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    Excuses Can’t Be Liberal Narratives – A Response To My Friend

    I don’t have any particular disliking for ‘Liberals’ or those who claim themselves to be one. What I dislike is their self-assertion of righteousness, thereby automatically making them, or they think so, the official spokespersons of ethics, morality and all such asserted uncountable nouns. Either you believe and agree to what we say or you are a fool is another thing with an average modern day liberal that I find abjectly repugnant. The routine act of white-washing the crimes of the known monsters is another of the trait that makes me call these liberals as epitome of hypocrisy. And how do they cover these crimes? Of course by generalizing and manufacturing narratives those are not only factually insufficient to stand on their own but also are far away from practicality. Add to that, a little bit of hypocrisy in looking the other way, and you have a potent mixture to drive truth to oblivion.

    My friend, and a dear one at that, is one such upcoming liberal with all ‘Liberalic’, if I may coin the word, attributes. No doubt he is an excellent writer and I personally am a fan of his writings. Though being very good friends, we never crossed our writing paths. It stayed that way all these years but I guess it should change now; at least after his latest piece on the gruesome terror attack in Manchester. Although there is nothing factually wrong in what he wrote, the points he harped upon need not be analysed in isolation the way he tried to derive. As is, there is no wrong time or occasion for a friendly banter – so here I go.

    He starts off with a great covering act as every liberal does. Cleverly he neither denies nor accepts the real trouble makers as is. He gives it a nice coating while ignoring, presumably by intent, to name those who perpetrated the crime. Let’s see what he writes.    
    The ugly monster called ‘Terrorism’ has reared its ugly head yet again and this time it is the ‘Cottonpolis’ of Manchester that has been targeted.
    I agree, he hasn’t put the quote around Terrorism but I did since I wanted to highlight it for a purpose. This is precisely how ‘Looking The Other Way’ is achieved by conveniently hiding behind English words. This also is the first instance in the post when my friend tried to explain a fact in isolation. Over the last 5-6 years whole of Europe has witnessed regular terror acts. All of those terror acts were perpetrated by ‘Muslims’ without a single exception. So my friend did a great disservice to his own concerns by not naming it as it should be – ‘Islamic Terrorism’. In one of my earlier posts I had written, this basic denial in admitting the facts on the ground is what draws the first fault line in our so called fight against terrorism. Little should we forget, our fight against these monsters is more against an ideology than individuals. By denying to define your enemy in correct perspective you are actually depriving yourself the very chance to prepare accordingly. A solution to a problem starts with the admittance that there is a problem in the first place. Here we are still fooling ourselves to admit the existence of a problem on the pretext of political correctness or some nonsense to that effect. The moment we call them plain ‘Terrorists’ we are blinding ourselves to our very own strategies for the fight ahead. Look at the countries that are subjected to ‘Islamic Terrorism’ of late. Most of their leadership would be found juggling around this falsehood for quite some time. Admit that you are fighting against the religious ideology of Islamic nature and this would give comfort that at least we know with whom we are fighting rather remaining sloppy and misguided in our approach that leads us nowhere but to run around in circles and coming up with meaningless condolence blog posts after every such attack.

    After three paragraphs of marathon white-washing the real culprits and their filthy mind-set my friend goes about finding the imaginary reasons why these monsters are acting the way they are. And where does he find the fault line? Oh, yes, the US of A and the arms they sale to countries that covertly support these Islamic terror organizations. That is like accusing the Car manufacturer and the Car buyer, not the thief, for a car theft. Let’s see his second analysis in isolation.
    America just solemnized an arms deal worth an eye-popping $10 Billion with Saudi Arabia a nation which is arguably the biggest sponsors of terrorism and most importantly the ideological home as well as the most diligent exporters of the ultra-conservative and fanatical strand of Islam that experts say promotes and inspires the kind of violent extremism that groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS subscribe to.
    By the way a little correction here; it is $110 Billion not just $10. That apart I fully agree to what my friend wrote except may be the indirect inference he wanted to draw through his parallels between the rise of Islamic terrorism and the amount of arms USA sells to the Gulf nations. USA has virtually made the entire world an arena of mindless rat race to procure weapons of all hues and no one can deny that. But is it really proportional to the rise of Islamic terrorism? Saudi and UAE started buying arms from USA post the Gulf war and I would be surprised if my friend claims that there was no Islamic terrorism before 1991. If he does, it actually would sound very similar to the argument of our home grown liberals who take liberty in claiming the rise of Islamic fanaticism in India because of ‘Babri’ demolition. Even before USA could sell arms to the religious morons of Saudi, the oil money was pushing the cart quite effectively. USA selling high-end arms to these nations who support Islamic fundamentalism might have helped the terrorists to get their hands on assault weaponry easily but it has got nothing to do with the very rotten ideology which makes morons raise those very arms against innocent people around the globe. More than weapons you need unimaginable hatred within to kill innocent people, including kids and infants. Had it not been USA, as evident from the pre Gulf war era, these morons would have procured the arms from various arms Mafia around the world since the reason isn’t the easy availability of arms but the ideology that makes you hate everyone else from every other religion. They simply want to kill and reign in their supremacy over the world because that is what these morons were fed all through their lives via religious sermons. I am sure my friend must have tried to blame it on USA to cover the real scoundrels in haste as his excuses aren’t fitting into his otherwise sensible analytic skills that he more of than not exhibits.

