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    Loathsome Entities Of 2017

    We are again at that time of the year when the most loathsome entities list gets published on BC. This has become a watershed moment on BC every year when loathsomeness rewards itself thereby concocting a prestigious list of top 10 loathsome entities of the year. Over the years it has been noted that most entities quite effortlessly make it to this honorable list. This itself speaks volume of their loathsomeness. Few entities are good enough to make it to the list by their maiden appearance while few others slog it through the year to make a mark for themselves. Nonetheless, all of those who make it here are astounding oafs in their own way and field. But this year is little different from other years. This year we have maximum new faces that managed to dethrone the regular constituents of this list. That is some achievement I must say; for e.g – dethroning louts like Sanjay Jha or a Digvijay Singh is no mean feat. It takes unbelievable caliber to achieve this spectacle but then, we are not short of geniuses in loathsomeness in our country. My heartfelt congratulations to all those who made it here and I hope they would continue to ornament this very list for years to come. Not to discourage those who couldn’t make it here or missed it by a whisker, be resilient with your loathsomeness. You were champions on this field and I am sure it won’t take much time for you guys to bounce back. To show gratitude to this spectacular bench strength we would have a list of honorable mentions at the end of this post.

    So without wasting any further time we must dive into this noble list. As always, the list starts with the least loathsome entity, leading all the way up to the coveted winner of the segment. So here we go 

    Panna Lal Sakhya:

    Not sure who this moron is? Neither do I till couple of days back. He is the first of the two who could sneak here by their maiden presence. I am told he is a lawmaker from Madhya Pradesh. Now I am not sure what kind of law this scumbag would be formulating for the state. When none thought there could be any controversy with the Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma wedding, this gentleman from MP had to take the responsibility to prove all wrong. He did accomplish his job swiftly, didn’t he? And how he managed to scale over this impossible task? He called Virat Kohli an anti-national. Poor Kohli came in his Excellency’s ire because he preferred to get married in Italy, not in India. Wow!! That is some watertight logic to find the traitors among us. Next time one of your friends suggests for a destination wedding outside India just label that faggot an anti-national immediately and be done away with. You have the ‘Panna Lal Sakhya School Of Patriotism’ at your disposal to prove your point. And by the way, the moron didn’t say it for the heck of saying, if you think so. Genius people don’t just blabber without having enough proofs to back their point. Mr. Sakhya has some solid logic to back his theorem. According to him lord Ram got married in India as if he was a ‘Barati’ in that holy affair. So when lord Ram can get married in our ‘Bharatbarsh’ why can’t Kohli? Any duffer marrying outside automatically becomes an anti-national. He/she in fact becomes an anti-national on two counts – one, dumping India when it was presumably your most important day in your life and second, you dumped lord Ram and his core teachings of where one should get married quite nonchalantly. Both are offences of unacceptable proportions and somewhat unpardonable. Exemplary punishment is the need of the hour. But before we let Mr. Sakhya soak in his marvels, we must suggest him to eat Taiwanese mushrooms daily so that next time he is at his best again we could note his face with little clarity.  

    Zaira Washim:

    Another moron and another achiever. This bimbo is the second in the list who could sneak in by her maiden presence. Not exactly maiden but we can give her earlier nonsense on secularism a consensual miss. So that should be OK. She too has another achievement other than snatching a place in this prestigious list. She becomes the youngest ever in the history of the list to crack in. I would say, a Sachin Tendulkar equivalent in the loathsome list history. I am pretty sure she is a genius in the making in the loathsomeness direction. And how the bimbo did the impossible? She accused falsely that a man though cramped and tangled like a ball of wool inside an aero plane molested her by using his leg. Wow again. This man deserves to get in the plane that would take our athletes to Tokyo for 2020 Olympics. He definitely would bag the gold medal in gymnastics. And when he achieves this feat, we must also honor the bimbo back home with a ‘Bharat Ratna’ for unearthing this raw talent. Jokes apart, whom this bimbo is trying to fool and why? None in the plane, including the crew and co-passengers, could notice anything going even remotely uncharitable while the bimbo is all over the place with her nasty exuberance of victimhood. Boy, how could I miss to mention the gallons of crocodile tears that this loathsome bimbo shredded to make her falsehood appear genuine? An actor indeed. Now that her falsehood is being called out, the moron has gone hiding in a shit hole. No one has heard the bimbo since the time the bluff in her moroniry was pointed out. Where is she hiding? P.s – You can read “Bollywood Bimbos” on this site to know more in details on why this single event found her a place in this list of awesome.   

