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    It Is Time The Muslims Make Their Stand Clear

     If the title of the blog sweeps you off your feet even by an inch then let me admit this; I can’t help.
    You may ask what stand that I being an exemplary idiot possibly be talking about when half of the world is aware of it by the sheer number of terrorist activities, major portion of which are meted out by a particular community or bombs going off on random neighborhoods every now-and-then. You may also ask; The so called religion of peace (or piece if you want that way); which is too engaged in their Eighteenth Hundred century cocoon mentality where respect to human life is as minimal as a used condom; still needs to make their stand clear?. Let it be a bomb blast in each coroner of the world or a jackass finding it really enchanting to cover him/herself with a kilo of RDX and blowing his/her ass as a public display of affection towards that never confirmed 72 virgins (not sure what the female form are promised with) up there in heaven, if that really exists for mass killers. We always had their stand clear, which is to kill and get killed for no apparent purpose.
    But to disappoint you; I am also aware of those unholy facts which surprisingly and reasons best known to some jokers of that community feel otherwise. Rather I am here to scribe what the religion of peace need to do so that we can conclude; whether we should call them seasoned hypocrites and opportunist or a rational bunch, which by the probability of remote conviction doesn’t look like.
    For a starter, we just need a glance at the proposed visit of Salman Rushdie and the amount of controversy and objections surrounding it. Of all the people, it is the Deoband who suddenly woke up from their fulltime duty of giving regular Madrasa lectures and objected to the writer being given Visa to come to India. Really? And what the precise objection? We shouldn’t allow such a filthy man to touchdown on our land and shit on a cozy five star hotel washroom in Jaipur as he is alleged to have insulted the Islam; since he brought out some uncomfortable truth for many cavemen and the realty about the fifteen hundred year old rotten philosophy of hatred which few sets of scoundrels still love to follow at a time when man is contemplating to open free public toilets in Moon as we are running short of urinal space in our planet.
    Now here is the question. Why should he be denied a visit his own country of origin? Just because he may or may not have insulted few, he can’t be denied of a legitimate right which every human possess; according to the international diplomatic guidelines; More so when I and many others as individuals want him to be here to talk about his writing experience. Hence we certainly won’t appreciate being sidelined, still being the part of a majority chunk. Just because a so called minority section doesn’t want to see the face of a half bald and bespectacled writer’s face, we literature lovers shouldn’t be denied an opportunity to see and hear the man himself talking.
    That said, I am not objecting to the rights of protest for those Neanderthal species who doesn’t know a world beyond the leafs of that holy book. But the fact is, in a simpler mechanism – as the Neanderthal species have rights to protest, a similar notion equips the writers to write what they want as part and parcel of a package called freedom of speech and right to opinion. If you don’t like his writings or have objections to what he writes or had written then have your protest peacefully with some civility and let everyone know your dissatisfaction. But to call on the Government of India and demand the person’s Visa be cancelled is a little too much for comfort and acceptance. It is like an average thug of Delhi who can’t stand a statement on his nefarious acts and congregates his stooges to beat the crap out of the opinion maker. In a democratically run nation things doesn’t materialize this way which the Neanderthal species must digest; provided they are aware of something called democracy and democratic frameworks.
    This volatility in mental stability of few raises another question. If the writings of Rushdie were gauged beyond gullible doubts of anti-religious centric and an outright act of blasphemy, then where were the same sets of jokers when M.F.Hussain did pretty much the same to hurt the sentiments of the other religion? None at the present shouting lot was seen objecting to the idiot’s sinister attempt at molesting his own community. Rather the same entities were seen questioning the actions of RSS and others to chase away the clown out of this country. Is this by any chance is a display of double standard, if may I ask? You can’t have a double opinion on something depending on the situation that suite you. Hussain acting funny is an act of creativity while Rushdie getting cranky is blasphemy? No, I seriously object to this liberty of having your Samosha and eating it too.
    Now the time has come for the brotherhood to stand up and come clean on things which are long been covered up under some pseudo secularism or even funnier statements like ‘Terrorism has no religion’. Muslims apprehended while planning to blow their own asses in a busy street shouldn’t have the religion tag attached but the same advocates of secularism won’t even wink their eyelids before terming a Diwali cracker going off somewhere as an act of Saffron terrorism. This apprehension is more absurd than Kapil Sibal’s earth shaking theory of zero loss in 2G. It is time the sane chunk of the community comes forward and agrees to believe and walk side by side with the twenty first century world on a journey forward.
    Religion is a matter of self-belief and at no point it should be laced with your malicious intention of self-greed and conviction. Public display of affection for your religion through the acts of blasting yourself or killing innocents doesn’t make you more religious but barbaric, which demands an immediate elimination of you so that the rest of the planet can live in peace. Religion teaches us to be tolerant; not to issue Fatwas just because we don’t agree to someone’s views. Religion is too powerful to survive itself without uncultured trolls defending it. If a religion can’t survive few criticisms then there is something grossly wrong with the core ethics of it and rather been engaged in killing innocents to show that one-upmanship, the set of jokers should put their efforts to resurrect the missing links within.
    Hope some sense would prevail. And by the way, Rushdie is coming and I am looking forward to hear him in the literary fest.


