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    The Demonetisation Grouches

    In the 1976 drama documentary motion picture ‘All The President’s Men’, a nice catchphrase came into existence – “Follow The Money”. It became very popular too. The screenwriter of the motion picture attributed the catchphrase to ‘Deep Throat’, one who eventually exposed the massive ‘Watergate’ scandal. The documentary followed the money trail within high offices to expose the corrupt among the mighty. The plot behind this investigative motion picture was very fundamental. You don’t have to stop the bribe takers and bribe givers if you want to curb corruption. To arrest the menace what you should do instead is to actually follow the money, not the corrupt. But as usual, India, with its corruption too, is a different case study. In India, the ambit of corruption is not just limited to high offices alone. It spreads across, including households. From big to small; from rich to poor; there are a lot of corrupt people roaming around. To set straight these corrupt individuals you possibly can’t run behind each one of them. But what you can do is – follow the money. That is precisely what Narendra Modi tried to do when he announced the banning of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes on November 8th. He didn’t run around those who were hiding a lot of black money. He need not have to even. There are competent authorities to take care at individual level. What he did instead is he followed the money and made sure that each paisa of that money is accounted for.

    This was a very brave and bold step. No government in recent past took this step though it was badly a necessity. Remember – follow the money? But I am not blaming the previous governments. They could have their reasons. That said, I still feel, most of the recent governments would not even have thought of this option. It takes courage to implement out of the box decisions and none of the governments in recent past that preceded NaMo had that courage. It takes enormous political will too. Along with courage and will you too need a lot of conviction which for sure was missing with earlier governments. The present government in all likelihood started preparing for this day immediately after they assumed office. Crores of zero balance accounts were opened in a war footnote. Dispensation of subsidy through direct cash transfer was meted out next. Ample opportunities were shared with the money hoarders to come out with their declaration and clear their money. Finally after two and half years the axe fell and quite rightly so. As early as May 2016, Modi was seen issuing his final warnings – I gave you a lot of chance to set your books straight, now don’t blame me if some bold steps are taken in future. That was as vocal as one can get. When we talk of a prolonged 70 years of abject corruption, the situation turns out to be no less than desperate. And desperate situation calls for desperate measures, which in this case our PM refers as ‘bitter pill’. Cleansing a big pile of mess requires a massive effort from each one of us and certainly post demonetisation, we are getting to terms with this massive effort. Things can’t be business as usual in couple of days. That is nothing but wishful thinking and far from the reality. It would take some time, in this case, no lesser than the PM has assured a 50 day window to streamline, both the process and the operations. But still there are some who find this step unjustified. And surprise, surprise, each one of this dissatisfied lot appears very familiar. The same ‘Idea of India’ gang, the litfest mafias, the media Rudalis, the secular charlatans, the award wapsi gang and their advocates, the ‘krantikari’ corruption crusaders, the ‘Bharat tere tukde honge haazar’ exponents; it is so familiar here too. How the same thugs have ganged up again and most importantly why?

    The other day I had to stand in a queue to withdraw money from the bank as no ATMs were working. There were many who were standing alongside me. It took me close to an hour to get the transaction done. For the entire period that I stood patiently, I never heard a single individual whining of his/her discomfort. When I say a single, I mean single only. In fact all of them were praising the move with a collective agreement. All were ready to take the pain, if that promises a better India. Keep it in mind – this has got nothing to do with patriotism. It is all about cleaning up your surroundings and all were happy that the cleansing work has finally started. Then why the usual suspects were having their nickers on fire? For which section the crocodile tears are gushing out when the public at large is happy with the decision? Are these thugs living in another planet or they are lying again? Let’s see.

