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    The Caste And The Curious

    Caste plays a very vital role in Indian politics. We would be fooling ourselves if we remain in denial. In India no election can be fought, even lesser, could be won, without bringing caste into the mix. And there are reasons why and how caste has become such a vital cog in our political demography. Like much of the ill that we as a nation are suffering, we can safely attribute this bastardization of our  democratic framework to Congress here. After Indira Gandhi successfully managed to usurp every power, it left a big void at the state level. This led to the germination of these millions of state outfits. And as we all know, till now, these state parties have offered us nothing constructive. It even surprises me at times how these pennyworth parties could survive so long. There has to be reasons. Once we scratch the top a little it gets clear how these parties are still existing. Though they never offered anything constructive, one sinister thing they consistently offered is caste based politics. Be it Lalu, Mulayam or Mayawati; all of them run their politics on just one thing – caste. 

    A quick glance at their party's manifesto would say it all. The entire manifesto would only talk about one caste or the other. And mostly the caste these hawks have targeted over the years are the so called lower castes in the social chain. In exchange of their obedience and votes, these hawks only have given more fear to their sect of voters. A rough survey of the section of people these parties woo; one would wonder, what these parties pretending to be their messiah have done for them. And the disappointing answer that would echo back would be a big nothing. Skilfully these hawks have hoodwinked this gullible section of voters for decades together. And you would only be sorry for yourselves if you think they are far from over. They actually aren’t. Congress being the culprit in chief have their own plans to exploit this caste arithmetic. Since the regional powers managed to checkmate them on their own turf of divide and rule, Congress promptly tried to woo another section that wasn’t exploited. That is when the Congress discovered the charm in minority politics. Since the time of ‘Sahabanoo’, Congress has been relentless in attracting this section for their vote-bank. Again, what has Congress done for these so called minorities; absolutely nothing. Congress in fact has always been the trendsetter of anything wrong. Be it setting an extremely bad political precedence or outrightly sabotaging our democracy and democratic frameworks; it always been the  Congress party who is at the forefront. The regional parties, who are equally notorious in spreading the filth didn’t miss the trend that their parent party established. Slowly but surely, these regional outfits started wooing the minorities as well. In nutshell – the entire political demography of India has turned into a big chaos. 

    And dare I say, I would equally blame the cronies in our media and the liberal syndicate who successfully managed to peddle the skulduggery of Congress and other regional outfits to their best. And like our dirty politicians, these set of hawks too are far from being over with their dirty tricks.

    Over the years these morons tried to evolve Rahul Gandhi as best as they could. But the prince kept on failing. Bewildered and out of ideas these media thugs tried to propel RG even further. But the prince never could improve. Last pit hope was the Gujarat elections where it was there for BJP to lose. Way too many odds were against BJP but the prince managed to fail here too. Like most occasions when both Congress and RG lost badly in an election, the thugs here too got busy in whitewashing the goat. “Rahul Gandhi has come of age”, thundered a bimbo called Nidhi Razdan. For them it was a moral victory for the Congress party in Gujarat. Highly laughable. Though they were pretending a victory like atmosphere, it is all well known that RG failed again. The useless outcry on development didn’t work either. RG along with his ‘Pidis’ were a massively worried lot in private. Category 5 moron is another one who found RG coming out of yet another loss with some good blueprint. What blueprint she was referring to? We will get to this blueprint in due course of this blog.  For the time being, all that I could find is another loss for the Congress party in a state which they should have won. This was the best chance for Congress to come back to power but they spoiled it again. But the ‘Pidis’ found a rejuvenated RG in all of this. You won’t possibly find as bad a lipstick work as this one and you all know why it is so.

