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    Loathsome Characters Of 2015

    Here is the first post of the year 2016 and what better way to start the year than the customary post of BC where efforts are put in to list the loathsome characters of the year? This regular feature is little delayed and spilt over to the next year but still it is worth it. Like every year this year also hosts an array of individuals who performed beyond expectations in loathsomeness to make it to the list of BC. After a gap of three years it is again that a Bollywood star crashed in with vengeance and made his presence felt in this list of astounding achievers. From politicians to journalists; from sidekicks to average you and me, all have their share of presence this year and I can safely vouch, the list this can’t be any more secular than what it is this year. So without wasting further time we are jumping in to explore these individuals/groups and their achievements. Please be noted that the list is in ascending order – least loathsome to the most.


    The tragedy called Siddaramaiah visited the state of Karnataka in 2013 and ever since it is a downhill for the state in every parameter. By the way, it is for the second time that this gentleman made it to the list. The first time this disaster appeared in BC’s list was in 2013, the very year he let himself lose on the state and its people. From the day he appeared on the horizons of the state he made no stones unturned to appease the Muslims in expense of state interest. But Siddaramaiah is a class act. He simply can’t tolerate coherence in governance, if ever governance was his forte. One of his many brilliant ideas was to have a Muslim only hospital. Though the best of pseudo secularists never tried to accomplish anything as dubious as this, Siddaramaiah scaled that barrier with ease. And what was the explanation given for this first-of-its-kind-in-the-world hospital – Ohh.. yes, Muslim women don’t like to be treated by Hindu doctors for religious reasons. If not for this jerk I would have thought, medication and nursing has got nothing to do with anything except humanity. Doctors are touted to be God’s incarnation and thanks to this lout we got to know which God of which religion. Hindu doctors who are incarnation of Hindu God can’t treat the Muslims since they need the doctor of their kind who is incarnation of their God. The same man who makes an Alok Nath type appearance by the sheer mention of deplorable health measures in Dakshin Kannada has got all the money, even to the tune of 400 crores to come up with a crackpot idea. His ideas to even further consolidate his secularist avatar came when he announced in no uncertain terms that Tipu Sultan is the greatest patriot he has ever known. If my sources aren’t wrong, Siddaramaiah is one person who knows nothing about Karnataka history, let alone anything specific patriotic wroth of Tipu. But then he is a loathsome character. So to conjure up imaginary absurdities that suffice his vested political agendas come flowing to his otherwise vacuum brain quite naturally.   

    Tejashwi Yadav:

    This character is not necessarily loathsome but more of clownish type. But nonetheless, worth an entrant to the list. I heard of a man in Japan who had worked in 20 different types of domains. I think Tejashwi Yadav falls very close to that Japanese man. I mean, this guy had put on more hats than most of us possibly know. To begin with, he failed in class 8th and the marks were so severe that he judiciously let go education out of his life. Then he roamed around the streets of Patna doing all kinds of Mafiosi possible – notable among them is the forceful exodus of many brand new cars from showrooms during his sister’s marriage or that odd demand and subsequent manhandling of railway officials that the Rajdhani express must come on platform No-1 since he is relaxing in the upper class waiting room in that platform. His hooliganism during those days could fill an entire book so keeping ourselves restricted to only two examples would be best for the course of this blog post. Out of sheer frustration of his prolonged street thuggery, the genius in Tejashwi decided to try his hands in something more sober. There you go, he becomes a cricketer. He became so prominent a cricketer that he even got into an IPL team. Pity the owners of the IPL team that had to BUY Tejashwi Yadav, the cricketer, by paying money. That is like driving through some back breaking roads and at the end having to pay the toll. But hang-on, these are not the reasons why TY made it to the list for the first time. It is because of his latest hat that he wore. Any sane person with slightest of morality left would weigh oneself against the honour given to him. Last time it was Barack Obama who shamelessly received the Nobel Peace and now it is the turn of TY to adore the deputy CM’s post of Bihar. To be honest, Barack Obama was little ashamed while receiving the award but TY was shamelessness personified. He not only became the deputy CM but also fumbled twice while taking his oath. He fumbled not because it was his first but because he simply couldn’t read the texts on the paper. And didn’t this great achiever replaced a doer called Sushil Modi in that post? Extremely beneficial decision of the Bihar voters it seems.

