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    The Jehadi Naxal University (JNU)

    I strongly feel, a University like JNU needs some serious revamping the way it operates; better be, to shut it down completely. And I have reasons to say so. For decades, the University, primary idea of which is to impart quality education, is far from doing it. If one will closely study the history of this university, the first thing one would notice is the lack of academic pursuance. In fact, academics appear at the bottom of this University’s interest list. For ages JNU has become a hot bed for bad student’s politics. Pushing Lefitist ideology through the backdoor, which primarily is anti-India centric is another thing that always remained on the priority list. Surprisingly, all these extraneous activities were allowed in the name of academics. Look at every other University of India and you would find none that would come anywhere close to the nonsense that emanates from the JNU University alone. People like Sitaram Yechury and other Commies make merry with the fact that they drive thousands of students on the path of destructive and meaningless activities while they send their own kids outside of India for education. Pity that, we have thousands of liberals in India who support the hooliganism culture of Left and stand by the nonsense that the students of JNU come up every now-and-then.

    The latest that came from this rubbish industry called JNU is the cultural program that was organized by few students to commemorate the hanging of a notorious terrorist called Afzal Guru. If that is not enough, these bunch of louts were also seen waving derogatory placards and doing abject anti India sloganeering. Though our equally notorious liberals term it as dissent, in reality it is an anti-national act and it is nothing short of treachery and sedition. Having said that, such kind of anti-India activities is nothing new with JNU. It is happening in the campus for decades with support from the Left parties. Indeed, the present activity is kind of extreme but not an exception at all. It is just the extension of series of mischiefs that is so routine with JNU.

    Now here is the thing. For some time the Left are at the receiving end in JNU. Though they did most of the vandalism in the campus till date, they no more enjoy the clout as they used to do for the most part of the University’s history. Other smaller parties, purely based on caste and religion have taken over the mantel of orchestrating vandalism in the name of, well almost anything. But these parties are not much different from the Left in terms of ideology and actions. They are pretty much offshoot of all the rabid thought processes that Left stood for during their heydays. The hopeless hate for Hindus and the nation still continue to rule the operational model of these newer parties. To even make matters worse, these newer parties have brought the Naxal and Jehadi sentiments to the campus. Following their parent organizations, these parties follow the exact footsteps and go on for vote bank politics and nasty Ishlamzation of the institution. What binds them together is the unbelievable Hindu-phobia and dirty weeping for the Dalits and Muslims and baking their own bread in the process like the Kancha Illaiah types do. AISA, the party which seems to have taken the baton from the Left is a prime example of this. And dare I say they are doing a great job as far as pushing the Left's nonsense further. Not a single Hindu celebration in the campus goes without nasty sloganeering of these louts. Painting filthy graffiti of Hindu Gods and Goddesses is just part of this charade. To manage all angles of “Hate Hindus” program, multipronged forums have mushroomed within the premises. One of such forums is the ‘All India Backward Students Forum (AIBSF)’ which enjoys full support from AISA and SUCI. And this particular forum is notorious in spreading all anti Hindu sentiments. One such attempt is the idea to kick start something called the ‘Mahisasura Day’. All such forums and groups with a single motto of destruction and vandalism compete with each other to fill the space the SFI seem to have left. And, do I need to remind, how the Kashmiri separatists play a vital role in filling this void?

    Communal polarization is just the stepping stone to get these Kashmiri separatists and Jehadi sympathizers on board. ‘Azad Kashmir’ is another thing that these student forums vouch for every day. Routinely 'Azad Kashmir' pamphlets are distributed in the campus. Among the mushrooming student forums, it is the ‘Concerned Students’ and ‘Mahisasura Study Circle’ that take the lead in all kind of anti-Hindu and anti-India activities. And to give the necessary cover fire, the rogues in SFI and AISA willingly arrange the background necessities, including but not limited to, logistics, banners and at times even loud speakers and public announcement systems. All these groups are filled with pro-Islamist people with anti-national sentiments.

    One shouldn’t forget the demand of these Commie handlers to serve beef in University hostels. In 2015, in the name of having a pluralistic food culture these vultures of opportunity went on a rampage to have beef served in their food. Little care for the laws of the land, which opposes serving of beef, was shown. When ABVP objected to such demands, the comrades in connivance with their bosses in Kolkata and Kochi arranged a beef festival. This almost created a riot like situation in the campus. Not to mention, the thugs of Hyderabad University also joined the JNU Commies here. Loose cannons like Sitaram Yechury yet again misfired for three straight days in the name of ‘Freedom Of Food’. The vultures only relented from the absurdity when they were threatened with legal consequences. Barely three months after this event the comrades were at it again. They covertly tried to ban the Durga Puja in the campus. Pamphlets with filthy avowals about Hindu Gods and Hindu culture were distributed. In fact the anti-Hindu brigade decided to come up with something as ‘Mahinsasura Day’ on the day of Durga Puja. Any massacre of our BSF or CRPF by Naxalites was celebrated as ‘Revolutionary Day’. When 70 odd CRPF personnel were killed by Naxalites in Dantewada, it created a festive atmosphere in the campus. The examples are enormous in number. In fact the history of Commies in the campus and their filthy abhorrence towards the nation and the Hindus is well documented. There are ample proofs of these Jehadi sympathizers forcing upon the Sharia rule on many hapless students. The same Commie pigs also celebrate any victory of Pakistan over India in Cricket like there is no tomorrow. The infamous incident in ‘Tapti’ hostel during a world cup T20 game is well known to us. Not only the pigs celebrated vehemently after the Pakistan win, they also manhandled few students who opposed this anti-India sentiment. One girl from Kashmir even threw her water bottle at the opposing crowd, injuring one person’s left eye. These are well documented facts and people who are close to the campus can authenticate it on any given day.

