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    Maya Memsahab

    When the last time I was around Luckhnow, the first thing I requested my brother in law, who was waiting outside the Luckhnow airport (I call this an airport only because the authorities say so or else it's no better than a village railway station), to take me to the historical and holly place where Ms.Mayawati along with her purse and the messiah of the dalits Mr.Kansiram honoring the podium with bigger than life size statues. No mention needed that I also wanted to see those hundreds of life size elephants cordoning the dalit Chief Minister. To hell with Tunde's Kebabs or Abadh's Biriyani, this the first place I want to pay my visit, I persisted with him. If I say I was spell bound, after my holy visit to the holy place and seeing the lady goddess standing their with her purse and the thousand of cores of Tax payers money wasted on this nonsense, where basic amenity for the UPwallas is a distant dream, then it would definitely be an under statement.

    What is that made the UPwallas bring back this lady with absolute majority in last election. Is it the high literacy rate in UP, is it Ms.Mayawati really doing a great job (which I doubt and ready to bet my last penny on it), or is it like all Indians the UPwallas are forced to believe that Bull shit is Fertilizer ? or is it mixture of everything? But the sad part is she is in power and mis using it to the best possible extent it could be.

    Why she is so obnoxiously arrogant and careless about the guys who voted her to power. You ask any Luckhnow wala, about development, I bet you would hear exiting answers for the rest of your life. A frown, followed by a smile and a third non-descript mutation of the face, would make you believe that they had never heard of any such word called development. Irony at it's best I would say. I don't blame the UP people entirely. What could be the alternative. Mr.Mulayam Sing, who feels that the introduction or rather usage of computers is a bane on society and promises to make UP get rid of this mayhem called IT and computer the moment he graces the CM's post. I feel sorry for UP at times. Most of the time Ms.Mayawati is busy with the nude displaying of her power and authority and Mr.Mulayam Sing is busy looking for the smallest of opportunity to harp on the lady for good or bad. Democracy couldn't be more helpless than this.

    Just yesterday, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a useless party called BSP, Ms.Mayawati never gave it a second thought before spending another 200 crore of Tax payers money. She made sure that all the dalits from across India to be brought in to the gala function where some 2 square mile of air conditioned tents were erected along with 2000 temporary toilets as other sundry items. When the maharani herself arrived at the function, she was greeted by the buttering crooks with the largest garland that I have ever seen.

    The garland was made of thousand rupee notes. At first I thought this can't be true. I am ready to believe that Jesus Christ died of over drinking but not this. The ever vigilant journalist loitering around the stage confirmed that, from the look and size of it, the cost of the garland won't be any less than 1
    crore at least. When 60% of UP population might not have heard of 1000 rupee currency, how it looks and feels, let alone having one in their hand this garland of currency is definitely a huge disjoint on the faces of all those dalits, maximum of which are there to have a decent free meal for once. For once I am not going to talk about the law and order situation in UP. Least be talked about it is better. You don't need any better example than Azamgarh or Gorakhpur.

    Mulayam Sing, not known to be out of limelight spring upon and in order to capture his ever diminishing vote bank asked for a high level inquiry into the spending of this 200 crore. To surprise all Ms.Mayawati did ordered a high level inquiry, but not for the nature of spending but to find the reason of the hundreds of bees those seen flying on her face during her inaugural speech. Her excellency strongly believes that the bees were a handy work of opposition like Mulayam. It is a political vendetta that been avenged against her. Thankfully our bees also entered into politics. It's only to be seen when and how our street dogs, wondering cows, ever diminishing tiger, famous Gujurat wild donkeys enter the politics. Bees were too professionally trained I must admit. They were only told to scare the hell out of the lady without giving a single sting. Have you seen a bigger miscarriage of democracy ever? I haven't, honestly.

    It is about time we should throw these buffoons to the places they belong. The best way to do is to make sure we vote and vote for our betterment, our existence and above all for democracy. As long as our politics is managed and dominated by crooks of this stature and of course the helpless bees we are going to get one poisonous sting or other from time to time.

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