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    The Great Maratha Shocker For Our Liberals

    There was this aura of satisfaction and relief in our liberal quarters when ‘Shiv Sena’ walked out of an alliance with BJP for the upcoming state Municipality elections. The gang smelled victory, not as if they winning it themselves but with the prospect of seeing BJP losing it finally. Remember the famous narrative – "they are so thirsty and desperate that they would crawl towards a mirage and when they will realize it is not water they will drink the sand". From 2014 our liberal gang was desperate for a BJP loss, since they were aware that their beloved party would never win again. SS breaking the alliance was one such glimmer of hope which these crawlers were frantically waiting. No wonder, it explains how suddenly the love for SS and its leader quarter pulled within the liberal circle. Remember drinking the sand? Bust destiny is a bitch. She hits where it hurts most. In due course of this post, we will discuss how destiny pulled the rug below their feet once again.

    But before we go to these liberals, we must spend some time with SS and their behaviour of last six months. Post Bal Thakrey SS has turned into one big mess. The mess resulted in division in the party. Raj Thakrey walking out to form his own party is something that I am sure BT must not have approved till his demise. Udhav Thakrey taking the mantel of the party almost immediately brought downfall with it. It is that day and it is today, SS is witnessing a continuously shrinking support base for the party to their utter despair. Not only it is shrinking, it is shrinking quickly. It almost became an existential crisis at one point of time. Knowing SS, when cornered, it was expected of them to fight their way out. But sadly UT confused giving a fight with mindless slandering. Their mouthpiece ‘Samanna’ dished out rubbish, both against the state and the central government on daily basis. It made UT look more childish than what he already was with his earlier behaviour. When you are an ally at the state as well as the canter, it becomes quite unbecoming of you to engage in full time slurring without any rhyme or reason. You blame me once, I become bad; you blame me 5000 times daily, it is you who become bad. SS did learn this fact the hard way. 8 out of 10 municipalities going to BJP with one in Mumbai going neither way, SS yet again seems to have shot themselves in their foot. But was it so hard for UT to foresee? Knowing his experience in politics I doubt if he hasn’t gauged the public mood correctly. Or is it UT’s ego overriding sensible political articulation? Whatever may be the reason; both SS and UT now find themselves in a situation that they best should have avoided.

    Enough of SS bashing. Now back to our liberals and their roles in all of this. When we last left them in this blog they were desperate for a BJP loss. In fact our liberals did a Nitish-Lalu. Forgetting their yesteryear vitriol, they suddenly started showering their love on SS and UT. Exactly what drinking sand is. In fact they almost prayed and pleaded for a SS win. But this is something that is not new. These chumps become the first line of campaign managers for their masters in a very short notice. They are still campaigning for a retard and a ‘Krantikari’. That said it still is quite hilarious. In all of them Barkha Dutt came out as the winner. She can even shame a chameleon for being mediocre. Suddenly she found UT a ‘reluctant fundamentalist’, whatever that means. This is like saying I am half pregnant but knowing BD and her massive gaffes, we must show some charity to her. Other than being a proven chameleon BD has another brilliant quality. That is to describe the hero of her story like no one could; or may be, at par with Dan Brown and his astounding calibre of introducing his novel’s hero and giving him a marathon for his money. So there you go – UT turns out to be a book lover for her, more than a politician, just like how Bhuran Wani was the son of a school teacher. Ohh yes, UT also became a soft spoken individual overnight, notwithstanding the fact that BD once termed UT and the entire SS as a party that has mastered the art of hooliganism like no other political outfit.

    Nikhil Whagle wasn’t too far behind. Can you believe, he is the same guy whom the SS cadre thrashed black-and-blue in public for rotting against Bal Thakrey? Such was the desperation that NW not only drank the sand but also claimed the sand to be sweeter than spring water. In fact, like many, he started praying for SS win from early morning. He already proclaimed a SS win even before the first EVM machine could be unlocked. Though he claimed the expected win as a booster for the SS cadre, in reality he was massaging his own ego with some wishful thinking. This was some high grade imaginative orgasm, when you not only imagine the best that suits you but also start believing your imagination.