    All most all political outfits in the campus bend backwards to appease the Muslims for vote bank. There is a reason to this filthy affiliation because the number of students from that tribe has increased many folds after JNU started treating Madrasa terror manual degrees at par with any other full time course. That is another story in itself where the pigs armed twisted the UPA government to felicitate all the terror graduates to sneak through the backdoor to this campus of charlatans. No wonder there is an 'Islamic Study' course in the menu to serve these very Madrasa graduated duffers. Demand of ABVP to accept Gurukul degrees, in line with Madrasa Certificates were welcomed by stern filth of the Commie pigs. In late 2015, a common meeting of the JNUSU unanimously refused to condemn ISIS and Boko Haram as terror outfits but instead went on to do open sloganeering in the campus to degenerate an the Indian state and called it an oppressing state in the hands of Hindu fanatics. The incident of ‘Hawan’ is another infamous one that needs a mention. Someone doing a ‘Hawan’ on his birthday was opposed by these Jehadi sympathizers. They lodged formal complaints with the hostel warden, who in turn bragged in to the room of the student and kicked the ‘Hawan Kund’ and abused him with choicest words. He also misbehaved with the female students who were present there. This fact can’t be denied since there were FIRs filed by these female students against the warden in the campus police station. The Jehhadi elements even threatened the girls to withdraw their complaints, which led to further FIRs being filed. At least half a dozen Commie pigs were detained in this regard.

    Looking at all the rot that JNU is piling on since its inception, the Jehadis coming up with something as absurd as ‘Idea Of Afzal Guru’ is never a surprise for me. What surprises me is the hooliganism in the form of anti-India sloganeering like “Bharat Ki Barbaadi Tak Jung Rahegi” that were allowed unopposed. If the authorities were to be believed then the permission for the so called function was never given. The comrades have defied the guidelines of the University and held this nonsense. But many of our liberals, who are nothing but Commie pigs albeit outside the campus, don’t find anything wrong in such anti-India acts. They rather question the government’s attempt to clamp down any such anti-national activities. The great RS even asks if the state is scared of these loonies. Little did a freeloader like RS understand that the state not necessarily acts only when it is scared. It also acts to protect the nation’s dignity and interest. Someone swearing for ‘Bharat Ki Barbaadi’ must be dealt with iron fist and shown his appropriate place, which is behind the bars. In the name of free speech you can’t degenerate the nation which is funding for your absolute nonsense which you otherwise call academics. Arresting these anti-national thugs is just apt and the state should mercilessly pursue to have sanctity back in our educational institutions at least.   

    The same logic doesn’t get into the vacuum brains of few other freeloaders either. Both ask if the state is scared. Sekhar Gupta is a legend in everything he says. SG finds, insulting words against the nation as just ‘STUPID’. Since when celebrating a terrorist and calling for the destruction of your own country is considered as mere stupidity? If SG (both) fail to find the correct word then let me help them out here – it is called treachery and the state has all the rights in the world to pounce on the rascals who don’t value the nation’s pride. If someone is uncouth, uncivilized and uncultured, he should be taught a lesson or two on civility than just brushing his mischief by terming it as mere stupidity. In Fact this is the problem with all our liberal morons. They very well realize their favourite idiots have crossed the line but never have the guts to defend them openly. Because these hawks are self-serving. So they usually resort to track-2 filth and do all the cross questioning as if one cares to hear them. Few liberals even go ahead and publish pictures of Kanhaiya Lal’s parent and ask if the boy from this poor family can be a danger to India’s sovereignty. I am not sure if these buffoons have seen the house of Azmal Kasav or not but even if they have, still their logic is as hollow as their character. Haven’t we heard our Rudalis weeping and highlighting how a ‘Moon Faced’ Ishrat Jehan can’t be a terrorist? If only looks can be a pointer towards the anti-nationals then I would publish a collage of all the Commie pigs that I know.

    I am happy that the state has acted against these anti nationals finally. Now the only thing remains is to have these Jehadi elements rotting behind the bars for their grave crime against the state. There has to be a limit and these Commie pigs must not take the nation’s patience for granted. And as for these Jehadi sympathizers in our media and other secular outfits – round them up as well and give them the beating of their lives. As I said – this regular nonsense of defaming the nation for fun has to stop, even if that requires the worst kind of force. Bloody skunks. 

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