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    Mindless Lie Peddlers

    During 26/11 terror attack it was complete chaos among the powers that be. Most in the then Congress government were clueless on how to handle the situation. Remember, it took close to 24 hours for these worthies to send the first batch of NSG from Delhi. We had a home minister who preferred to concentrate more on his ‘Safari Suite’ than the situation on ground. He had to lose his job for his not so required affinity for style detailing during the time of tragedy. An incumbent chief-minister went for leisure tourism to Taj Hotel, one of the attacked places, with his failed actor son and an equal obnoxiously drunk and failed movie director.  We also heard the home minister of the state doing a Shahruk Khan and terming the attack itself as some ‘choti, choti baat in bade, bade cities’. Both of these fine gentlemen had to lose their jobs too. We had a foreign junket loving president who never bothered to cut-short her ‘Tour-De-Free’ to return back. That’s not all. If reports were to be believed, Rahul Gandhi was in a party mood post the gruesome attack. It also is a fact that, it took good 10 days for RG to make any statement on the attack. Same was the case with Uttarakhand flood. Only after seven days, the Congress government woke up from slumber. Relief trucks had to wait three days for RG to return from vacation so that they can be flagged off. Rest, as they say, is history. There are many victims of the flood who are yet to get their announced compensations. We also should keep it in mind that, these are single places where the government had to reach out but still they failed miserably.
    And these are the same people who now are crying profusely for the common populace, who according to them are thrown into some unbelievable hardship post the demonetisation. In fact, there are no lesser than 70 deaths already because of the prevailing long queues in front of all banks. According to them, people are getting killed left-right-and-centre while waiting in the queue to withdraw money. It appears, Congress along with other sundry opposition parties are in a mission to fail this bold initiative, which otherwise the populace for whom they are weeping, want to succeed. They want to create panic among the citizens with all bogus stories. The useful media is also helping their nefarious intents by all means. Wherever channels like NDTV are going for the coverage, they are ending up killing one person or the other. When they are not killing people, they are busy airing lie filled stories to mislead everyone. They are busy asking bogus questions without any base or logic. I am yet to see a single positive story coming from these media houses on demonetisation. It can’t be a coincidence, more so when ground realities point to an entirely different narrative. All that Congress and their ‘Darbaris’ are busy with is high scale scare mongering.

    Congress started with their stupid claim that BJP as a party was in the know-how about the demonetisation. This is so irresponsible coming from a political party, if at all Congress were responsible ever. It was no lesser than the Pm who confirmed about the secrecy of the move, which could possibly have resulted in mishandling of the implementation. Finance minister himself said about his ignorance of this step. Except their senseless claims there are no proofs with Congress to suggest otherwise. And these are the same people who shout for proof when someone says; the loot of CWG must have made its way to Congress and first family coffers. They also ask for proof when one questions the ‘Damad’. Apparently, Damad is more believable to them than the PM. Even if we agree to accept the false claims of Congress for a minute, it still doesn’t fit into place. I am surprised how common-sense so easily eludes most in the Congress party. It fails to get into their heads that once the money goes into the banking system it becomes white. Had BJP converted their money earlier, it ought to be white. How can someone fathom that one would exchange his/her money if it is black to begin with? If BJP has converted their money earlier, who is stopping Congress party from doing so now? They can easily go to any bank to deposit their money and as far as I know, there aren’t any restrictions with the amount that you can deposit. What is the fuss here? I don’t see a reason why an honest party would be so jittery against a step taken to arrest the black money menace. It has to be something that they are hiding in their basement or else nothing that I can see should stop them from going to a bank and be done away with their old notes.

    Second bogus explanation of the worthies is that, the said legislation won’t eradicate black money. Somebody has to be an exceptional fool to believe that there could be one single step that would wipe out black money. This must be the greatest example of the incompetency level of the brains of these party rags to even depriving them to think through basic stuffs. There has to be series of steps that is required to eliminate black money. Demonetisation could be a legitimate first step. But parties like Congress don’t want to start at all and nobody knows why. They prefer some kind of magic instead. Some magic that would just clean the black money slate after an abra-ka-dabra act. Someone novice in politics might dream of a magic when it comes to curbing corruption but not the seasoned political outfits that made corruption their building blocks. Someone as corrupt as congress must be aware how loopholes are exploited to loot and how multiple measures required to block all such loopholes. What is the fuss here again? Why Congress is so reluctant to work towards eliminating corruption? Can't they realize, it is just the beginning of our fight against corruption and black money? How innocent of these worthies, if I may add.