    1. As usual Congress is dividing the nation on the basis of Religion and caste. Why has'nt congress helped muslims rise above poverty in spite of being in power for sixty years. MY muslim borthers, please think twice before voting for congress or anyother pary that plays this devisive politics.

    2. Now thats what I call a prolific hate speech. Absolute illogical venting.

      I am not at all a supporter of Deoband or RSS. And so far, not an admirer of biased bloggers like you.

      Answering to your question about Deoband's stance in case of RSS/MF Hussaid case, may I ask where was your blog during those days? Did you ask Hindus of those days to make their stand clear and stop spreading the saffron terror (Read this from today's The Hindu - http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article2790960.ece?homepage=true)

      I'm sure you are an avid follower of Salman Rushdie or Tasleema Nasreen, but the followership of MF Hussain was much larger.

      Having said that I don't justify the acts RSS or Deoband, I just totally reject your demand for the muslims to make their stand clear (once again).

      Deoband and RSS are the one and same protectors of self and attackers of others.

      India is the only secular nation of this world and I am a proud Indian. Please let us be this way.

    3. @Last Anonymous -

      The Hindu? Really? This looks quite out of shorts when one lectures about unbiased writing and then throws an article from Hindu to supplement his argument.

      As it is, 'The Hindu' trumpeting fair and unbiased publication is as good as a prostitute lecturing about the value of virginity.

      I rest my case!!

    4. Never intended to fight a case for 'The Hindu'. It's just a news source where I have read news of both the sides. If you intend to downplay that, I will try to search and provide you other news sources about non-islamic terrorism which unfortunately do exist, as unfortunately as the islamic terrorism itself.

      But, I won't.

      I just presented an example so as to make you understand that, I also know that, there is another side of the same coin which one can not ignore. Can not ignore just because it makes one's own side look bad.

      A very small percentage of overall human population can't avoid getting involved in such anti-social activities. It's the responsibility of the rest of the population is to ignore their misdeeds for the sake of a better future.

      An eye for an eye is definitely going to ensure that ours becomes a blind's world.

    5. @Anonymous At no point in the blog I have denied that there exists a shadow of terrorism at the other side of the coin. The idea was to have a comparison of both sides and all know who would win the battle hands down.

      There are instances of Hindu, Jews and even Sikh terror; but to what extent? Are they in realty any threat to world peace by any stretch of imagination as the Islam terror is? The answer is obvious.

      And still if we keep on comparing the two dangers on same yardstick it would be same as claiming the minimum entry criteria to Harvard in terms of age is 7 years since there are couple of guys that old are doing PHd.

      Again I rest my case for the second time

    6. Great!!!
      That means there are still some Indians who can make rational and outwards argument without bothering to be politically correct.

    7. There is more of a global brotherhood feeling among Muslims than any other religion, which induces a desire of not aligning with the local values much. Also, they are still controlled by a book written in a distant land in some other language, and hence indirectly by powerful seminaries & it’s guardians, who bring it’s interpretations to the followers. Just like any ruler high on power, a clergy does the story telling in a way which will keep him important & relevant. The political set-up has always kept feeding these to indirectly suppress the advent of individual & modern thoughts in the masses.
      This is in contrast to religions like Hinduism, where the preachers & story tellers are day by day getting confined to an apolitical role. Last few decades have seen reformers tying & almost succeeding in cleaning Hinduism of evils like Sati, Child-marriage etc. There is still a lot to do as evils like Dowry, Superstitions & Discrimination keep mocking us. Similarly Muslim moderates & reformers need to stand up, and then be politically supported to show the way forward

    8. Nice read..Sometimes I fear that India doesnt become what happend in Iran and lose all its rich cultural heritage under religious fundementalists (the trend is growing very fast)

    9. Excellent analysis-tongue-in-cheek but relevant. I would suggest a few more examples- Compare compassion levels-- 1)Bamiyan Buddhas- compare civilian response-Muslim response- 2)Twin towers- ditto, Mohammed cartoons-Quran burning-ditto.Theo Van gogh murder-ditto. Need more?

      Ah regarding hussain- He would not need to flee. All he needed was to draw Mohammad and his child bride with the same divine brush he painted Hindu gods. He was asked to do it, the choice he made makes my argument.