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    When Secularism Culminated At Butchering A Helpless Calf

    If Congress ever were worried to know the reasons for their rapidly thinning political footprint since 2014, or rather in last ten years, they may just have found the answer from the state of Kerala, which they rule in alliance with the Left. For a moment, I presume, the debates and discussions on how and why Congress is losing its political battle everywhere should be arrested, for we, seem to have found the exact reason for it. Post the debacle of 2014 general elections Sonia Gandhi constituted a team headed by A.K. Antony to dig deep and find the reason/s why people so savagely rejected them. In no uncertain terms, Mr. Antony, in his report, admitted how the general public's perception towards the party has been that of a party that is overtly anti-Hindu. And it should be told here; he in fact put that as the reason number one for the Congress devastation. The interesting point here to be noted is the use of the word ‘Anti-Hindu’. Today being pro-Muslim in the name of secularism is practiced by many political outfits, not just Congress and people largely have come to term with this fact, though dirty. The difference between Congress and other political parties is that no party till date has flared up their abject ‘Hate Hindu’ syndrome as openly as Congress has achieved in last decade and half. Haven’t the powers that be in Congress learned anything from Mr. Antony’s report? Unfortunately it appears, they haven’t. Forget about the much needed learning, from what happened yesterday in Kerala I doubt if anybody in Congress would even have studied the report in its entirety, let alone doing any kind of introspection.

    Now one wonders which event Rahul Gandhi is talking about. Though many of my readers may not want to listen it but RG, for a change, appears to be convinced on what he is saying. For a change that is. For the first time I find the Gandhi scion not mincing his words in condemning the event which unfortunately his own party’s youth wing orchestrated in Kerala to protest the latest ‘Cattle Sell’ prohibition orders of the central government. As RG suggested, the event was a naked display of thoughtlessness and barbarism and certainly not expected of humans. Just one qualm  RG should have named the event in as many words. By using general phrases like 'What Happened' sounds like an evasive tactic. Nonetheless, as I said, I appreciate RG for coming out and thrashing the deplorable act of his party men in clear and crisp avowals. Killing animals for food is still justifiable but to kill an innocent animal as a token of protest not only sounds gory but it also is a criminal conspiracy towards humanity. What kind of teaching and human ethics would allow one to kill an animal for fun? Just to make a point, which very well could have been sent across in many other ways, you can’t kill an animal and RG is bang-on on this point. Now for those who still are wondering on the event that led RG to lash out against his own youth wing members, here is the story in short – just to protest the ‘Cattle Sell’ prohibition, the youth Congress of Kerala culled a calf in broad daylight and made a video when they were at their heinous act. They made their youth Congress office a makeshift butcher stall. They too organized a beef festival post their barbaric act. And all this was just to oppose the latest legislation and to probably insult the Hindu sentiments in one go. For the first time I am feeling sorry for RG. With such youth party carders you really don’t need an opposition to defeat you.

    But this is just part of the story. The larger part is the impunity at which irony evades the Congress party and that too quite regularly. The history of Congress vis-à-vis cow and cow slaughter makes one wonder, how this party has long lost its charisma in remaining in sync with the ground realities. Not only that, it also reflects how badly the party today is totally out of sync with the public sentiment. Out of all the states that now have ‘cow slaughter’ ban, 18 of those were imposed by Congress party. This is not all. For a larger part of its political existence, Congress had ‘Cow and Calf’ as its party/poll symbol. In fact Indira Gandhi herself contested her first election under this symbol. And dare I say such a symbol was chosen for a reason. Dare I say again that during the earlier times, with all their flaws still intact, Congress at least was quite aware of the public sentiment. A Hindu majority country, which revere cow as sacred, can easily be exploited by the clever use of the animal, though for symbolic reasons. In practice Congress party may had their anti-Hindu agenda, as pointed out by A.K. Antony, intact back then but it was largely practiced indoors. There were no open exhibitions of Muslim appeasement or shameless display of anti-Hindu manoeuvring. Something is terribly amiss with Congress party of today. Not sure what the thought process has been within the party in last 10-15 years but all that is coming out of their stable of late, to put it lightly, is flabbergasting, latest being the culling of an animal to lodge a protest. I wonder how a political outfit with close to 100 years of administrative experience would churn out such self-destroying acts without being provoked. Though RG’s words as well as his intentions are well placed this time, one wonders, what would be his specific actions, now that he has come out strongly against the shameless stupidity of his own party men. The man who organized this fracas is a close aid of RG and is seen many times sharing the stage with him. Will RG act decisively against this moron of a human who barely qualifies to be called one? This person deserves to be behind the bar and I am sure RG knows it as well. Will he make sure that this idiot is first thrown out of the Congress party and then behind the bars for coming up with such a bizarre idea? If not for anything else, RG must act against this moron for his own and his party’s good. There are many states which are going to poll in a years time. All the states that are held by Congress at present are having their legislative elections as well. Knowing the veracity of the act perpetrated in Kerala it is bound to be exploited by the opponents. Not only this election, BJP may end up using the same video footage in 2019 general elections too.  