    Nitish Kumar & Lalu Yadav:

    Fear of losing power makes you mad and it is proven beyond doubt by Nitish Kumar and Lalu yadav. Lalu Yadav was already mad after being out of power for ten years and Nitish Kumar showed every symptom of losing his mental balance after 2014 general elections. And rest is history when two mad people hungry for power meet each other. When two desperate souls and historical staunch enemies agree to shake hands the first thing that flies out of the ambit is ethics. And that is precisely what happened. I for once thought, I may one day affectionately hug Sahid Afridi and plant a kiss on his cheeks but not Lalu and Nitish doing the same. But look what transpired – though I am far from hugging Sahid Afridi, Lalu and Nitish went ahead and kissed each other on the cheeks in public and somewhere else in private. The once two who roam around with knives to cut each other’s throat at the slightest opportunity unanimously decided to let go the rivalry for the time being since it is an existential crisis. Desperate situation calls for desperate measures and what better a desperate measure can be than to have Nitish – Lalu on a single dais and showering praise for each other? Someone praising a convicted criminal like Lalu makes one wonder; if Nitish actually has lost his marbles in lust for power. The once vibrant CM was seen wagging his tails behind Lalu just to remain there in power. It seems “Licking your own spit” now have a serious competition. But I am not surprised with Lalu. He is a loathsome character by birth. Anything and everything is expected from a criminal and Lalu has proved it time and again. What surprised me is the manner Naitish Kumar agreed to play second fiddle to a criminal so that his seat of CM is saved; even if that means to allow a clueless faggot like Tejashwi Yadav as his deputy and an equally clueless Tej Pratap as his health minister. If news is true, Lalu even is contemplating sending Misha Bharti and Rabri Devi to Rajya Sabha. That apart, I am told there are close to 550 murders in Bihar in last two months alone. Good strike rate, I must admit. By the way, this is for the first time that we have a father following his son immediately in the loathsome list of BC.

    Nikhil Wagle:

    Do you know who this guy is? No? Don’t be disappointed a bit, he isn’t worth knowing for anything except may be that he is a loathsome character that can fit in to any loathsome list ever prepared. If any person in the world who can fill the void of Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan single handed it has to be Wagle Bhau. In one word – He is a genius; genius in having the lightning speed to kneel down and lick few posteriors for personal gain. Well, that is what his career that started in 1977 shows. As for his accomplishments, he never could manage to stay in a particular job for too long. Either he walked away or got kicked out like how he was treated at IBN Lokmat in 2014. That is perhaps why he likes Kejriwal no ends. Like Kejriwal, NW never believes in finishing any work. Jumping from one point to another like a monkey suits him best like his mentor. His love for Kejriwal doubled up after his wife Meena Karnik became the media convenor of AAP. Like Ashutosh, this fraud of a person officially propagated AAP agenda on TV till the point he was kicked out. Conjuring up to his genetically disordered mentality of hate towards anything good for the nation, this rapscallion routinely vomits his bile against Modi and his supporters. He is very much similar to Sanjay Jha, except may be, he isn’t part of a political outfit yet. His loathsomeness got the desired prominence this year when he openly seem to suggest that most people don’t like Modi to be there as PM. For a moron like NW a thumping victory in the general election is no reflection of the popularity of a person but his own figment of imagination is. No wonder why Shivsena chaps once caught this doormat and blackened his face in public for blabbering against Balasaheb without any proof or reason. Nikhil Wagle is a historical offender and his offences were/are always aimed at ass licking of Congress louts earlier and AAP louts of late.

    Aamir Khan:

    Aamir Khan appeared sane till now. To be honest, he is the one person whom I thought would never make to my list. But life is full of surprises. He not only made it to my list but made a grand entry by pushing few known loathsome characters below him. That is quite an achievement. The last time this happened was when Gurunath Mayappan and Raj Kundra made it in 2014 list. And by the way, I never thought there could be any kind of comparison between Gurunath Mayappan, Raj Kundra and Aamir Khan. But then, life is full of surprises. I remember writing a letter to Aamir Khan and the production house of Satyameva Jayate to come up with a story highlighting the plight of an average Muslim woman in India. But I never got any reply from the crusader in Mr. Khan. He simply chickened out in reality but kept on blabbering on TV every Sunday as if he is the only one who cares for India while rest all of us are, pardon my French, Chutiya of highest breed. The same Khan who wet his pants by the sheer mention of Muslim antipathy towards women was very vocal in condemning Hindu religion. PK is one such classic example. He photographs himself with noted terrorists from LeT and Jaish while visiting a pious place like Mecca but comes around lecturing all of us about morality, ethics and hold on, even how intolerant we have turned into. Thanks to his second wife, this lout of a human even told us how thoughts of leaving India for the safety of their children come visiting their bedrooms at regular interval. Such a nightmarish place this India is that even the thought of staying here gives wet nights to his bespectacled wife. And the left liberal frauds jump in batches to defend this moron as if we aren’t aware what our country is. One Dadri made India intolerant but the jerk never thought to explain how his own community fights among itself throughout the world on daily basis. Perhaps, a pig loves a pile of shit. Seldom will it appreciate the fragrance of rose. Hang-on, I am not comparing Aamir Khan with Pigs at all; after all pigs are still useful.

