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    When The Republic Hit The Lutyens’ Crawlers

    On May 6th Arnav Goswami (AG) launched his much awaited ‘Republic TV’, a 24X7 media outlet. Now one wonders, why a new channel getting launched would make news headlines. There are channels, especially news channels, that are mushrooming every second day. Then what is so special about 'Republic TV'? No other channel till date had made as much noise (quite literally) as RT did before its launch. Much of the English news consumers, fan and critic alike of AG, were eagerly waiting for the channel to start airing. Call it whatever but AG and his style of journalism seems to have a lot of followers across India. Distractors, and we will get to them in the course of this blog, would like to continue with their mindless whining but the fact is, there are a lot of people who were eagerly waiting for AG to occupy their prime time viewing again. Knowing the manner and the reason why AG was asked to leave ‘Times Now’ it was expected of AG to come back with vengeance and determination. He didn’t disappoint anyone on those particular expectations. On the first day itself he made sure that Lalu Yadav is taken to task for his continued unholy trinity with mafia Dons. But is everyone including our liberal contingent really delighted with AG’s second innings? We will see.

    Before we go further it is required to be analysed how AG has caught the imagination of many English news viewers. There were other anchors and quite popular at that, who left their channels and joined other rival channels but no one made as much whisper in the public discourse as AG did. Street thug someday back was asked to leave News-18 for some unknown reason. Nobody cared to even find out why. He joined back ‘India Today’ group and no one even noticed when he did that. Same is the case with ‘Radia Dutt’. She was asked to leave NDTV and no one was concerned a bit on that development. She quietly appeared for News-X during UP election and no one bothered to even notice her. Then what is so special with AG that people not only discussed his ouster from ‘Times Now’ but also debated through various medium. His run-up to the mega launch has its share of controversies too. There were a lot of people who didn’t want him to be successful with his new venture. Even his own (read his media colleagues) wanted him to fail and they still probably do. What is that with AG that made the entire liberal outlet go crazy in one direction – to sabotage his venture? Now that he beat all odds to start his venture, most of those who wanted him to fail have started their usual name calling. There has to be some reasons behind it. When the entire Lutyens’ gang exhibit tremendous support for everything, even for the known morons of their brethren, what made them go so shrill against AG and his venture? Politicians from Congress and other secular outfits having rancour against AG still sounds logical though it is a condemnable act but why on earth other media morons be against some one of their own?  

    Here is the thing. These Lutyens’ crawlers are hypocrites and manipulators of worst kind. They have made a career and lot of money just by peddling lies and vested agendas of their political masters. Many even routinely turn as their master’s campaign managers during election time. They have built their own narrative of falsehood and run their own kitchen cabinet in connivance with their political bosses. They didn’t want their ecosystem of freebies and deceit to die or challenged. AG came here as a threat. For right or wrong, he built his own narrative, far different from what these ‘Darbaris’ masquerading as journalists were doing all these years. He threw a challenge at the statuesque that these selfsame Lutyens’ crawlers built over a period. He challenged the establishments, political or otherwise, that were engaged in mutual shielding with these crawlers. The freeloaders who were delighted with the crumbs and free scotch thrown at them by their masters suddenly found their falsehood crumbling before the masses. It exposed their hypocrisy before everyone and in turn dried their easy money spinning fountains. People liked the narrative that AG regularly was putting up. His popularity grew while the ‘wheeler dealers’ were losing their very presence. They became irrelevant before they could realize. The viewership number of few known liberal news outlets over a period of last 2-3 years would explain how people, like their opportunist and duplicitous masters, rejected these ‘News-traders’ fair-and-square. Being a journalist suddenly became a profane. These freeloader morons probably would have lost a lot for this one man and they are bound to cultivate their hatred for him. And didn’t the hatred oozed out when ultimately RT went live on May 6th?

    Who else can start the slander except the category5moron? She definitely wasn’t too happy about ‘Republic TV’. For decades she and her street thug husband ran the worst kind of propaganda against Modi and BJP on instructions from her masters but today she took no time in dubbing a start-up venture as a propaganda outlet. Keep it in mind that she concluded even before RT could air its first story. This is plain hate and hypocrisy, nothing else. Some days back one asked her the reasons for her inclination towards Congress in her reporting to which she replied – journalism should be towards truth and it shouldn’t be compromised just to sound neutral. Really? Truth and Congress? Scavenging the streets of ‘Juhanpura’ and putting words into an average bystander's mouth is an act of tilting towards truth? Since when? Each one of her story on Gujarat riots was found out to be full of lies and today she is shamelessly calling someone else a propagandist. This is how truth evades these spineless crawlers. They live in their own fabricated world and take liberty in labelling everyone else the way they want. Both she and her husband took money to sabotage the ‘cash for vote’ tape that was given to them and today she questions if a particular media outlet is by, of and for the government? AG, the least, is an equal offender. I have seen many programs of him where he has openly questioned and mugged BJP and its ministers but I can barely remember a single program of this moron where she has questioned the Congress party.

