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    Open Letter To Congress Party

    Dear Congress Party
    Actually hell with that….
    Congress Party,
    Even though the letter could have been written to individual party members, separately highlighting their respective nefarious persona; I thought to club it into one as more or less you all are same in everything. From Bootlicking to Looting; From Goons to pseudo Gandhigiri; You all are modeled in one mold. So do bear with me for writing this one big letter; more so when you guys are bearing quite willingly with someone called Rahul Gandhi.
    Without any prejudice, let me say this – you guys have ruined this country and made a big mess of it through your collective antagonism. You guys also know it but all hell seems to break loose the moment any one of us even remotely tries to utter this bitter truth. Every time someone questions your ethics and your dedication towards the nation and its people, you spread your hood like an irate King Cobra and start spewing venom. Every time one asks for justifications on your latest action, you ask them to keep their mouth shut as you are been elected by the people of India hence possess a popular mandate.
    Just because we have a large voting section of the country who are illiterate and so poor that they are forced to survive on their own shit and can be easily bought or sold in exchange of a Desi Daru pouch; your goons winning parliamentary seats by cunning those poor people doesn’t make you a popular choice. So please don’t ever claim yourself being the choice of the people if you take the number of slippers hurled at your party men as any kind of hint.
    Racking up some funny number to claim that simple majority in the house so that you can hang on to power is a game which political parties are best playing at. But the same numbers seem like giving Suresh Kalmadi a Rs 500/- note as bribe, when it comes to some rational logic. A mere 20% vote share of yours’ doesn’t in anyway justify your claim of you being the majority choice of the nation. 20% share of the votes and still you guys claim yourself being populous? You guys must be dumb to claim so. Or is it the average literacy level of the party is taking better of logical reasoning? Do some work on your mathematics in a hurry if you guys don’t want to go back to primary schools all over again. On a second thought, the suggestion doesn’t seem like a bad one when more than half of your party men haven’t seen how a school looks like. Coming back to my point; Just that you managed to find other crooks like DMK and NCP with similar mindset and joined hands to voyage through your national loot mission, doesn’t make you the choice and voice of the nation. Hence I would urge with folded hands that you guys stop vouching for such obnoxious claims at once or we for sure are done away with hurling slippers alone and would certainly love some action involving our palms and your cheeks henceforth. Ask your ally party man Sarad Pawar how exactly it feels.
    I also hear you red-eye one and all at the drop of a hat and accuse them of subverting democracy? Really? That is like Tiger Woods giving lecture on ‘How to be loyal to your wife’. Let me tell you this - Your party and respect for democracy is a bigger oxymoron than Mayawati and Development. Before we go further we must take a pause at this interesting juncture and have a little chat. Could the worshipers of democracy and those saints disguised as politicians of your party can raise their hands if you believe your party is democratic to begin with. When you guys haven’t had any kind of election to elect your own party head in last decade or so, it makes me more nervous than Baba Ramdev after getting Lathi Charged at Ramlila ground to see you guys raising questions on someone else’s democratic values. Sonia Gandhi is occupying the chairmanship without any internal election with all likelihood the trend would be followed in future as it is more than evident that it is Rahul Gandhi who would take over later. So my second request with folded hands – Please don’t become a national embarrassment by raising such self-humiliating questions. Next time you start questioning the stinking ass of someone else, I would request you to look within at your own shit smeared posteriors.
    There is one cunning fox amongst you named Kapil Sibal, who stands out from the rest by his sheer nonsense orating skills. When a whole bunch of gray heads went beyond a lakh crore to formulate on how much the loyal pawn of Karunanidhi has managed to syphon in 2G auction; this mathematics genius, armed with his own set of algorithms came to his own conclusion of the loss being zero and went ahead announcing it in the parliament. You guys must believe me – It is funnier than even watching a Ramgopal Verma directed horror movie. If that was not enough he recently announced reincarnating himself to some kind of sniffer dog so that he can sniff out all those unwanted and anti-religious materials getting into cyber world. If you manage to read this someday Kapil, then don’t even wait for a second but either shoot yourself or jump off a cliff immediately. And please don’t give that crap security concern as the cause of such tantrums when the real agenda behind such foolishness from you is something else. If we as a nation can’t even survive our own criticisms then there is something seriously wrong and the first step towards fixing it would be to have people like you being thrown back to the places you belong. Trust me – people in and around Chandni Chowk become extremely irritated by the sheer mention of your name and it is time you mend yourself before you get bashed up black and blue by your own people.
    Trust me guys, at times I even get envious looking at you and the gems that are with your possession with the Kohinoor of them being Digvijay Sing. I just can’t explain how the very mention of his name makes me remind the sorry face of Saurav Ganguly in that ‘Apne Apke Dada Ko Bhule To Nehin’ advertisement. The world knows how to deal with rubbish people; that is not to give them an ounce of importance and hence I am doing pretty much the same by not writing further on him.
    Jokers are never taken seriously. That said, I have my third request with folded hands; Please stop him from uttering on anything and everything and showing his extreme intellectual bankruptcy every time. Else don’t be surprised if someone from the neighborhood calls up the municipality dog catching unit and reports about a consistently barking mad dog which would lead to Digvijay Sing being parceled in a caged dog catching van and transported to canine shelter for rehabilitation.
    I am not going to write anything on Lokpal bill either. I know your real intentions and I am sure you guys won’t allow a strong biting mechanism passing through. Otherwise it would create a serious human resource issue at the party level as half of your men would be packed behind bars within hours of this bill getting implemented. This half might also include stalwarts like Chidambaram.
    Hope some sense would prevail and I expect at least one joker (literate) of your grand old party would take some time out and reply me back with his reactions. I can’t share my address details as I am very much aware of you guys have the largest and most wide spread goons collection in the world.
    Warm Regards
    Someone being looted by your party for last 65 years!!
    P.S - By the way, can someone take the pain and answer back the exact qualification of Rahul Gandhi and why his name is still Rahul Vinci on his passport?


