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    Rana Ayyub – The Unimaginative Liar

    I have said this earlier; Rana Ayyub is a confused liar. She is third rate with her journalistic works too. Post ‘Charlie Hebdo’ peaceful work by the exponents of the world’s most peaceful religion, RA was all over the place with her trademark confusion and monumental lies. I had back then rebutted her dishonesty with real life instances, unlike her imaginative ones, and facts. If you haven’t read that piece of mine yet, I would suggest you to read it here first. But nothing seems to have changed after that. She is as hypocrite and deceit as she used to be back then. Only thing that possibly has changed with her is her hate for Narendra Modi and more so after the demonetisation. Not sure if RA had something to hide in her basement but her mindless whining post demonetisation suggests a lot. She losing some free money from her masters could be a possibility but I am not reading too much into her stupid intellectual orgasms at this point. Why I am here is for an entirely different reason. I am here to expose this ‘Liar Queen’ lady and her hypocrisies one more time. If you haven’t read her latest solipsism on the ‘Nehru Dynasty Television’ portal please do read it here for the context to set in so that rebutting her falsehood would be more fun.

    As usual she starts with a lie and massive self-aggregation. I initially thought of replacing ‘aggregation’ with ‘Cluster Fuck’ for better lingual effect but then, it still would be a huge understatement for her classy mountebank avatar. And as it is, it was a long time that I had used ‘aggregation’ in any of my posts. Anyway, where were we? Yes, her massive self-aggregation ably supported by her equally massive self-assertion of her lies. Do read her opening stanza below.
    This is 2017 and as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's followers insist, we "liberals" remain stuck on his alleged role in 2002 and not his development agenda. One can agree that the allegations have grains of truth in it. But every time, we the liberals try to focus on the work done by the NDA government or hear Modi speak about the welfare of UP, he strikes an ominous blow that takes us back to the past.
    Fantastic!! But it seems she missed a vital point here. By self-proclaiming herself as a liberal she perhaps did the biggest disservice to the true liberals of the world. Liberalism and liberals are far, far different from what Rana Ayyub types are. True liberalism is never associated with lies and hypocrisy unlike our Indian liberal stable that is full with fibbers and frauds like RA. Here we call them ‘Liberal Frauds’, not just vanilla ‘Liberal’. Hope Ms. Ayyub takes note of this in her subsequent whining against Narendra Modi. Now going back to 2002 Gujarat riot and the wolf cry of these liberal frauds against Modi, well many frauds like RA have eaten crow numerous number of times. Each one of their falsification on their master’s insistence has fallen flat on out court of law. In fact in couple of instances the courts have termed these baseless allegations as garbage and duly dumped them in their dustbin. Another moronic thug and a close friend of RA named Teesta Setelvad is hanging out of her skin in defending her sins and forgery. Her path to rot in jail is almost cleaned up. And these are the same frauds that were stuck in 2002 with their bunch of fairy-tale lies. When she says her pseudo liberal clan focuses or want to focus on NDA government’s developmental work, I want to take a required pause and ask – if so then where you liars would get your free money to run your household or go on Tampon shopping spree at upscale New York malls? Jokes apart, people like RA who made a carrier out of their mindless and object less slandering of one man since 2002, when turn around and proclaim their un-biasness, it sounds little rich on filth factor. Never mind, filth is the only expectations out of sold out barkers, so she is inline till now.

    Moving on, she exposes her hypocrisy and spinning skills in the next paragraph. Let’s read it first.
    Now back to the present day. 15 years later, Modi ji is now the PM of our country. He is the vikas purush who talks of a 56-inch chest to protect his countrymen against all odds. Countrymen, one assumes, as citizens of all faiths, castes, and sects as bestowed on them by the Indian constitution. But somehow at an election rally in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, PM Modi disheartened those trying to put to rest the ghost of 2002. In what was meant to be a dig at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Modi said "Gaon me kabristan banta hai to shamshaan bhi banana chahiye; Ramazan mein bijli aati hai toh Diwali mein bhi aani chahiye. Bhed bhaav nahin hona chahiye.
    This is how facts should get the desired ‘liberal spin’. While you are at it do mark the wise (in terms of spin) use of the word constitution. But Ms. Ayyub isn’t alone here in hailing our constitution as the gospel of our national identity when it is convenient. In fact every liberal fraud does it quite liberally. But when one cites the same constitution and talks on having a uniform civil code, tragedy strikes the camps of these ‘messiahs of constitution’. They immediately get their underwear on fire and start blabbering incoherent lies. In fact, I have read Ms. Ayyub almost advocating throwing our constitution to the garbage bin if it paves any way for UCC. But suddenly today Ms. Ayyub walks straight out of her bed to the city centre and sermonizes all of us on our constitution. Quite a hilarious artefact, I must say. Now I am not sure what prompted Ms. Ayyub to write in italics while paraphrasing the PM’s speech but I presume the fraud in Ms. Ayyub sees something wrong there. If so, I would greatly want her to explain the specific wrong in PM’s this particular deliverance? Is demanding equality among communities is wrong? Since when expecting equality across cast, creed and religion has become so offensive? May be in Ms. Ayyub’s world but the very constitution that she harped upon in the same paragraph actually resonates PM’s speech. It is even more flabbergasting when we had a PM in the past who said – Muslims have the first right to the national resources. I am not again sure but I don’t think I have read Ms. Ayyub calling Dr. Manmohan Singh communal for this. If I am not mistaken, her fraud liberal syndicate rather hailed Dr. Singh for this jingoism. But when Modi calls for equality these frauds gang up and go for group orgasm. This is how hypocrisy oozes out of every orifice.

