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    Sagarika Ghose - The Fountainhead Of Fabrication

    I am not sure how Ms. Sagarika Ghose manages to amuse us each time she pens anything on the Hindu-Muslim fiasco in India. In her latest attempt too, she somehow managed to throw upon a narrative that not only looks bizarre on its face value but also is far from being the truth. But then, that is a trademark with the Sagarika Ghoses of the world. The left narrative which majorly remained at vilifying Hindus and their concerns over the years is at it again through Ms. Ghose’s pen. Only thing that this time she tried to build a narrative which has no resonance to the facts on the ground. More of, her claims of ‘Hindus feeling as victims’ has no base since I haven’t come across a single Hindu who claims so, much less approaching the likes of Ms. Ghose for their insight into the matter. At best the Hindus feel discriminated in their own land and I doubt if Ms. Ghose understands the difference between ‘playing victimhood’ and genuine discrimination of the majority clan for political gain. Nonetheless, a quick glance at Ms. Ghose’s gobbledygook here would settle the course of this post.

    Trademark to her repute she starts with something that, as I said, has got nothing to do with reality. Let’s see what she is up to early morning. 
                                                                                                          The targeting of Amarnath Yatris in Anantnag has sparked off a familiar narrative: Hindus are victims in their own land. According to this shopworn line, Hindus suffer in silence while attacks on Muslims are highlighted. 

    Brilliant!! But I am afraid; I have not seen the ‘Hindus are victim’ narrative after the attack on Amarnath Yatris. It was rather anger on many fronts, including the lack of security when intelligence report had warned the possibility of such an attack couple of weeks back. Where Ms. Ghose did hear the narrative that she is claiming so officiously? Or is she confusing her ‘What’s-App’ gossip circle as the voice of India? This is how people like Ms. Ghose try to defend and cover the real problem. They build up imaginary narratives and then concoct their response based on their own imagination and claim it to be true. It is people like Ms. Ghose who first tried to float the story that the Yatris got in crossfire while the attack was actually on the patrolling police troop. But the survivors of the attack spilled the beans of this falsehood. Had that ‘crossfire’ story not been challenged with facts coming, both from the J&K police and the survivors themselves, Ms. Ghose wouldn’t have penned this piece to cover the obvious. Since the truth behind the attack was to sabotage the on-going Yatra, and it became crystal clear within 24 hours, Ms. Ghose springs upon another viewpoint so that no one talks about the real reason, which is related to the prolonged hate in the valley for Hindus and their religious beliefs.

    Later on in the same paragraph she quotes George Bush and his statement on how India has no Muslim of its 150 lakh Muslim populace to have joined Al-Quaida. What she misses here is their own narrative they have built over the years to cover the crimes of the Muslims – ‘Terror has no religion’. But then hypocrisy blinds you most of the times of your past deeds so that should be fine. So coming back to the topic – if terror has no religion then why Ms. Ghose restricts herself in counting only Muslims those have not joined the terror outfit? There is none from the 800 lakh Hindus who had joined Al-Quaida either. So what is the point she wants to draw from this paraphrasing act? Either she believes that organizations like Al-Quaida or ISIS are based on the teachings/philosophies of a particular religion and only people from that religion are expected to join the outfit or she simply is clueless on what she is writing. And I suspect Ms. Ghose to have assumed a bit of both while rewording George Bush as the ultimate proof of their hypocrisy which they have nurtured with care. But such gaffes are quite routine with Ms. Ghose or for that matter an average Harron Bhai in our media. As I have said many times in the past, our media chaps aren’t very bright people so expect them to shoot their foot every now-and-then and this is precisely how they do it; without any warning or without being provoked.

    Like an average liberal Ms. Ghose suddenly switches to ‘Islamphobia’ as a weapon of truth destruction. Here is how she exhausts hypocrisy, without being provoked again.

    Islamophobia reigns supreme, making Hindutva a mimic of extremist Islam. The fixation on the Islamic threat has meant that there are politicised Hindus now agitating for blasphemy laws, public punishment of crimes, some even issuing fatwas. Islamophobia is also growing because of perceptions of “appeasement” of Muslims and a selective application of laws. But the special privileges sometimes granted to orthodox maulanas by short-sighted “secular” politicians cannot now be used to demand appeasement of radical Hindutva forces who are claiming total immunity from the law.

    It is Ms. Ghose’s world where the rising ‘Islamphobia’ is debated in length, not the victims of the attack after every terror operation. At one point they cry that terror shouldn’t be attached to any religion while they themselves conclude the angry response of an average person as ‘Islamphobia’. Somebody needs to educate Ms. Ghose that people, more so when they are killed, must be viewed away from the skewed hypocrisy that her clan practices. As someone correctly said – if you find ‘Islamphobia’, not the victims, as the point of concern and debate, then you actually are part of the problem. Barring this age old trickery pretty much everything of the paragraph is monumental lies. I may request Ms. Ghose to furnish the instances where Hindus demanded for blasphemy and other laws like Shariah. But this is how the liberals of India expect the truth to pass on to the gullible audience – by peddling as much lie as possible. Come to discuss how the spin industry in India works, one may not have to venture too far beyond Ms. Ghose. Hindus demand a uniform civil law as guaranteed by the constitution, not to have erroneous and diabolical practices that are allowed in other religions in the name of secularism. In fact Hindus want every parochial practice in the name of religion be abolished. But how Ms. Ghose sees the demand as? Yes, to start with, it is a reaction to the rising ‘Islamphobia’ and second, Hindus too need their part of hidebound avenues. Sticking to her unwanted fabrication Ms. Ghose also claims how Hindus want total immunity from law. Not sure from where she got this news but I suspect the handiwork of her ‘What’s-App’ gossip group here too.

