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    Rudalis At Work

    Our liberals never disappoint us. Our media folks also are not far behind when it comes to act hypocrite. It is only a coincidence that most in our media are grade ‘A’ liberals as well. They are liars too. In fact these liberals who always put their own vested interest above the nation are seasoned liars. They flourish under piles of lie and believe the rest of the world is too naive to not pick their skulduggery. It happened during Assam riots in 2012 and it also happened during recent Malda riots. Whenever the matter involved the Muslims and their nefarious acts, these liberals systematically chickened out or worse even, they put their full hearted attempt to cover up the mess. Be it the ‘tyranny of distance’ or ‘don’t bring Malda to justify Bachha Khan University terror act’, our liberals always walk that extra mile to protect the thugs. The same liberals who defend their blackout during Assam riots citing the distance as a hindrance routinely rush to a hostile country like Pakistan to cover each terror act there. Things dramatically change when it comes to cover anything that can be remotely attributed to Muslims. Hindrances of every kind appear from nowhere. But name anything by which Hindus and BJP could be maligned, the hindrances simply vanish from the scene. In fact they do their best to beat each other on who reaches the spot first. This is exactly what happened when a Dalit student named Rohith Vemula committed suicide in Hyderabad University.

    I simply get worried seeing how these liberals who preach everyone about equality to all don’t miss a chance to divide the nation on caste lines. A student committing suicide is a tragedy irrespective of the caste of that student. But somehow it fails to strike our media frauds. That is the reason why the entire day was consumed by the media with flashy popups – “Dalit Student Commits Suicide”. How does the caste of the student matters here? Surprisingly these liberals start the trend but when someone turns back and says, Rohith Vemula was OBC not a Dalit, the same scoundrels accuse the person of politicizing the death of a young student. The moment I hear these frauds shouting out loud and accusing others, I know someone has hit these leeches at the wrong places. Since we are discussing the caste of RV it is only pertinent to know that he was not a Dalit at all. His father was OBC and so is his brother. If at all anyone is a Dalit in entire Vemula family it is his mother. But last I checked, in India the caste of a child is based on his father’s caste, not mother’s. These facts notwithstanding, our liberals started weeping and declared RV a Dalit. Why may I ask? If there isn’t any benefit I don’t see a reason why someone would fabricate news and that too at the national level. Who would benefit by the caste of RV is no more a secret. And why these liberals are crying Dalit over a tragic death is no more a secret either. Only intention is to malign Hindus and BJP by any means, even if that means baking bread over a dead body.

    Now that we are clear about the intent of our liberals in their Dalit outcry, we must go through the incident that led to his suicide. RV was a routine offender. His anti-national skills are again legendary. During Yakub’s hanging, RV along with a bunch of his friends was at a night long agitation to save his beloved friend from the gallows. Stranger even the placards that were waved in complete defiance to what our apex court has to say. The man who was responsible for hundreds of death was declared an anti-national by the courts in their judgment. But for reasons know to RV and his friends they thought otherwise. Not only that, they also challenged the state that such hanging of a proven anti national will give birth to many such anti nationals in every household. For me people like RV are nothing less anti national. But surprising enough, our liberals believe, such abject anti India activities shouldn’t be objected because they are supporting a Muslim even if he is a terrorist. The problem of our liberals was the intervention of ABVP to oppose RV’s anti India activities. It is only in India that the jokers feel, even acting against your own country shouldn’t be objected since it was done by a so called Dalit. The liberals and our media won’t even mention that RV and his friends badly beat up ABVP president for objecting to their heinous act. They won’t because that won’t help them to bash the BJP or the Hindus. They will systematically cover up all trails that lead to RV’s suspension from the college. That is where the advantage is for the liberals. This is precisely why they also cover up each crime of the Muslims. But truth has to come out. After complains of the student body RV and his friends were expelled from the college hostel. But that didn’t deter this so called Dalit student. He and his friends again broke up a fight which resulted in his permanent expulsion from the institute. But our media and liberals are blind to the facts. They only know how to construct a story so as to blame the Modi government and as it is HRD ministry is their punching bag for quite some time.

    Our liberals also won’t speak about the circumstances in which RV’s body was discovered and by whom. They neither would speak about the suicide note of RV where he seems to have blamed none except himself. After all when you miss the opportunity to do your Phd. with a monthly stipend of Rs 27K and free food and stay, you only end up blaming yourself. “I am feeling my body distancing itself from my soul” – are the exact words of RV’s suicide note. But our media would never let this be known to anyone. They neither would question, how a student expelled from the Hostel would end up committing suicide in 207 number room of the university hostel. How he was allowed there? Who is that person who made sure that he bypasses the hostel security and end up hanging himself in a hostel room? They neither would ask how of all the people, it is RV’s friends, who also were expelled from the hostel, were the first to spot the hanging body of RV. Who allowed them to enter the hostel premises to spot the body? These are the precise questions that our media should go after, if at all they want to have 24/7 coverage of a tragic incident. Our liberals would never bother why an academically good student would end up like this. What matters to these morons is the avenue to attack Modi government, in the process maligning Hindus as much as possible. That is precisely why it was the fabricated caste of RV that attracted the liberals more than the death itself. In the unseen horridness to slam Modi government, it is the caste that took precedence over death. And still our liberal frauds believe the world won’t pick their stale intention.

    Like pigs getting attracted to a pile of shit, all our secularist political leaders rushed in to shed crocodile tears. Prominent among them is a jerk called Arvind Kejriwal. What business has the CM of a municipality have in the death of student in some corner of the country? Why this moron has to fly to Hyderabad to fuel the nonsense further when his governance parameters in the Municipality are dismal? Hundreds are dying in Delhi due to cold but the CM finds it fancy to fly to Hyderabad to vomit more nonsense. The same moron who never got time to speak a single word on the Malda riots has now all the time in the world available at his disposal it seems. AK the joker never was seen visiting the families of the martyrs of Pathankot attack. He never even spoke anything about our brave sons but now he is there for a gala evening in Hyderabad for someone who at some point was actively supporting terrorists like Yakub Memon. Ditto is the case with another disaster called Rahul Gandhi. He seems interested in visiting all the nonsense places except the places where he should. No wonder why he rushed to Hyderabad but never found enough reason to visit the martyrs of Pathankot. May be, he saw the Steve Jobs of Microsoft in Rohith Vemula and his death has pained him no ends but then death of our brave soldiers is no less painful either. These jerks went about 24 hours of the day blabbering about Dadri but for Malda the same morons closed their eyes at once. May be, Dadri is a place in India but Malda is some unheard town in Nicaragua. Justice for Akhlakh is well demanded but none of these secularist buffoons care for the justice of the poor Hindus in Malda or Sikhs in Kishtwar. They would never agitate how a Hindu man was burnt alive in Pune by peaceful Muslim youths after he let know his religion. They won’t find intolerance here because Muslims are eternally peaceful. No award wapsi gang would come forward to return their awards for Malda.

    This is the theorem on which our liberal bastards operate. Cry like Rudalis for Muslims and go on a European vacation when Hindus were oppressed. Or better be, cry like Rudalis again to cover up the crimes of the Muslims. And we still were wondering, why our nation is so volatile against external threat. These self-serving liberal frauds would even stand with the terrorists if that gives them the opportunity to blame Narendra Modi and Hindus. Hang-on : Or are they standing with the terrorists already?

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