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    Bhagoda Kejri

    For me Arvind Kejriwal will always remain a pathetic escapist and a sore loser. I have been constantly hammering on this one point of mine since the days the ‘Yugpurush’ knocked at our political discourse – AK is a person who hates to work. To put it better, he is a person who is master at finding excuses to shun his responsibilities and do nothing. There are many instances where AK was found wanting with his responsibilities, both as a politician or otherwise. When nothing works out, he resorts to blaming one-and-all that can be remotely thought of. To each of his incompetency he has someone to blame. I have never seen this man admitting that, he has to improve a lot in his administrative acumen. He is kind of modern day know-all, or at least he thinks that way. It is no surprise why his record as the CM of Delhi is dismal. Someone who never finds it necessary to stay put for five straight days in his office is bound to deliver nothing against his/her responsibilities. That is precisely what AK has achieved till today – he only has delivered nonsense.

    Since the day he has become the CM of Delhi for the second time, it is all downhill for the municipality. He has made a mockery of the mandate and the people who voted him and his party. Other than high decibel garbage and abject disrespect for the guidelines, they have given nothing back to the voters. More than governing the state they have picked up fight with anyone and everyone that they could find. Even valid suggestions for the Delhi government don’t go without AK or one/few of his sidekicks picking up a fight with the person who made the comment. Each passing day throws up a new nonsense from this worthless political outfit. In fact, Delhi has gone to dogs, if you are of any illusion that it hasn’t yet. The way things are getting from bad to worse each passing day, AK and his team of sidekicks would shame every other self-proclaimed anarchist of the world.

    But this is just part of the problem. It is not just the lack of interest to work that is a concern with AK. To double the tragedy, this man has a gang of stooges who are no different, or may be even worse. At least 14 of his ministers have serious charges against them. Few even are in jail and few more are roaming on bail. With serious charges from corruption to rape, with molestation and extortion tucked somewhere in between, the gang of AK has managed to accomplish everything. Every day exposes a new moron from this gang and AK is clueless on how to control this menace. Best way left for a person who is clueless and doesn’t want to work is to blame everyone else. AK is no different here. He simply blames either the LG or the centre and does nothing. For everything he cries wolf for full statehood. All that he wants before he would work is full statehood for Delhi. It is as if Delhi during his predecessor’s rule had full statehood. It is as if people of Delhi have voted him to bring full statehood for the municipality first then think about governance. The entire state machinery is in disarray while AK and his ministers are globetrotting for one reason or the other. Otherwise too, they are as useless as anyone can get. When they are free from their globetrotting or stupid fighting or accusations or Vipashanas or writing movie reviews, they are busy gulping down ‘Chai and Samosha’ for fun. In fact a recent RTI revealed that AK and his gang of clowns have consumed 1 crore rupees of ‘Chai and Samosha’ since they assumed power. That is some serious consumption. To even showcase AK’s capabilities further, out of that 1 crore, AK himself has consumed 47 lakhs of it. No wonder why we call him a ‘Yugpurush’.

    The party which touted too much of their clean politics is turning out to be the worst in terms honesty. Almost all of the AAPTards are embolden with corrupt practice. Delhi was always a mess in terms of everything it stood for but this time around, it has gone too literal. Dengue and Chikungunya has become a sad reality. People are dying while ministers of the government are roaming around the world on tax payer’s money. The party which declared how they can’t even buy a pencil without LG’s nod are busy flying around the world on business class. Delhi saw its first Malaria death in five years while the Google friendly Health Minister was trying his hands at medicine and proclaiming how Chickungunya won’t kill anyone. Delhi got its first Chikungunya death right then and correctly pointed out by Sekhar Gupta. Sad even, while Delhi is reeling under nuisance, none of the ministers is seen anywhere around. Including AK, all are outside Delhi, either campaigning for the upcoming state polls or attending sainthood functions as if those are priorities for the people of Delhi. AK himself is attending to his tongue which we always knew was longer than his mouth can afford. His long tongue is at work again while questioning SG’s concerns. Didn’t I say, this man AK knows only how to dish out stupidity for everything? Someone who made a career out of baseless allegations can’t take a single genuine allegation without going personal. The Frankenstein which only these SG types created to protect their ‘Darbar’ is now turning around and biting them at all the wrong places. A power hungry sidekick of Anna like AK got to this prominence because of people like SG but today, the same AK questions how SG’s earlier loyalty to the Congress and presently to Modi is blinded towards the truth in case of Delhi and his excellency. How more disastrous can it get for these media morons? Their poster boy, whom they thought would one day down Modi, is actually making a joke of himself and his filthy creators like SG and others. Though people like SG deserve what they are getting from their beloved crusader, it makes one cringe, looking at the kind of joker, irrational and uncouth idiot people of Delhi have ended up with. He neither works nor believes in working. All that he cares are his political career and truck load lies which he vomits at any given point without giving warning.

    Sekhar Gupta is not alone in getting the treatment. This Johnny-come-late little underwear of Congress party, Rahul Kanwal, was at the receiving end too for speaking the truth for the first time in his journalistic career. No one can doubt on the truth that RK tweeted. It is a fact as clean as one can get. People of Delhi are desperate for governance and execution of responsibilities while in return they have got Odd-Even or morons like Ashutosh whom AK lets loose on the populace at random intervals. Civic situation in the municipality has gone for a toss while AK and his gang of charlatans are busy formulating plans to conquer Punjab, Goa and Gujarat. All through their regrettable tenure so far, they are full time busy ranting ‘Modi Bhajan’ day-in and day-out. No work, no governance, no policy or framework. An average AAPTarad’s, including AK’s, day starts with blaming the entire world and Narendra Modi and hurling allegations and abuses against those who question their nefarious modus operandi. If time permits, blaming LG too with choicest avowals is another accomplishment that is aimed at. But AAPTards are a friend of absurdity. They believe, like most of their other misconceptions, that they only are the last remained bunch who care for Delhi and none should question their filthy intentions. These jokers are worse than a mafia gang. At least the mafia gang won’t blame others for their misdoings and more off, mafias won’t flash around the city on how ethical they are by practice and preach. While Delhi still waits for a genuine CM, this motor mouth is busy sledging everyone. This is why I said, street thugs are seldom good at anything other than nonsense making. And this is precisely what happens when you elect a troll as the CM, even though, it is a municipality in all optimistic terms.

    Hope this psycho AK understands where he stands. Wherever he goes, he is greeted with protest and revolt. His party thugs are leaving none from their praying eyes, including their own female party members. They aren’t even leaving their own family members and Amanatullah Khan is a prime example of that. An entire ‘Krantikari’ gang has gone Sex starved it seems. Sex CDs are tumbling out of every closet while AK is busy doing item numbers half naked on the streets of Punjab and Goa. Such a Joker, I tell you. 

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