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    Barkha Dutt Should Be Ashamed Of Her Profession

    “Barkha Dutt Should Be Ashamed Of Her profession” – Yes, you read that correct. Here her profession isn’t journalism, if you happen to believe I am pointing there. What she is engaged with is not journalism at all but pimping on behalf of the enemy for self gain. There is nothing credible and noble about Barkha and her shoddy anti-India work. Journalism is a different thing. Journalism by far used to be a noble profession till these gutter-mouth morons in the form of Brakha Dutt took it on their own to ruin the standards. And I say it with full responsibility that, if at all people have come to hate the profession, it is because of people like Barkha Dutt and many others, whom she shouts regularly for help to push her nefarious designs. For decades, this unethical, now proved uncivilized woman has ruined whatever good that was left with journalism. It should bother, not just the citizens, but also her journalist colleagues, to have such a hypocritical character running around funny.

    In a recent interview to a Pakistani TV channel, Hafeez Saeed, the dreaded and declared terrorist, was seen praising Barkha Dutt for her unvarying help in pushing his and Pakistani agendas on Indian soil. “All aren’t bad people in India. There are many good people in India like Barkha Dutt, who understands the plight of Kashmiri Muslims” – the terrorist and enemy number one of India was seen describing. Barkha helps in passing our voice to the larger audience in India, he added. But we knew it all the while. Don’t we? I have mentioned many times how BD’s designs routinely helps the terrorists and Pakistani establishment. Her actions/reactions are most of the time anti-India centric and we don’t need a Noble Laureate to realize this and frankly, we don’t even need the certification from Hafeez Saeed to identify a traitor. There are ample proofs to prove how anti-India activities are the forte of this furtive journalist. She does this every time something happens in Kashmir or elsewhere if there is an opportunity. This media’s ugly child always remains there at the forefront to defend the morons of any anti-India activity; be it a terror act or the stone palters in Kashmir. She did the same this time too when she was seen defending the terrorist in Bhuran Wani, describing him as the son of a School Head-master and a social media activist. Not stopping there, she spread her idiocy and started degrading the Indian Army out of habit. Does it anyway different from what the separatists or the Hafeez Saeed sponsored stone palters want? Pakistan wants a demoralized Indian force in the valley and massive unrest to continue. BD’s thought process isn’t vastly different. HS wants his agendas in Kashmir to be protected and propelled, BD obliges with her massive hypocrisy and charlatanism to honour the wishes of our enemies. 
    As expected, post HS interview the entire cyber world went into an outrage forcing Barkha to tweet her displeasure and warned HS to not bring her name in his speeches. Fantastic!! How thoughtful and thought provoking the tweet is. Though she covertly supports the ideas of the separatists and our hard-core enemies, she finds it unbearable if one among the rogues shares his gratitude for her prolonged help. Now the question arises – we have hundreds of journalists in India but HS picked only her name to mention. May I ask why? Does this woman have any answer for this particular affection bestowed by a UN certified terrorist? Why of all the people HS took her name if she isn’t helping his nefarious cause? For fun? At least HS is consistent in recognizing who all are his friends in his mission. In equal length HS also once praised Congress party for helping his break India mission in Kashmir. He also warned Pakistan establishment to be aware of Narendra Modi since he is a danger to Pakistan. He also advised Pakistan to take help from Congress party and people like BD to destabilize the NaMo government for good. Wasn’t this man consistent and sure about his friends and enemies alike? In the event that HS just spilled the beans of morons like BD, what one would infer from this tweet of her? At best the tweet of Barkha appears as a bad attempt to somehow convince the masses that, her actions aren’t at all aimed at helping HS but the Muslims of Kashmir. But, aren’t both the same thing? And interesting enough, she feels people would believe her nonsense one more time. This is precisely why I say – our journalists aren’t very bright people. BD showed the same aggression post the Radia Tapes expose too. Here is a journalist who does pimp work with a PR lady to fix cabinet berths and then plays innocence by citing her error of judgment. How a journalist who is even taking the national interest for a ride could commit so many errors of judgment? Was there anything secretive about HS left to unearth that BD never realized what HS stands for, as far as India is concerned? When every child knows HS as the enemy number one of our country, it is only the innocent intellectuals like BD who aren’t aware of the facts. How can BD make an error of judgment in case of HS?

