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    Meltdown Of The Phoney Secularism Narrative

    How many of you saw this coming? I saw it on the Bihar results counting day itself. I was in fact so sure of the eventuality that I had predicted a break-up in Lalu-Nitish coalition within two years. There is nothing unexpected that happened yesterday because the script of 26th July 2017 was written on 8th November 2015 itself. It was an unholy and one of the most unlikely alliances that never had a long lifespan. I would rather be surprised on the fact that it actually did manage to survive beyond a year’s time. I not only saw this coming but also saw this coming much earlier than it happened. Depending on which side of the fence you are in, you are free to dissect the turn of events aligning your comfort zone and school of thought but Nitish Kumar finally ditching Lalu is as natural as unmentionable slangs are with ‘Delhites’.

    Now the next question is – did Lalu saw this coming? I would doubt Lalu’s political acumen if he hasn’t or failed to have noticed it. Being known Lalu and his political manoeuvres during his prolonged political career, he would have realized, all isn’t well within the alliance for quite some time. I am even quite sure that Lalu Yadav wouldn’t have been too surprised looking at yesterday either. He too knew that the trinity is sitting on the tip of a volcano and it would erupt at any time of the day. Only surprising factor here that may have caught Lalu off-guard could be the swiftness at which Nitish went about accomplishing his job. The least Lalu would have expected is a warning coming from Nitish’s camp, which ironically never came about.

    Lalu-Nitish was a meaningless association from day one is now a foregone conclusion. They came together because there was an existential crisis for both of the leaders. Post 2014 general elections and the routing of both these leaders and their respective parties made one thing clear – perform or perish. Nitish Kumar even lost his job for a small period of time in-between. That didn’t help the cause either. Mounting corruption charges and his conviction in one of the graft cases almost had made Lalu redundant in both state and national politics. He too didn’t have the numbers to make any significant impact on the state polity. Had there been another loss in the upcoming state legislation, it would have made both Nitish Kumar and Lalu irrelevant in our political discourse. It was kind of a possible and highly probable death knell and there was absolutely no way of survival except joining hands and weathering the storm jointly. The alliance was carved out of sheer desperation and such associations generally aren’t known to have very thick longevity. The ideology and philosophy were such unlatching between Lalu and Nitish that a break was inevitable. I mean, nothing else can scale the absurdity level than to deploy someone as useless as Tejashwi Yadav as the deputy of a certain astute Nitish Kumar. If insiders were to be believed, Nitish Kumar wasn’t very happy about having both these Lalu Sons in prominent cabinet posts.

    Nitish had to adjust because the numbers were not on his side. In fact NK was left with no choice but to sleep with incompetence and corrupt, which is vastly against the type of politics that he practices. It was all about a chance and an option and all hell were bound to break loose. Precisely the chance that came around after the Lalu family (almost every member including the son-in-law) was charge-sheeted by the enforcing agencies. We can safely say it was opportunist politics at display from NK but does that exonerates our known liberals of their hilarious conduit since yesterday? Certainly not, if you ask me. Hypocrisy is synonym with our liberal crowd and it is tough for them to shed that altar so soon. No wonder they were at it again whole through the evening yesterday.

    First accusation that came along was that of betrayal and opportunism. How funny it sounds today. The same gang was fine when NK ditched an 18 years long association to join hands with Lalu. NK never was a natural ally of Lalu but that didn’t compelled the clan to go on an intellectual overdrive that they are doing now. For them it was a ‘match made in heaven’ during that time though no political equation ever predicted the alliance. That time NK was supposed to be the poster boy who had listened to his conscience of not taking the sides of the communal forces though he was a partner for last 18 years. None of the usual suspects ever worried how a clean politician like NK could partner with a convicted criminal in corruption charges. None, absolutely none from the lot asked why NK has suddenly got his scruples back after staying there for 18 long years. The bogus secularism narrative was paramount which even overshadowed the chequered past that Lalu always had. Since the dissociation was involving BJP and Modi it has to be correct in whichever way one looks at it, shouted the morons in unison. No liberal did blink for once in hailing the decision of NK back then. None questioned if he is being opportunist or not. But today when NK came out of the most unexpected alliance to go back where he always belonged, the morons seem to have lot of burning sensation at all the places possible. Suddenly NK no more remains a darling to them.

