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    We Are Left And We Are Always Right

    India is perhaps the only country where bad mouthing about your nation earns you a lot. This also gets you invitation from various ‘Litter Fests’ to bad mouth further. You overnight become a darling of our secular hegemony and you get invited to various primetime shows in our TV channels too. Basically, in India the career of a pathological nation hater is highly lucrative. To top it, if you have the required acumen to attach everything wrong happening in India either with BJP or Hindus or RSS or Narendra Modi, then that is certainly an USP that every secular-liberal worth his/her salt would envy.

    Since Narendra Modi took charge at the centre, the disgruntled opposition, mainly constituted of left centric lunatics, took it as a personal motto to oppose Modi for anything and everything. Doesn’t matter what the person in Modi want to convey or do; it has to be opposed. Someone jokingly said – If Modi advices to clean your hands after visiting the loo, these buggers would oppose that and say; we will lick clean our hands instead. Such has the factor of hate has gone with these morons that they simply are blinded to the facts. Two years of governance and yet no cases of corruption has let these noise makers starving for issues; real issues that is. In desperation these charlatans have decided to latch on to everything that is available and start giving it the desired spin to blame the current dispensation. Defying logic is just part of the plan since logic hardly matters when you are starved. You would end up stealing food or worse even, in case of these left liberal frauds, you even end up eating shit.

    Take the example of Dadri. For ages the matter of beef eating is a controversy that has no real logic either way. People have fought with each other for ages on beef. Many have lost their lives in the past. It is the Congress government that brought the beef ban among 18 of the present states that have this legislation. But did any of the deaths have the attention that Dadri got? It is not that no one died because for eating beef during Congress rule. There are at least six cases where an irate mob killed the person who was found consuming beef. Our vigilante media and their left nuisance makers kept quiet back then. It was by design to remain quite. But just one Dadri was good enough to kick these ragamuffins to wake up from their deep slumber to shout ‘Intolerance’. For weeks our media aired the Dadri incident as if the nation has come to a halt in every other aspect. If you are happen to be from Mozambique and landed in India during that time, you would have felt as if half of India died in Dadri because of the atrocious ruling party and a persona at par with Hitler called Narendra Modi. There were lot of vulture tourism as well. People who never got time to visit a brave soldier called Hanumantthappa in Delhi had all the time to rush in to Dadri and weep beside the already weeping Rudalis of our media. From Arvind Kejriwal to Rahul Gandhi, all kind of ‘Kaamchors’ were present to bake their piece of political bread on the dead body of a certain Aklakh Ahemad. While the law and order is a state subject, it never occurred to our media to blame or question the SP government of UP. Not one from the weeping lot ever cared to point fingers at Akhilesh Yadav and sought answers from him. 

    Post reaction of these frauds is even more astonishing. The so called freeloaders of the state were the first to go. Led by an insignificant woman called Nayantara Shegal, the freeloaders started returning their government sponsored awards as if that matters. It never occurred to these ‘Award Wapsi Gang’ to verify the facts before shouting ‘Intolerance’. For one Dadri these shameless leeches went on to brand an entire nation as intolerant and that too without any real proof. Even if their anger (read drama) could be tolerated on the face value, their complete disinterest in holding the state government accountable for the incident was laughable. It has to be Modi. Didn’t this abject hate for one particular person appear pathological? Before the investigation could expose the truth behind this lynching, we had our liberals tearing each other’s Kurta, Sarees and Skirts in anger. To support this lint mafia of secularism, our clandestine media even backed them up with stories. The Dadri almost was there on every TV screen for at least a month. Little these journalists even cared was to do their own homework before taking blind sides of these Modi haters. What came out after the probe should have made these farcical morons eat crow but that is far from happening. Such shameless these parasites are that even when exposed to their last square inch of skin, they still remain steadfast with their virulent vice. Not a single one from this gang ever apologized for giving a routine personal hostility a communal colour; nor did our media. The apology is more so warranted when in the process they have humiliated a nation before the outside world. 

    Rohit Vemula is another case which personified the age old hypocrisy of these left leeches. A coward at best was engaged with all kind of nefarious activities inside the University campus except studying and we have the same gang lining up to hail him as a martyr. The suicide committed by this coward brought all kind of vultures to feast around it. Starting with our ever vigilant media to the scientist in Dr. Rahul Gandhi, there was a procession for some time. Lots of crocodile tears were shed inside and outside the campus in the process. The joker in Arvind Kejriwal, who now seems to have all the compulsion in visiting Dr. Narang family, was seen flying to Hyderabad to weep alongside other vultures. What business does AK have in Hyderabad? Did anyone see any other CM visiting there and weeping around? What so special with AK and his bunch of loonies to jump in first to politicize a coward’s death? Same is the case with Rahul Gandhi. What business does he have when he never found time to visit a real martyr called Hanumathappa in Delhi itself? Where was he vacationing back then? But surprisingly, none in our media ever cared to ask these specific questions. There were suicides inside the Hyderabad University campus earlier but none took the centre stage like the latest one did. May I ask why? Why our media and the vultures in other Commie outfits were so eager to blame Modi for this suicide of a coward? Why the state never stood answerable, if at all?

    Talking about politicizing matters, even related to national security, none gets ahead than the farce that is getting played out in JNU. And look at the hero here. Another coward who appears like a perpetual PhD. student in the campus has suddenly become a darling of the same vultures who were preying on Rohit Vemula till now. Here is a man who is wasting public money doing his PhD in God knows what and that too at an advance age of 29 but still being hailed as a student. 29 year old student? Seriously? In a sane world, 29 year old are considered grown up and responsible mature citizens. In fact, in India most 29 year olds generally are found working for a living and contributing to the nation’s growth, while this parasite, in the name of education, is living on Tax payer’s money. Not only he is sustaining on the nation’s grant, he along with bunch of another anti-national goons, has the audacity to shout derogatory comments on the very country which is funding his nonsense. Rather than questioning this leech on his deplorable behaviour, our Commies find faults with those who ask this vagabond to resurrect himself. What can be worse is that, in the blindness because of their pathological hate for a person, these morons are ready to harm their own country. For them, anti-nationals like Kanheiyya Kumar or Umer Khalid (proud son of a proud terrorist of SIMI fame) are nothing short of Bhagat Singh and Rajguru. No one condemns these morons and their love for Afzal Guru but have enough problems towards an elected government. They also have problems against our courts when they slam these anti-nationals and call them cancer in their judgment. Kanheiyya’s poor parents were advertised as if poverty automatically gives you the freedom to be an anti-national but no one asks how a poor Kanheiyya can afford flight tickets to go to Hyderabad and cry for the earlier coward. Who is sponsoring the tickets for this poor jerk?

    For ages these Commies and their patrons in our media have taken the country to hostage with their deplorable acts. They never were opposed because the successive governments, mostly headed by Congress, were themselves Commie by nature. They hate Hindus, they hate their country and they lose no opportunity to bad mouth about their own nation. In fact, I have never seen these Commies doing anything worthwhile for the nation except abhorring and jerking off at the slightest opportunity. These workless shit smitten pigs always remain in the lookout for an opportunity to degenerate their own country and take sides with the enemy. From Arundhati Roy to Kobad Gandhi and Varavara Rao and Sitaram Yetchury type hawks included, we have lot of these parasites who take all that the nation had to offer and then bad-mouth their own country. 

    “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Haazar” is not just a chant they shout, it is something these skunks want from the depth of their hearts. They are the biggest enemy of the state because they hate their country to the tune which even our enemies don’t. They are a bunch of Rabies Infected dogs but sadly enough, the anti-rabies vaccination isn’t that readily available.

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