    Now coming back to facts in UP which Ms. Ayyub is either not aware or don’t want to cite – there are enough skulduggery on the part of Akhilesh Yadav and his government when it comes to discriminating Hindus and appeasing Muslims. Muslim students are rolled out scholarship while Hindu students aren’t and that too irrespective of their economic stature. Muslim girl students are offered bicycle while their Hindu friends don’t. In fact the latest policy in giving almost free loan to Muslim youths alone to purchase taxis for their livelihood talks the richness of the non-discriminating qualities that the Akhilesh government adores. But people like RA are hypocrites to see all this since this doesn’t fit into their false narratives. This is perhaps why Ms. Ayyub was quite quick in exonerating Akhilesh Yadav of his communal discriminations. Even if we strictly stick to the electricity example, it should shame Ms. Ayyub for being such an ostrich. A quick drive from Muzaffarnagar to Rampur would tell the story. While Muzaffarnagar languishes in dark during Diwali special arrangements are made to provide electricity during Eid in Rampur. And these are not unimaginative hate-filled lies like those of Ms. Ayyub. These are facts which can be and are already crosschecked. For instance – look at the Kabarstan details that the UP government dished out themselves. By the way 370 crores was allocated for this nonsense, if the RA types are intentionally unaware of the cost estimates. 
    Let’s see what the liar is up to next.
    While the PM spoke the language one resented in a state which had witnessed similar polarization in Muzaffarnagar in 2014, his party president Amit Shah at another election rally did not disappoint his chief. He asked the crowd in Mathura if they had got laptops from the Akhilesh government. They replied in the negative. Then raising the crescendo of his speech, he made a veiled reference to Muslims and said that "they" had got laptops from the Akhilesh government. The BJP is yet to provide any evidence or document that proves that Hindus were discriminated against through the distribution of laptops.
    Mulayam Yadav asking for Muslim votes by citing his bravado of firing at Kar-Shevaks during Ayodhya agitation was particularly fine with Ms. Ayyub. She had excused herself from commenting by citing the ‘law and order are state subject’ nonsense and giving the benefit of doubt but has serious problems with Amit Shah asking a crowd if they got laptop from Akhilesh Government. What is so wrong in asking if the state run policies have benefitted all or not? How this becomes communal when it is not a secret that the Muslim students were first handpicked for the distribution? Ms. Ayyub, here are the proofs, not the type which you supplied for your 2002 infatuation and the judge took it, only to use it next day in his toilet; these are from students who were discriminated by the UP state government. In a class of 45 only 18 laptops were distributed and all went to Muslim students. Laptops for the rest are on their way said the authorities and it is three years that the remaining students are waiting for their turn. And this is the story of just one school in Sharanpur. I am sure there are more schools which we could add to this list. Go slow on Muslim youths if they are apprehended for their crimes, is the advice from Mulayam Yadav to the state police department. Azam Khan talks outright nonsense every day without any outcry. SP MLA boasts his achievements in directing his constituency police team to ignore any crime committed by Muslims. All this while frauds like Ms. Ayyub keep on romanticizing with their dreams of falsehood only to jump out now and shout ‘communal overture’ when there is actually none.

    In the next paragraph Ms. Ayyub did what every liberal fraud unknowingly does – they cry for the welfare of the society but end up shooting their feet. Here is Ms. Ayyub’s gun work.
    If one were to keep the rhetoric aside, perhaps the most essential issue for the common man in Uttar Pradesh is his basic necessity: electricity, safety of the girl child, education, a corruption-free state. If one where to do a survey in Uttar Pradesh, a cremation ground would be the last on the list for a voter.  
    Brilliant but here one must ask Ms. Ayyub, why such basics are far from an average UPwala? Her beloved political leaders are ruling the state as a tag team for last 20 years and before that it was her ultra-loved party that ruled the state since independence. Then why so much amiss with UP’s social scale? Central government can do only as much development when the state body is purely interested in appeasement politics. Had her favourite leaders thought of true governance today the largest state wouldn’t be languishing at the bottom of the development barrel. These liberal frauds of RA types are equal party to the mess that the state of UP is in. For prolonged period these selfsame charlatans worked overtime to cover the crimes and dishonesty of their beloved leaders. Not a single moron from the herd did the required wolf crying in pointing the fault line of appeasement politics in the official policies. Forget about pointing out, these self-serving slaves of their masters actually propelled the minority welfare nonsense further. Now that someone is pointing at the rot these fraud liberals have piled on in connivance with their masters, the deceitful liars like RA are having wet dreams.

    By the way dear Ms. Ayyub, stop counting how many Muslims BJP gave ticket in the election. I haven’t heard a more moronic outlay of our democracy in a long, long time. Since when the religion of the candidate has become the guiding factor to boast your ‘inclusive’ verbiage? Why is it so paramount for morons like you to believe; only Muslims should represent Muslims in our electoral democracy? How does it matter if the candidate is Hindu provided he gets the mandate of the people? Or a Hindu getting voted to power is against your screwed up idea of India nonsense? People like RA are in fact the ones who count Hindu, Muslims and other sects in our democracy and they would be the same who would point fingers at others and call them communal. This is what the Indian version of liberalism has come to being traded in the fraud circle.

    That said, hey Ms. Ayyub, I can feel your pain. After all losing the fountain of free money hurts and it certainly would be hurting you. I have all the sympathy in the world for you. But then, this happens with each penny of ill-gotten money. Karma is a bitch, you know? If need details, please do get in touch with your best ‘fraand’, swindle of some substance, Teesta Setelvaad.

    Post Script:

    I searched for the budgetary expense of the current UP government on Samshans and Kabarstans in last five years. It was purely my curiosity to get some kind of statistics; and this is what I got. Hope the liberal morons and news traders alike would go through it.

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