    Perhaps it is also the innocence that made Ghulam Navi Azad to compare the death because of demonetisation with the martyrs of Uri. Such disgraceful routine offenders they are. But I am not at all surprised seeing the filth coming from this desperate party. They have shown multiple times, how low they can stoop to for self-gain and they seem to be staying true to their hard-earned reputation. By the way, we saw the same gentlemen shedding gallons of crocodile tears for our armed forces after one stupid joker committed suicide. They dragged their pseudo affection and respect for our defence forces for weeks altogether. They also hailed the joker as a martyr and announced one crore for him though they never bothered to visit the grieving martyr’s family in their own backyard. But nothing surprising here. It is their virtue of convenience when they quickly forget their own stand when it comes to profit making. They cry for the martyrs one day and insult the same martyrs the next day and we have come to know of this quality of Congress, largely to our despair.
    There are other scare mongers too. Mamata Banarjee travelled from Kolkatta to blabber before media in Delhi. If NIA reports are to be believed, Bardhawan is the counterfeit currency capital of India. It is also an upcoming Jehadi breeding ground too. Apart from the corers that MB was earning from her bogus paintings, her beloved Jehadi brothers and sisters appears to be at the rough end of this demonetisation; and Didi is losing her sleep over it. There were many accounts and confessions on how the ill-gotten money used to be ferried to Indo-Bangla borders in Lorries. It is no brainer where this money was getting invested. Her own ministers are rotting in jail for supporting terror activities. One senior TMC official was also housing the terrorists, who were killed when a bomb went off accidentally. Though the Bengal police tried their best to hush up the matter, NIA unearthed the dark terrorism underbelly in and around Bradhawan and their protagonists sitting pretty in Kolkatta. No wonder why Didi is annoyed. She is losing her money as well as her Jehadi friends in one go. It is precisely why she is concocting stories at an alarming rapidity. First she cried her way to the city centre on how her state is deprived of any new 500 currency when RBI was yet to release the new notes. But liars and propagandists aren’t very bright people and MB is no different here. Her search at scaring people and creating apartheid like situation for WB just because she is the CM backfired. But thugs learn it the last. She now is popping up some stupid missing Bengal Tigers in the new currency. Really? What is next? Missing Eden Garden's photo or missing Bappi Lahari's photo on the currency? All such mindless whinning points to one single thing. She somehow desperately wants to ignite some kind of chaos. Be it regional, communal or better be, both. I won’t be surprised if she comes up with the secular Vs communal black money philosophy. Agenda is to create some chaos by any means. Though her state reported the least of public dissatisfaction, Didi went ahead with some phoney march to President’s house accompanied by other charlatans. She even threatened the government and the PM of agitation and gave some three days ultimatum for the roll back, as if one really cares for mindless noises. Now that no one cared two hoots for her idiocy which she otherwise thought her ultimatum, she would be back in Delhi on 23rd to give her next try. And by the way, this is the same lady who chased away Tata from Bengal, which otherwise could have generated lots of jobs for the local populace. Now she is so concerned about the poor.

    But Mamata Banarjee isn’t alone. There is another significant and protruding joker along with her. I call him the Chief-Minister of India. He is another person who suffered great amount of loss post demonetisation. His entire castle of fighting Punjab elections went to drain along with his ill-accumulated money. The crores he amassed through extortion and unaccounted donations in Delhi rounded up to naught. Pulling out of Chandigarh Municipality elections is just the beginning while in reality, AAP and Arvind Kejriwal have no place to hide their black money. This man just can’t sleep. He is busy tweeting all kinds of bogus stories. Some thief hanging himself out of frustration also becomes a death because of demonetisation for him. Like Didi, this man is also in a mission to scare people with his lies. But he is a stupid moron and he has to showcase his stupidity on daily basis. Look at his IQ level. Banks would just run away from India after all the money is deposited, says the clown. I can’t believe this man was once an IRS officer. His desperation is speaking through his brain. This is not the only instance of his stupidity. This rag danced naked earlier too. Before anyone could do, AK gave demonetisation a communal colour. He urged how BJP being a pro-Hindu party made millions of Hindus suffer because of demonetisation. And we thought this man is only interested in curbing corruption. Such a loser.
    By the way, what is next that is coming from these louts? Black Money Has No religion?

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