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    India Haters

    They are plenty of them. In our liberal circle, one common thing that binds most is their unconditional hate for India. For close to a decade, since this blog came into existence, I have never seen these lunatics taking the side of the country on anything. I have not seen them expressing a single good thing about the nation ever. These are also the same population that turned themselves as the doormat of the Congress party and other sundry ‘Sickular’ outfits a long time ago. They have a structured and well-oiled modus operandi. First of that is to hide the crimes of the Muslims at every stage. They hide the crimes of these ‘Sickular’ outfits too. In the process, these selfsame liberals have no problem with the ‘Bharat Ke Tukde Honge Hazar’ gang or the ‘Azadi’ cliques of Kashmir. And, they have their reason for this deep bonded friendship with every anti-India agent. As policy, every enemy of the state is dear to them. Be it the terrorist in an average Pakistani or the Kashmiri stone palters, all are dear to these liberals; because they harbour similar ideology of ‘Hate India’. 

    Vinod Sharma of Hindustan Times is one such liberal scum. But that is nothing new, if you ask me. He is a habitual bootlicker of the Congress party and the first family which itself is a certification of his astounding liberal qualities. To narrate his charlatanism, well, there are ample evidences to prove how loathsome this character can be for personal gain. This moron always crawls out of his cupboard whenever danger looms on the Congress party or the first family. A finest ‘Darbari’ that VS is, he also leaves no opportunity to blame the BJP, both as the government and the party, to satisfy his inner bootlicking urge. Standing true to his character, VS yet again produced an incredible stupidity (in Hindustan Times editorial) to support the Jehadi elements demanding Azadi yet again in Kashmir. You can read this stupidity here before we move ahead. Though I care two hoots for scumbags like VS, this particular bile of this moron needs a rebuttal, and, believe me, I am being civil in calling this faggot just a ‘MORON’.

    Like an average liberal, he starts with projecting the stone hurlers as innocents and victim of the prevailing circumstances as if that gives an automatic permission to be an anti-national. Here how VS starts vomiting from the first paragraph itself.
    The youth who defy curfew, pelt stones and fight pitched battles with security forces in the Valley are veritable family drop-outs. Their parents have no control over them. They might follow the Hurriyat’s ‘calendar’ of protests. But they aren’t exactly at the separatists’ beck and call.
    Be they teenagers, sophomores or university alumnus, the mood is defiant; the anger so palpable that one can slice it with a butter-knife. “I’m unable to convince my son; this generation isn’t in our control,” bemoaned a Kashmir University professor. “What you see is a mass movement driven by boys as young as 12 to 16….They hold the trigger.”
    Fantastic!! Now this is an entirely different narrative it seems. “They are this, they are that, they are blah..blah..blah…and more blah” but still they are innocent. This is all that we are getting to hear from these liberals for quite some time. It seems, the youths of Kashmir have all the excuses in the world to mount their guns against the state but the state in response doesn’t owe itself a chance to defend its integrity. How this equation pans out? Being unruly, which most probably most of our youth are, is one thing, but to be an anti-national certainly needs much more than just being not in the control of your parents. This special quality accumulation requires a special gene which is very rare in India. Why it is only the youth of Kashmir, who are beyond the control of their parents, throw stones at our security forces and routinely at that? Can VS show me another place in India where the unruly youth habitually engage themselves with such anti-national acts? How alone the Kashmiri youths enjoy such specialty?

    To quote someone from the valley, of course by cherry picking for convenience, is not going to hide the fact that there are a bunch of traitors in the valley, ably sponsored by all anti-India elements, who further the agenda of our enemies. This also is an attempt to overshadow another fact as stated by the CM of the state – only 5% of the population want violence, and it is their profession. How does this percolates in generalizing the current atmosphere being reprehensive? What does the liberal in VS expecting as a reactionary measure from the state? Cajole these scumbags and publicly beg sorry for killing a notorious Pakistan backed terrorist? The professor of the Kashmir University might bemoan for an entirely wrong reason but nothing can pass as a legitimate reason to load yourself against your own country. If you become one traitor, as these stone throwers are, then one shouldn’t complain if called out as a quisling in as many words. You can’t have your Samosha and eat it too, as the saying goes.

    VS then makes the reading fun with over exaggeration of the situation as if it was some kind of freedom movement. No wonder why Pakistan is calling the Bhuran Wanis of the worlds as martyrs and how our liberal scoundrels returning the favour by crying louder.
    On August 16, a boy was killed in police action at Batamaloo. Next day, a group of fifty assembled at the same spot to take on the forces, recalled another teacher. “Their generation only saw violence. They don’t dream of building careers. They’re ready to die,” he said.   
    What this 16 year old boy was doing on the street when curfew was imposed? Was he watching ‘Tom & Jerry’ sitting in his home when the bullet hit him? He was bloody hurling stones at our forces and I don’t know how the reaction of our security apparatus could have been any different. All these morons who throw stones at our forces must be killed. And, as I said, I don’t see any other solution to it. If killing a terrorist is reason enough to go against your state and attack your security forces, killing the bastards remains the only option as a valid response. No sane and responsible nation should tolerate such traitors and I don’t see a single reason why India should be any different. Just because our liberals get into a collective orgasm in defaming their own country, the state isn’t obliged to reciprocate by tolerating these traitors lying down. They must be eliminated and I am glad that the state is doing just that. If the bleeding hearts are mourning for this 16 year old moron, my heart bleeds for my security forces. And to call a gathering of only 50 as significant statement against the state is just laughable. Only the liberals can conceive the idea of a change in just 50 traitors and I don’t blame the doormat in VS for reasserting my speculation.

