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    Demonetised Desperations

    When Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of Rs 1000 and 500 notes, uproar from our able opposition parties was expected. Ploy for this almost immediate outrage was the sudden concern for the poor. When we have more than 40% of our populace loitering around the poverty line and struggling to arrange a square meal every day in their lives, how badly the demonetisation of big denomination leafs affects them is anybody’s guess. But our liberal oppositions and so does our media charlatans seem to be living in another planet. Out of nowhere, the ones who never would have cared for these poor and middle class people even in their dreams are now shouting the loudest. All for the poor, you see? ‘Gareebi Hatao’ was an old ploy that these messiahs of poor think can still be encashed. They feel they can encash because they believe people are still fool to not see where their interest lies.

    I am in no denial that people are facing hardship. In fact all radical changes bring hardship for those who are directly involved with the change. Demonetisation is one such change. India is far from being even a remotely cashless economy. We still depend on cash for our petty expenses and the dependency is even more in our semi-urban and rural areas. People in urban areas still have an option to go with plastic cash and manage which people from remote areas don’t enjoy. Who are hurt the most are the people who don’t live in urban areas and most of our populace belong to this category. That said is it the demonetisation or the lack of preparedness that is hurting people? Modi government can’t wash away its hands from the fact that the process could have been better managed. Non-functioning ATMs is just one of the areas that show how the government was ill-prepared to face the aftermath of this mega change. Every day change in rules of money exchange in banks also reflects that the post-process execution wasn’t thought through. Long queues in front of every damn bank aren’t helping the cause either. That said facing hardship and whining for it are two different things. We face hardship in many things in our lives but we don’t rant around for each of them. Bringing up our kids is one example that I can pick. It is so full of hardship but I am not sure if we would see any parent grumbling around. I myself had to stand in the queue twice in last 10 days to withdraw money from the bank. I saw many unhappy people but no one was disgruntled or anyone was complaining. All were of the opinion that, a little hardship is always welcomed if that assures a better tomorrow. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but most that I interacted with believe the demonetisation would yield its desired result in the long run. Challenges of a cashless life may vary from what it is in the urban areas to that with our semi-urban and rural areas, but this hope of a better tomorrow against the minimal pain of today is consistent. They could be wrong and in fact all could be wrong. The stupid intellectuals who otherwise kill time by lying as doormats in front of Congress office may be entirely correct. But the moot point is, people aren’t complaining at all. Now this brings me to ask again – when people who are fighting it out on the ground aren’t complaining much, why our politicians are whining around with their falsified concerns? There has to be some very interesting reasons.

    Ever since the demonetisation was announced, most of the leaders of our opposition are on a press conference hopping spree. People like Mamata Banarjee and Arvind Kejriwal have gone a step ahead and have started issuing threats if the demonetisation decision isn’t rolled back. Roll Back? Why? And who on earth these two morons think they are? These two morons even did some stupid march to the Rashtrapti Bhawan to request the president to roll back this move. Surprise, surprise, the National Conference, that have no representation in the lower house were shameless enough to join the march. That is some desperation. It doesn’t matter if the president had openly lauded the government for this move. The eternal retard Rahul Gandhi had his own ideas of idiocy up his sleeves. He instead marches to an ATM in a 40 lakh car surrounded by 50 security guards to withdraw Rs 4000/-. It is so laughable when a clueless idiot lands at an entirely wrong place and disturbs the crowd there for his stupid photo-up and dirty politics. It is complete chaos among these corrupt. No one seems to have a clue on how to save the loot and they are just trying every possible way that can be worked upon. On November 14th we had series of press conferences of these new found lovers of the poor and the common man. In fact we had three press conferences at the same time. It was full of mindless raving in the name of poor. Starting with Congress and down to all sundry secular parties, the bogus weeping was for the poor when the poor themselves have no problem with the present scheme of things. Why this sudden and not so required concerns? Why people like Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Mamata Banarjee and Mayawati are losing their sleep over something that the general populace are happy about? Why these guys are behaving like fish out of water? Have they got something to hide in their basements? Generally the ones who shout the loudest are the ones who are affected the most. In case of demonetisation, it is only expected that the corrupt that have a lot to hide in their closets, to shout the most. And in all likelihood that is what exactly is happening here.

    This fight against black money and organized terror networks seems to be no takers in our secular brigade. I don’t see a reason why an honest man would be annoyed seeing the corrupt being punished. That never happens. In guise of the phoney ‘concerns for the poor’, the corrupt seems to be trying hard to push their own vested agenda through. The argument of these howlers if this move would actually eradicate corruption and black money is as stupid and idiotic as one can be. And they claim to formulate policies for the state. These chumps are not only liars but brainless as well. If it may be told, no single policy can guarantee the eradication of black money. It is simply impossible. It has to be a series of steps to destroy the menace and you need to start with something. But our secular ‘fiberals’ don’t want to start at all. Not that they have any alternative. They simply know how to go about mindless whining. When people at large see demonetisation as the first step towards the right direction these morons tend to look the other way by compulsion. They see something different than what most in this bold step see. They see their plunder being rounded up to naught. Shouting is the last resort seems available for these scoundrels.

