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    The Myth Called Kashmiriyat

    For the first time I heard this nonsense from Atal Bihari Vajpayee. While addressing a rally in Srinagar he said – “Kashmiriyat Insaniyat And Jamhuriyat”. Whatever that meant though but it still did manage to pacify the perpetual trouble makers of the valley for some time. But little did Vajpee ji knew that the apologists elsewhere would pick the gobbledygook of his quite seriously. For every damn squabble emanating from the valley now days is conveniently covered under the pretext of some ‘Kashmiriyat’ that no one has ever seen being practiced by the people in the valley. I don’t know what ‘Kashmiriyat’ that these selfsame terror apologists sing about all day long, but the minimal time I had spent in the valley makes me wonder if I had been to an entirely different place than what these advocators describe sitting in the comfort of their AC rooms. 

    Now why am I picking up this ‘Kashmiriyat’ farce today? Three days back seven Amarnath yatris were gunned down by these same ‘Kashmiriyat’ exhibiters and we have hoards of morons who are already busy piling up the same garbage to cover the trail of the perpetrators once again. It is about time that the nonsense that Atal Ji kick started must be called out loud and clear. The jokers who survive on the crumbs we throw at them and yet whine mindless ‘Azaadi’ all through the year is the real Kashmir that our established apologists try to wash away with some non-existent ‘Kashmiriyat’ fraudulence. So lets settle this falsehood once-and-for-all.

    History is always been a blind spot for the leftist and the same crap is fed to us 24X7 through various intellectual masturbation that has no base or truth in it. The morons of the valley who today shout that India and its citizens have betrayed them were shouting ‘Asi gachhei Pakistan, battaw rostiy; battaneo san’ (We want Pakistan without Pundit Men; but Pundit women) while driving out the 5000 year old native civilization of Kashmiri Pundits from the valley. At one point there were only 11 Pundit families left in the valley. Thousands of Pundit men were killed; their women were raped and mutilated. Even small kids were not spared. Many small boys died due to unimaginable pain and bleeding when they were subjected to forceful castration as per the Islamic ritual. The image to the right is just a sample of the crime that was perpetrated in 1990 to which no one till date is even charge-sheeted, much less punished. The history of Pundit exodus is so horrific that even the steel hearts cringe while narrating the gory tales. There is an infamous spot in Dal Lake called ‘Bat Mazar’ (Graveyard of Pundits) where Pundit men were stuffed in shacks and drowned and their women were then paraded naked, humiliated, raped and then butchered. Pundits were given a three day ultimatum to either convert to Islam or face the consequences. Many fled the state in fear of their lives and still are living a refuge life in their own homeland. The properties of the Pundits were either illegally snapped by these ‘Kashmiriyat’ exponents or purchased at dart cheap rate. I have a friend named Nitin Kaul whose family property was taken away in exchange of Rs 18,000 and free one way bus tickets to Jammu. His father and grandfather along with all female members and kids had to flee in the mid of the night to save their lives from the prowling wolves. Where was the ‘Kashmiriyat’ hiding back then? Or is it actually the true ‘Kashmiriyat’ that otherwise being sugar coated by our liberal apologists and served to us on daily basis with a different humanity flavour? In fact many in the apologist’s clan out-rightly refute to acknowledge the merciless butchering that went around 1990. This is the true ‘Kashmiriyat’ that the intellectuals are trying to cover. While we as a nation are spending millions in giving food and shelter to the pigs in the valley who, rather being grateful, turnaround and bark at us at every given opportunity. Morons are enjoying on our money while the Pundits are still living in refugee camps and dying of starvation and snake bites.

    While we are paying through our nose so that the parasites of the valley can survive, the morons themselves are oblivious to our generosity. Unfurling of our national flag isn’t acceptable to them. When Indira Gandhi, the then PM, was addressing a crowd in Srinagar, the so called ‘Kashmiriyat’ exhibiters flashed their genitals and foul mouthed the PM and the Indian state to go back. This is what these pigs really are. They hate the state, our laws, our elected government and everything else that defines us as a nation. They want everything from India (including only Pundit women) but whine ‘Azaadi’ all the time. And these are the same germs that seem to have turned victims at the altar of the Indian state in a decade’s time. This has to be the miracle of the 20th century. But as I said, the leftist and the apologists alike have a blind spot in the history, precisely why; everything in India starts post 1992.

