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    Bleeding Hearts

    With all their flaws we still must give one thing to our liberals – they never fail to disappoint us. Post Uri attack the shrill that was expected out of our liberals has panned out as thought. They are simply too consistent with their rubbish, so much so that it at times looks unbelievable. They are pathetically predictable too. In one of my tweets I mentioned how our liberals would waste no time in defaming the government of the day for no reason whatsoever. And it turned out exactly that. The shrill now has gone to dangerous levels post India’s announcement of a successful surgical strike across LoC to avenge the Uri killings. The moronic brigade who were shouting and demanding some actions be taken against the perpetrators are now finding it tough to digest that an Indian government finally did act. Something which was long due but never accomplished by previous cowardice governments was finally materialized. Now these free poodles are clueless on how to counter the government they hate so much since they all were caught unguarded.
    I was bang on target on how the liberal narrative would change once the surgical strike details were made public. Pakistan was bound to deny any surgical strike being carried out. It was not at all a surprise the way Pakistan’s initial reactions came about. They are a nation in perpetual denial. They even denied for close to a year that 26/11 terrorists belong to their country. They were in denial to accept their dead soldiers post Kargil war. They too denied the presence of Osama Bin Laden in their land till the USA government eliminated the rascal. So their denial of the surgical strike was always on the cards. What is surprising is how the noted ‘useful idiots’ back home took the tune of Pakistan and started singing. Almost all of the regular morons who routinely go about defaming the BJP government and the nation at every single instance jacked up and went on a prolonged orgasm in line with Pakistan’s dubious denial. They appear to be in denial alongside Pakistan about the authenticity of the surgical strike claims. These scoundrels who run around the globe attending free junkets and liquor parties thrown by our enemies seem to believe none outside their filthy gang; not even our army. Indian army is considered one of the most professional organizations in the world and their honesty towards the nation was never in doubt before. Thanks to our little jerks, they are now questioning the very press conference of the DGMO. A qualified doormat like Praveen Swami was the first one to elaborate on why we shouldn’t believe the surgical strike when no proof was offered at the press conference. Really? Does our army need to furnish proofs of their claims for scumbags like Praveen Swami to believe them? Look at this uncivilized moron for once. These are the same people who take words of duffers like Kanheiya Kumar and Hardik Patel on face value and start shouting against the government but have the audacity to question if what the DGMO announced is fact or not. They never asked for proof or did any homework during the Rohit Vemula farce and ran around funny for close to a month but today our army appears untrustworthy to them.

    When in doubt, believe in the street thug ‘Old Monk’ to jump out and take sensibility to the cleaners, and he precisely did that. The thug in despise needs irrefutable proof it seems. As if what this joker says matters to anyone, he was all-over the place demanding proofs be shared. Shared with whom and why? Who on earth this moron thinks he is? No government in the world would share details of their military operations and they shouldn’t even. It would put any such future operations in danger and so does those who were involved in the operation. No one knew about the navy seal who shot at OBL until he himself wrote his experience in a book after his retirement. No one bothered to ask for proofs in USA for the operation. Asking for proof from your army is stupidity of the highest order. Only scoundrels would question their army and in our case, the said scoundrels have proven shoddy track records as far as truth, honesty and morality goes. I don’t agree to the thought process of the GOI and our army when they agreed to share some video proof of the operation. That is even a more stupid response. There is absolutely no need to respond to these opportunist clowns. They never would believe the army and would continue questioning the video because they are being paid by our enemies to do so. A proof of my claim is how the street thug even doesn’t consider the video evidence as irrefutable. What else would be irrefutable if the video proof isn’t? This is how the liberal narrative changes. They first would talk the Pakistani words and ask for proof. Even if our army shares the video proof, they would end up denying that as well. These Karachi Litfest patrons would never believe their own because that is not what earns them money.