    Nidhi Razdan:

    One of the many who religiously make it to the loathsome list year after year. Commendable!! I both respect and appreciate such consistency. Kinda Rahul Dravid stuff; vintage, unmatched and unparalleled. She belongs to a special group and she must take pride on this fact. These are rare gems in the moronic scale and we all must do everything to protect such gems from extinction. As is loathsomeness comes very naturally with someone like Nidhi. This year Nidhi decided to break her own records in loathsomeness and tried to impress Barack Obama with her spectacles. She for some reason was invited to the Obama foundation’s maiden charter organized in India and the bimbo did what she only knows to do – show her unparalleled horribleness. The bimbo tried to flame some political fire in an apolitical event to draw some praise for her masters. But a matured politician like Obama knows only too well who the morons are, even if they are masquerading as journalists. Perhaps morons do have written something on their foreheads for easy picking. Rightfully Obama asked the bimbo to keep quiet and take her slavery out of the room. That was some slap to note. But did the bimbo left her moroniry in the conclave. Certainly not. She was all over tweeter to display her acute loathsomeness, even if that means questioning Obama on his intentions while spanking this bimbo in public. Same old ‘freedom of expression’ nonsense was the key. But little did this moron forget how she conducts herself in her pathetic TV show named LR&C. Not long back she asked a BJP spokesperson to leave her show because that chap was calling out her bluffs and exposing her agenda driven journalism, which she always does. The poor man’s only fault was he called this bimbo what she is – a slave of the Congress party. 

    Shyam Benegal:

    You can’t possibly conceive a loathsome list without a Bollywood thug capturing a position. This has never happened and it is going to stay that way, thanks to a certain moron called Shyam Benegal. The manner in which this moron stormed into the list, it even surprised me. And how I managed to discover this gem? For the better part of the year I was wondering where the typical ‘Jholawals’ of Bollywood are. I was almost in the verge of getting into depression when SB crawled out of the woodwork, closely following Zaira Washim, to bring that much needed cheer on my face. And how he crawled out? In a grand style, I must admit. Of all the people this joker now suddenly becomes a claimant in the Babri Mosque dispute. Wow again. What business this Commie lout has got in the dispute? How he became a claimant? This is such a mystery that even ACP Pradyuman and his gang of door breakers would find hard to crack. Not only that, the moron even is demanding that the disputed site be converted to a hospital. Perhaps he wants his unwanted piles to be operated there. Now this instant love for a hospital on the part of this loathsome man is astounding, though it is in line with the demands of other ‘Jholawalas’. This notorious charlatan has made a career in exploiting poverty in his movies. All that he showcased in his filthy movie making life is how poor and downtrodden India as a whole is, in line with the  typical Commie attitude. Now suddenly the scoundrel has lots of love for the poor and wants a hospital in Ayodhya so that poor would get treatment for free. What a noble enunciation coming out of this moron. Praise worthy. I secretly asked the thug – had that love for poor is natural, may I know how much you have donated of your ill-gotten money for the welfare of the poor in the past? The moron never did reply. May be the rascal is counting the amount he has donated till now.  

    Hardik Patel:

    Gujarat was poll bound this year and I was sure the state won’t disappoint me in throwing at least one joker to fill up my list. And I wasn’t disappointed a bit. It in fact the state gave me two morons to cherish. First of the two morons is an illiterate ‘anguthachap’ and somewhat ‘sadakchap’ Hardik Patel. Tongue-tied idiot and a hoodlum far from any kind of civility was bound to make it nasty and he certainly stood true to my expectations. After all a moron charge-sheeted with sedition will stay that way. Coupled with that, lack of any education won’t help elevate his civility any good either. And trust such thugs taking shelter under the protective umbrella of the Congress party. It has always happened when the best thug of any era has been patronized and protected by the Congress party. Because thugs bring lot of political dividends for the Congress party. So HP was an automatic choice to be included. Like most morons that were quick to exploit caste, HP had his share of caste division philosophy too. He demanded reservations for ‘Patidar’, a Gujarati community. No one, including the scumbag himself, knows why there should be reservations for this section. Even the Supreme Court threw his nonsense quite uncharitably. But that is hardly a point for the Congress party to look upon. Someone is trying to divide the society on caste lines; bingo!!  something that matches the core philosophy and blueprint of the Congress party. Good enough a point for that person to become an instant darling. More of, HP could potentially eat up BJP vote share and make it tough for Modi to retain Gujarat. What else is needed? National harmony, national integrity, secularism and all such sundry nonsense can wait. 