    It was 1990 and it is 2017 today but the morons haven’t changed a bit. In fact they have gone worse. They pelt stones at our security forces at their will. They burn our national flag in broad daylight. Every year the Amarnath Yatra is subjected to stone pelting by these ‘Kashmiriyat’ thugs though many of them make a living from the money they earn doing sundry jobs during the Yatra period. They simply hate India no end. They don’t even spare the ambulances carrying critically injured army personnel. They pelt stones at them too and block the road so that the injured couldn’t be ferried to the nearest hospital. They come out and pelt stones at the security forces while they are engaged with the hiding terrorists so that the terrorists could flee. Their Mosques announce in loud speakers where the security forces are engaged with terrorists. They make Bhuran Wani a hero and cry for revenge against the Indian state and vow to inflict more damage. The list of crime of these pigs is literally endless. But what we were told instead? There is some bloody goodie-goodie ‘Kashmiriyat’ in the valley that unfortunately no one has seen or felt; not now never in the past. DySp Ayyub Pundit was lynched while on duty because he was perceived to be a Hindu. This is how the ‘Kashmiriyat’ flows down to the street. Just because he could be a Hindu, he must be lynched. And the morons aren’t remorseful at all. That is perhaps why thousands attended the funeral of the pig who was the mastermind in DySp’s lynching. Not only that, they draped his body with ISIS flag. Where is the ‘Kashmiriyat’ here? I don’t see any. What I see instead here is pathological hate for India and everything Indian. In fact the entire valley’s mind set is anti-India centric. It flows down from their leadership. They consider any non-Muslim not part of the valley. That is perhaps why when Pundits tried to return to Kashmir were faced with deplorable comments and obnoxious gestures from the native populace. Look the Pundit men have sent their women for our pleasure is what they jollied about while laughing at the decade long apathy of the Pundit clan. Is this the ‘Kshmiriyat’ that the louts tout about? Omar Abdullha was delighted when Parvez Rasool was selected in the Indian Cricket team and tweeted how the first ever Kashmiri makes it big in Cricket. Alas, he conveniently forgot a certain Vivek Razdan or a Suresh Raina. But I don’t blame Abdullha Jr. because this is the exact mind-set that is long been sugar-coated and served as some laughable ‘Kashmiriyat’ to the rest of the world.

    The same ‘Kashmiriyat’ nonsense was raked up again when seven Amarnath Yatris were killed. And who took the lead in peddling the nonsense? Yes, it is none other than the great Rajnath ‘Kadi Ninda’ Singh. This is how the current Modi government is losing its core vote base. Not only Mr. Singh, there were many other ministers in the present government who peddled this ‘Kashmiriyat’ baloney. Seriously? BJP is perceived to be the only party that cares for Hindu sentiment but I guess the masks are off now. They too are getting into the farcical secularism nonsense to protect their Muslim votes. Is Hindu votes taken for a guarantee? Is it the mind-set that is creeping into this government’s hierarchy? Coming back to the tweet to the right; I don’t find a problem with Suchi Karla’s tweet. In fact anyone with slightest humanity would react the same way. Who really gives a fuck to this ‘Kashmiriyat’ nonsense when innocent people were killed just because they were Hindus and were on their way back from a religious Yatra? Any sane mind would see that she wasn’t asking for every Kashmiri to be culled. It is not very difficult to realize that she is pointing at those who carried out the killings, provided you are not Rajnath Singh. Just to make a place in the liberal hearts RS abjectly misrepresented her tweet and threw his own baseless nonsense as response. No sir, you aren’t doing your job well. Hindus are getting killed on daily basis in Kerala and Bengal. Have I ever heard you, even for once, on those killings? Post every terror attack you do nothing, absolutely nothing, as the home minister of this country. Your competence level in executing your responsibilities doesn't go much beyond your flabbergasting ‘Kadi Ninda’ which is as hilarious as you being there at the position you are in. For a long time I haven’t seen a more incompetent home minister (in fact Shivraj Patil was far better) than RS and yet he finds ‘Kashmiriyat’ as answer, rather cover-up, to the killings of innocents and his subsequent incompetence. No wonder RS became a darling of the liberal clout instantly and that is perhaps what RS wanted deep down when he conveniently distorted the angry and genuine outburst of a common citizen.

    I am sure RS isn’t that naive to have realized that these liberals would never support his party when it matters. They never have done it in the past nor do they have any plans to change that in future. Yet RS conveniently peddles the same rubbish that these liberals want to hear. People who have long supported BJP and objected to the falsehood of the ecosystem without anything in return matters nothing to the party and its politicians. What matters to them is their acceptance in a group of spinners and applauds from the secularism cheer girls. Ask RS to talk about the mindless killing going on in Kerala or Bengal, he would wet his pants but conveniently let the liberals pounce on a woman by distorting her tweet. Few even reached out to her employer and asked her to be removed from her job. This is what the incompetent RS perhaps wanted. Even Modi tweeted that he is pained to hear the death of seven Yatris because of terror. I am sure he didn’t mean a single word of it. Neither he nor his government cares two hoots for Hindus and their sentiments. Cowards these people are. To hide their own shortcomings they let others be used as scapegoats. 

