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    The Peace Loving Terrorists And The Rudalis

    A man is identified by the company he keeps and a politician or journalist is identified by the stand he/she takes on an issue. I added up the later part to this age old saying. It is relevant too; at least when we as normal law abiding citizens of this country look around. But are we looking around too often? The problem with us is that either we are too busy with our daily chores or we simply don’t care. This is the primary reason why our politicians and journalists alike are routinely successful in shoving their vicious agendas through us. It happens regularly; quite too often for comfort. But as it is, we simply don’t care. If this is not bad we make it even worse when we let charlatans call the shots. Kashmir is boiling again and as usual we have the regular Rudalis doing what they do best – weeping inconsolably for all the wrong reasons to show the central government and our army at the wrong side of the fault line. Are we serious enough to call these bluffs and shame these jokers? Perhaps not.

    Bhuran Wani was a notorious terrorist. He was responsible for many deaths, both of our security personnel and civilians as well. Just a month back he threatened the Indian Army to get out of the valley or else he would kill everyone. It is a different matter that our Army proved who the real boss is and gunned down this joker like a feral dog. This is entirely a different matter that this scumbag even deserved more heinous death than what he got. But to show the courage to defy a state and warn its army needs some serious pondering. But before you read too much and think this coward to be courageous, let me tell you, the earlier line was at best aimed at some pun. We aren’t discussing this moron because he was brave; we are discussing him because he along with his sympathizers in the valley and our TV studios thought he was. Or else this pig isn’t worth of our time, much less a blog post. It is because of these clowns that a terrorist got a larger than life image. It happened during the hanging of Yakub Memon too. In both cases the majority populace of the valley are equally responsible. The alleged peace loving entities of Kashmir resort to stone pelting at the drop of a goat.  It doesn’t matter if their agitation is towards the killing of a terrorist. The political class in the valley along with the so called separatists and their sympathizers in our media and corrupt NGOs fuel it like it’s nobody’s business. They do it regularly. Almost every Friday, after the prayer, there goes a group which starts pelting stones at the security forces out of habit. But each time we have the Abdullahs, the Barkhas, The Rajdeeps, the Rana Aayubs of the world who defend these scoundrels with dramatic excuses.

    But are these guys really peace loving? The pictures don’t depict so. These are the same buggers who enjoy the special status and have hundreds and thousands of cores pumped in by the central government to free worship their deplorable posteriors every year. The faggots who take no time in attacking our forces and then play victim were the chief architects in the bloody exodus of the Kashmiri Pundits. Yet they never show their loyalty to the Indian state. They are routine offenders. These are also the same clowns who vehemently oppose the national flag getting hoisted anywhere in Srinagar. Their Mullahs teach them dishonesty, charlatanism and hypocrisy towards the state, and the traitors showcase the practical expertise of their learning routinely on the streets for anything and everything. They hate their country. They along with the terrorists rage war against the nation every now-and-then. Not just the security forces, these are the same scumbags who also are regularly seen throwing stones at the Amarnath Yatris. Not a single year passes without any disruption happening to the Yatra. It has become a pattern of late when intentional tension is manufactured during the Yatra period. Look at last 6-7 years and there you would find fabricated agitation during the month of July, at times stretching well into August. This can’t be a coincidence. There has to be a reason why the valley erupts with hate every year during a particular period. The disturbing details of paid stone palters coming from the valley is further solidifying my belief on the pattern of every outrage in the valley. Thugs are being paid anywhere around Rs 100/- to Rs 500/- per day for their stone hurling act. Who is paying them? More worrisome is the root source through which these paymasters are getting funded. Did the Rudalis enjoying free scotch in Delhi ever care to ask? Looking at the money that is being invested in turning oneself a traitor, the profession looks quite lucrative. Even the women in the state aren’t too far behind. After all they also want their share of the pie. While these women who surrender to the dictate and roam around in Burqas otherwise, take their hoods out and join their brothers in stone pelting. People who killed many and threw out an entire community from their homes and flashed their genitals when PM Indira Gandhi was addressing a rally suddenly turned innocent and victims at the altar of a decade can easily be dubbed as the biggest miracle of the century. “Right arm over the wicket” – No? 
    But didn’t I say a pattern? This time was no different either. No sooner Bhuran Wani was gunned down the eternal Ms. Nidhi Razdan’s favourite politician walked out of his underwear and declared how tough days are ahead for the state. “Tense time for the valley in coming days” – the ex CM of the state announced. Fantastic!! This coming from an ex CM is more shameful than surprising. For three generations the Abdullahs virtually dominated the politics of the state and yet the last of the Abdullahs has the audacity to predict tough days because a terrorist was killed. He could predict because he along with his father and grandfather are/were the architects of the mess that the state is in. For the records, Jr. Abdullah is a seasoned sympathizer for the scoundrels. Every time there are buffoons on the street of Srinagar with stones in their hands, this man jumps the queue and announces their innocence. He did the same thing during the Amarnath Land row time. He did the same thing when Kishtwar happened. He talks about healing touch but never answers why among 29 states J&K is the only state which is so affectionate in abhorring its own country. Why it is J&K that routinely tows the lines of the enemy? There are unemployment and injustice in every state but none throws stones at the state every second day. I seldom hear that Chhattisgarh youth are burning the state and public property because a notorious Maoist was gunned down. What is so special about J&K? There are numerous instances and pictures that show the morons of Kashmir attacking the security personnel. But I must clarify; those pictures seem to be a thing of the past. Now the forces are giving it back in square terms and this is what may be bothering the sympathizer in Omar Abdullah. He perhaps expected the police to take it lying down as they were instructed to do during his tenure. Now the Pellet Cannons talk. It is funny now that Jr. Abdullha is talking about the ‘disconnect’ that the populace face. Funny because it his family that was in power for most of the time and one would be a fool to not blame them for the so called ‘disconnect’ to continue. What has his father, grandfather and he as the CM did to resolve this ‘disconnect’? Why cry foul now when his entire family is partially responsible for the problem? By the way, the visionary in Jr. Abdullha is yet to answer me on why exactly one would create tension for the death of a terrorist?  