    Coming back to the arms that USA sells to other countries.  After Saudi Arabia and UAE, that top the chart, the other biggest clients of USA arm factories are South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, India and Singapore. Now here is my question – how many terrorists these countries have produced and exported to the outside world? The numbers could be zero or very well negligible. Why may I ask again? And to the utter disliking of my friend and other liberals, the answer to this question lies with the religion of the majority community in these countries. This is exactly what I harped upon in the beginning. Pointing your blames at entirely wrong directions only blinds you towards your own strategies, if at all you have one, to fight the terrorism menace. So it boils down to the fundamental question – what is so special with Islam that may be transforming an average human being to a ruthless monster? Does USA play a role in this transformation too? The arms again aren’t the only thing that USA sells to the world. They finance for it too through various grants. They call it ‘Foreign Military Financing’. The biggest beneficiary of this scheme is Israel with a whopping $3.1 Billion cut. Now how many terrorists Israel has produced till date? Look in contrast at Pakistan which features at 8th in the list with two hundred odd million in funding and yet caters to half the ‘Terrorist’ demand of the world. How this equation spells out if it is the USA and its mindless arm selling endeavour is to blame for the rise in Islamic terrorism? Again the answer lies in the religion of the majority community in Israel and Pakistan and no kind of political correctness can wash away these facts.

    Moving on; somewhere in between white-washing the Islamic terrorists and blaming USA for the rise in terrorism, my friend took shelter of ‘Brexit’ to drive home his point. That is little, well, hilarious. It is hilarious because the nations who are still flocked there in the EU congregation are at no better position. They in fact are at equal or may be worse receiving end of the Islamic terrorism. How would it have mattered had UK not decided to walk away from this meaningless and defunct post World War-II establishment like EU? In fact all post World War-II organizations like EU, IMF and NATO are largely defunct and worthless. More off there are many serious reasons why people (lot of people) of UK choose to walk away from EU. Economy and Sovereignty are primary two reasons while the third most important reason is ‘Political Elitism’ that the EU leadership in general and British leadership in particular was shamelessly flaunting. People were angry because there were a handful of idiots who were humiliating their sense of nationalism through their not so required soft corner for Islamic fanatics. The decision was not emotional at all. People were both angry at the Conservatives as well as the Labour parties which says a lot on the fact that people voted pragmatically to get out of the mess, not emotionally, which people like my friend want us to believe. The very hands which strengthened and cajoled the Islamic terrorists can’t and won’t protect the nation from imminent terror strikes. Their political dividends won’t allow them to even admit that the problem lies with a particular religion and their rotten ideology, much less acting on the menace. People of UK found this mindless liberalism overture a gross misfit to the prevailing situation hence the decision to get out of the mess. And we certainly can’t argue with the fact that, it is the people of UK who know what is best for them and we should abstain from drawing narratives of our own, more so, when sitting thousands of miles away.

    It’s vital to understand that ‘Brexit’ was a vote against the British elite, the so called liberals who sermon on how one and all should act. Voters thought politicians, business leaders, and intellectuals had lost their right to control the system. Voters thought the elite had contempt for their values—for their nationalism and interests. Not sure how my friend missed this one.

    I guess this is going beyond a friendly banter. It is time to stop.
    By the way my friend – a great write up from you as always.

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