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    Enemy Within – The Useful Idiots

    Pakistan nurtures many useful idiots (UI) in India as much it nurtures their home grown terror outfits. These UIs come handy to propagate Pakistani agenda on our soil whenever the need arises. They do it efficiently and they do it always without fail. Barring odd occasions where getting exposed becomes too obvious, these UIs never miss a chance to talk the lines of Pakistan. And it is no more a secret what Pakistan wants. A completely devastated India was always been Pakistan’s motto and these UIs join their mission quite willingly. For ages these traitors, whom we otherwise call Indian intelligentsia/liberals take the fight of Pakistan and unleash themselves on our nation quite ferociously. They never mind if in the process they are degenerating their own country. It hardly matters to them. Their abject hate towards Hindus and India in general makes them blind of the fact that they are running on the path of treachery for personal gain. That is perhaps why an alcoholic like Mani Shankar Aiyer asked the help of Pakistanis to remove Narendra Modi from the chair and bring his party to power. We can laugh off a foul mouthed and idiotic MSA but we certainly can’t ignore the intention behind such utterances. If we do, we would be imparting grave injustice on our own country and our wisdom.

    When Princes Diana died in a car crash Britain was in shock. They seem to have lost their most popular princes for no reason. In the process to avoid few Paparazzi the over speeding vehicle in which Diana was travelling crashed onto the side walls of a tunnel. If one ponders, the Paparazzi were not necessarily breaking any kind of law. Or if at all they were breaching the privacy of an individual, it still wasn’t that grave an offence. But Britain made sure that these Paparazzi were apprehended and “Named-And-Shamed”. They were not arrested against any charges but they were just filmed so that the rest can see the scoundrels. Every tabloid, newspaper, periodical were asked to have this picture on their front page the next day. And keep it in mind; Britain did this to avenge the nonsense perpetrated by this group against one single individual. But in India the situation seems entirely different. We have a bunch of routine offenders who regularly deface our nation but we keep our mouth shut. We don’t “Name-And-Shame” them but rather call them elite and intellectuals. We don’t shun them like lowlifes but invite them to our TV studios to vomit further bile against the nation. We don’t punish them but honour them with Padma and Sahitya Academy awards. When each one of them should be humiliated publicly for plotting against their own nation, we rather spend crores of public money to supply them non-stop free Scotch and Afghani Kebabs. Each one of their activities is seditious but we don’t punish these leeches. People like Suzy Roy even deserve nothing less than death sentence for her atrocious acts against the country. But they are dear to our secular outfits; mainly because, for long, in India, all kinds of anti-national activism has come to being considered as part of secularism. A dash of Hindu hatred along with it makes things even more exciting for our liberals.

    The latest to come from this liberal factory is the outburst after David Headley authenticated that Ishrat Jehan was a LeT operative. For close to a decade our liberals hailed this woman as a martyr. The Rudali syndicates of India did unbelievable weeping for this terrorist. Their pathological hate towards a single person was so overwhelming for these intellectuals that they tried to term the elimination of a hard-core terrorist as a fake encounter. Few even found IJ an innocent girl. Not only our liberals, even the secular parties of India sang the same tune for close to a decade. But this is not exactly the irony. What Headley deposed yesterday, in 2013 he deposed the same in front of the FBI. Even the NIA team that visited USA also documented the same in their charge sheet. But that report never came to public discourse at all. What came out was a vindictive attempt of the then UPA government. For reasons best known to the Congress party, they removed the two paragraphs where Headley nailed IJ in square terms. The truth of 2013 would have been long buried under secularism shit, if not for the honest individual who leaked the original report to the media. And it is close to three years and we don’t have any answers coming from the Congress party on their misadventure with national security. More irony even is the silence of our liberals towards this Congress treachery. I never heard a single liberal condemning this outright forgery of the Congress party. Let alone condemning, our liberals kept themselves at arm’s length whenever someone popped up this nefarious deed of the then UPA government. Even our sold out media that prefers silence in every crime of the secularists kept silent. Barring few who sought answers, most in our media intentionally looked the other way whenever the issue of Ishrat Jehan was debated. But then, this is not at all a surprise for me. Our liberals enjoy a powerful kitchen cabinet that subverts everything including the national security for their vested agenda.   

