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    Rahul Gandhi – A Joke Of His Own Making

    I have said this multiple times in the past. Rahul Gandhi is a liability for the Congress party. His achievements beyond the borrowed surname are almost negligible or may be even zero. He being in active politics for last decade and half hasn’t done anything significant for the party where he is second-in-command. Least we talk about his contributions to the nation or national politics is better. Other than monumental gaffes, the leader in RG has got nothing to offer. No wonder why he isn’t taken seriously any more. I am not sure but I have a feeling, there won’t be many in the Congress party, whom would be taking RG seriously. Barring sycophancy, there isn’t any reason evident enough to suggest why even one would consider RG on any serious parameters. “Escape Velocity of Jupiter”, “We don’t need infrastructure”, “Gujarat women produce more milk than others” are few of the outbursts that explains the IQ level of RG. In fact Rahul Gandhi’s intelligence has become a national joke. Every time RG opened his mouth, he spelt nonsense like no one has ever done before. Come to term RG as a sad joke in public discourse, has a huge doing of his own. To top this, the ‘Darbaris’ and their unquestioned attempt at appeasing a failure has done no help to make this disaster realize where his accountability stands in our political discourse.

    Not long back it was William Dalrymple who was brave enough to call Rahul Gandhi exactly what he is, vis-à-vis his iconic interview with Arnav Goswami – a dimwit individual with no vision whatsoever, not because he lacks any vision but because he simply isn’t capable of thinking anything. He wrote
    Rahul came across as conceited and dim, if not borderline messianic-delusional, as he talked about himself in the third person…When not praising his own profundity, he parroted the same pre-prepared answers, irrespective of the question he was asked.
    What did he think about the Gujarat riots? “The real issue at hand here is empowering the women of this country.” 
    Why did his party protect corrupt MPs? “The issue at hand is bringing youngsters into the political system.”
    Rahul would appear to be the very bottom of the Nehru-Gandhi barrel, tongue-tied and uncharismatic on campaign, conceited and slow-witted in private: in short, the complete electoral prophylactic, as Congress must sadly now realise to its despair.
    Every word resonates to what RG eventually has turned into. His repeated blunders during his campaign trails are massive; so massive that, he never could manage to win a single election for his party. Being part of the dynasty and surrounded by a vibrating ecosystem has made him feel entitled to all the rubbish of the world without being questioned. It is one such rubbish uttered during 2014 general elections that has come back to hunt the prince badly. In one of his campaigns RG thundered – “RSS people killed Gandhiji and today their people (BJP) talk of him”. How unaware RG is about Indian history is no more a secret. But that too shouldn’t exonerate RG from this particular nonsense. It can’t be termed as the outcome of ignorance, more so when one reads the findings of the Supreme Court against a defamation case filed on this very issue – “You can’t make wholesale denunciation of an organisation. If you won’t apologise, you will have to face trial”. Here the leader in RG needs some rewinding of facts and history to his own benefit and be taught of the realities that has come to being so repugnance with his party and its leaders and ‘Darbaris’.

    False charges of ‘RSS killed Gandhi’ have long been used as a massive tool to sweep truth under the carpet and garner political dividends. For decades together, Congress and its other loonies have cashed on this untruth to scare away people from an alternate narrative. Time has come that the said statuesque is rectified for good and the court ruling in the Mahatma Gandhi murder case should be a good starting point. At no point in the judgment, the courts have mentioned the name of RSS, much less indicting them in the murder charges. Wasn’t RG aware of this before salivating at the age old falsehood of Congress and other ‘sickular’ outfits? Being a responsible leader, which I wish he is, he should have known where he is trading, that too when you accuse an entire organization of being murderers, exactly on which our Apex Court has serious objections. Starting from the day Gandhi was gunned down; the narrative has come to being of a RSS plot though nothing has proved it that way. Not even the court orders while sending Nathuram Godse to the gallows. What was that horridness with RG to denounce an organization for fun and that too when people have turned smarter than what they were during the period of his forefathers? Was it by habit or just thought of his yet another gas bag that would be forgotten over the course of time?

