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    What The Heck !!

    This is a piece of news we shouldn’t give a miss. According to Times Of India, an independent international watchdog organization named Global Financial Integrity (GFI) in their reports have jolted few numbers, which might very well blast the living day lights out of half of our population.
    According to them, in last decade alone close to $128 billion dollars was syphoned from India and were transferred to black accounts of many present in different tax heavens. This amount roughly converts to Five and Half Lakh crore in Indian currency. This roughly calculates out to be around four thousand odd crorers every month. Heck!! That’s a hell lot of money. I mean with that amount we can buy Nigeria, Kenya, Tahiti, Somalia and few more African nations, install a Mayawati statue in each major city of India, including one in moon, convince Dawood Ebrahim to shoot Mamta Banarjee at sight, have multiple plastic surgery on Jayanthi Natrajan’s nose to get it to some shape and yet be left with enough change to pocket Togo and buy an IPL team. That is one heck of an amount which I fear counting the number of zeros it might contain.

    Jokes apart, whose money is this? Is it the money of common people like you and me? Or is it the money of Government which the defaulters never paid in tax? Who are the skunks who could manage to syphon such large amount and how? How come our competent authorities couldn’t stop the loot to happen after having so many checks and balances in our operation frameworks? Or is it yet another case of nepotism getting better of moral and ethical values and the money is syphoned in connivance of one and all with each party having a decent share in the loot?

    Look at the sorry state of affairs in our country. There are more than 600 million people in this country whose average daily income is not more than Rs 20/- per day. Among all the developing nations, we have a pathetic track record in terms of providing education to our kids. Basic healthcare is in shambles. Our roads and highways are as bad as it can get. Our scientific innovation efforts are getting dented due to the lack of fund. And here we are managing to syphon five lakh crores in a decade.

    The money which belongs to the common people like you and me; The money which belongs to our Government is being promptly looted by the thugs of the society and tucked elsewhere. There are politicians who loot the tax payer’s money in the name of various welfare schemes and pile it on foreign banks. There are corporate houses who in connivance with the politicians and bureaucrats hide their taxes and stock them elsewhere. There are bureaucrats who take advantage of the lose and weak bureaucratic framework to remain engage in corruption activities throughout their tenure and keep on looting till the last day of their retirement. There are these film and media houses who get funded in crores through the Hawala market and in nepotism with the politicians subgrade their income to a considerable lower proportion to avoid paying high tax. We are full with corrupts; if anything the staggering $128 billion number proved. No wonder from making baby foods to our moon mission – We are corrupt in everything.

    Time and again we come up with money minting avenues like NREGA and loan waiver for farmers. With a reserve estimate, nothing less than one lakh thirty thousand cores were invested in both these schemes collectively. The money that had been spent in these schemes and schemes alike are just hogwash. In the name of social welfare and poverty upliftment, our politicians get engaged in the looting work to drain the nation from its resources, avenues and revenue. In the name of building a sporting culture and national pride people looted thousands of crores of poor tax payer’s money. The instances of loot in this great country is millions in literal sense.

    Let’s see how reactive we are when such unholy loot gets unearthed. There are people like Hasan Ali who on an individual account are defaulter of at least fifty thousand crores in tax to the Government and yet not been handed with exemplary punishment. We had people thrown behind bars for corruption in 2G, CWG and Adarsh but only to find each of the thugs getting bail one after another. We had got corruption cases pitted against our politicians, including a former Prime-Minister and the cases run into donkey’s years with each of the scoundrels getting clean chit at the end of the day. We had big fishes like Harsad Mehta and Ketan Parekh apprehended while playing with our economy and yet have to release them with all dignity later, due to the lack of evidence (or bribed to cover the evidence). We have white collar thieves like Ramalingam Raju, who syphon out a good seven thousand crores and yet to be acted option. If anything few of these inaction list of our’s suggest, then it proves we don’t want to act against the corrupts and thugs at all.

    Not only we hate to act against the buffoons who have looted us, but also don’t want someone else to take up the task. Look at what our Government done or trying to do against an honest and much required agitation of Anna Hazare. As the looters were questioned about their loot; the looters went up in arm to brand and vandalize Anna’s movement as an act of anti-nationalism, architectured and propagated by anti-nationals like Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi. In the name of parliament supremacy, they are busy engaged in the acts of hypocrisy and delaying tactics. They tell lie and cheat the entire nation with false promises, all the while trying their best to brush the truth under the carpet. They bring unnecessary hindrances in the discussion to formulate a strong set of rule to take looters like them to task. Sometime they come up with some theatrical Game Changer Idea while at some other time they bring the out of context minority quota into the debate. The idea was just to shift the goal post and delay the process as far as possible.

    They don’t want us to ask uncomfortable questions on their loot. They don’t like we asking why they are looting the populace with both hands as if it is their birth right. They hate us if we stand up and ask them to own up their created mess and be accountable to the nation. The looters don’t like honest people like you and me furnishing honest questions and sought honest answers. If we do, then we are there to be branded as anti-national and unpatriotic.


    1. Try googling Kotak mahindra and india export. you will find livemint articles where the black money have been brought back to India in the guise of exports.

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