    1. Raul Vinci
      Qualification:LKG, UKG, SSLC, PUC (Max)

    2. Very truly reflects the anger of every true Indian...

    3. very apt & entertaining too, but we need to think seriously about how a deserving common man can get elected.appears impossible with todays election process & our ( deliberately kept by siphoning the welfare money)illeterate & poor janata .

    4. Typical, arrogant blog from an educated elite with utter contempt for others("survive in own shit", "desi daru pouch"). Right, Congress has only 20%, but which other party has more than 20% - Answer nobody.U talk of corruption, does the bribe taking clerk in a govt office send the bribe to rahul Gandhi, does the bribe taking passport officer send the bribe to Kapil Sibal.And these very poeple who take bribes all day, will go to Anna's rally in the evening and claim corruption is becoz of politicians!

      We are ourselves never to blame. It is always somebody else - today minorities, tomorrow congress, then politicians - always somebody else for our woes.As long as that is the attitude, CONG, BJP or anybody else - nothing will change.

    5. You summed up the feelings of every well meant indian. It is frustrating to see louts going on rampage still taking high moral ground.

    6. I often visited a friend whenever I came to India and I was stopped by the security personnel and searched. I asked my friend why I'm searched, he said Rahul Gandhi and his sister are studying in the adjacent college. So dont visit me I will come to your place from next time.

      So, I'm sure, Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka have received college education. The place was Chankyapuri in Delhi.

    7. Truely Said.
      Untill and unless the eloctoral is educated and informed about their power, This is going to happen.

      And most people, who are educated, I doubt if all are able to vote, the reason is they are out for Jobs.....

    8. @Last Anonymous - Thanks for the little piece of enlightenment. My suspicion is the claim of Congress bootlickers who go head over heals in shouting Rahul is an Oxford alumnae. I know this for a fact - he was dropped out of the course after failing Discreet Mathematics exam five consecutive times.

      @Earlier Anonymous - 20% is no way a majority mandate. Among all the parties they might have the highest vote share but calling yourself having the mandate on that basis is as good as shouting - 'I have failed the exam but yet topped the class as rest all also failed'

    9. The best way to answer to these politicians is by signing up the form 0...not voting for any candidate till we find the correct candidates...and we should not worry about election expense as they will surely be less than 1,70,000 crore

    10. what is the education level of the person who has written this letter. ????

