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    The Kabab Politics

    The day UP poll results were out I tweeted something out of my experience on our liberal mafias. As such our liberals seldom disappoint me. I had predicted that from now onwards our liberals would scavenge every street of UP to bring back stories on how the victory of BJP has resulted in an atmosphere of fear for the minorities and how Muslims are at the receiving end ever since. Before I forget, I too had predicted a ravishing wolf cry for the ‘Idea Of India’ and how the very idea is under threat all of a sudden. But this is nothing strange coming from the liberal quarters. Yogi Adityanath, monk wearing saffron, getting elevated to the CM seat was a double whammy for many in our political circle, our media and intelligentsia. They were bound to shout the loudest and they did exactly that. Even before Yogi could take his oath, the cry on the imminent threat for secularism started doing the round. As expected the usual suspects were at it again. Never mind the whining since it is nothing less than mindless hysteria and abject hypocrisy. A major state like UP was lost badly and a Hindu Yogi who got to the helm, which is the worst thing ever happened to the mankind.

    It all started with the installation of ‘Romeo-Squad’ to tackle the street Romeos in lookout to harass hapless college/school going girls. For reasons that largely appear unbelievable our liberals found the move grossly undemocratic. Never ask for a valuable reason because the liberals don’t have any except their incoherent blabbers. But here is the fact. BJP in its manifesto has promised the installation of such a squad in major cities of the state to keep the level of female harassment to zero. And people of UP have voted BJP on the points that they have mentioned in their so called ‘Shankalp Patra’. In fact a lot of people have voted for BJP. And facts don't lie either. If one would drive around Lucknow during college hours, one would find many such street Romeos stationed in front of every school/college, and their fulltime job is to stalk girl students. It has become a menace in many parts of the state. If one would take account of the reported molestation and other related atrocities involving school/college going girls, UP would beat many other states hands down. I am not sure which world these liberals live, but an average girl’s parents in the state are happy about the formation of this group. Knowing the wrong foot they already are in, the liberals swiftly changed their narrative - though the move may be appreciated, what about the human rights violation that this group may introduce? I once referred these liberals as a bunch of opportunist nuisance makers who love to live in the future; a future which is darker if it happens to be a BJP ruled state.

    They don’t even believe the IG of the state and his assurance that, it is the police that would take up the job and at no point private vigilante groups would be encouraged to take it on their own. Any such groups which try to take the law in their hands would severely be punished. But that is again quite routine with our liberals. They don’t believe the state, the officials or the elected representatives. They only believe their thick germinating imaginary prowess full with duplicity and hypocrisy. Not a single complain is yet been filed by the so called oppressed youths while our liberal bridged is busy doing Rudali act as if they are the sufferers themselves. I even requested one such Rudali to file a PIL if she is so convinced that the move is wrong and a gross violation of human rights. But the coward only knows to whine around without any reason or conviction because that pays. Not a single soul stood up and questioned their beloved little Akhilesh when Mafiosi had become a state managed affair from 2012-2017 but today each one of these human rights watchdog is out of his/her closet to shout garbage. This is so in line with the Dadri and the subsequent ‘intolerant’ farce that the nation breathlessly witnessed.

    It seems the whining for the rights of these Romeos didn’t gather enough steam. It fell apart even before it could take off. People in general are in appreciation of this move and they don’t need a liberal to visit their homes to certify otherwise. They have decisively rejected all such bogus and stupid propagandas in the recently concluded election. I would rather call it another ‘demonetisation’ moment for our liberals. During demonetisation they wept for months for the poor and the common mass while the poor and the average Tom, Dick and Haroon Bhai not only stood in the queue to withdraw their money but also stood in the queue with equal enthusiasm to vote for the man who tormented them through ‘Note Ban’. That came as a shocker to the utter despair of these liberals. All their grumbling to instigate the voters fell flat. Their little Akhilesh and Pappu ‘Jugalbandi’ as well as their vested agenda were savagely rejected by the people who matter. In a way it is the repeat of history with Romeo squad. People who matter are supporting the move while the Lutyens’ #LOL crowd is busy shouting with stupid analogy and worthless reasoning which nobody cares to listen to anymore, including the Romeos whose human rights this #LOL brigade was out to protect. This is what happens when you are not in sync with the ground realities. They depend on their drivers too much to remain in sync with the realities. This doesn’t work anymore. If anything, the liberals hugely depended on their drivers back then to inform them that demonetisation has angered a lot of people and they would vote against BJP and today, their drivers are again passing the gossip that people are equally angry because of the Romeo squad. And we know how these drivers, like their masters, are so adrift from the ground realities.