    The ‘Drama Queen’ Arvind Kejriwal wasn’t too far behind either. This underwear of a revolutionary finds priority in every kind of nonsense except for what he is elected. He seldom talks about Delhi and all the rot his part-time jokers are spilling on daily basis. He is least interested in Delhi and obviously for reasons which are no more a secret. While others were indirectly hiding behind Pakistan in giving cover fire to their denial, AK rose above the bar and straightaway refuted our army’s claims. I won’t be surprised at all if Pakistan would one day confer ‘Nishan-E-Pakistan’ on this dirty motor-mouth moron as a gratitude for his unconditional service towards their nation. He is a deserving recipient too. No one in Pakistan would have come handy in recent past as much AK has turned out to be. This is precisely why AK is loved so much in Pakistan and in all probability gets funded for his political bastardization work. He is a loose cannon funded, deployed and well-oiled by Pakistan for their own good. People like AK become very useful in times of need and Pakistan knows it only too well. That is precisely why all Pakistani dallies picked up AK’s nonsense and propelled it further. AK is another case study on how a regular charlatan liar if let lose would work for the enemy in disguise. People who left this reprobate would authenticate this claim of mine. This man is a routine offender. This is not the first time that he openly supported the Pakistani cause and I am sure it won’t be the last either.

    While the GOI of the day is busy with its diplomatic offensive and working overtime to garner a consensus among world powers in isolating a rogue nation like Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism on foreign soils, we have our own ‘Jaichands’ who are running in the reverse direction. Some are even airing interviews of Pakistani voices contrary to our claims. Cartoonists generally don't miss these traitors. There are thugs like ‘Old Monk’ who are ranting against Indians in Pakistani television shows. There are people like Sekhar Coupta who is on an advising spree to the government as if someone really cares. He advises GOI to call people like AK, Sitaram Yetchuri and Digvijay Singh and share the evidence with them to buy their support. Seriously? Which government does so and more precisely, why evidence should be shared with jackals that are nothing but traitors? These guys never in history have honoured India’s interest. They rather have been vocal against India at every possible juncture. They should have been thrown behind bars a long time back. Each one of them deserves severe punishment for their earlier treacherous works but Coupta seems to have come from another planet. Just because we have a bunch of morons who are cantankerous for proof, Coupta feels GOI is duty bound to invite these traitors and share classified details. This is why I abhor these thugs. They work in a group. Each one of these clowns gets invited regularly to Pakistan in pretext of one engagement or the other, and the same clowns routinely support Pakistan at every stage. This can’t be a coincidence. It also can’t be a coincidence that the same Hafeez Saeed who praises Barkha Dutt for being a friend of Pakistan but issues threat calls to Arnav Goswami. There has to be more than just coincidence to it.

    These liberal frauds aren’t just limiting themselves with their act against the nation. They are vehemently defending the Pakistanis actors/actress who were been asked by various groups to leave India ASAP. Like always, street thug ‘Old Monk’ was at it again. Look at this moron. He is rapidly emerging as a ‘Father Teresa’ figure. A rogue nation kills our soldiers and civilians and this moron sees no difference between state sponsored terrorism and some fringe social disharmony. There are enormous instances when Indian movies and actors were banned in Pakistan and I never heard a whisper there against such bans but here we have many faggots like RS who give logic a slip and come up with unbelievable stupidity like this particular tweet. In his world, a terror act is equivalent to some communal violence which is nothing but an internal matter. This is how these useful idiots defend everything Pakistani. They are being employed precisely for this. Throwing out every Pakistani actor/actress from our soil is entirely justifiable because we can’t cooperate with a rogue nation and its people. People who come here and work may be innocent but they are from the enemy camp nonetheless. This very fact never seems to get to these liberal bastards. But do we really care anymore on what these freeloaders think? These guys now have their credibility at all-time low; not that they ever had any credibility to begin with. It hardly matters if Barkha Dutt, another Pakistani Rudali, invites a middle creature called Karan Johar and gives him/her enough space to protect his/her upcoming movie release but the facts on the ground won’t change. This bogus people-to-people contact must stop. We have achieved nothing from this stupid 'social contact' nonsense in last 60 years. The moron who wrote a lengthy piece in ‘Live Mint’ on how it is a loss for India if Fawad Khan starrer ADHM is stopped from being screened must be told to explain if that loss is bigger than the loss of our 18 brave soldiers at Uri. It has largely become a fashion for these liberal frauds to support every Pakistani cause and display a heavily bleeding heart for the enemy. This nonsense too needs an abrupt halt.

    The terror support system that operates on our soil needs to be dismantled right away. Those who have bleeding hearts for our enemy don’t deserve any kind of space in public discourse. Hope the GOI of the day is taking a note of these traitors in disguise. 

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