    The poster boy has turned a villain overnight. NK realizing his mistake or so to say after 18 long years was unquestionable gesture but the same NK realizing the mistake in about one tenth of that time has to be opportunism at its best. But then our liberals aren’t very bright people. They blame NK today because their hard-work has failed again. Running up to the Bihar election it was a ‘liberal charade’ all over the place. Few insignificant morons even returned their never heard awards in protest. All was to set the stage to throw around their stale narrative all over the place. Such a colossal waste it appears now. Bihar was hard-earned I must say. Months long effort in hoodwinking everyone went to the drain in minutes and the liberals are finding it hard to digest. The ‘Award Wapsi’ gang now has that proverbial double whammy. They gave up their award for Bihar but now they are left with neither their awards nor the Bihar which they thought to be a silver lining in their otherwise dark present and even a darker future. The bogus secularism that they propelled leading up to the Bihar voting has fallen flat. Conclusively the fraud narrative of ‘secularism’ is buried by ‘corruption’ debate. It doesn’t matter what a convicted criminal like Lalu would offer to the state. A corrupt thug like him was OK with the liberal frauds. He was even OK for the state for which he hasn’t done anything in the past nor intended to do anything in future. But the falsification of secularism needs to be peddled at any cost. The entire livelihood of many depends on this precise charlatanism. So there goes the entire gang in white-washing Lalu and his cohorts with all kind of comical and incongruous narratives.

    Losing Bihar to a person these liberals hate most is just part of the worry. It is the future that hunts these louts even more. Most of them had multiple orgasm imagining a possible opposition to Narendra Modi and BJP with a ‘Mahagathbandhan’ of their beloved politicians like Maya, Mamta, Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam, Congress and many more flocked together. That possibility too has gone to the drain it seems. The very ‘Mahagathbandhan’ the morons were salivating at has ended up being a no-starter. Years of Rudali act on secularism has yielded in a big naught. Free money has already dried out. Even the future on which they had bestowed whatever little they had and with so much hope is now appearing as a mirage to them. Desperate situation I must admit. Freeloaders feel the pinch when the free crumbs thrown at them suddenly disappear from the scene. All the plans of the grand alliance on a mission to topple the Modi government in 2019 is now done and dusted. And the precarious situation is because of this one man who they otherwise thought to be a hero. So it is time to change the narrative. Time is to call NK an opportunist though he never was when he broke away from NDA. Time is to call NK even an outright communal.

    That said how can one be so much hallucinated with their own imagination? I know these liberal and media chaps aren’t very bright people but even a layman would have noticed what NK was up to and how he was in the process of changing his stance in last 8-9 months. He was one of the first CMs who supported the demonetisation move without any complains. He too supported Modi in the surgical strike debate. He even thrashed the whines of some disgruntled losers on EVM hacking fiasco. He was seen hobnobbing with Modi on many occasions. Defying everyone he openly supported the NDA candidate in the recently concluded presidential election. Not only this, slowly but surely he started avoiding Lalu in public. I mean, the hints that NK gave were too prominent to be missed. But somehow our liberals never picked the notion. As early as 25th July a known moron even outlined how the alliance in Bihar is safe. Safe; Really? There were clear signs that the partnership is on the verge of breaking. The last sign was when NK gave Lalu and his useless son the ultimatum of 98 hours to resign. Like Lalu these selfsame liberal quacks thought of continuing living in their dreamland and kept on having nice day-dreams. When the writings on the wall were loud and clear our media charlatans surprisingly were jollying around their own La La Land. Or perhaps they thought their bogus secularism fabrication was too strong for NK to break free.

    It is not a secret that Nitish Kumar is opportunistic. I had written a post during 2014 general elections on how opportunism comes so naturally to NK. But our liberals calling someone opportunist while it suits them is little rich. Politics is all about opportunities. Which politician isn’t opportunist? Isn’t their loving little Rahul Gandhi an opportunist? Had the idea of opportunism is such a bad thing in politics I would expect the liberals to whine equally when NK left NDA folds. But it never came around. Back then it was a great sign of an emerging leader who had come of age to listen to his inner voice. There was no opportunism then. Now that the narrative has complete meltdown, giving clean chits to the scam tainted Lalu family and pouncing on NK doesn’t make any viable argument. A convicted criminal is fine with the morons since he satisfies their inner urge to propel their filthy secularism dialect but NK needs to be hanged since he opposed the corrupt in his cabinet.

    By the way, Lalu should have learnt from past examples. The picture to the right says it all. Whomsoever this woman has befriended, he or she got destroyed sooner than later. In Hindi we call it 'Panauti'. Be it Rahul Gandhi or Akhilesh Yadav or for that matter the entire Congress party and her previous organization called NDTV; examples were plenty had Lalu wished to look around for inputs. She in fact has spread her charisma outside India as well. Before hobnobbing with her Lalu Yadav should have asked Hilary Clinton for details. But one solace for Lalu in all of this – he neither is the first one to be at the receiving end for his not so needed friendship with a known destroyer neither he would be the last in that unfortunate list.

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