    Romeos couldn’t be saved since people throttled the nefarious intent. Next the liberals set their foot to defend the butchers of the state. Idea of India was again threatened when ‘Tunday Kababi’ shut its doors because the new UP government started cracking down on illegal slaughter houses. The usual suspects shouted again for the one day closer of the eatery though I never have heard them shout for the Kashmiri Pundits who were displaced from their land for last 27 years. Even the ‘One Day’ adjective was a lie to begin with. The shop was closed for only three hours but for the liberals a three hour time frame is equivalent to an entire day. Perhaps they were again informed by their drivers, just that I want to give them the benefit of doubt on this one. As is we would go to ‘Tunday Kababi’ a little later. Lots of intellectuals wasted rims of paper in dressing-down of the government move with reasons as absurd as it can get. One of the primary reasons given was the number of people whose livelihood was dependent on these illegal butcher houses. That is so hilarious when one finds people defending illegal organizations and yet shameless enough to call themselves intellectuals. It is only the illegal abattoirs that were acted upon but our liberals would want you to believe that the entire meat industry is asked to shut down in the state, thereby proliferation of the so called ‘Hinduvtwa’ agenda. This is how this #LOL crowd manufactures stories. Least they forget is the whole business is illegal irrespective of how many are working in there. There is lot of money in drugs peddling, flesh trade and child trafficking. There are lot of people engaged in this business as well. What our intellectuals expect the government to do? Allow these illegal businesses to go uncarted? Is this the argument that the liberals want to support? If so, what kind of argument is this? I am speechless seeing the reasoning of the liberals, much like the recent Maharashtra Municipality elections where they end up supporting Shiv-Sena because their hate for BJP surmounted everything else.

    Here is the thing. As early as 2012 the apex court ordered all such illegal slaughterhouses to fall inline as per the structured guidelines. The then government of Akhilesh Yadav didn’t bother much to enforce the court’s directives. In fact they ignored it with a purpose. The ‘Urban Development’ ministry was under Azam Khan (a secular by name itself) and all municipalities were under him. The connivance of these illegal abattoirs with the local political class, leading up to Mr. Khan, it was a win-win situation for all. The business flourished without any government guidelines or taxes while the politicians involved got their share on regular basis. Looking at the inactiveness of the state government the apex court again ordered the guidelines be implemented in 2015. Nothing happened thereafter too. The nexus of the powerful and the beneficiaries continued as if it hardly matters what our Supreme Court says. The new government only found it feasible to abide by the court’s guidelines and that resulted in the ‘Fire In The Knicker’ situation for the #LOL crowd. Remember what I said once – these guys are so thirsty and desperate that they will crawl towards a mirage and when they find there is no water, they would end up drinking the sand. Here they are drinking sand by supporting the illegal activities. If required be, they might as well end up supporting prostitution if that can garner some points against BJP. As is, the government hasn’t shut them down for ever. The said slaughterhouses can get their acts together with full government compliance and can be back in business. No one is stopping them there. But that is what our liberals hate. Following government norms is least of their interest. The crap that these liberals propelling on how there should have been procedures, warnings and then adequate time should have been given before closing their doors is as gross as one can imagine. Isn’t the time given from 2012 till today is enough? If they couldn’t set their acts straight in five years how would they have done the same in a two weeks’ notice period? Which logic convinces our liberals that the government should mollycoddle the illegal serpents and plead them to fall in line? Which sensible country/state acts in that manner?  

    Now back to ‘Tunday Kababi’ – why the shop had to shut the door if they were sourcing their meat requirements from legal slaughterhouses? Since they had to shut down for couple of hours, it shows, even they were benefiting from the mess that Mr. Khan and his team knowingly supported. After their reopening, they have removed ‘Beef Kebab’ from their menu which again shows which particular type of meat the eatery was sourcing illegally. Legal slaughterhouses aren't closed. A reputed brand like 'Tunday' shouldn't have any problem in sourcing their meet from these legal abattoirs. But these facts don’t get to the wise head of Ms. Barkha Secular Dutt. In fact it doesn't get into any secular head. As usual she blabbers without putting much strain on her brains; perhaps that is what the secular agenda is. She declares the Kebab store must have a say while clearly giving the logic a miss in-between. Someone picked her stupidity and asked a very valid question. And what were the replies of Ms. Dutt in response? More stupidity. And these are the jokers who call themselves intellectuals. Their agenda drives them towards stupidity and when confronted they spew more stupidity as counter. People like Barkha run a race thinking they are the only participants. But that is not all, her ilk even finds it their entitlement in issuing statements which they believe can be totally devoid of any facts and yet be hailed as gospel truth. This is precisely the reason why I call people like Barkha Dutt as #LOL crowd. They make a joke of themselves at rapidity unheard of among human race until ten-fifteen years ago. Hope she learnt her lesson as I haven’t seen the shove-agenda exponent tweeting about ‘Tunday Kababi’ after that. She perhaps would have realized her fallacy of putting a straight face while lying. People have turned smart to pick the nonsense at once.

    By the way, while I was busy stringing words for this post, are there any new news of ‘Idea Of India’ being threatened again by Yogi Adityanath and his team? If no then I am surprised.

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