    Here comes the first exhibit. Salma quoting Sabrina and both of them are delighted that they managed to brush truth under the carpet again. When you see The Hindu – Swati Cahturvedi – Sagarika Ghose in a mutual back scratching, you know things are filthy. The notorious ‘The Hindu’ which has a strong history of lie peddling got delighted that Headley never mentioned IJ as a suicide bomber. What a relief to know that a hard-core LeT terrorist is any less dangerous than a suicide bomber. Now Salma quickly picks up this brilliant espionage of Hindu and quoted her own lies to propel it further. I am still bewildered why anyone won’t be delighted seeing a terrorist being named openly? Why our liberals get a heart-break to see one from their favourite brethren getting exposed? But then, this is how our liberals operate covertly. They try their best to cover the crimes of the Muslims. IJ is just another beneficiary and an important one at that because she is the perfect envelope to post Modi’s obituary with a secularism pen. IJ getting exposed as a terrorist would destroy that very ludicrous prospect. So there has to be a cover up job that should be taken up immediately. How about changing the goal post and vilifying that IJ was not a suicide bomber but was merely a misguided Muslim girl who took to militancy after seeing prolonged oppression of her community. Perfect setup to yet again absolve another scoundrel by terming her as misguided. That is what our liberals are doing for ages. Any Sadhu, Saint and Sadhvi worth of his/her salt is a BJP member but every Muslim terrorist is a misguided youth. Convenient? Of course it is convenient because the great Sagarika Ghose finds the skills of Hindu quite appreciative. And there goes Sabrina on a Retweeting spree and further propels Salma’s lies. You see – our liberals work as a tag team most of the time and quoting each other as a proof is a routine business to push truth to oblivion.

    Sabrina didn’t just stop at retweeting nonsense. She herself jumped in to fight it for the innocent Ishrat Jehan. By the way why India would require a Humanist when we have liberals like Mrs. Ghose? For these hypocrites a discredited Sanjeev Bhatt’s statement is acceptable but not that of Headley because it hurts their agenda. While Mr. Bhatt is a perfect alibi to drive truth far away Headley’s confession is exactly opposite. Hence liberal frauds like Mrs. Ghose need to discard any confession made by Headley. But such denial has another advantage. By denying, the liberals of India are towing the lines of Pakistan. I don’t want to believe that these hawks don’t realize in what manner they are hurting their own country’s interest. Pakistan has domesticated these morons to work for them and destroy everything that India can take advantage of. And these liberals are following the exact guidelines which they agreed to while taking a sip of the free scotch during their Karachi litfest visit. By terming their acts as “unknowingly helping Pakistan” would be a serious underestimation of the level these faggots can get down to hamper their own country. These rascals simply hate India because a loyalty towards Pakistan keeps their illicit bank accounts in green. Each one of them knows this dual advantage in dismissing Headley’s testimony. First, it would help them keep barking against Modi and BJP and second, their beloved Pakistan would quote these liberal morons while dismissing Headley’s claims themselves. There is dual advantage for these break India agents and they seldom fail to cash on them.

    Hartosh Bal is another idiot whose stupidity are legendary. While other liberals question Headley’s testament this joker goes ahead and declares that IJ was wrongfully detained. Wrongfully? Seriously? My intelligence fails me to comprehend at times on how such people could ever exist in our social discourse. But they not only exist but also are vocal enough to question everyone else and openly take the side of terrorists who are in a mission to kill and destruction. Hartosh Bal types would never be seen anywhere around discussions on our martyrs who have lost their lives to the very menace like Ishrat Jehan. They would never be seen praising the likes of Sandeep Unnikrishnan but come to defend a terrorist, their hate for Narendra Modi would talk on its own. He calls rest all as hawks where in reality it is hawks like him who feast on the dead and sell their nation for money and Padma awards. Free entitlements has cluttered the thought process of these morons so much that they would sing the tunes of the enemy if that satisfies their ego and hate for a particular man. Here is a girl that roams around with noted terrorists with a sole intention of executing an elected CM of a state and Mr. Bal sees the concern on why she was killed than what she was. Such are these buffoons that they shamelessly advocate for terrorists compromising the state they live in. If the word ‘Traitor’ was ever deprived of a proper definition then it is no more from today.  

    The brilliance of these liberals is that they are shameless enough to question everyone else. They don’t believe their state, they don’t believe their elected representatives, they don’t believe their laws and courts, they don’t believe their establishments; in fact they don’t believe anything that questions their dubious character. They only believe their selfish and anti-national ideology and people from their stable who readily agree to go on a “destroy India” mission with them. Those who question them are not dear to them. Because that exposes their filth. Rana Aayub is one classic example of this filth. The woman who has nothing to her credit actually won a Padma award under UPA rule just because she could talk the lines of Pakistan as desired and could attack Modi with lies. She is a third rate liar from a third rate periodical called Tehelka. All her life she engaged herself in fabricating stories to malign one single man and she thinks her work to be of investigative type. Since when lies and investigation means same? In which world? Perhaps in the world of these liberals. Because they keep on praising this filth of a woman and her diabolical idea of journalism as investigative masterpieces. By the way Ms. Aayub doesn’t believe our IB either since it is the IB which warned the Gujarat police of an imminent attack on the CM where this innocent Ishrat Jehan was a party to the conspiracy. In fact no one, including the FBI and our courts are believable because the liberal in Ms. Aayub has concluded that IJ was an innocent, hardworking and nation loving girl like her.

    Hope we note these traitors and name and shame them at every opportunity. Because, remember my words – a situation never builds your character, it merely exposes it. And these liberal frauds have exposed themselves more than all porn actors put together.

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