    Next inline was the evolver. Whoever this woman has supported in the past it has resulted in catastrophe for him or her. Be it Rahul Gandhi or Hillary Clinton, all lost their relevance in no time. So I am not too perturbed that she is against RG and ‘Republic TV’. What is interesting here is her self-righteousness. The woman who was acting as a ‘Dalal’ for Congress and was caught red handed while doing political pimping is actually surmounting ethics and morality that one associates with journalism. This is the funniest of all that I had observed in last few months. This is in fact shamelessness personified. She must be suffering from acute memory loss to have forgotten her dirty acts in ‘Radia Tapes’ but we certainly haven’t. A political pimp of her masters is whining about alternate narrative and it creates laugh riots among sensible readers. She calls populism shameful while in reality it is journalists like her and their tireless political butt-licking that is a shame on the profession. It becomes populism when people, a lot of people like it, which in a way reflects what people want to hear from the journalists, unlike the morons like BD who run around the country and ass-worship known anti-India elements for SoundBits. People hate such liars and hypocrites, more so when one is a certified pimp as well. The last moron who should talk about journalism and the ethics that involves in the profession is someone like 'Barkha Radia Dutt'.

    Next to come is another moron who spent her entire journalistic career at the doorsteps of her political masters and wagged her tail at the instructions. She says, she is embarrassed. Really? Morons do feel embarrassment? A person who has money extortion and land grabbing charges running against her is actually embarrassed with something. This should be a rare phenomenon. For last ten years this woman has peddled lots of falsehood in the name of journalism. She has routinely towed the lines of Pakistan and the separatists at every given instance. She too was in the Ghulam Nabi Fai brigade. She was another strong advocate for Kanheia Kumar and the whole ‘Azaadi’ gang. Routinely she churns out her bile against the Indian state and almost calls our occupation in Kashmir as illegal. She is another in the ‘referendum in Kashmir’ advocacy group alongside Grade-A moron Prashant Bhushan. She is a big time data manipulator too. In one of her rubbishes in ‘The Hindu’ she claimed the number of Hindu temples destroyed in Kashmir valley was only two. It only took government records which pointed at 208 destroyed temples to call her bluff. For major part of Delhi assembly and MCD elections she was actively campaigning for AAP quite openly and today she is embarrassed and lecturing about journalistic neutrality. This could be another joke of this decade. Harinder Baweja is a name synonym with extreme journalistic filth and yet she is the one who is questioning the credibility of someone who at least never been seen peddling enemy view point or sleeping with political masters for personal gain. And believe at your own peril, she is embarrassed. Hope she had similar embarrassment while extorting money in exchange of supressing a news story.

    Could you keep Ramachandra Guha out of any rubbish? You certainly can’t. The man who perpetually remains promulgating bogus quotes of Gandhi and Nehru as if both of them personally whispered in his ears was at it again. He is another classic case of a freeloader who is merrymaking on doles thrown at him for decades together. And what is his job in return? A famous ‘Distorian’ that we know him as, he is bestowed with the responsibility to cover-up the crimes of yesteryears; be it the Chinese Gandhi family or the Islamic invaders. The chief spinner in the Lutyens’ free scotch circuit was always at the forefront to showcase his stupidity at the drop of a goat. How could he be away from creating more mess? Though ‘Republic TV’ never claimed anything to their credit this moron concludes his bile which he otherwise thought is sarcastic avowals. Here is the thing Mr. Guha if you care to know what is so wrong with our existing set of ‘News Traders’. Though ‘Republic TV’ may not stop Pakistan from carrying out their nefarious acts, I am sure; it certainly won’t give air space to charlatans and anti-India thugs to vomit against the state. The basic principle of honest living misses the likes of Ramachandra Guha by a milky way. You may never do one thing right in your entire life and that is fair but at the same time you should never commit wrong and that too knowingly in exchange of personal benefits. People like Guha knowingly white-wash traitors and anti-nationals for money and other emoluments. They term abject anti-India notions as free speech so that our enemies can drive home their point and yet when one tries to establish a different narrative he gets his pants on fire. Free speech vanishes from Mr. Guha’s idioms at once.

    To conclude, here is a fact that exposes these skulks like nothing else did. The expose that Republic TV made on Saturday about Lalu Yadav has a history to it. Last year the tape was shared with at least four media houses. All of them chickened out from airing it. Worse even, two of the media houses reportedly have extorted money from Lalu to cover up the news. Now the same crawlers are questioning Republic TV and Arnav Goswami on ethics, neutrality and journalistic ethos. Honestly it no more remains hilarious; it in fact has turned into blasphemous as far as journalism goes. 

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