    11. Rahul's qualification? He is adult enough to sleep in Dalit's house who can be bought cheap for publicity and child enough not to find a good matrimonial match yest and immature enough not to occupy a govt post with responsibility and corrupt free personally because others are there to act on his behalf and deposit the loot in Swiss or some Timbaktoo bank.He can face any primary school student in debate and win a consolation prize at least due to his mother's influence on the debate judges.

    12. I rate this article as excellent which is the highest in my perception. But we need to like at both sides of the coin. Ur words seems to be a strong supporter of BJP. I am neither a fan of both. Still in search of a party to vote which has efficient leaders. My search is still going on.

      But as per my perception unless the common man can get the confidence on the politicians we can change our attitude. This will happen only when he is able to get good returns for his farm produce, good roads, less interrupted power supply and basic infrastructure good enough to commute to our office and hospitals.

    13. @Anonymous From Thane

      As you have asked it, I am herewith furnishing it. My education is nothing extraordinary to write home much about it. I am a simple B.E in Electronics & Communication

    14. prove it. very easy to say. jaisa congress aur rahul say anything as according to u

    15. @Anonymous from Thane - I am sorry, am not a public figure like Rahul Gandhi to go on proving anything and everything to the world.

      Great Day!!

    16. then one should not critisize publicly.

    17. @Anonymous from Thane - Thank you very much sir for the suggestion. But my belief is, all public figures are subject to scrutiny, comments, criticizes and suggestions. Much like this blog. The moment I put this on web, I subjected this piece to all the above reactions because the write-up become public. Hence as the author I accept all that my readers has to offer with open arms. If not then I don't have any right to write on open forums.

      Thank you again sir for your valuable suggestion.


    18. Nice letter cynical.

      Apart from the lot many things that need to be fixed, we also need an independant rating body to rate the performance of the state/central govt in every aspect and make it available for general public.

      I see and agree to one of the anonymous persons who said we need to fill form 0 instead of voting someone, i think the important point here is the same rating body should also hold a CV or performance report or credentials list of all (not excluding anything.. including bank balance by time and criminal records etc..) and this would help people like me who need to know whom to vote for and whom not to. Can 'Team Anna' prepare such a report and make it available at some common website for general public so that the voters are aware of whom to vote and whom not to.

      I understand there will still be people who will vote for a buck or liquor. The solution to that is to increase literacy by making schools free and prices for basic goods low, so that poor peopl are not forced into sending their children to do labour work.

      Or there will still be people who vote for their affiliate parties or people expecting some favor in return.

      The ultimate aim is to educate the general fair public of who is what and letting them decide to either vote or fill form 0 for thier constituency election.

    19. Congress has ensured that people of this country should remain uneducated as lllllllooooooonnnnngggggg as possible to retain power for their generations to come. As is done by any businessman for his family, extended family and nth generation.This is done by design and will go on unless we bring opposition to power for a lloonnggeerr period and keep congress away from the divide and rule politics.

    20. Glass half full. Frustration is sounding more as BJP supporter,rather than in national interest. b/w, if you happen to listen to BJP leaders in Karnataka, it might be more fun, they claim, the blessings of all 6 crore population of Karnataka, for their election..It is more humiliating and frustrating to be karnataka under BJP rule(without being cynical)..

    21. Excellent, and I am particularly impressed with your replies.

    22. People should think before electing the Politicians. In AP all the infrastructure, education, new technologies and so many implemented under Naidu government like planting a tree but before the fruits comes to the people, they elected the wrong government that taken away all the efforts done by the previous government. Even the educated people are not thinking how the revenue comes to the government, how the jobs will be generated. We should think proper accountability is maintained by government or not. People will not tolerate the small taxes by the government for accountability but people will accept the big scams which are done background. We don't bother about the scams as we think that money is not belongs to us. Even a labour is paying tax indirectly but he didn't know about it. Hope so good days comes to our people..

    23. We need to create report cards and complete performances of public figures. Recently Mr Thakre conducted test for the candidates willing contest election. But this are half measures we need similar independent body (like the jury selecting movies for Oscar awards or S&P, MOODYS rating companies on various parameter) for rating these politicians (candidates) and then declare it with announcement of elections.