    RG too need to be told once more that his party’s domesticated media houses must be shunned out as quickly as possible. They are adding no value to the image of his party and that of his own. In fact they are ruining it, if they ever had one. If RG had given a quick glance at A.K Antony’s report he must have noticed the mention of negative role played by the friendly media houses in his report. For a prolonged period people have seen through these sold-out outlets and rarely want to believe them. RG and Congress would be better served if they get rid of such news channels and stop being prisoners of their own device. A calf, which was as clear as daylight in the video shared by the youth Congress workers, actually appears like a Buffalo to the NDTV journalists. That is some fun ribbing spinning right there. Though NDTV reluctantly settled after transforming a calf to an OX finally, in the process they possibly could have injected the worst kind of service to the Congress party. If RG wants to listen, such abject lie peddling to cover the indefensible crimes of Congress is what that irate the public more. The belief that people are largely fool to be loitered around is what makes the situation even worse for Congress. It is no one better than RG himself who can authenticate how persistent skulduggery and spinning since 2002 has decimated Congress completely. Like the youth Congress head of Kerala, media houses like NDTV are no friend of Congress and RG. In fact I have started to have the feeling that channels like NDTV might as well be funded and used by BJP like a ‘Trojan Horse’ to destroy whatever left of the Congress party before 2019 general elections.

    Jingoism apart, it baffles even more on how the chain of events leading to this fresh legislation gave a miss to the Congress party. The said legislation isn’t something that is a brain child of Modi government which our active liberals want us to believe. It was the output of the PIL that was filed many years back to curtail the cruelty on animal. Enact an effective cattle legislation, was the guideline issued by the apex court against the said PIL. As early as April 2017 the Supreme Court had sought an explanation from the government on the steps it has taken to lay out the guidelines as suggested by them. The legislation that eventually came out is something that the highest court of our country has suggested. According to the premier court – effective cattle protection guideline is the need of the hour in an agricultural based economy. It should have avenues to both protect the interest of the farmers as well as the animal rights as prescribed by our constitution. Calling this legislation as something coming from Modi government and projected as a move against the minorities (I don’t understand how) is not only factually incorrect but also a great lot hypocritical. Many intellectuals who are burning their midnight oil and concocting stories on the timing of the legislation as it came into force just before the beginning of Ramzan is not only falsehood but also hilarious. Ramzan has got nothing to do with this new law and certainly it has got nothing to do with the minorities (read Muslims) either. It was something the apex court has prescribed and the present government just enacted it as any responsible government would do. At least I don’t see anything wrong here.

    To Rahul Gandhi – Sir, your words should match your actions if you want to be taken seriously. If anything, your past record on doing what you preach is little shoddy and this latest outburst against the shameless display of barbarism by your party men must not follow the same route. As I said in the beginning, I for a change see conviction in your words. Let me not conclude that your concerns were hogwash since you never had any sympathy for the poor animal but you understood the gravity of this heinous act and the political optics thereof.                   

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