    As expected, the wolf crying had to start with Congress. Reasons for their displeasure have three folds. First – they are in the opposition and if anything to go by, Congress as opposition has a very shoddy history. They never were a constructive opposition and I doubt if they would ever be. Greed for power could easily be a reason why this party always dons the cap of a clown whenever finds itself in the opposition. Second – they are irrelevant in the political discourse today. There negligible presence even at state level isn’t helping the cause either. They are desperate to remain relevant which leaves them with no option but to spread nonsense at the slightest opportunity. Third and most important – they built a party on corruption and here we are talking about 70 years of loot. All that loot money has today rounded up to naught. That is a scarier proposition, more so when the Up elections are round the corner. They are running out of ideas to settle the massive loot they have accomplished over the decades of misruling. Sanjay Jha is a demagogue but that is what Congress as a party is. You can fairly replace SJ with anyone from the Congress stable in this tweet and you still won’t be wrong with your assumptions. Almost all in the party are hypocrites and liars. When BJP was after the frauds of Swiss bank in 2015, SJ with all his intellectual might or the absence of it, questioned the very step. What was the ploy back then? Yes, there are a lot of corrupt people within India and government must concentrate on these home-grown leeches first. Now, how the narrative changes in 2016 when Modi finally disturbs the local fraud syndicate? SJ does a brilliant somersault and proves himself a buffoon. As I said, SJ is just the symptom. The real malice lies with Congress. They never were happy when their near and dear ones were chased upon in 2015 and they aren’t happy today. So basically Congress isn’t very happy with the decision for reasons that don’t require much analysis to understand. This tweet alone exposes the underlying desperation of losing the loot money. The entire cry for poor is the routine hogwash that we come to associate with the Congress party. 
    Congress’s desperation for relevance is quite understandable and I give it to them. But does this also pretty much explain why our media morons are lining up with their bile? This has been the case since 2002 and more rabid after 2014. The so called journalists become campaigners and defenders of secular crime whenever required. NDTV being the prominent among the liberal lot has to shout first. No wonder why it falls upon Sonia Singh to take the lead. She has a bundle of reasons to explode. Being the managing editor of the most secular media house of India is just part of the reason. She too is the supportive wife of a prominent Congress leader and apparently her maid suddenly gets admitted to the hospital with no cash in hand. Lots of reasons, you see. But this is how these journos fail themselves. They aren’t very bright, if you remember my words. Though my response to her tweet may appear sarcastic to you, I was whole lot worried how things were panning out with our Delhi based journalists. It is quite an enigma out here. I still don’t understand how all the maids, cooks, gardeners and drivers of our Delhi based journalists of secular fabrics perpetually remain at the receiving end of any and every BJP government’s policies? They fall prey quite quickly. In fact, they usually are the first lot that go down because of the atrocious regulations. When whole of India was agreeing to pack the agenda of these media morons to the nearest shit bin, a responsible secular scum has to furnish definitive examples in a hurry. Employed maids need to come handy here. Why one would have maids in house if they can’t bail out at the time of need, no? Sonia Singh is not just the one of case. There were other secular journalists too. They pretty much tweeted something or the other of same nature. In fact one dimwit journalist was a step ahead with her piousness. She was immensely worried about her neighbour’s maid. Since she had to tweet the ‘do your own work’ philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October and how she follows this ideology herself, she can’t have her own maid all of a sudden. You know, this would make her non-existent IQ so obvious. That would be an insult to Mahatma Gandhi too. Barring few almost all were quite elaborative of the pain of their maids. What their sundry household workers had to go through because of a highly inconsiderate PM at the centre and other such nonsense. Do you see the pattern? No? Hell, this makes so much sense. After all, it is for a secular cause.

    There were a lot of ‘Idea Of India’ frauds, not just these media chumps. TOI event went ahead and ran a story in the front page about the death of a waiting customer in a bank. As usual no fact check was done. Fact check hardly matters when agendas have queued up for disposal. Ethics goes for a walk, which usually is the case with our secular brand of journalism. And keep it in mind, they ran the story in the front page. Truth came out later and as usual slapped TOI left-right-and-centre. But look at how the retract shaped out. While the fabrication found its place on the front page, the truth had to negotiate heavy to find a place in Page-14 and that too in a corner. This is another phenomenon with our media that I have observed very closely since 2002. They lie big but retract small when caught stealing. They shove their agenda forgetting the real India, which these morons have no sync with. Left to the lie of TOI is the real India that these servile doormats have long detached themselves. They don’t understand the reality and they don’t prefer keeping their years to the ground. They still feel, it is their prerogative to push nonsense and rest all are only privileged to consume their lies without questioning. To the utter unfortunateness of our media scums, India has turned much smarter over the years. They know where their interest lays, as in case this ‘Panipuri’ vendor. He means to do his business and he knows how to maintain his customer base, unlike these media rascals who are losing, both their credibility and their viewer/reader base at an alarming rapidity.

    The response to this demonetisation policy explains a pattern. A pattern where the corrupt have ganged up to give it their best one last time to save the loot. The honest seems to be enjoying the change while the corrupt and other ‘Krantikaris’ are having their ass on fire. Each one of the howling lot has a lot to hide. Someone like Lalu is even a convicted criminal in a graft case. Mamata Banarjee can’t sell her paintings for crores henceforth. Her Jehadi brothers would run dry. She obviously has a situation in hand and her outburst is nothing but a pathetic equivalence of – Houston, we have a problem. Mulayam Yadav needs no elaboration and so does Mayawati. She prefers to wear only Rs 500/- garland. Mulayam could easily be the Sarad Pawar of North India. Rahul Gandhi is a disaster and needs no further explanation of his behaviour. He is clueless as always and may not be aware what demonetisation means. He begs no thrashing this time because he isn’t worth of any thrashing anymore. Same is with Arvind Kejriwal, the biggest scam that has happened to India in last five years. He is charlatan-par-excellence and his idiocies are too legendary to be analysed. He already has done a perfect bastardization of his brand of politics and India owes this whore a lot for his self-exposing and exposing other liberal scums in the process. 

    In the meantime, I feel this is not enough. More steps need to be taken. I am not sure if people have noticed it or not, but the agitation in Kashmir has stopped at once. Must be magic. Glad that Narendra Modi followed what ‘Deep Throat’ said – Follow The Money. 

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