    But Omar Abdullha isn’t alone in his quest to defend the terrorists. He has able companions back in Delhi. The notorious NDTV and its journalist par excellence Barkha Dutt is camping in Srinagar for last ten days to throw around garbage. I didn’t see a single tweet from her where she first condemns the terrorist in Burhan Wani. In fact, for her, Burhan Wani is the son of a school headmaster and a mere social media activist. Seriously? Does she have forgotten the word 'terror' in her profound dictionary? Come to blame the security forces, she simply knows no boundary in cooking up stories and lies. But then, this is a common trait with every Pakistan loving and terror sympathizing liberal worth his/her salt. They only know how to blame the state. They never do their homework. Except few not a single moron, otherwise referred as journalist in public discourse, has yet highlighted the fact that the traitors are having a field day in the valley because a terrorist was killed. No one has blamed the populace for supporting terror, terrorists and Pakistan. Barkha weeps and shouts for healing touch but never explains what the healing touch can be. The so called healing touch must also include the brave army personnel who were killed by her favourite peace lovers. This is what I hate about Barkha and her brethren of Rudalis. All that they care were for the anti-nationals. They never share a thought for those who are fighting for the nation. They love Pakistan too. That is perhaps why a CPM goon like Kavita Krishnan tows the lines of Pakistan. She asks if the extra-judicial killing of Wani could be justified. Who allows such idiots to have a Tweeter ID to start with? What she was expecting? Wani should have been garlanded, given few Padma awards before being produced in our courts for donkeys’ ages till the case is over? Which country does that to a terrorist? And how could the official lines of Pakistan matches so dramatically that with Kavita Krishnan’s? Even if there is a judicial killing of a terrorist, these morons find that absurd too. They did that during Yakub Memon’s hanging. After multiple hearing and that too opening the courts at the mid of the night, these rascals still cry for a dangerous person. I remember this pathetic woman shouting against our judiciary that time.

    But these hidden enemies of the state have a predefined plot. They do that regularly. First they blame the state for no reason. Once done with that, these morons act as apologists for the stone palters. They cry for the lack of opportunity and avenues for the average youth in Kashmir and how it is related to terrorism. Fantastic again!! It is the only place called Kashmir where there is a lack of opportunity in India it seems. Even if it is true, how that justifies terrorism as an alternative? From the same valley, lakhs of Pundits were thrown out. They were left jobless, homeless and penniless in no time. Many lost their loved ones too. How many Pundits turned into terrorists? The Rudalis would never answer that. Bhuran Wani had no opportunity, money or options but Dr. Abdul Kalam was the son of Ambanis. That is why I say our journalists aren’t very bright people. Pragmatic thought is far away from these freeloaders. They only know to go against the state and support anyone who has vicious plans against the nation. It is not a mindless warning that Pakistan advised its journalist to not act like their counterparts in India. It was a well thought-out and analytic warning. There are special category morons like Rana Aayub who even go a step ahead. She downloads pictures from Gaza and shares them as the postcards from Kashmir. She even shares images from 2012 and terms them as the recent atrocity of the army. Army, I asked her. It is the J&K Police that is involved in the operation. Where the army came into the picture? Why blame army for a bunch of traitors? As usual the moron in Rana Aayub ran away from the scene. Didn’t I just say – our paid journalists aren’t very bright people? It seems they are cowards too.

    Not only the journalists, even their mother ships aren’t far behind. Look at the twitter cover image of ‘The New Indian Express’. They are serial offenders too. During Yakub Memon hanging, IE marvellously termed it as “They Hangged Yakub”, and they did it again. I never found IE having a martyred soldier’s photo as their cover picture but promptly have Wani’s funeral photo there. NDTV almost fell little short of mourning alongside Pakistan on their deplorable declaration of July 19th as a black day. It can’t be a coincidence that these usual suspects behave like enemy within. It can’t be ignored too that these anti national outlets cry the same language of Pakistan. With all his faults, Sekhar Gupta had some decency left when he was at the helm of IE. It seems the anti-nationals in IE now operate unobstructed post the exit of SG. I can’t even think a newspaper in USA would have carried the pictures of Osama as their social media cover page and still have survived the state’s fury. Perhaps they aren’t as anti-national as our paid publications are. Someone correctly requested IE to remove 'Indian' from their name. One who worships a terrorist isn't a friend of the state at all.

    These commies hate their own country by habit and it reflects in their writings, postings and general blabbers. The Rudalis are bound by their habit of abject hate towards their nation. They by virtue support the anti-nationals because they too are anti-nationals themselves. I am glad that this time the state is paying back these traitors in square terms. Time has come that these hidden enemies are settled for once. By the way – can someone please educate the shameless Pakistanis to mourn the day the terroirts killed innocent children in Rawalpindi as a black day instead? 

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