    Jignesh Mewani:

    Here comes the second moron from Gujarat. In fact this guy is quite a character. His only qualification for being in electoral politics is, he is a Dalit. And no Dalit card misses the purview of the Congress party. So this moron automatically becomes a trusted ally of Shri Rahul Gandhi. Along with being uncivilized, this scumbag possesses a highly stale mouth. In fact this moron is a close cousin of Rohith Vemula. He is a third rate Commie too. His ‘Jholawala’ syndrome is quite prominent if one looks at his past. He is a close confidant of other notorious jerks like Kanheiya Lal, Umer Khalid and the bimbo Shiela Rashid. This moron too is very supportive of the ‘Aazadi’ gang of the valley. He was seen many times with other assorted jerks like Gauri Lankesh. Now how a Dalit thug from Gujarat managed to sneak in to the established anti-India congregation of JNU is still a mystery to many. I last checked, this moron wasn’t studying in that farce of a University. By the way, Bhuran Wani is a hero for this moron. He too had strong objections against the government for hanging Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon. He also enjoys a good bout of laughter and enjoyment whenever Maoists kill our CRPF Jawans. In fact the list of idiocy and anti-national activities of this scumbag is too long to scale in a single blog. And doesn’t such thugs always attract the Congress party? Like Hardik Patel, this moron also appeared like a vote crusher of BJP hence the association of this moron was always on the cards. While I write it, this uncivilized idiot has shown his upbringing by using highly insinuating language against the PM. This had never happened in our political history. And such shit-mouthed scoundrels impress the Congress party no end.

    Ankit Lal:

    Like Bollywood morons, you can’t stop ‘AapTards’ from making it to the loathsome list. When their boss has always been a consistent feature in the list, his prodigies like Ankit Lal aren’t staying much far from the scene of action. By the way, this joker is equally, if not more, foul/shit mouthed like Jignesh Meawani. Before Yugpursh almost lost his deposit in Varanashi, this thug was all over the place calling Modi a ‘Chutiya’ and how his tout like father figure Kejriwal would defeat him there. Such a joke this clown is. But this is not the reason why he is in the list. This moron tried to be an intellectual in semiconductor technology to justify how EVMs could be hacked. Though I am sure this moron would struggle to spell ‘semiconductors’ in one go, he was acting like a know-all go to man for any query on digital electronics. He mugged up some bogus books on semiconductors and tried to act like an intelligent on twitter. Only thing this clown misread is that there actually are professionals on twitter who are working in the same domain. It didn’t take long for one such professional to pick the hilarious thread of this moron and thrash him left-right-and-center. This is what happens when you buy a pirated book from ‘Palika Bazar’ and mug up without knowing what your are mugging up. Even more suicidal is when you decide to display your engineering moroniry after mugging up the shit. This moron's bluff was caught, stripped naked and thrashed with absolute disdain by people who are working closely on this technology. But honestly, one need not be from semiconductors background to call the lies of these idiots. Being a certified ‘AapTard’ is good enough to point at your absent brain and an absent brain is not capable of even buckling shoe laces, much less lecturing on semiconductors.

    Kapil Sibal:

    Another regular in the list. Any legal nonsense you pick, you would find this dubious and dumb character loitering around there. He somehow manages to find a place in the list and he does it quite easily. Another astounding feet that isn’t simple to achieve, provided you aren’t a superhuman like Shri Sibal, the zero loss idiot. While his boss Rahul Gandhi was getting incarnated to a ‘Janeyu dhari’ Brahim, the slave was busy with his sinister plot. Lot of temple run in Gujarat by the master and yet the slave KS was all over the apex court with his usual religo-political absurdities. No Hindu love of his master was reflecting upon this moron. In fact he wanted and requested the Supreme Court to defer the Babri dispute judgment till 2019 elections are over. And why would the courts do so? Or for that matter, why this clown wants such a decision to begin with? Precisely what the courts asked this oaf to explain. But it seems the moron has some explanations to offer.  According to him, any favorable decision for Hindus would help BJP in the 2019 polls. What a moron this Kapil Sibal is? So courts would act according to what the political benefits/losses would be? Exactly what the courts explained to the thug while throwing out his rubbish through the window. Legal entails apart, from which world this moron has flown-in from to India? I am sure if the judgment would come in favor of the Muslim community, this rascal would have no problem. It is only Hindus that bother this moron like his masters at the top of his party. ‘Janeyus’ and ‘Rudraksh’ would be thrown away after the Gujarat polls but the core principle of the party to sabotage the Hindus somehow shouldn’t take a backseat. And I guess RG and down won’t find a better go to man than KS to carry out their Hindu vilification. KS even has an astounding track in this regard.

