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    Why Our Liberals Are Weeping For A Rightful Encounter In Bhopal?

    While giving a keynote in an engineering college some years back, I mentioned how there is an outburst of ‘Hate Modi’ cottage industry post the 2002 Gujarat riots. 2002 perhaps was the period where I first noticed how our media can be abjectly anti Hindu for no reason. In some earlier post, I also harped on the point that 2002 actually exposed many liars like no other event ever did. There is systematic lie peddling since 2002 with a single agenda – tarnish Modi and BJP for every rot that we come to know being of Congress output till today. During the same time, the organized defilement of every Hindu festival also started. These ‘Cracker-less Diwali’ or the ‘Water-less Holi’ rascals also mushroomed during the same period and they still are very active. Though their fraud ‘Idea Of India’ nonsense was rejected by the majority in no uncertain terms, the selfsame morons from our liberal circle are desperate to continue carrying their nonsense at every given opportunity; more so whenever there are some elections round the corner. The latest encounter of 8 dreaded SIMI terrorists in Bhopal is just one of them.

    First we should start with a line or two about these 8 terrorists who were so rightfully neutralized by the MP police team. Kudos to the police team and their sense of delivering the goods when required. These 8 men were notorious elements of the society belonging to a banned terror organization. They have cases ranging from terror acts to robbery and war against the state lodged against them. These 8 clowns were also the architect of Pune Bomb blast. They should have been killed a long time back. For reasons that I am not entirely convinced, these pigs were in jail for quite some time. On 31st morning, these pigs broke the jail and fled from the scene, in the process killing a policeman posted at the jail. Such are the achievements of these SIMI pigs for which there seems to be a lot of liberal hearts now bleeding profusely. The cop in question was a low rank official with a family to support. He was preparing for his daughter’s wedding as well. Since the news of the jail break was made public, I was desperate for the liberal circle to mourn for the slain cop but I found none. Whole day they were busy explaining how 'Polluted Delhi air level' has become because of Diwali. Not a single liberal fraud ever mentioned the death of a policeman because of these eight pigs. But that is not at all a surprise. This is in fact routine with our liberals. They weep for a Bhuran Wani and all other sundry anti-nationals but never have time or intent for the martyred soldiers anywhere in their Rudali acts. Though never expected any kind of condemnation coming from the liberals for their beloved peace lovers, I still was wondering if there could be at least one moron who would mention the dead cop in his/her utterances. But they were busy counting the Sulphur particles in Delhi air. This is how it has been for some years now. No liberal bothers much for those who work for the nation. It hardly matters to them if they are killed by their lovely comrades; be it in Kashmir, Chhattisgarh or in this case Bhopal. Crying for a dead cop hardly earns them money. What earns them money is crying for the terrorists and that is precisely the liberals latched on the moment the news of the encounter of the 8 peace lovers started pouring in.

    It started with the James Bond par excellence Rana Aayub. Didn’t I always call her and her ilk ‘Pathetically Predictable’? As an exception to standard liberal norms, she was rather busy selling her toilet paper than counting Sulphur particles in Delhi air. No sooner the news of the encounter broke, the moron in RA took a break from the self-advertisement of her bogus book and started weeping for her brothers. This is some farting of monumental filth. This is in fact what secularism has been reduced to in this country - wild and uncontrolled farts. She finds the encounter extra-judicial as if it really matters how dreaded terrorists are eliminated. It never occurs to this dubious woman that her brothers killed an innocent cop just few hours back. This very act itself demands death like a feral pig. MP police were well within their rights to eliminate these junks that are polluting the nation by their pathetic existence on this planet. We were wasting public money by keeping these rogues alive. They should have been killed, with or without the jail break. It is even more hilarious of this woman when she talks about extra-judicial killing. She was the first one to shout wolf when Yakub Memon was hanged. That time she wasn’t OK with our court’s verdict. She ran around funny back then with all her claims of a shoddy trial being offered to her beloved brother. The moron who finds the faults of the state always because her brethren is the culprit was bound to weep when seeing few more from her brotherhood being settled for their deserving 76 virgins. But this is how this woman always was. The Gujarat manifestation of cottage industries has produced many jerks like her. She was ably supported by earlier government to spout venom against BJP and Modi at all circumstances. She was patronised of her anti-national work in the past and was even conferred with a bogus ‘Padma Bhushan’ award by the UPA government for her very acts of treachery. Another failure I would say of this woman when the nation is quite aware of people like her and the clan she belongs.