    24. This is the exact Feeling of every wise Indian.
      infact the majority of the crowd (illitrates) not aware or not so interested as they need at all is a Desi Daru pouch and a pickle.

      Jai Bharath Maatha Ki.

    25. One interesting trend I noticed during this whole episode of Lokpal debate - If you are against corruption you are anti-congress.Seems congis can relate themselves better with corruption.

    26. Alas, we can not find statesman but same rotten politicians Is educated and young are ready to shape the future of country.But first they have to undergo the same drill of faulty elections to gain abso9lute majority and change the laws ,constitution so that only geniune can come in politicsa.

    27. will these congress leaders ever read this? I think i shall copy this article and store it, so that whenever any congress member comes for asking votes, i can ask these questions.

    28. 5 mistake of manmohan G:
      1) 2G
      2) 3G
      3) CWG
      4) Listening to soniaG
      5) Forgetting annaG
      Ho gaya so ho gaya,
      AB to sudhar jao
      SARDAR G

    29. Truly said,still 25 alpha-bates are there.

    30. Please add one more thing.

      When an RSS Leader was accused by CBI/NIA in some blast (because as per CBI/NiA version - a Joshi who is no more came in the dreams of one Assemand told that x, y and z are linked to the blast, so these xyz become accused)........... P.Chidambaram was talking about "Saffron Terror" Now More Congress people are getting arrested in same Rajasthan in the murder happened to a Nurse. Now what is the colour of this Terrorism linked to Congress MLAs and Politicians?

    31. After seeing the midnight drama in RS

      A unfit speaker, who could and should have managed, they just played the role of anouncing and once in a while "Aap Baitiye" kind of words.

      Is a man with blue turbon looking like Mr.Manmohan Singh, is he our PM ?

    32. Forget the major Indian population, we have examples of commentors here who still don't understand what they read and end up making wrong assumptions. At no point has the author supported any other party, so how can he be called a supporter of any other party?

      The Government(s) has made a mockery of the constitution and the constitutional rights alloted to us. Someone aptly quoted "Politicians are supposed to be public servants, but it looks like they are turning the public into servants."

      Every political party is an eyesore. When in power they have free-reign to loot the country, when in the opposition, instead of giving constructive criticism, they only try to point out mistakes so that they emerge as the better ones.

      Hooligans, rowdies, murderers, rapists are being elected as representatives. I mean, what is wrong with us? Why do we worship them like they are most sacred thing on earth? My blood boils when I see fools bowing, touching the feet, worshipping these useless and unworthy people.

      And sometimes I wonder, how on earth do these people, who must have come from the most downtrodden societies suddenly amass so much of wealth? Doesn't this surprise the Income Tax department as well? Or are they content in taxing the salaried class alone?

      Best thing to do is, filter out all the weeds when they stand for election alone.
      - Make a certain level of education compulsory
      - Candidates with any criminal case (either proven or not) not eligible
      - Please remove reservation in anything. People who need it, don't benefit from it at all.

    33. Raul Vinci's educational qualification is "Montessori 1" passed in 4 attempts with 45 arrears.....I heard Sonia Gandhi paid a shit lot of black-money in donation to the Play School to complete his tiny-tot graduation.

    34. Being an Indian and showing disrespect to the head of the State, are quite contradictory. Will you appreciate any foreign reporter describing our PM as ..... bad? Our patriotism should start with respecting our PM and constitution. The predicament faced by the PM with the allies and corrupt polity needs to be undrestood. Brave, do you have any clean hand to say better than MMS?

    35. The only advantage congis have is their pan India presence. Their loss in one state is compensated by gain in other state.
      I do not see any threat to congis in the years to come as there is no body to challenge them single handedly. Congis also know the thumb rule to win election in India: give freebies to people and make them happy just before elections. They must be gearing up for populist schemes in the next two years to cover up all their misdeeds. We can only hope for another party with pan India presence.

    36. ranjit,

      "Our patriotism should start with respecting our PM and constitution."

      Respect is not demanded but commanded. The constitution is a big piece of horse-shit which doesn't deserve any respect. It is neither secular (by allowing Muslim Personal Laws and caste-based reservations) nor democratic by allowing UN-ELECTED scumbags to become PM.

      The Indian constitution is a big-lie and deal with it. By patting your own back, lies cannot become truth.