    Quite rightly Arnav Goswami picked up from where Hafeez Saeed left. He ran a debate in Newshour with a hash tag ‘PakDoveSilent’ when it was proved that HS along with the traitors in Kashmir are fuelling the unrest. As mentioned in my last blog, they are paying it for too. Where are the Rudalis now, who were relapsing the nation and the government for these scumbags few days back? Wasn’t it a truth that the doves who routinely weep for the innocent stone palters go silent once these morons are exposed? This too happens regularly. Anyone having the slightest sanity would urge these doves to come forward and question the so called peaceful creatures from the valley. What was so wrong about the debate? Why would a pathetic Pakistan loving journalist called Barkha Dutt be so annoyed with the discussion? Was she among the doves? Of all the people, it was again BD who took it on her own to counter AG by directly attacking him. Her filth was mainly divided in two categories – First : Why AG pointed at her by the hash tag; Second: Why AG asked for the media to be gagged by the government from venturing anywhere around Kashmir. But, was it the truth that this lie machine called BD wants us to believe? Let's see.

    First of all, BD is a seasoned liar. I always take her nonsense with a pinch of salt. Nowhere in the entire programme AG named BD as one of the doves. I am not sure if BD saw a different debate but the one I saw had no reference to this deplorable woman or her equally filthy media channel. What made BD go berserk? Was it self-guilt or the paranoia of false self-righteousness that drives crooks to nuts, or both? By the way, is that shade on Rajdeep Sardesai's virility? That is some epic soap drama level exchange. Jokes apart, there are other proven doves, example, the one she invites to take her side in lampooning AG for exposing these traitors. Yet no one except BD started barking. Though she calls AG filthy, it is only she who appears uncouth and uncivilized at the end of the day. Neither AG took her name nor did he ever use any wrong words for the doves, though they deserve severe blasting. What made Barkha cross the line and yet have the audacity to announce how ashamed she is to share the same journalistic sphere with AG? That is a classic case of “Ulta Chor Kautwal Ko Dante”. If at all one who should be ashamed is everyone who considers himself/herself a journalist just by looking at BD. She has dragged the bar of journalism to such a low that anyone having slightest self-esteem would cringe to be associated with BD and her filthy ilk. For BD, a street thug like Rajdeep, who was vehemently instigating the crowd to go against their own PM, is a brilliant example of journalism and worth associating with but not a straight speaking and honest person like AG. No wonder what and why pigs love shit. Now coming to the second part of BD’s garbage – I never heard at any place AG demanding the media to be gagged. At best, he asked those nefarious anti-nationals who speak the lines of our enemy to be curbed and controlled. Why BD is annoyed? For that matter why anyone would be annoyed if anti-national elements are packed behind bars? Was BD an anti-India element herself? Why this self-guilt oozed out from BD and that too so quickly?

    But Barkha is a routine offender when it comes to quoting nonsense. She in fact abhors anyone who takes sides of our armed forces or questions the militants of Kashmir. That is perhaps why she asked Chetan Bhagat on why his piece on TOI about Kashmir unrest never mentioned anything about the bastards that got killed in Hindwara. How funny? Look at this quack of a journalist who spent her entire life in bashing the state, its armed forces and all those who took the nationalist lines but shameless enough to ask questions without getting embarrassed. In her entire career as a disgraceful journalist and her nottorious coverage of Kashmir, I never found a single program of her for the Kashmiri Pundits but this selfsame woman has the gull to ask one why he never mentioned Hindwara scumbags in his maiden post on the state. Is she being paid to praise the traitors or she is plain shameless? But Barkha being shameless is not news for me. She displayed unbelievable shamelessness during Radia tapes too. She literally pleaded before Arun Jaitley to not pop up the matter in the parliament so that she would be saved from further embarrassment but today, the moron is lecturing others on what she is ashamed of. Radia tapes episode is nothing but a criminal conspiracy to sabotage our democracy through backdoor pimping and for that alone this lady should have been put in jail to rot. The then government which domesticates morons like BD kept silent to safeguard a joker of their howling lot. And still this sold out outlet calls others as a shame on journalism. Wasn’t she ashamed when caught while doing political pimping? Wasn’t she ashamed when she calls our armed forces atrocious for a bunch of terrorists? Wasn’t she ashamed when terrorists honour her with all the praise? Wasn’t she ashamed when she talks the lines of our enemy routinely? Wasn’t she ashamed to call herself a journalist when at best she is a disgrace to the profession?

    By the way someone jokingly said – Goswami means owner of cows and it is yet another example how the cow vigilante gang is harassing a Muslim woman for being what she is; a Pakistani and terrorist sympathizer.

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