    And, please someone ask all the jerks to stop parroting the same “Their generation saw only violence” nonsense. Who is responsible for the violence that an entire so called generation witnessed. You can’t be an active part to the violence and then at the end of 25th year turn around and blame the rest of the world for the violence that you yourself architected. This is plain rubbish and these liberal thugs need not teach us the basic of articulating facts from emotional garbage. The 16 year old bastard deserved to be killed and so as those 50 rascals who gathered the next day. My only complaint is – our forces should have killed those 50 jokers as well. Why leave these morons who live on the pieces we throw at them and then turn back and bite us? All that we got in return is this mindless whining on ‘Azadi’. Hasn’t India turned one intolerant hell as per the same liberal thugs anyway? Then why not ever so convincingly show how we simply abhor defectors on our soil?

    It seems VS has enough poison to keep on writing. He goes ballistic in next two paragraphs.  
    Ascendant pro-Pakistan sentiments in the Valley are confirmed by local journalists. The contributory factors are many: incidence of intolerance in India; lack of trust in the PDP-BJP coalition; absence of political dialogue on Kashmir and security crackdown on protests after Buran Wani’s encounter killing.
    But how serious is the demand for Azadi? On the face of it, pretty much! The voices one heard on streets, at hospitals and in assemblies of traders, teachers and lawyers could be paraphrased to read: You’re mistaken if you think you can tire us out; we’ve enough rations for six months; we’d fight till the end; won’t let the cause for which so many of our brothers died go waste.
    Now, how this pro-Pakistan sentiment can be justified when, I repeat, you live your life with whatever crumbs we throw at you? What are your specific contributions to the nation building to demand for more? How useful you are to us than being big time liability? This is what I hate about our liberals. They are blind by half. They only see whatever suits them. Only a bunch try to align with our enemy but these liberal thugs picture it as an uprising and to make it even worse, try to justify such deeds of treachery. Citing the same ‘Intolerance’ rubbish, which was designed by the same liberals for the Bihar elections, to justify treachery could again be another low that we have become so used to with these liberals. How come it is the Muslims of Kashmir only who got agitated by this so called rising ‘intolerance’ but no one else? If I recall, Kashmir is seeing violence for last 25 years and all this while it was Congress at the centre most of the time, which in a way should be hunky-dory as far as tolerance goes. But I see these jerks throwing stones at our forces and aligning with Pakistan since the beginning. What was the compelling reason back then? We never had a BJP government even and India presumably was extremely tolerant. Can the liberals like VS please explain how these ruffians made the finest violent cut back then too? By the way, we are not mistaken on anything. We aren’t even trying to tire out these traitors – that hardly helps. Finally we have decided to eliminate these parasites once and for all. If they have ration for six months stocked to fight against the nation then our forces are quite capable of fulfilling their wishes – that is to die. Hope this mutual wish gets fulfilled sooner-than-later.

    Vinod Sharma seems to have saved the best of his nonsense till the last. He exclaims
    “Muslim Kashmir is reluctant to continue its relations with an India perceived as Hindu India. That’s a harsh reality,” admitted a local legislator. So the problem that needs prompt negation is the valley people’s psychological secession from mainland India!     
    Who asked these so called Muslim Kashmiris to decide on what the nation should do? If they are reluctant to continue their relationship with Hindu majority India, they are free to take their deplorable arses out of here to the country of their choice. No one has stopped them from doing this honourable thing. I am sure; the nation won’t lose a penny by getting rid of these traitors. These scumbags were never useful anyway. If VS is trying to sound as if these bastards leaving us would be a tragedy befallen, then it is laugh riot to say the least. We have tried enough to change the mind-set of these morons but then, a traitor always remains a traitor. To negate the ‘psychological secession’ we have invested enough but these poison trees have given us only poison in return. These scumbags are simply not worth of anything from us; not even our compassion. We have wasted a lot in coaxing these thankless morons and we should call this our mistake and stop at once. We played so leniently with these bastards in the past that they ended up driving out an entire community from the valley. They killed them and raped their women while the liberals like VS were busy licking footwear in front of the Congress office. And, to come back now and lecture the state on the emotional quotient it should carry for people who hate their own nation is as nonsensical as it can get.

    By the way, ‘Darbari’ par excellence and this little underwear of Nehru, Ramchandra Guha was all in praise of this filthy article. Hope this alone should give Vinod Sharma a good night’s sleep. Well, as of others, we all know what these liberal frauds are made up of. Have a nice weekend!!! 

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