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    Calling Them Lone Wolves Is A Critical Mistake

    What would you do when your established narrative start to fail regularly of late? You try to develop another narrative of similar nature and desperately hope it to stick like the earlier one did. Not sure where I am heading to? Remember how the liberals across the globe coined the phrase ‘Terror Has No Religion’ to protect the crimes of the Islamic Terrorists? It eventually became a convenient gateway for the filth to be swept out of sight, each time, and every time. ‘Terror Has No Religion’ could easily be the worst manifestation of word play in the 21st century. Gullible people across the planet too started to believe the narrative, more because, the ones who coined the phrase projected themselves as the apostle of modern and liberal way of thinking. Whoever dared to call the spade a spade was dismissed with complete disdain; worst being, called as a communal bigot. But ultimately people saw through the falsehood and started rejecting such phoney notion. Liberals end up losing ground everywhere. It was desperate times and it called for desperate measures. How about coining a new phrase, as untruthful as the earlier one, the liberals thought?

    There was the advent of the new phrase – ‘Lone Wolf’. This phrase too has a sinister plot as the earlier one but slightly different in the core articulation of untruth. While the earlier one broad brushed the terrorists as a bunch of nuisance makers belonging to no religion the later one cleverly agreed to the fact that the latest terrorist apprehended belongs to Islam. But that hardly matters since he has got no association with the religion he practices or the religion he swear upon before killing the innocents. It doesn’t matter since he was acting on his own, which further led to the invention of another phrase – ‘self-radicalisation’. I see the plot thickening. The idea : Let’s not exonerate all in one go but do it one by one so that it becomes easy to dismiss them by calling them fringe and possess no real threat to the society as they are acting on their own. But is this the truth? Are these people really working in silos? Are we making another mistake in terming them as ‘lone’? Let’s see.

    Let’s scavenge the recent past a little. When ‘Charlie Hebdo’ was attacked in 2015 and 12 innocent people lost their lives, the liberal narrative at once pointed at the singular nature of the terrorists. Though the killers, here they were two biological brothers, clearly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before firing at helpless people, we were told to ignore the sermoning part and concentrate on the nature of the crime and how they managed to plot the onslaught. Sounds convenient? But that is not all here. Before the investigators could come back with their detailed findings, the liberals started dismissing the two brothers as someone who have got nothing to do with Islam or any terror organization. But was that the truth? It was later found that they weren’t entirely acting on their own. They were routinely in touch with the radical elements of Brussels and a possible visit to Syria through the porous French borders via Africa. They were regularly fed with terror literature by organizations known for their organized terror activities. The master minds of the attack were later found to be involved in the Truck massacre in France during the Christmas season.

    So what made the liberals jump the gun and pronounce the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ terrorists as ‘Lone Wolves’, whatever that means? It can’t be an innocent mistake in reading the situation. Whole idea was to shield the real reason of the attack which may be because of the teaching these guys got through their growing up ages. Like all activities, terrorism too is a social activity where it only produces ideas of destruction rather than construction and the very ideas are shared among the likeminded perverts. There are many things common between these single terror modules. All of them grew up in surroundings that housed lots of religious preachers and who taught them nothing but hate towards every other religion in particular and humans in general. They also taught these cowards that how the infidels around the globe are on a mission to destroy Islam as if there is nothing better to do. ‘Hate One And Hate All’ is all that they were asked to remember. Most of the so called ‘lone wolves’ were in the radar of the security agencies at some point of the time. Most were found to have travelled to Syria, Afghanistan or Pakistan, the known hotbeds of terrorists and terror activities, in the recent past. Most were discovered with cupboard full of terror literature where page after page hatred is spread like there is no tomorrow. So how these guys were acting in silos, if the liberals would care to answer?

    Charlie Hebdo is not the one of case. ‘Mohamed Merah’ who killed 12 people in France in 2012 had similar background; so as Mehdi Nemmouche who fired at a Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014. The similarities among these ‘Lone Wolves’ are too striking to ignore. The second fallacy in the ‘Lone Wolves’ theory is the convenient ignorance of the liberals in noting down the region these lone wolves operate. Entire Europe is witnessing hard-core Islamic militancy because of these lone perpetrators. Even in USA, post 09/11, there are no instances of organized terror acts except couple of lone Islamic warriors who tried to stamp their terror trail. You would rarely find these lone wolves operating in the developing nations like India and subcontinent. Why? There has to be a reason and I see the increased security and intelligence in these prominent cities of the world which virtually has made impossible for these organized terror modules to work in a group without being noticed. In comparison countries like India are still lacking behind in effective terror management and other similar skills. In big cities like London or Paris or New York it has become easier to operate alone which the organized terror outhouses have realized finally. That is where these so called ‘Lone Wolves’ come handy. Though the masterminds sit three continents away they still manage to perpetrate the crime through their supply-chain agents acting alone. At times they get people willingly there to join hands while at times they force radicalize gullible youths deprived of any basic education or skill. They catch these gullible chaps early, most of the times in jails and correction centres. At least three instances, including the Brussels airport bombing, the terrorists were said to have met their masterminds or rather handlers when they were serving jail term for petty crimes.

    These guys are anything but ‘Lone Wolves’. They are part of the bigger module only. They in fact are as organized as any other terror modules are. They get everything, from motivations to logistic, at times even weapons, from people who are known terrorists or groups with dubious past record vis-à-vis terrorism. Of the hundreds of Islamic militants who have been involved in terror activities in Europe over recent years, only tiny portions have acted alone. Most others are part of a larger network with professional know-how and execution. Many of them have travelled overseas and spent time with major militant organizations. Self-radicalization is a myth which serves no purpose except may be satisfying the falsehood of these liberals worldwide. Terrorism is something that can’t be practiced alone. It always was a group work and it still stays that way. Yes, you may show early signs of radicalization because of your upbringing and teachings but to execute a terror act you need to be part of a broader spectrum of organized terrorism.

    Lest we forget, terrorism is largely an idea and a bad one at that and people do tend to get attracted towards the bad things quicker than the good ones. Parvez Rassol struggling his way into the national Cricket Team may not impress much as compared to a certain Bhuran Wani and there are ample proofs for this. This is common across the globe. The organized terror gangs pick these jokers from the open market and train them remotely to unleash themselves at the first opportunity. Sweeping this truth under the carpet by calling them ‘Lone Wolves’ is a big disservice that we all must refrain from. It is not going to help anyone except the terror gangs who would be laughing their ass off seeing how clownish we are to even accept the hard facts. Let’s not allow our security agencies and powers that be to get away easily by showing their helplessness in countering these ‘Lone Wolves’ and  furnishing excuses on how tough it is to detect them as they work alone. This is nonsense of highest order because there are no lone wolves roaming our streets; it is all organized as it used to be.

    By the way, it is not the liberals alone. Various governments and their representatives blow their own narrative to cover the crimes of these Islamic Militants. They do it to largely remain politically correct. Take for example Mr. Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London city. As early as September 2016 he gladly announced how terrorism is part of living in big cities like London. By the way I haven’t heard this man after yesterday’s London terror act which took three innocent lives. What Mr. Khan said is clear cut forgery of truth. There is nothing but hypocrisy and dishonesty in his words. Terror has no place in a civilized society, let alone big cities. One who asks people to compromise on the pretext of absolute lies or may be self-interest has no authority to be in the position of power, small or big.

    Before we say bye to each other for the time being, please do read my piece on the Brussels Bombing HERE and see how the incident was waiting to happen for quite some time before it happened; thanks to many Mr. Sadiq Khans of Belgium.

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