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    Brussels Bombed – Anyone Surprised?

    It was a routine day in office when I started browsing TOI portal for some morning news before I start the work for the day. I could see a tiny news flicker running at the top saying – “Multiple Blasts reported At Brussels Airport”. I instantly knew what the news would be in next three hours. Vindicating my belief, two hours down, the same TOI confirmed the attack being of a terror nature with again a handful from the religion of peace being the perpetrator of this latest peaceful act. The numbers for the people who are already dead and injured started pouring in after that. Like the Indian Railways timetable where the delay in train schedule gradually grows up, the number for the casualty grew up by the minutes. It was so to the plan of expectations I must say. After being witness to this Islamic madness for many number of times, we all, by now know very well how news regarding Terror Attacks shape up.

    But is anyone surprised here? Is anyone out there losing his sleep in wondering and asking – Why Brussels? But not me. Not at all. In fact these blasts shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is closely observing Europe in general and Brussels in particular for some time. When the London Tubes bombing happened few years back, some were brave and honest enough to point at the lenient attitude of the UK government in dealing with the Islamic radicalization in the country. But the liberals tried their very best to look the other way that time and they still are doing the same. Like any average liberal, the liberals of UK started searching for excuses post London bombing so that the blame directly never points towards the real reason – that is the kids glove attitude of the establishment in calling a spade a spade. For decades London housed many of the junks migrating from terror hotbeds like Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Gulf nations. Though this migrating mass started living in ghettos and started engaging themselves in most of the street crimes, to sound politically correct, the political class of UK found it best to ignore; ignore by design that is. When somebody from India pointed out the growing ‘Love Jehad’ in London, he was taught a lesson or two on pseudo secularism and asked to remain quite. Even few in UK raised their concerns and tried to highlight the culture of ‘love rape’ that has penetrated into their high school manuals. They were silenced too. No one paid the heed and no one cared where these rapid deteriorating standards in civility would lead to. It is only history that it unfortunately led to incidents like London Tubes. London learnt a bitter lesson simply because their political class tried to act too clever by half in dealing with a clear and present danger in the name of vote bank, political correctness and perhaps hypocrisy.

    I was one of the many who listed out the real reasons for London bombing. I even had predicted, it is only UK now but in reality, the entire Europe is sitting on a pile of fire which will rise to its glory someday. Which are looking like innocuous ghettos now will turn up as the playgrounds of active Jehad. There are ample proofs that wherever Muslims started living in ghettos it only has given fodder to all kind of anti-social activities, including hard-core Islamic radicalization. Here hard-core means the kind we see in the camps of LeT, ISIS, Taliban or any of such ‘Rent-A-Jehad’ organizations. These bunche of radicals are simply unfit to reside with any civilized people or be part of any civilization. They have left civility a long time back. Now these blind faith morons have turned into machines of destruction and public nuisances at large. But to surprise most, powers that matters, don’t see the truth as it is. More rabid is the ‘European Human Rights Courts’, which by all means, has its hands covered with innocent blood. For reasons best known to them, they are too welcoming to these Jehadi elements. These elements are never punished in the name of humanity. Anyone can go and check, the said court, till date, hasn’t cursed the nefarious elements, even once, in its judgment ever. It always were the authorities who were found at the receiving end of this court. This court alone has pardoned more proven terrorists in the name of humanity than all other courts in the world put together.

    London led to Charlie Hebdo and still the authorities learnt nothing. The city of love which also followed the trend of London in becoming too loving towards Islamic radicals saw the Paris attacks. Hundreds got killed to the fancy of few pigs and yet, the authorities are just getting up from their slumber; or may not be even. Excuses after excuses were flung at people who asked difficult questions. Few liberals even equated the Paris attack as response to France’s legislation in banning Burqa in public places. Such rotten has become French public discourse that none had the guts or wisdom to stand up and blame where it should be blamed – the Islamic loonies in the country who don’t know anything other than manufacturing terror.  

    Among all this, Brussels attack is hardly any different or a surprise.

    Of late or to be precise, in last 5-7 years, Brussels has wrong encounters with Islamic radicalization and terror plots. It has turned into another London of mid-2000. This radicalization of Muslims led to ghettos getting created in various parts of the city, prominent being a place called Molenbeek. It is a typical ghetto like Juhanpura in Ahmadabad where the city buses even refuse to flay in fear of destruction and damage. The law and order reaches last to this place because of various reasons, prominent being the loose handed attitude of the authorities in dealing with nuisances. Most of the occupants in Molenbeek are migrants from terror hotbeds as listed above. Recently the refugees from Syria and other places started flushing in to this area. Most of them are jobless and ready to commit crime at the drop of a goat. They not only commit the crime but also give safe shelter to all the criminals of the world. The recent arrest of Salah Abdeslam, the last surviving terrorist of Paris attack speaks a lot of this particular ghetto in the heart of Brussels. This man is a French of Moroccan origin and lived all his life in Molenbeek. His brother also is no lesser a radical than him. In fact his brother blew himself up in the Paris attack earlier in November. Abdeslam flew back to Belgium after the attack in Paris and as believed, there were more people involved in Paris attack than what was thought initially. During his interrogation, he even divulged the details of many plots of him and his team to perpetrate more terror attacks at various places. This is worrying. Though we shouldn’t brush away the success of the Brussels police in nabbing this moron, it hardly wipes out the sins of the Belgian authorities in playing ostrich with a notorious place like Molenbeek; and that too for decades.