    That said there is still a silver lining in the loss of Congress in Gujarat. The figures improved considerably and the ‘Pidis’ know very well that it is not because of RG. Precisely the blueprint that ‘Category 5 Moron’ was harping on. It was the regimentation of dirty caste politics that has helped Congress save its face in the state. Circus clowns like Hardik patel, Jignesh Mewani and Alpesh Thakore had their share of role in the marginal success. It is kind of an ‘eureka’ moment for the Congress and all their ‘Pidis’ elsewhere. They never had anything to offer and people had long rejected their style of politics. Recent juggling with Muslims/Christians under attack didn’t work. Neither did the ‘Lynchistan’ nonsense. Even the ‘Yugpurush’ had been rendered useless after four long years of nonsense. When nothing works, the best that Congress has always dependent on is caste politics. Their age old trusted bile had given them some hope in Gujarat; so the said blueprint must be carried forward, as suggested by ‘C5M’.

    And always trust the ‘Pidis’ to wag their tails as instructed. Conviction of Lalu in the fodder scam was a great handle that seasoned wheeler dealers like ‘Coupta’ could ill-afford to miss. Sekhar Gupta has a long history of charlatanism to his credit. Like RG most in our media, including SG, tried to evolve Lalu-2 after his initial conviction. People like Barkha Dutt even had described a criminal like Lalu as ‘Phoenix’ in Indian politics. The internet is full with such loving praises for this seasoned tout. In many occasions we have seen these media crooks going for a group orgasm at the mere mention of Lalu. SG too had his share of affection for the convicted criminal. It is not because they necessarily love this criminal but because they hope, scoundrels like Lalu would one day help them topple the BJP government. Doesn’t matter if Lalu is a highly corrupt and grossly uncouth of a character. Enemy of enemy is always a friend. Staying true to his reputation of being a wheeler dealer, at many instances SG has tried to whitewash Lalu. He calls them opinion while in reality they are lies and hypocrisy that we only can associate with a moron like ‘Coupta’.  

    People like ‘Coupta’ play a very vital role in Congress’s dirty caste politics. They as a group realize how Congress could manage to stay this long in our political discourse – that is by exploiting the caste division in the society. Desperation for power is another thing which is a vivacious part in Congress’s modus-operandi. Most in the congregation know, at this rate a massive loss for Congress in the 2019 general elections is a foregone conclusion. To defeat Modi, their age old gimmickry of ‘Mai-Baap’ isn’t enough. Voters have turned far too smarter to their liking.Only way forward is to reignite the caste arithmetic all over again and hope it would stick. This is where seasoned ‘Pidis’ like SG come very handy. Post Lalu’s conviction it never urged upon SG to discuss the topic of the day. He rather was busy in his own nefarious world. When all were talking about the corruption ‘Coupta’ was talking about caste. This is how these hypocrites expose themselves. And yet they wonder why we call them morons. Just to wag as instructed SG was busy salivating at how only lower caste morons get convicted while higher caste morons get away easily. Can there be anything more sinister than this? In a single shot SG questioned both our constitution and our criminal justice system. But don’t just get into an outrage seeing SG and his equally filthy tricks. He is just a pawn. He is behaving like a brainless retard because he is been told to do so. There is a plan behind what these ‘Darbaris’ blabber. They are paid and nourished for such kind of nonsense. Pretending as neutral journalists these crooks do nothing but crawl in front of 10 Janpath. Congress today needs caste more than they ever did and SG as a trusted lieutenant knows his tasks very well. His job is to find caste in everything and make it appear how lower caste people are at the receiving end since BJP assumed power. Done’t be amused if you see Wheeler-Dealer exhibiting similar nudism running up to the 2019 general elections. Gujarat has given a slender hope to a depleted outfit and that hope is caste. And I am sure Congress, in desperation of power, won’t leave any stone unturned to cash upon it.