    Yakub Memon’s Lovers:

    These are a bunch here, in fact a bunch with crooks from various areas. Half of our left liberal frauds brigade was weeping for weeks to save Yakub Memon from the gallows. They wept for days and nights in seeing another innocent, who was instrumental in killing hundreds in Mumbai, was finally getting punished. They also wept for Afzal Guru as well. Their single point proof for YM was – no Muslim can be a culprit in India. Muslims are the last peace loving creatures in the country and being an endangered lot we must protect them with our skulduggery and cover all their sins. Special mention must be there for the Rudali-In-Demand like Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan for weeping digitally to save their beloved YM. They even cooked up stories to run documentaries to show, how as a nation we have back-stabbed YM. And these are the same Rudalis who rush to Islamabad to get sound bites from Parvez Mussarauf and air his interviews uncut so that we can hear all his absurd profanes against India. They simply love anyone, especially a Pakistani, degenerating India. Those filthy outbursts were music to them. In the same vein these anti national freeloaders love anyone who could harm India by any means. Yakub Memon and people like him naturally became their darling. Someone planting bombs to blow up our cities always made them excited. The idea of seeing a disintegrating India always gave them wet dreams. So when YM was denied his last reprieve, the gang of thugs had a combined orgasm. The orgasm was so potent that a bunch from the louts landed up at the doors of our CJI and started knocking his doors. Single motto was to save a dearest terrorist who could manage to kill hundreds of innocent Indians. YM was an asset for these rogues. They simply couldn’t sleep in their Paijams that night because they found an anti-national like them is getting punished. How dare the judiciary can hang someone who not only is an anti-national but also a Muslim? That is why few among them also found our Judiciary as culprit since it never gave YM time to defend himself. A free loader and disgrace to this nation called Indira Jaisingh is one among those who carried these views and shameless enough to speak it in as many words. Lest we forget the great ‘Get-A-Kick-Per-Month-In-The-Ass’ Prashant Bhusan in whole of this.

    Rahul Gandhi:

    Yes, one of the superstars of this list year after year. Such is the brilliance of this man that he makes it to the list every year with ease. This year in history would be known as the year where a new kind of leave is introduced to the general public – that is, the Rahul Gandhi leave. This leave for laymen is something where you are allowed to avail a fully paid trip to places that nobody knows. You spend months there doing whatever you want, including exotic Thai massage and comeback and still be hailed as a leader par excellence and get a plump promotion. But it is not the leave that helped this man crack the list this year. It is the manner he shamed the position of a responsible opposition leader that did the cut. For the first time may be we saw someone instigating his party men to stall the parliament so that his and his mother’s skin could be saved in day light robberies like the National Herald case. Even the directions of our courts hold no value for the retard as he finds political vendetta in court orders. Political vendetta in opposition public loot? For the sheer benefit of being born to a notorious family entitles this man to stay above the law or so he thinks. An entire winter session was washed out because this man thought himself to be someone whom no one can question; not even for his loot. At least thrice he was seen rushing to the well to prove how big a waste he is. Ditto could be said about his mother. Again for the first time we saw the president of a primary political party rushing to the well of the house and disrupting the parliament. This has never happened in the history of democratic India. Rahul Gandhi in specific seems to have lost whatever minimal he had in terms of sensibility. Keeping aside his routine farce in meeting farmers and Dalits he pretty much remained outside India and vacationing whenever country was in crisis. He ended the year in the same note. When the nation was braving the Pathankot terror attack, this genius was busy celebrating his new year in Europe. Important bills like GST and Juvenile act were lying unattended while this uncouth of a person was busy disrupting the parliament with his cronies. Nation can go to hell – well that’s what this notorious family always stood for.

    Arvind Kejriwal:

    Poor man. With all his efforts and brilliance he still scaled down two places in the list. True to his qualities of accusing and running away politics, AK crossed many milestones this year. Most prominent of them is his accusation against Arun Jaitley in DDCA scams. In last five-six years of his existence in Indian politics, AK and his cohorts have mastered the art of accusing everyone on this planet. They are doing it for last half a decade without furnishing any proof of their claims. Not for a single accusation AK has submitted any proof. Due to this pathetic and charlatan activity of his, he went to jail for three days when Nitin Gadkari filed a defamation case. The corruption crusader in AK went begging to Gadkari’s house and submitted an unconditional written apology to get himself off the hook. Anyone having slightest of shame would have stopped repeating such mischiefs ever again but AK is a lout par excellence. He being the CM of a municipality thinks himself big enough to override both the Junior Clerk in his office and as well as the PM and may be everything in between, including our judiciary, Judges, Governors of this country. That is perhaps why he formed a Lokpal that even is allowed to investigate central government matters. Extremely laughable suddenly appears such an understatement. Coming back to AK’s  ‘Rent a baseless agitation’ philosophy – Remember this lout and his accusations against Shiela Dixit? As soon as the Delhi elections were over, this filthy creature simply disappeared with his claims. Second job of prominence of this man is his odd-even formula to counter the pollution in a city like Delhi. Though the idea to curb pollution is commendable, does a funny rule like odd-even the answer to it? I guess no because after ten days of this rule Delhi’s air is as filthy as its constituents. More off, asking an illiterate Hariyanvi to figure out if his vehicle is having an odd number or even is quite a torture in itself. Running out of ideas, now the AAPTards are terming the legislation a success since there is considerable decrease in traffic during peak time. True but is the rule enforced to curb pollution or traffic? This explanation in defence of this wretched guideline explains the mind-set of the AAPTards. And that is the mind-set of shifting the goalpost. This is what AK and his team are doing for quite some time. Hop from one thing to other without bringing anything to closure and whatever time that is left after this random hopping, spend them in giving review reports of latest released movies. Quite a government the Municipality of Delhi is having where governance is least of the priorities for the ruling party and its CM.

