to protect her kid from an intolerant India.

    National Herald Gandhis:

    Whatever the crime may be, the Chinese Gandhis can’t be sent to jail or for that matter can’t even be called by the courts; period. No, these are not my beliefs but those of the Congress sycophants. After all someone claims to be the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi which automatically makes her fearless of anything, not even our laws. And she has reasons to be fearless. The law once tried to mess around with Indira Gandhi and she promptly imposed emergency to arrest the law itself. It’s a different matter that the daughter-in-law isn’t in the government or else another emergency was in the offing. I mean, how dare the laws of the land can be applied to the Chinese Gandhis? This very fearlessness by virtue of being the daughter-in-law of an erstwhile disgrace made her and her son follow no rules while usurping crores of public money in National Herald case. Rightfully Dr. Subramanian Swamy made the Chinese Gandhis realize what laws can do and dragged the offenders to court. But has that stopped the Congress top lair thugs to refrain from throwing arrogance? It certainly hasn’t because the thugs still believe they are above the law.

    Even more hilarious is the conduct of the mother-son duo in whole of this. First the gladiator in them announced their reluctance in asking for bail bond and go to jail instead if required. All their bravado went down the morning flush of their toilets on December 19th. The once courageous looters asked for bail in court and excused themselves from going to jail. But look at the shamelessness. Getting bail in a crime appears to be a victory for the lout party. Like A. Raja and Kalmadi, the top brass were saved from jail through bail and the shamelessness overdrive makes them celebrate such disgraceful eventuality. More shamelessness is the manner the Congress party disrupted the parliament just because the Chinese Gandhis were summoned to the court to defend their loot. Are these the same buffoons who claim to respect the court of law of this country? Important legislations kept on waiting while the 44 thieves of Congress found their priority in rushing to the well with slogans to defend just two culprits. Jyoti Singh’s parents were kept waiting for justice for their daughter while charlatans in Congress wrestled with morality to come on top. And this is the party that ruled the nation for half a century. No wonder why it is not the law but “Jaan Ta Hai Mera Baap Kaun Hai” rules the law enforcement book in this country. Or for that matter even “Jaan Ta Hai Mera Saans Kaun Hai” is not far behind in throwing one’s weight around.

    Bihar Election Results:

     You get the government you deserve. But do the people of Bihar deserve a convicted criminal like Lalu Yadav and his equally deplorable Sons who can’t even read the oath in one go? Perhaps yes. That is the reason why they voted this filthy of a characterless man and his party to power. I don’t want to agree that people voted for JD(U) and clean image of Nitish Kumar. Had that been the case, RJD shouldn’t have been the single largest party. Even if that is the case, look what the state got after this exercise. A ninth fail hooligan who is only known for his hooliganism on the streets of Patna got to the chair of deputy CM. And look whom he replaced; a seasoned doer like Sushil Modi. The faggot is such a disgrace to the democracy that, he flunked while taking his oath. Someone who can’t even read single piece of paper in one go becomes the deputy CM of the state and you still cry, where the irony has gone? Whom to blame here? I don’t see anyone but the loathsome and clueless voters of Bihar. How on earth someone can even think of voting a repugnant character like Lalu Yadav begs for some case study at the best of psychology institutes in the world. The party and the man who almost ruined the state during his 10 years long proxy rule through Rabri Devi is back again at the helm. And don’t tell me people of Bihar aren’t aware of what destruction Lalu can bring to the state. But, I guess a pig loves shit smitten garbage. I guess people of Bihar were breathless seeing the clean and development atmosphere in the state. They were missing the fragrance of shit and hence a SoS call to Lalu to do the needful was on the cards. But I am not complaining. After all, I will get cheaper labour for every lower levle work. Cheap labour to wash my car, wash the utensils, to do sundry household work, to give me a haircut and Champi over the weekend and of course dance half naked in various dance bars. The benefits are many; no?

    There are many more events which could have fitted in this post. It is only in want of time and space that I am not including those. Intentionally restricted the narration to top few only which no way means the events not listed here are any less iconic.

    Have a great year ahead and wish you all a Happy New Year 2016. Catch you all in the New Year. 

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