    Another ‘Pidi’ is the street thug. Like SG, this moron too knows his job well. In-line with SG, the street thug was also all over the place with his set of nonsense. Though he silently deleted this tweet of his when countered, internet seldom wipes out your crimes as easily. As is, his better half has already did her part earlier. I have exposed the hypocrisies of this particular moron many times here on this blog. Along with being a hypocrite, street thug is a big dual character entity. When BJP pushed Ramnath Kovind as the president, it was just a tokenism. But when Jairam Thakur is sworn in as the CM of Himachal, street thug gets busy counting how many OBC CMs are there in the BJP’s rank. But stooping to such deplorable limits is nothing new with RS. He in fact has championed the art of skulduggery like no one else could. Much like SG, street thug too is chained to his slavery. He simply isn’t capable of conceiving anything sane. That is not his job. He is routinely fed with nonsense by his masters and instructed to bark at regular intervals, so he is just following his master’s orders. Caste is the key and didn’t I say, these ‘Pidis’ are been directed to bark ‘caste’ for every damn reason under the sun? Expect RS to continue his stance till the 2019 general elections are over. Like most who have benefitted because of the crony altar of Congress, RS as a routine beneficiary, knows where his interest lies. A prolonged non-Congress regime would dry these morons thin. Post 2014 the relevance of these slaves has shrink to naught. The ‘Pidis’ are equally desperate as their masters. They want their masters back so that the bones they throw at them never stops. Caste is just a poor victim in all of this. By the way, have you ever seen the street thug questioning Congress on how many ‘Dalit’ Congress party presidents it had in its entire history? At least I haven’t.

    Pune’s Bhim-Koregaon violence is another example of Congress’s desperation for power. As a party they won’t even hesitate to burn down the nation in their lust for power. This is not the first time Congress took shelter of anti-India elements for their electoral success. They have a rotten history of instigating violence in accordance with their core framework of ‘Divide-And-Rule’. For long this Bhim-Koregaon nonsense was celebrated in Pune. No one cared to give two hoots for these morons. I am sure most in Pune won’t even be knowing if this was a regular event every 1st January. There would be a handful of worthless and jobless morons who would go and shout some incoherent nonsense and go back home. None could care less for the precise problem these rascals have. Nobody even was interested to give a damn on what the worthless Prakash Ambedkar had to say. But this year, the template of Congress’s dirty caste politics added to the mix. No one knows what bloody business does jokers like Jignesh Mewani and anti-national thugs like Umer Khalid had in this event. Who invited these scumbags and why? If this is not exploiting caste politics then I am not sure what it is. But before that – who on earth in his sane mind would even think of celebrating the win of British over Indians? But these clowns are such morons who would celebrate such events if it satisfies their agenda. Precisely why these louts get excited for every wrong happening to India of late. Just because Modi is in power these rascals would even celebrate if our enemies fire nuclear bombs at us. This is where these jerks have stooped to. 

    Look at the pattern even. All anti national elements including the ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’ gang are a party to this bile. In one hand these chumps would celebrate a tyrant like Tipu Sultan in Karnataka citing how he fought against the British while in other hand the same termites would celebrate a British army win over us in Pune. How low one can get for the lust of power must be a case study and Congress blueprint of dividing the nation for their greed for power should serve as the prime example. Look at even the support that is pouring in for these morons from the usual suspects. The same lit-fest mafias, idea of India frauds, terrorist sympathizers, Aman Ki Asha rascals; all of them have gone into a group orgasm since yesterday. Doesn’t this pattern look so familiar? Post the thrashing of Kanheiya Lal and Umer Khalid in the Jehadi Naxal University (JNU), the same gang of rascals had a field day. Today I see the same gang with their underwear on fire again. This can’t just be a mere coincidence. Such constructed outrage is a well planned out sinister plot, as I always say. It is a plot to divide India yet again on caste line so that ruling it becomes easy. It is irony, all anti-India elements have ganged up again to execute this sinister plan; led from the front by the most notorious of the lot - the ever moronic Congress party. 

    As I always say, the biggest threat to the unity of India is a party like Congress. For India to grow Congress must die. I am sure, there can’t be any purer pursuit than the ‘Congress Muqt Bharat’ idea of Narendra Modi. This highly communal and third rate political outfit must be annihilated for the good of the nation. Sooner it happens, better it is. I am glad that we are almost there. This is just the fag end.   

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