    But Abdeslam is not the only case. Within hours after the Paris attack it was clear that there is a triangle that covertly planned the attack and somewhere in the triangle Belgium as a place played a vital role. By that time Abdeslam was touted to have crossed the French border and back in his home. Belgian borders were locked and random raids were conducted in and around Brussels to nab him. During the raid many Jehadi elements were captured which in a way highlighted the dark underbelly of Molenbeek and places surrounding it. If reports were to be believed, most of these Jehadi elements arrested had a group within themselves that was responsible for the planning and execution. They had active association with Jehadi elements of London and Paris. Abdeslam acted as a kingpin in most of these plots including arranging the funding that were mostly coming from the Gulf countries. These arrests in Paris and Brussels also exposed how badly radicalized the prison system of both these countries are. Many of the petty criminals, who most of the times are Muslim, were brainwashed (read, excuse of liberals) during their jail stay to go on the path of terrorism. There were systematic arrangements inside the jail to capture these disgruntled pigs in cheap price; as low as a bout or two of cocaine. The reports were scary; it even was scarier that a place like Molenbeek with hardly 100000 residents could supply enough number of Muslim youths to bridge the demand gap of free Jehadists in entire Europe. One unconfirmed report even draws a blueprint of the route these Muslim youths were subjected to after getting into the Brussels prison. It stretched all the way from Molenbeek to London via Paris and Rome.

    Coming back to Molenbeek, this is a ghetto that dates back to at least 50 years when Turkish and Moroccan refugees started flushing in. Though the area is close to other developed areas of the city it still remains shoddy and gives a laidback look. It is full with people having no formal degrees or skills to fit into the job market. It would be optimism if one would put the employment percentage of Molenbeek at 50%. Those who still can be called as employed do sundry jobs in restaurants and local retail stores. Most of them are deeply involved with the drugs cartel of the city. Many of them are active members of local mafia gangs too. A report that exposed the Molenbeek drug cartel even estimated that more than 70% drug floating around Europe are channelled through this area. In fact Brussels police has a special drugs monitoring squad to keep a close watch on Molenbeek alone. In early 1970 money started to flow into this organized crime syndicate from Gulf countries to establish religious schools. And we all know what Madrasas in particular impart on young minds. Along with Madrasas, religious preachers were flushed into this ghetto to corrupt the minds of the Muslims present. All supporting elements in this endeavour were paid handsomely to bring more youths in its fold. A secret report even elaborates how at one point only five students from this area were going to formal schools where as rest all were being preached hatred in the Madrasas funded by the Arabic nations.

    With such systematic preaching it is no surprise that most of the 500 that joined ISIS from Belgium are from Molenbeek alone. By the way, Belgium still holds the number one position among non-Islamic nations to supply fighters for ISIS army. For specifically recruiting patrons for ISIS a group with the name ‘Sharia4Belgium’ has started in Molenbeek with its preachers being funded heavily to gather as many jobless Muslims as they can. And all this was happening right under the nose of the Belgian authorities. Though most of those recruited to fight for ISIS still remain in Syria, at least 100 of them have returned to Belgium over a period of a year and half. That is like having 100 hard-core terrorists living in the heart of a modern city within a four square mile area. That is a disaster in waiting, if one would revisit what even a dozen of these pigs can do. And that is precisely what happened in Brussels finally. A bunch of snakes would eventually bite the master who gave them shelter. The excuse of the authorities for their incompetency in containing these rogue elements hold no water since the liberal policy itself requires these jokers be admitted at the human rights court the moment they are apprehended. And as mentioned above in this article, the human rights court always takes a lenient stance in dealing with these idiots and most of the time lets them go after minimal fine or worse even, a so called strong warning.

    If one closely looks at the Belgian government machinery, one would find striking similarity of it with India. Almost non-ending stacks of government protocols doesn’t always help in taking quick and effective decisions. The overtly liberal figures of the country don’t help the matter either. For every crime of these Muslims, these liberals go around the market for excuses, much like India. So Brussels getting a bitter taste of having live snakes in their backyard was just on the cards. I was little surprised on how it came so late in the day. May be Brussels was little lucky here but not anymore and I don’t know why but I have a fear, it is just the beginning of things to come to this loving small country.

    Hope I am proven wrong with this speculation of mine.

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