    Manishankar Aiyar:

    If not for the last minute entrant that won the coveted title MSR was well within the striking range to run away with the honors. Nonetheless, second last in this liast is no mean achievement. Pure geniuses in loathsomeness can reach here and MSR is no lesser a genius than most you find in our politics or otherwise. MSR and loathsomeness has a very intimate relationship. Probably Digvijay Singh apart none can match the loathsomeness skills that MSR possesses. Time and again MSR has proved, when it comes to sycophancy and charlatanism, he is absolutely second to none. Last time MSR featured in the list, he was the winner by a long stretch from other challengers. I had predicted back then in 2014 that this moron would learn nothing from here. And boy, am I not vindicated? This moron seems to have learnt nothing. Back then his ‘Chaiwala’ comment on Modi cost his party dear. Even an optimistic estimate would put anywhere between 25-35 seats that Congress had to lose because of MSR’s nonsensical brilliance. And only trust MSR to redo what he once did. Just before the Gujarat polls he was back with his shitty mouth again. He called the PM a ‘Neech Aadmi’, whatever that means. This is not just shooting in your feet, if you think it to be. This in fact is how MSR takes a gun and shoves it up his posterior and fires couple of rounds. And only trust MSR to achieve such feats time and again without being provoked. Again, this ‘Neech’ comment must have cost Congress at least 5-8 seats in Gujarat. Just wondering why Congress isn’t throwing out this morn from the party. Even before that, why don’t they just bundle this piece of filth in a room and beat him black and blue? This is not the only spectacle for Mani’s success in the prestigious list. Not satisfied with his ‘Neech’ comment alone Mani decided to scale it further. He in fact invited few Pakistanis to his home to discuss God knows what. In an explanation after he and his cohorts were caught with their pants down, the moron called these Pakistanis as his friends, who are extremely dear to him. Now it is clear why this moron was seen requesting Pakistanis to dethrone Modi and bring his party to power. After all friends in need, friends indeed.

    Central Bureau Of Investigation:

    Ladies and gentlemen; and the winner is ….. Yeh, our very own and the ever fumbling CBI. Though they came into the reckoning on the 11th hour they still defeated all probable entrants hands down to win the trophy. I now wonder, how these bunch of jokers who otherwise are alleged to be investigators as well, didn’t make it to the list earlier. In honors of their persistent stride towards loathsomeness, I may very well confer the life time achievement award in loathsomeness to this organization. Out of sheer gratitude of their astounding work, you see. And believe me, they deserve this like no one else does. I mean, to remain continuously as the most third rated federal investigative agency of the world is no mean feat. It takes courage, perseverance and incompetency of gargantuan magnitude to reach where CBI has managed to land up at. From Jessica to Monica with Arushi tucked somewhere in between, these louts have managed to achieve all kind of failures. Though they shamelessly identify themselves as the premier investigative agency, I for one, hasn’t ever seen them cracking any case in my life. More than the investigation, the jokers remain perpetually interested to file the closer report. The latest jewel that got added to their already filthy crown is the failure in concluding the 2G scam investigations effectively. Such was the magnitude of their incompetency that all held accused of this mega scam were acquitted by their own court. No wonder a frustrated judge held himself short of asking the government – didn’t you find anyone else to investigate other than this bunch of incompetent morons? What a mess that these guys have managed to create, I tell you. There was loot and plunder, which even our apex court authenticated while cancelling the already allotted spectrums but these morons couldn’t manage to produce a single evidence against the culprits. I am sure a group of high-school kids would do a better job than these scumbags. Now the question that irises here is  – why would the tax payers fund such incompetent louts? Why can’t this worthless organization be dismantled and all constituents be send back home?  

    Honorable Mentions – Alpesh Thakore, Sidharth Varadarajan, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Sambit Patra, Sanjay Jha, Ashutosh, Navika Kumar, Tejaswi Yadav, Udhav Thakrey, Sobha De, Nikhil Waghle, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Srinivasan Jain, Sekhar Gupta, Tehseen Poonawala, Ravi Shastri, Siddharameiya, Rana Aayub, Sanjay Bhansali, Deepika Padukone, Prakash Raj, Kamal Hassan and last but not the least Asaduddin Owaisi. I am quite confident that this bench strength of morons won’t get disheartened that they missed the list this year. To clarify, most of them missed it by a whisker or else on any given day, their loathsomeness is good enough to make their presence felt in any and every kind of nonsense that the general populace generally abhors. Hope they won’t lose their focous and work harder to make it to the list next year.

    P.S – If you find any name/s that is/are missing,  which you otherwise believe should be there, please share your feedbacks. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR 2018. See you on the other side. Cheers!!          

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