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    The Rattled Liberals

    Independence Day is a matter of pride for most of us. This holds true across the globe. This is a day when people enjoy being part of a free nation and remember their heroes who sacrificed everything they had so that we can breathe in a free country. India is no different. We had a bloody past with our freedom struggle too. From Mangal Pandey to Uddham Singh, it was showcase of valour and courage. Many names have been forgotten in due course but their sacrifice still resonates among many. They were forgotten with a purpose and the purpose was to project a bunch of charlatans as the sole icons of our freedom struggle. But that hardly had forced our populace to forget the gallantry of a certain Bhagat Singh or a Subash Bose.

    Post the return of BJP government in 2014, our honourable Priminister has made sure that the yesteryear brave hearts are given their due respect and recognition. In his last three Independence Day speeches from Lal Killa, including the latest, he made sure that the real heroes of our freedom struggle are highlighted, not just the fraud power hungry leeches. But this is not what the talk of the town is. In fact our media seems to have picked the wrong thread again. They already have started twisting it as far as possible. Only motto – somehow downgrade what the PM had to say and picture him as a failed leader. It is nothing new though since this is what our liberals and media hawks are busy with vis-à-vis Narendra Modi for last 14 years. But this time they seem to have crossed all boundaries of shamelessness.

    But before we go to our media, isn’t it appealing to see the routine cabal that shamelessly talks the Pakistan line at every possible occasion? For a change I was hoping for a constructive criticism of PM’s I-Day speech, leaving pity greed and abject hatred aside. I was expecting too much from these louts it seems. No sooner our PM was done with his speech, we had the regular jokers crawling out of their closets to foul mouth. All of them were there with their version of mudslinging. They were dissatisfied again because the PM apparently refused to speak the nonsense these morons were interested to hear. They wanted to hear the PM pledging the same Kashmir nonsense as his worthless predecessors did. They wanted to hear the PM asking the ‘Break India’ agents to shun violence and help him restore the so called peace in a place where majority carry anti-India sentiments. They perhaps also expecting the PM to blast the army posted in Kashmir for doing their job. In nutshell – they were expecting a helpless PM showing his helplessness before the entire world.

    It is not without reasons that I call these rascals as the biggest enemy of the state. In the separatists we at least can see who our enemies are. Hidden among these white-collar idiots, lies a far bigger danger. They hollow up the nation within and expect none to question them of their third rated and deplorable anti-India stand. They are dissatisfied by habit since the present dispensation is a danger to their very existence along with their equally scoundrel political bosses. No wonder they don’t prefer the smooth running of the state. This is the precise reason why they rush to take interviews of all anti-India bastards while never bother to even talk a line or two about a martyred soldier. For them a war hero like General G.D. Bakshi is a hate monger but the father of a terrorist who vows to take his son’s war against the state forward an oppressed school headmaster. In fact all anti-nationals are oppressed by the state. Be it a scumbag Kanheiya Kumar or a Burhan Wani, all are innocent youths beleaguered by the state on Narendra Modi’s instruction. They hate this one man so much that they allow their bile overflow in the form of open support for Pakistan.

    For some time I was wondering why India never pops up the issue of Baluchistan internationally. That could have been a perfect payback to the rabid establishments of Pakistan in their own coin. For decades we carried the blunder of Nehru and his misadventure in Kashmir but never thought of playing our own cards. Issue of Balooch was a clear case around which we could have played our diplomacy. But for some reason our governments never thought in this direction. All that we did over the years is to have a defensive stand for every overture of Pakistan vis-à-vis Kashmir. I am glad that finally we took a right step in our diplomacy to play filth with Pakistan. I was glad that our PM openly supported the cause of Balooch people in their struggle for independence. For me and many more it was long due. But for some reason our Intellectual Morons aren’t buying this and I am not at all surprised. By provoking Balooch episode our PM played hard ball with Pakistan and our morons back home are losing their sleep for obvious reasons. For long they are used to see freeloaders in the name of ‘Interlocutors’ getting engaged to cajole the traitors of the valley and Pakistan. That is where the benefit for these puddles lies. This is how they get invited to attend dinner parties hosted by the Pakistan High commission and ISI agents like Fai. People who shamelessly gulp down free arrack at dinner parties in Pakistan embassy on the day our soldiers were beheaded by Pakistani counterparts can’t tolerate strong replies from India. They rather love shams like Sharm-El-Sheikh and blunders of Thimpu. These buggers love a helpless India begging for help from Pakistan in containing terrorism on our soil.

    Congress party is another classic example of loathsomeness. No, I don’t even want to give them the political benefit of doubt. They simply are acting against the nation. No political compulsion can make any party support anti-national views. The morons should put national interest above their greed for power. The same jokers who made Kashmir an international issue are having problems if one tries to solve it somehow. They vouch for dialogues and bogus meetings and advocate playing with kid’s gloves always. What kind of stupidity forces them to believe that dialogues with a bunch of unfaithful bastards would yield in positive results? Is it their stupidity or their hate for Modi which blinds them of the fact that there can’t be any dialogue possible with a rogue nation like Pakistan. Even the history is a proof. Can’t the jerks in Congress count the benefits that we got by talking to Pakistan on Kashmir since the days Nehru made a blunder? Absolutely nothing. But the clowns still want to carry on with their bogus talks. After messing up with Kashmir all through their tenure in the government they simply don’t understand that resolving Kashmir issue needs a shift in our diplomatic narratives. Kashmir can’t be resolved by ass worshipping traitors of the valley or sending freeloaders to engage in track two diplomacy. These are the useless steps that never had helped us nor will they help in future. It is time to play the hard ball and that is precisely what Narendra Modi is doing. And the explanation that Pakistan would exploit the fact that the admission of our PM vindicates their claim of India’s intervention in Baluchistan is nonsense. Nonsense because Pakistan in anyway is claiming India to be the main sponsor of the disturbance in Balooch. With or without PM’s admission, it always was Pakistan that went crying to the city shouting against India vis-à-vis Baluchistan.

    Not just the Congress party, there are duffers in our media too. They are liars by nature. One such liar is this street thug Rajdeep Sardesai. Look at his ignorance and abject hate for whatever the current PM says or does. The man with a strong moral compass seems to have forgotten the facts of Sham-El-Sheikh. He shamelessly compares the utterance of our PM at Red Fort to that with the discreditable chicken act of Manmohan Singh. Isn’t this street thug aware of the context in which Baluchistan was mentioned at these two occasions? During ID speech Modi made a brilliant diplomatic move while in Sharm-El-Sheikh Manmohan Singh shamelessly admitted India’s hand in Balooch disturbance and that too in a joint statement. Where is the comparison here? How can one compare a disgraceful failure to a massive diplomatic advantage? But that is how our media plays to the gallery of their bosses; with lies and deceit. This is why RS hold a program to analyse the PM’s ID speech with all possible Congress doormats in the panel. No wonder the first point of analysis of the speech started with what the PM was wearing as if that really matters. To even make it more flabbergasting, the doormat in Vinod Sharma cited how the attire of the PM never represented the poor of the nation. Such shrill is only expected of this small underwear of the Congress party. What VS was expecting the PM to wear? A torn out Kurta with multiple patches and a ‘Katora’ in hand? What kind of argument is this? Didn’t I always say – our media morons aren’t very bright people?

    In all it reminds me of the famous lines of Chanakya – When you see unrest among the dishonest, thieves and the intellectuals, be rest assured that the King is doing something right.

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