    She also fabricates another story that only few ‘Maulanas’ getting the privilege doesn’t tantamount to an entire community being appeased. Really? How more flabbergasting a claim could be? Anyone with slightest IQ would realize how the secular cards are used in India. Even our ex PM Manmohan Singh dedicated the natural resources of the country to Muslims only. But this deplorable act of Dr. Singh seems to have missed Ms. Ghose’s memory. Not only that, post the debacle of 2014 general elections, the fact finding committee headed AK Antony also pointed at mindless appeasement of Muslims as a cause, probably primary, for dissatisfaction among many, which could have led to such savage rejection of the party by the electorates. But it takes the calibre of Ms. Ghose to out rightly discard what everyone else knows very well.

    Then Ms. Ghose moves to Sachhar Committee report that every other liberal does, forgetting the moot point – why and how Muslims are at the bottom of social scale. Let see how she fabricates further.

    The Sachar Committee report showed horrifyingly low levels of education and healthcare among Muslims, falling rate of Muslim representation in bureaucracy and police, female literacy lower than SCs and STs; it showed only one out of 25 students in undergraduate colleges and one in 50 in post graduate colleges are Muslims. If the community was “pampered” and “appeased” why doesn’t this show in rising incomes and education? Or are we confusing the political patronage of imams with the average Indian Muslim?

    Whom Ms. Ghose would blame here for such statistics? But the problem here isn’t Ms. Ghose’s psyche. The real problem is the selective amnesia that Ms. Ghose’s clan suffers from. They only remember ‘Sachhar Committee’ report when it suits them. For sixty odd years it was Congress which ruled the nation and looking at their tall claim of love for the Muslims, I wonder how the community missed the development bus? I have said this many times in my blog previously. All that parties like Congress gave the Muslims after prolonged crocodile tears is just fear. By design they kept the Muslim populace downtrodden in all civic parameters. That is where their political dividends are. Not alone Muslims, Congress wants all to be deprived of from basics of human life. The bench mark for Muslims have been set at such a low by these messiahs of minority that none or very few make it to the top, be it bureaucracy or anything else. Ms. Ghose’s dismay in asking why the Muslims languish at the bottom had they been appeased all this while is the worst kind of debauchery that one can expect to find. Here is the fact Ms. Ghose – design of appeasement is such that the Muslims were expected to live with the crumbs these charlatan politicians throw at them. They never were pampered to lead a self-sustaining livelihood. In exchange of Hindu cause, most of the time genuine, parties like Congress exploited the Muslim community no end. People like Ms. Ghose too played their active role in this sinister design of Congress and their cohorts. This particular piece of article is a glimpse of how the liberal clan covertly supported the non-growth design of Muslims and it is only irony that Ms. Ghose is today shamelessly asking questions for the mess they in connivance with their masters have created.

    Ms. Ghose then jumps to another set of statistics to question the present when the reason lies in the past. Let’s see her gaffe again.

    By contrast, who or what is victimising Hindus? Who is oppressing Hindus? At a time when Muslim political representation is at an all time low, why should Hindus feel under attack? When Hindu mythology, festivals, iconography, imagery is now the dominant culture in art, books, movies and TV shows, when a government that openly declares that it is a Hindu nationalist government rules with a big majority, why on earth should the Hindu feel as if he is cornered?  

    First thing, and including me many others have refuted this pathetic claim of the liberals many time in the past; no harm in doing it again. Muslim representation in our parliament is at all time low because the Muslim candidates never managed to win the election. All the Muslim candidates pitted by the Congress party lost the election; many even end up losing their deposit. Same was the case with other parties and their Muslim candidates. Does it mean that the entire populace is at wrong because they didn’t vote Muslim candidates? What kind of argument Ms. Ghose is trying to shape up here? Now coming back to her question on who is objecting to Hindu festivals. I am sure Ms. Ghose isn’t aware of a state called West Bengal. The TMC government even has, in recent past, banned the Durga Puja at couple of places with Muslim majority since that would hurt the sentiments of the so called minorities. Many Hindu festivals are taken off the official holiday list of Bengal government. In the heart of Kolkatta a Mandir was asked to stop their ritual evening ‘Aalati’ because that was not acceptable for the Muslims staying nearby. While I am at it, I may as well ask Ms. Ghose to go to J&K and organize ‘Ganapati’ puja in Srinagar. Now when she says an odd example may not be true for the entire India, my heart cringes remembering her episodic outrage post the Dadri incident. She and her clan took no time in declaring entire India as intolerant because of one Dadri while the louts have the audacity to ask, what if Hindus are at the receiving end in Bengal, J&K, Kerla and Tamil Nadu in some extent; it is not the case for all the places. And still people like Ms. Ghose wonder why no one takes their verbiage seriously anymore.

    All-in-all Ms. Ghose tried to push her rotten agenda of lie peddling once again and failed miserably as expected. The nature of comments on her post shows to which extent people have started to reject liars like Ms. Ghose and alike. Not a single day passes in the lives of the Ms. Ghose and alike without lie peddling and questioning the present dispensation while the very lot were well within their goody-goody altar when UPA was destroying the nation inside out. If agendas run out dry people like Ms. Ghose use their fertile imagination to come up with absurdities at an alarming sincerity. Only motto – treat Hindus and all their rights with abject contempt and keep on questioning which rather should have been asked out loud when their loving paymasters were in power.

    Now I am assured that I wasn’t wrong when I call Ms. Sagarika Ghose a category five moron. 

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