      Throw the junk constitution and the fake Indian democracy into dustbin. Dont vote till the constitution is made truly democratic and truly secular (which means "kicking out religious laws from the constitution" including the Muslim Personal Laws) and truly democratic (by now allowing un-elected backdoor entry Rajya Sabha and MLC scumbags to either represent the the nation or the state in any form).

      Till then, use the pages from the Indian constitution as a tissue paper.

      Gay Hind.

    37. Cynical

      Brilliant piece of work. Keep it up. Also, write articles on the back-door entry Rajya Sabha PMs like MMS and MLC (Members of Legislative Council) CMs like Rosaiah and Prithviraj Chavan to expose the frailties in the bogus democracy defined by a bogus Indian constitution.

      Also, expose the non-secular aspects of the Indian constitution. Secularism in Indian constitution is defined as "tolerance towards all religions" whereas the dictionaries define it as "separation of religion from state (meaning constitution)". In short, secularism truly means "freedom FROM religion" and NOT "freedom OF religion"! I wonder how the Indian constitution has the GALL to call itself secular by permitting religious laws like the Muslim Personal Laws and caste-based-reservations when in reality a secular constitution should have nothing to do with any religion or caste!

      The framers of the Indian constitution have taken Indians for a jolly-roller-coaster ride by their filthy-lying definitions of secularism or democracy.

      Indian constitution needs to be exposed. It is because of a rotten constitution that India and Indians are left wanting in development or freedom and still remain not just a third-world but a thrid-class world.

    38. Yes, this truly reflect an average Indian thinking. Everyone is pissed off with political parties, particularly parties like congress. There is difference between being majority and being popular. Congress is not even majority as on their own they do not have enough numbers. They are not popular either as getting merely 20%, it not popular though. This party, is so bankrupt, that they do not have one Indian to head this party and they go and take someone whose pass port is still Ialian. That is a shame for entiry congress men, the so called men.

    39. Congress party was started by a foreigner and will be ended by a foreigner!

    40. i don't fathom the patriotism being flaunted by the CON(S)GRESS members under the leadership of a FOREIGNER !! how can a foreigner feel the same when she isn't born and brought up in India!! well it's very inane to see zany entourages, always hovering with titter-tatter policies..
      keep it up. a very incisive article.

      i have written a small article on the topic of interest common to u and me..do reflect


    41. As a blogger, if you want to be taken seriously, at least start with a respectable sentence. Using the words like "To hell with that.." within the opening line is definitely not impressive. In India, we don't have people with balanced mind and views. It is one way or the other. Good luck next time...

    42. Excellent piece. All must read this once

    43. Wonderful article...well written...

    44. While I mostly agree with this blog, I don't see any point in pointing fingers at any particular party. UPA at the centre, BJP in Karnataka, Karunanidhi in TN, Mayawati in UP - the list in endless.

      We have plenty of people to voice out the problems but few are thinking about solutions. I have always held that the election process is a very key element in democracy. The spending cap on each part is never adhered to. The Hindu's expose on 'paid articles' in Maharashtra is an eye-opener. If we can control campaign spending we can significantly reduce buy-out of voters. This was successful to a large extent in TN Assembly elections.

      Elibility criteria for people to contest in polls needs to be revamped. In TN Assembly, there was a staggeringly high proportion of contestants who had murder/abduction/corruption (and worse)cases pending against them. We need competent people to represent the needs of the people.

      There are several other things which can be done (and which are being done in many parts of India) which will strengthen the Indian democracy. We are nation in the middle of a huge transition. I am confident that my grandchildren at least will live in a better India.

      Let us do our best - vote for the right people where possible, don't indulge in bribery (giving or taking), help in educating poor children (10,000 bucks can take care of everything for a child for one full year!) and try to spread more love and less hatred.


    45. Democracy is only adept for a literate society . i cant get one thing as to why people shout so much at other times only ending up having a prejudiced view of a particular party at the time of elections

    46. @Anonymous

      "Democracy is only adept for a literate society" that is just B.S. I may agree that democracy needs a society with better awareness about whom it is voting and electing their representative. So, stop B.S around and if you are really concern, spend time in spreading the awareness about the power of your VOTE.