    Street thug wasn’t far behind either. In fact here Zafran Bhai patted Haroon bhai for his wishful thinking. Remember, RS too was very vocal all his life about SS and their alleged ‘Goondagardi’. His channel’s Mumbai office too was once ransacked by SS chaps. But today, since desperation is at its peak, RS exhorts on the claim of Whagle that secular votes are shifting towards SS, just to keep BJP away. This is how these stupid media morons expose themselves. Look where the real interest lies for these rapscallions. It doesn’t matter who wins, it is the defeat of BJP that gives them wet dreams. The SS whom RS once called worse than terrorists suddenly becomes an option worth opting for the secularists. This is how you agree, presumably out of desperation, that sand is actually sweeter than spring water.

    Wheeler Dealer never shies away from exposing his desperation. By 7 in the morning Coupta declared that Sena is leading. Not only that, he changed his narrative to that of an election expert and started his bogus analysis the very next line. He in fact is another kind of desperate, who drinks the sand and then calls it more nutritious than water. Not stopping there he quickly flushes out a report with details of the nutritional values of the sand that he just drank. But Coupta is bound by his hypocrisy. He somehow wanted to repeat what he said during Bihar elections. Since Congress is almsot wiped out from India at every level, SG need to build a narrative how BJP can’t win when pitted against regional parties. And why such a narrative is needed? Because it is now a direct fight between BJP and various regional parties as their pay masters are scampering to a miserable fourth in most of the elections. But Coupta must have suffered an unpredictable heart attack. Crawling under the rags and waiting for meat pieces to be thrown at you actually degenerates your self-respect which I am sure most of these stupid morons must be suffering with.

    From the day SS walked out of the alliance, these morons were waiting for 23rd February to jump around with joy. But destiny played the spoilsport. These desperate souls were so out of their breath that they declared SS the winner even before the counting started. But as I said, destiny is a bitch and it generally disappoints the liars at the end of the day. Not only BJP cracked it, it cracked big. Bastions of NCP like PCMC too were absolute carnage for the secular brigade. These left liberal frauds not just lost; they in fact were decimated completely. The narrative of how this loss is equivalent to the rejection of demonetisation suddenly packed inside the bunkers. No ‘big blow to Modi’ jamboree could be dished out. It was such a precarious situation, I tell you. Not only their loved ones lost as usual, their new found love too got the beating of their life. The jolt was so massive that, few of these morons in fact went numb at once and started whining about the thrashing the Commie pigs got in Ramjas College. This is much like how Sun TV stopped telecasting of election results and started playing some movie during 2014 general elections. Sore and unimaginative losers.

    But what would Udhav Thakrey do, now that they have lost most of what they had? Midterm polls at this point would ensure SS losing whatever they are left with. And I am sure UT is no Rahul Gandhi to not realize this. Mumbai where SS made a name for itself was lost in no time. Other municipalities don’t throw any bright picture either. And knowing SS for ages, I am sure; they won’t appreciate losing the power. Going with BJP remains their only option. By doing so they would continue plundering BMC money and so as at other municipalities. To top it, cherry in the cake being the power that they enjoy at the state level. A lot at stake for SS, more than what it is for BJP. BJP would rather love to go for a midterm poll now. This would ensure the baggage that they are carrying in the state called SS be thrown of and they would garner more ground at the Rajya Sabha. But is SS up for it? Not if one heard UT yesterday in his press conference. As I always say, cartoonists seldom miss the drift. Though SS got the long pending dress-down UT would still love to announce his tail being up. Ego, which UT possesses in tons, could spoil it all for SS. The spokespersons of SS that swarmed various news channels yesterday echoed the Ostrich behaviour that we associate UT with. But that said, SS has burnt more than just their fingers by going alone and they wouldn’t want to destroy themselves totally.

    All-in-all, what a bad day yesterday for the spin masters? The Idea of India frauds, the litfest mafias, the secular morons, the Krantikari Patrakars, the wheeler dealers, all got wrap in their knuckles. Out of desperation they all drank the sand but now they have come to realize that it still isn’t enough. Next time we may very well see them drinking outright shit to support their agenda.  

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