    The ever clownish Ravishankar Prasad is another idiot who makes no sense by his presence in the government. He asks if those who died in the terror attack have any human rights or not. Whom this joker is asking this question and why? Someone please educate this moron that his party is having the government at the center and he is the law minister himself. Who is stopping him or his government from acting? He was equally shameless when Mamata Banarjee government banned Durga Puja at few places in Bengal. He then asked if Hindus have the right to celebrate their festivals or not. What a moronic question that was? This even sounds more moronic coming from the present law minister. Why not act if there is a violation of someone's fundamental rights? Why pose nonsensical questions on tweeter as if that matters? Please tell me, who made him the law minister right-away. What level of incompetence and cowardliness would make one be so disgraceful to his/her own responsibilities? Narendra Modi seems to have filled his cabinet with jokers of all hue. It looks like as if he handpicked the best from the 'good for nothing' lot to fill his cabinet posts. Monumental miscarriage of people's mandate, I tell you. 

    When the ‘Kashmiriyat’ is peddled from the least expected quarters how on earth one can expect the natural components of the ecosystem to not peddle it further? 'Barkha Tapes' shouts her lungs out. Which ‘Kashmiriyat’ she thinks the terror attack has undone? Didn’t I say it earlier that the frauds do a nice sugar-coating job of the nonsense? All that I can remember of Kashmir is terror attack and abject hate for India and Hindus. They agree to repel article 370 provided no non-Muslim is allowed to purchase property in the valley. This is how these leeches build their narrative. With blood and only blood in their hands, which ‘Kashmiriyat’ Barkha thinks is undone by few more extra killing? And what the solution that this Darbari is offering in hindsight since the so called ‘Kashmiriyat’ is in jeopardy – government shouldn’t have organized the Yatra. Brilliant. This is what even the bone of contention for ages for these ‘Kashmiriyat’ chaps. They don’t want the Yatra to happen there ever. It hurts their Muslim sentiments which they showcase every year by pelting stones at the Yatris without fail. Ban Durga Puja in Bengal since Muslims find it offending can very well be experimented in the valley as well. No Yatra, no stone pelting hence the ‘Kashmiriyat’ would stay intact. This is how our liberals push such unbelievable charlatanism to cover the criminals.

    But Kashmiriyat isn’t over Ms. Barkha Dutt. Don't be so perturbed. ‘Kashmiriyat’ was again on display on the day the terror attack happened. If I see someone in distress my natural human instinct would tell me to help him/her. It is true for most of us. This is called basic humanity. But ‘Kashmiriyat’ is a different ball game it seems. When people were dying the leeches were laughing at them, much like how they laughed at Pundits when they revisited their place after decades. This is ‘Kashmiriyat’ for you. But it is our fault. They weren’t laughing at the plight of those who were killed or severely injured. They were laughing at us for being so shameless in sponsoring their nonsense from our Tax money. This is precisely the ‘Kashmiriyat’ that I am witnessing for decades now. As I said, they survive on the crumbs we throw at them but turn around and bite us at the slightest opportunity – this is ladies and gents the dictionary meaning of ‘Kashmiriyat’, if you still haven’t figured what this phenomenon is. Millions of pilgrims go for Haj from Mumbai. Can you imagine any liberal or Rajnath Singh applauding the ‘Maharashtraiyat’ (if I may coin this nonsense) had there been similar attack on them? Would you have expected the cheer girls to go there and cover the crime? Your guess is as good as mine. But today no one is talking about those who lost their lives; hell, no one even knows what their names are. Was it by design and purpose Mr. Rajnath Singh? Because it took no time to know a certain Akhlaq Ahemad or Phelu Khan. Why the names of the dead still not been disclosed? Exactly which part of ‘Kashmiriyat’ is holding the incompetent Rajnath Singh from divulging the names?

    Such a disappointing government we have chosen, I tell you. Other than delivering his monotonic and boring speeches Narendra Modi has done nothing for the Hindus, presumably his core vote base. He sees ‘Gaurakhaks’ but never could see the hundreds of killings of Hindus in Kerala and Bengal. I never have heard him say a single word on those killings. Where is that ‘56’ inch chest Mr. Modi? Or the astounding love of ‘Kashmiriyat’ has shrunken it to naught? Congress, with thousand flaws, is still better any day. At least they value their core supporters and go to any length to satisfy their wishes. But in case of BJP, those who hate and abhor them are dearer than those who have supported them in all thick-and-thin. So dear Narendra Modi, next time Hindus are butchered again, please don’t tweet your farcical ‘I am pained’ avowels. We for sure know these are meaningless and probably outright lies. In reality, you care nothing for those who struggled, fought, supported and voted you to power. I guess, you are better off with the ‘Kashmiriyat’ and all the exponents who dance around this mythical jargon while having group orgasm.

    P.SOne of my regular readers asked me the other day; will I still vote for BJP next time? My answer is – probably yes, but I won’t be as vocal a supporter as I used to be. Let the ‘Kashmiriyat’ engulf me with its charm instead. Enough said!!

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