    Now coming back to something that is more recent. In 1966, it was none other than Indira Gandhi who constituted ‘Kapoor Commission’ to figure out if RSS could be held accountable for the murder of Gandhi. If numbers really matter, the commission took three years and questioned 101 witnesses to come to a conclusion that RSS has no hand in the murder whatsoever. Here we should note that, it was the Congress government that initiated the commission to nail the debate either way. Here are the commission’s exact words         
    “RSS as such were not responsible for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi, meaning thereby that one could not name the organisation as such as being responsible for that most diabolical crime, the murder of the apostle of peace. It has not been proved that they (the accused) were members of the RSS”
    I am sure RG hasn’t read the commission report that his own grandmother constituted. Or the report may be beyond the comprehendible limits of the great man to understand the nuances written therein. Either way it is dangerous and reprehensible since one is expected to have done his homework, and here, it is quite literal at that, before making such serious accusations. But RG seems to have done neither. Like a classic moron, he preferred to just blabber without doing his homework and thinking it would be forgotten like his other gas pollutions.

    Here is the thing if RG cares to know. Mahatma Gandhi was never useful for the power hungry in Congress post independence. Even long before the independence guidelines could be chattered, people within Congress had started ditching Gandhi, evident how Gandhi’s call for dissolving Congress was wholeheartedly denounced by many within the party. I am sure, has Gandhi been not murdered, Congress would have rendered him irrelevant during his own life time. The murder here rather came as a proverbial ‘Ek Teer Main Do Shikar’ for the Congress party as it gave them the opportunity to get rid of the man they didn’t need any more without being questioned and the required fodder to keep on blaming their political opponents for ages at the same time. An intelligent RG should have left it there but he apparently isn’t intelligent. He had to stir the hornets’ nest, either by ignorance or by sheer stupidity.

    But RSS’s prosecution isn’t just limited to just these commissions alone. The filthy narrative immediately after Gandhi’s murder led to the banning of RSS and arrest of its then head MS Golwalkar. A nationwide investigation that followed revealed nothing against RSS which led to the demand of suspending the ban. Eventually in 1949 the ban was lifted by Sardar Patel, which many say, Nehru wasn’t in favour of. Many even say, Sardar Patel wasn’t in favour of the ban at the first place. Being the home minister he had to take the decision on banning RSS for political reasons but it wasn’t his decision at all.

    Individually the prosecution of people associated with RSS is legendary. There are many instances where common people were dealt the wrong way for being sympathetic to RSS. In 1974, a primary school teacher going by the name Ramkrishna Raghuvanshi was dismissed from his service as he was accused of having RSS affiliation. That episode brought back the memories of the recently concluded emergency era and remains yet another embarrassing chapter in the Congress history as far as RSS is concerned. The poor school teacher had to go to the Supreme Court for justice and below is what the court said while reinstalling the man in his job.
    “India is not a police state. The promise of fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution not become a forgotten chapter of history. Seeking a police report on person’s political faith amounted to the violation of fundamental rights”
    The same champions of freedom of expression were not following their own teachings. That is again nothing new with Congress. They support absolute anti nationals in the form of ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Hazar’ but had and have problems with anyone associated with RSS. Ramkrishna Raghuvanshi is not the only instance where Congress had to eat crow. There are other examples as well where it was required a court’s intervention to teach these morons the ethics of FoE which in their tenure has come to being a weapon of convenience. It is surprising that the wise heads, if there are any, in Congress, didn’t educate RG about the filthy history they have managed to acquire vis-à-vis RSS and how they have failed miserably every time. It should also doubly shame them that, while RSS has risen ranks and become stronger post each such wrongful vendetta, Congress now stands at the doorstep of extinction. One more state lost, the election commission may very well declare Congress not a national party anymore.

    Now Rahul Gandhi is in a mess of his own doing. Blabbering nonsense is one thing but to defend it in court when nothing yet has proved what you were blabbering all this while is another thing. And, I am sure RG is capable of neither. He is incapable of putting forth a strong debate to argue his case since he is unaware of facts by design and by any stretch of imagination, he seems to possess no brains, which is required to even debate on an issue which has a long and filthy past, mostly orchestrated by his forefathers and party men. The first ‘U’ turn he took after the court blasted him and the subsequent excuses on how he wasn’t referring to RSS directly points to the catch 22 situation of RG that he best should have avoided. By saying sorry would make him appear a weaker leader than he already is while by agreeing to face the trail would brought humiliation later. He had to trade with caution and to gamble at the same time. This very act can only be managed by a mature politician while the great Rahul Gandhi is neither mature nor a politician.

    Now that RG has made another ‘U’ turn and claiming to stand by his rubbish and face the trial instead, I am sure another humiliation is in the offing for the Congress party. In hindsight – can we really accuse Rahul Gandhi of bringing anything other than humiliation to the party anyway? On a similar thought – for every corrupt minister of the party, Congress has nothing to do but for a Nathuram Godse entire RSS can be blamed. Narrative of the millennium, I must say. 

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