    No one can stop Sekhar Coupta to lag behind in over exposing his stupidity. Few years back he was a front runner in announcing the innocence of the moon-faced Ishrat Jehan. He carried out lengthy op-eds back then to massage his version of Ishrat Jehan encounter through his back orifice. I am told it was Rana Aayub who did all the investigation for Mr. Coupta. Coupta and RA can be a very potent combination to scare away truth and sanity by their mere presence, and I can assure of this. This freeloader of very questionable fame did his share of consultancy for MP police. Brilliant!! But these morons forget a fact that, the benefit of doubt should always go the state, not the terrorists. People like him have a thin or even absent credibility but not the state. This is even more flabbergasting when our courts have declared Ishrat a terrorist in no lesser words. People like Coupta are a danger to everything that holds us as a nation. They don’t believe their elected government; they don’t believe their police force or army; they don’t believe their investigating agencies but at the same time they show unconditional love for all anti-India elements. They never question the so called innocent terrorists. Somehow SG and his ilk find their priority with the terrorists not the nation. They at once act as the Human rights watchdogs for the anti-nationals as if the cop these bastards killed had no value of his life and his service to the nation. People like SG were never seen accusing the terrorists but make no opportunity go begging when it comes to insulting the nation. This is perhaps why you won’t hear people like Coupta questioning the Huriyat hawks. They are darling to them in fact. In the name of secularism and liberalism, these morons have turned routine offenders in condemning the nation for no reason. They love their terrorists and hate their nation, all at the same time.

    You can’t stop the opportunist thug called Arvind Kejriwal either. Can you? He has this unique capability to let himself loose without giving any kind of warning whatsoever. He does it every time. Post the surgical strike across LoC, Pakistan media published the game plan of Pakistanis in coming months. They advised the architects to reach out to Modi haters and fuel the ‘Dalit’ issue in India. AK seems to have understood the pious intentions of his masters only too well. After all, he is the latest ‘Useful Idiot’ inducted into the ‘Hate India’ brigade by the Pakistanis. The duffer in AK beautifully bundles his stupidity in one tweet. He also seems so sure while vomiting against the nation. That has come to being a distinguishable character with this moron. Before anyone could bat his/her eyelids, the ‘moron-shri’ already declared the Bhopal encounter as fake. AK could easily be CIA, FBI, Mossad and NIA rolled into one, albeit with a repulsive shape. He also includes another coward named Rohit Vemula in his scheme of things. After all, this hawk of a CM flied to Hyderabad to be a Rudali during RV’s death. No wonder why AK is a very popular figure in Pakistan. His funding from the enemy no more looks doubtful, if at all it ever was. Regularly we see exponents of our enemy praising AK with all love and affection. This can’t be a co-incidence that every time the Pakistanis are exposed of their plan, AK was found fiddling with the same thought process. It happened after the Uri killings as well. AK was seen rhyming the exact lines the Pakistanis were doing and here too AK is caught with his pants down.  AK was found busy implementing exactly what the Pakistanis were planning after the surgical strike. As I said, this is becoming too coincidental to believe. There has to be more to this AK’s clownish acts than just his stupidity.

    When it comes to matter of charlatanism we can’t just expect the street thug and his too clever by half better half to stay quite. Man with a strong moral compass bypassed common-sense yet again. No surprise with the ‘Category5 Moron’ bimbo though; because she and sensibility simply can’t co-exist. What would have happened if the jail break was in an opposition state, asks the street thug. Which opposition he is referring to? Didn't 'Dadri' happen in an opposition state? Whose fault this moron drew then? Narendra Modi's or of the SP government of UP? Even if he forgets Dadri as expected, little did this moron forget that the genuine supporters of Modi are his worst critics. Unlike the doormats of Congress like him, genuine people do criticize where and when it is required. In fact the supporters whom this moron calls ‘Bhakts’ were the first to blast the MP government for allowing the jail break to happen at the first place. But this man is a self-imposed blind ass. He appears to be a ‘Nationalism’ hater too. He advices everyone to keep politics out of national security. But what he does instead? He jumps in first to do the exact opposite. Nothing new with this jerk. Jail break is a jail break and it questions on the competency of the state machinery. How this pans out as which state the jail break happened, if not for politics? Will the moron in RS care to answer? People who even didn’t spare the ‘Kurta’ colour of Narendra Modi to give it a communal spin are now advocating for politics to be kept apart. This is sidesplitting, let me assure you. These same rogues were questioning the state for Yakub’s hanging. Wasn’t that politicization of national security? Which world this moron RS lives where politicization carries an entirely different meaning when pitted against oneself? This is why I call these media thugs as dumb avatar of human race. They make themselves naked while trying to be convincing with their pseudo concerns.