    The one most shouting in this lot is Arvind Kejriwal. He even went ahead and accused the PM of taking 25 crore bribe. For proof he doesn’t have anything but a bunch of stupid papers to show. This is how desperate he is. He even went to Azadpur Mandi to instigate people against this move. He was booed out badly. His moronic party workers were also seen inciting people at various places. In fact couple of AAPTards were badly thrashed by few students. Why would a corruption crusader be so desperate when the move is to eradicate corruption? Don’t be surprised because this man is neither a crusader nor honest. He just  is a big time liar. He doesn’t have any philosophy except crazy whining. He is corrupt too. He goes about celebrating with a convicted criminal like Lalu Yadav and this itself speaks volume of this man’s interest towards what he claims. This is perhaps why the AAP had to forfeit the Chandigarh Municipality elections. I called it the first causality of the demonetisation. When AAP had announced its candidate names for all the wards, I don’t see a credible reason why they should walk out. What are the reasons? Is it the lack of unsolicited money that is hampering AAP’s cause? But the AAP as a party are in denial and for obvious reasons. As per Indian Express below is what AAP thugs are claiming.
    Sources said AAP needs to work a lot in Chandigarh to establish themselves and the party members here felt that the results would have impacted the Punjab polls. “We know we have done really well in Delhi and will do the same in Punjab as well. People want a change but the fact is that we need to establish ourselves here in Chandigarh and that needs a proper chalking out of strategy,” said an AAP leader.
    This is monumental lying. If this is the case then AAP are the last ones who understand the Punjab politics. Till date in history, no party has ever won the state without winning the CMC. It is kind of same how one needs to win UP in order to have his/her government at the centre. How the party which claims to come with a thumping majority in the upcoming state election would worry for the outcome of a municipality election? AAP should have been very confident rather. It should have been a cakewalk. Here is another exhibit on why Kejriwal is so desperate to have the demonetisation legislation be rolled back. Neither Kejriwal nor does anyone else from his party held a single rally in Punjab after the demonetisation. His two rallies per day phenomenon have dried up immediately, just like how the stone hurlers in Kashmir have disappeared all of a sudden. While AK was quoting nonsense nonchalantly one of his thuggish MLA was apprehended with 130 crore unaccounted money. Was that money being kept safe for Punjab elections? This certainly can’t be a co-incidence. Immediately after the IT sleuths caught this stupid AAPTard, the announcements to walk away from CMC came. ‘Preparing to establish ourselves’ is as bogus as an average AAPTard. They never thought any such step would ever be possible in India. This holds true for every corrupt party of India, most of which today are ranting around funny. In fact all corrupt are very confident. Had AAP been thoughtful of where they should concentrate as claimed, they wouldn’t have announced their CMC candidate names. This is certainly more than what meets the eye and explains why AK has his nicker on fire.

    Our media morons generally become campaigners for anything that is against BJP. If required they call ex-BJP people to rant against BJP and Modi. Here our exhibit wasn’t just a campaigner for AAP but in fact was drooling over the prospect of being the CM candidate of Goa. And such people sermon around what neutral journalism should be. He was at it again. Guess what, RS seems to have learnt nothing from the Madison Square Garden incident. He still is the same street thug that he used to be couple of years back. He was again seen alluring crowd to whine against the demonetisation. In the name of journalism he was trying his best to put words into the mouth of those standing in the queue. He was expecting people to shout against BJP and Narendra Modi. He tried every way possible to agitate the crowd. Still He was shooed away by the crowd with choicest of avowals. Few even reminded him of the consequences of his earlier misadventures. This is how the credibility of these clowns has reduced to. No one wants to believe these liars. Ravish Kumar, the late entrant joker tried to instigate people with his skulduggery. He was booed away too. One in fact asked him to furnish his rate chart of his ‘Chamchagiri’ work.
    I am sure, these media jerks would have hailed Manmohan Singh as a tough reformer and demand for a Bharat Ratna had he brought this demonetisation policy. And street thugs like RS would have led that media orchestra. Just because their favourite ‘hate man’ had brought the changes, the scums are losing their sense in every possible way. From finding wrong spelling in the new Rs 2000 note to the fading colours of the note, the slaves are trying everything under the sun to castigate this move. Now when everything else has failed, the morons have their hearts crying for the poor. The fact is, these opportunist leeches, be it Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, Mamata Banarjee or Kejriwal, give a damn about the poor. Their heart isn’t crying here for the poor either. It is just the excuse to hide their original intent. The cry here is for their loot money. They want to save their mullah by any means. Poor are just the alibi.

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