    Mani Shankar Aiyar:

    He is an uncouth and uncivilized person since the days he came into public scrutiny. That is the day he kneeled down and licked clean Rajiv Gandhi’s toes for the first time. But strangely enough, this rabid of a human never featured in BC’s list of loathsome characters. He never featured because; he in all probability gate-crashed every level of loathsomeness and catapulted himself beyond this list. But not this year since he did something so clandestine that it calls for public humiliation of this leech of a character. While on a trip to his favourite country called Pakistan, fully sponsored by the terrorists and anti-India elements, this jackal did the unthinkable. I mean, you can have differences with anyone and can even deliver statements like – “Modi can never be the PM, at best can be a Chai wala at ICC meets”, even though it is deplorable of lowest order but to beg for help from the terrorists in a hostile country to destabilize your own government is something else. “Aap Modi ko hataiye aur Hame layie, tabhi jake India-Pakistan ke beech kuch ho shakta hai” – this moron said to a gathering. If I don’t call this jerk a traitor, I would be doing a great disservice to the nation in general and the word in particular. MSA are the type of scoundrels who even would want India to disintegrate, if that satisfies their sycophancy. MSA type bastards are the reason why a great and brave nation like ours could be ruled by outsiders for thousands of years. But Congress as a party is never short of such anti-nationals. In fact their ranks are full with people who will sell their motherland to the highest bidder. It is nothing new with Congress. Though 2/3rd of the Congressi would be sharing the same mentality as that of MSA, none till yet stooped low enough to let it know, that too in an enemy nation, in as many words. But that is MSA for you – as I said, uncouth, uncivilized and a bastard par excellence. Hanging this rabies infected mongrel on the nearest light post against sedition charges would be an apt punishment for this traitor.


    Are you surprised seeing yourself at the top of all the rascals? Don’t be because you topped the list of loathsome characters this year for obvious reasons. Primary reason is – you guys are a bunch of highly self-cantered louts who can stoop to any level of skulduggery for personal gain. In each of you there is a hidden Mani Shankar Aiyar to unleash itself on a righteous and proud citizen. You see nothing beyond self-gain. You care noting on what can happen to your country if you elect a convicted criminal. You sell yourself for as low as a mixture grinder. All of you are free loaders. It charms you no end if someone promises you free electricity and free water. You don’t bother to ask that person; if it is free for us then who is paying for it. You find #SelfieWithDaughter a cheap gimmick while you go for a photo-shoot with your daughter for an international magazine because that pays you money while PM’s initiative doesn’t. You people go on an episodic outrage for all the wrong things while tolerate abject exploitation of the poor maid in your own household. Someone calls your country filthy but you shameless lot stand in a kilometre long queue to by that person’s movie ticket the very next day. You are the same louts who feel by liking a page on Facebook you did your bit for the social wellbeing of the nation. You not only feel that but proudly tell your equally obnoxious friends about the revolutionary pages you liked that day. You are the same filth who disrespect women on the streets, offices, movie halls and go on preaching the world about respecting women the very next day. Case-in-point –  Tarun Tejpal. For you a half-naked Deepika Padukone blabbering incoherent phrases with her hair flying wild is women empowerment but not a certain Marry Kom and her achievements on world stage. You are the same thugs who spend thousands in a Pizza corner but find PM’s request to give up your subsidy on cooking gas cylinders a unwelcome proposal. You don’t care for the environment you live in. You are the same morons who never stop your kids from throwing peanuts at the caged animals while visiting a zoo. And you are the same old foxes who believe the free entitlements are your birth right since you were once domesticated by a filthy political outfit. 

    Special Mention - Girish Karnad. This genius missed the list but people should no way undermine his loathsomeness this year. In want of space only or else Karnard is a lout who is a perpetual member of the school of loathsomeness.

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