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    The Hillary-ous Whiners

    When Donald trump first came to the news couple of years back, the collective liberal gang across USA and India went for a group orgasm at once. What were the reasons for this anti Donald Trump cabal? Yes, he, like many, talked about the real and possible danger that the world is facing because of Islamic terrorism. This is what goes against the pseudo liberalism notion. To couple it, DT also talked about the money being wasted in rolling out free doles. This too strongly goes against the rotten commie ideology. Not a surprise that the reaction of these liberal media frauds were in line to their bogus agendas. I suspected there is something amiss with these liberals. In fact, I call these liberal frauds as ‘Pathetically Predictable’ and they seldom disappoint me. Most of the times when I see these liberals go on an episodic outrage to infuse their fraud ideas in the public discourse; I tend to trade their blabbers with a little caution and a lot of salt. Ranting against Donald Trump wasn’t any different for me. I was sure; these frauds were at it again and presumably for all the wrong reasons. And boy, how I was proved correct today. Now, you may wonder, why am I writing on something that involves USA, the eternal ‘know-all’ syndrome suffering country. Honestly, I care rat ass on what happens in USA or who wins an election there. But what caught my eyes in this particular election is the pattern that I found so similar leading up to our very own 2014 general election. Not to mention, I also found a lot of our own Rudalis crying profusely with their liberal voice on more than one occasion. Why on earth our Rudalis would be engaged in wolf crying on USA shores? It was interesting to see these scumbags spreading their filth across continents and this alone needs an elaboration. So here I go –

    Now let’s see how the spin-masters badly tangled themselves once again and how they lost it at the end of it. For close to three years, the liberals in USA whined against this one man and accused him of every possible felony. Knowing it to be a global liberal cause, our home-grown liberals readily joined the chaos in ranting against Trump. There were these usual suspects from India at it again. Yes, it was the same gang that remained cantankerous for close 12 years against Modi. In fact, this time the patterns had striking similarities. Just as how the liberals were up against one single man called Narendra Modi leading up to the 2014 general elections, they were at their routine narrative against Trump too. The patterns with 2014 Indian election and 2016 USA election are so similar that the scums end up eating crow in both occasions. Only improvement – the liberals just exposed themselves a little more. Not that they had anything left with them to be exposed though.

    It all started with Huffington Post, a liberal mouthpiece that knows no boundary of indecency. They called Trump a ‘Racist and Misogynist’ person almost immediately. Each one of the posts on Donald Trump that HP carried till today had the mention of this tag in bold and capital. Now that DT finally made it there after a lot of liberal heartbreak, HP suddenly decides to withdraw their favourite tag-line for Trump henceforth. You talk about ‘Change Of Hearts’ then you may not have to look much beyond this as an example. Didn’t I always call these media chaps as cowards? Coming back to the topic. Post HP’s regular rants it was CNN, now come to being known as ‘Clinton Network’, took it on their own to vilify Trump further. In fact they invested a lot on Hillary Clinton to win the election. See, there is always a pattern how the fraud media more often than not finds a liberal narrative for the worst of the crooks. I always say, media is the first line of defense of all the morons. This gang of mindless gossip mongers went about fabricating stories after stories to malign one single person, same as what the liberals were busy against Narendra Modi. They brought up every kind of stupid accusations, from some tax evasion to some woman shouting rape, to derail, what they otherwise thought a different narrative to their wishful thinking. Not a single topic on the Clinton family and their regular encounter with dishonesty and corruption was a talking point for these whiners. Look how it is so similar with Indian corrupt media. They cover every corruption and misdeeds of Congress and other secular outfits while keeping on grumbling bogus intolerance, communal disharmony, Emergency and FoE all the time. Now that the elections are over, these rascals are all over the place since morning in throwing their highly non-required tantrum as if one really cares to listen to them.

    When it comes to Indian fraud media, it has to start with the journalist of 'Radia Tapes' fame. She was always there for Hilarry Clinton. In fact she is always there for anyone who is against India. Be it Parvez Mussaraf or Hillary Clinton, all are very adorable to her. Barkha Dutt was all over the place here too. Few days back many Trump supporters called one NDTV reporter a liar. Even people in USA know what NDTV is made up of. Their trickery over the years was so prominent that an outsider didn’t take much time in recognizing of their real worth. BD, sticking true to her legendary spinning skills, made a story out of that and termed the outrage as the outcome of frustration since Trump going to lose the election. This is what the value that these liars carry across the globe. Of all the media houses NDTV was the one which was thrashed by Trump supporters, and still it doesn’t get to the likes of BD that their credibility has reduced to naught. In fact BD was so sure of a Hillary win that she pinned this tweet to her profile. This is what wishful thinking leads you to. Throughout the election campaign, people like BD and her channel were busy with mindless ranting against DT while they should have been more fact oriented. But facts and liberals are poles apart. They don’t gel well and BD is no exception. Though eventually it turned out to be a landslide for DT, the great Barkha Dutt was never short of words in explaining how HC and HC alone is the choice. This is what her political acumen are, still being an alleged commentator on global politics. This is precisely why I say our media people aren’t very bright. They don’t know their job well. All that they care is their mindless rant and their fraud ideas for which there seems to be no buyer. She also bet that HC will smash tonight and how she is eagerly waiting for her to address the media post her mega win. Again it eventually turned out to be yet another wishful thinking. HC not only lost it but proved herself a sore loser. She was never graceful with her defeat. Hawks like BD kept on waiting while HC never found it important to address them after the results were out. This is another slap on people like BD who cajoled a crook and corrupt woman for a pseudo liberal cause. In fact these are the so called journalists who become campaigners in no time.