    ‘Category5 Moron’ is a separate case study altogether. She is a classic and inspired bimbo as mentioned. The courts only declared these 8 peace lovers as terrorists and sent them to jail. I am sure the bimbo has missed this point in her outburst. While she educates all on our criminal justice system, she forgets, it is only she who needs education in many things, starting with commonsense followed by nationalism. The evergreen ‘Juhanpura’ street scrapper never bothers to look at the history or reputation of these 8 pigs before sermoning her stale articulations. The same skunks broke the jail in 2013 and were only apprehended after two and half years of search. During this period the pigs were involved in all kind of terror activities. Even the courts termed them as ‘dangerous terrorists’ and a threat to humanity. Did the bimbo miss this statement of our courts? Undertrial terrorists have all the liberty in breaking the jail multiple times and killing cops but the cops didn’t have any response at their disposal except may be getting killed again and again. Which planet this bimbo goes for a smoke?

    It was surprising to see the ‘Rudali’ par-excellence and the biggest fraud of the weeping brigade, Barkha Dutt, joining the group late. Perhaps, she was busy fabricating lies for her show ‘The Buck Stops Here’. She was all over the place alongside her friends from the ‘terror stable’ in her program. Not sure if she was moderating a debate or advocating for the terrorists. Like with most of our stupid media morons, treachery was never a surprise coming from BD. She tries to do a ‘Monkey Balancing’ act here. She sheds a drop of crocodile tear for the slain cop Ram Shankar. More than the crocodile tears, it is her belief that people won’t see through her falsehood that makes me do a ‘LOL’ or may be a ‘LMAO’ or better be a ‘ROFL’. It is even more hilarious when the ‘Radia Tapes’ fame journalist talks about the ‘process of law’. If anything, she should have been thrown behind bars for her ‘Dalali’ work. Thanks to our shoddy ‘process of law’ and some blessings of Arun Jaitley that this woman is still free to rant around ‘Law’ as if no one knows of her past. Terrorists are free to sabotage the law and kill innocents but the thug in BD can’t simply tolerate the rogues being paid handsomely for their sins. She talks about the video which is neither verified nor being termed as authentic and she wastes no time in declaring the ‘process of law’ not being adhered. But this is so routine with BD. She ran around Kanheiya Kumar and aired his filthy views against the state without fact checking and she is running around funny now without authenticating the veracity of the questionable video. This is what I call convenience of pseudo secularism. She called Ishrat Jehan moon-faced and termed Bhuran Wani as a simple social media warrior and son of a headmaster. She also aired the views of the father of a terrorist which were dirt against the state. Monumental moronery. Honestly, if anyone who should have been bundled up alongside these 8 pigs are people like BD. They are equally dangerous for the nation, if not more. But you know what? There is still some utility left with this 'Rudali'. It is about time that BD should come up with the profession of the parents of these gunned down pigs. That would be quite a revelation. I am eagerly waiting for that watershed moment.

    All-in-all, kudos to MP police for upholding the respect for the nation. For the killing of an innocent cop alone, these bastards deserved death. I don’t see any other way than killing these rogues as a solution to the terror problem. I am not sure why it should be any different. Only disagreement here is with the manner the pigs were eliminated. It should have been more gruesome and graphic. These ‘Idea Of India’ frauds are in a habit of crying for the traitors. This may come as a shocker for these liberal frauds but the nation in wholesome rejects these vile mutants and their deplorable efforts at holding the state accountable for even the elimination of dreaded terrorists. Keep on killing these bastards and if possible kill few or all from these terror sleeper cells too. For the moment, to our valiant police force of MP – thank you for this wonderful Dipavali gift. We appreciate it.

    Hope you all had a blasting and cracker full Dipavali. To hell with these ‘Noiseless Diwali’ Rascals. 

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