    Category 5 moron wasn’t too far behind either. Some days back she was seen blabbering against Trump and citing the now dead-junk ‘Idea Of India’ nonsense somewhere in USA. This is what happens when people back home don’t care for your lies. You fly around sermoning nonsense to stay relevant. For straight 10 minutes the lady genius was busy drawing parallels between Modi and Trump and cautioning people of USA to stay away from the mistake which presumably Indians did in 2014. This is what abject hate for someone does to you. It makes you a moron. In a series of tweets the great SG threadbare her stupidity like she never did before. For the sanctity of this post and the size, I am only citing three of those else all of them were moronic, let me assure you. Look at her surprise how Americans voted. This is the problem with stupid people. They not only think they are smart and intelligent but start believing on it. This is how even these liberal scumbags are far from the ground realities. They swarm around their wishful thinking and believe the rest of the world is as stupid as them. Any journalist worth his/her salt would invest some time in syncing up with the general notion, unlike these buffoons who expose self-righteousness at all the wrong places. Americans voting for Trump makes her surprised as if the Americans were supposed to be as idiotic as her and should have followed her poll advices. Look at how this moron can’t just survive without taking ‘Hindu’ in every nonsense she vomits. Though people from every religion voted for Modi, the moron-shri finds it as only a Hindu-lashing. The mathematician who calculated the % vote share of Modi back in 2014 was very quick to forget the results of UP and Bihar in the same election. Almost a whitewash of all the secular morons, whom SG loves no ends, should have told her how badly the left liberal frauds lost it back then. But people like SG aren’t very promising when it comes to doing holistic analysis of the facts on the ground. This is not her cup of tea. But what her cup of tea is to bring in some bogus FoE in every context. Little did she know that her ilk is losing it big again. She asks if either of HC or DT would ban a TV channel in USA. No madam, they won’t. With all their fraud liberal traits, the media houses of USA still aren’t anti-nationals, unlike India where people like SG and other thugs have already jumped the fence to join the enemy because they hate one person. Though it is laughable, the garbage coming from Sagarika Ghose was not only mundane but also were filthy as expected. She loses her marvel, if she ever had any, after each liberal felony gets stripped and today was no different.

    There were other Johnny-come-late as well. No wonder why Rahul Kanwal is soiling his underwear here. He generally behaves like a drunkard when hit hard on his back. This time it was an un-manicured bamboo. This guy too was all over the place in name calling DT as if his blabbers really matters to those who would be voting. For straight three months this joker rhymed one single word – Obama Care and in all likelihood, he still rhymes the same. Typical to commie ideology, RK was a big fan of free doles too. Not that he isn’t a fan of this ‘Muslims Can’t Be Wrong’ gang, but he never was that vocal like other morons from his stable. He considers Obama as dream while Trump as disaster, even when I am sure, RK wouldn’t know much of Trump beyond his full name. This is the problem with our media chaps. They are surreptitiously stupid. Since others from the charlatans are waffling nonsense, it falls upon clowns like RK to swim the tides. They simply aren’t capable of articulation; in fact none from our fraud media are. Another noise maker from the Gujarat cottage industry seems to have the bamboo in her back along with Rahul Kanwal. Just look at her hate. The PM of her country congratulating the President-elect seems like a banality of evil to her. This is what the output is when absolute jerks are allowed to have a free run of their nonsense. The absence of free money and no free scotch turns a lazy and deceitful ass a classic whore, if you thought whores are born out of choice. People like Rana Aayub doesn’t need further expose because they expose themselves, either through such nonsensical tweets or lies like ‘Gujarat Files’.

    Sekhar Coupta is right for a change, but partially. He still missed it by a galaxy. First of all, it is a lesson for all the journalists, specifically the morons in India, not just the American version. When Coupta talks about prejudice it sounds so hollow that it begs to be ignored at once. Someone who willingly became a doormat and skirt away truth at an alarming rapidity should not and must not talk about prejudice and ethics. To extend SG’s hypocrisy further – journalists, more so fraud journalists must recognize that people across the globe are rejecting this phoney liberalism because they understand it only gives birth to abject islamization and terrorism. Not that this is the first time people have rejected the rubbish. People are rejecting this fraud notion for quite some time. These media morons could be blind by design to not have seen this trend but that doesn’t wipe away the fact and it is only proved again in this edition of USA election. Hope Coupta sleeps well today after this self-gratification since it was long due.

    All-in-all, it is ‘Aab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’; isn’t it? Not sure why but I am mighty pleased, not because Trump won but because these frauds were shown the mirror once again.

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