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    Parliament – Where Congress Plays Its Dirty Tricks

    I have said this close to zillion times. The theory that this UPA government follows to the hilt to cover their corruption acts is playing gimmicks. Every time they find their necks getting tightened by yet another of their act of corruption, they either try to blame the 6 years rule of BJP as the catalyst for the mess or ask their ever so vigilant dirty tricks department to play another of their regular gimmicks to fool the nation. In most of the cases they in fact employ both the mentioned tricks to get away or try to get away from the thick of the things. Most of the times they fail miserably but failures seldom deter the clowns from repeating the same gimmicks again. Isn’t it?

    The latest unholy saga involving Pawan Bansal and Ashwani Kumar has got all the trademark nonsense of Congress all over it. When both these gentlemen blow themselves up, one in the act of corruption where his own nephew was found acting as the pimp for him while the other tried his best to save the priminister from some imminent shame by deleting his name from a confidential report on the pretext of some bizarre grammar correction; all that we saw as part of a standard reaction of Congress is similar to what we have seen in earlier scams. First they denied any such infringement as claimed by the opposition. Then come the acceptance with a standard twist. None of the ministers, as per them found involved in any kind of misdoing. The act and actions of the nephew and the chap who agreed to pay a staggering 10 crores for a plump post, in case of Bansal were blamed instead since Bansal was found too honest a holy cow to get his hands dirty. Ditto was the case with Kumar. He again, as per the Congress, did what he did with all good intentions since as the law minister he was flabbergasted seeing the low quality English that was scribed as part of the official reports of CBI. While the opposition was hell-bent in demanding the resignation of this crooked duo, as per the so called sources of our media houses, the priminister was himself against the resignation of both the ministers.

    But I see a trick here from the dirty tricks department. Don’t believe me? Then try answering why Bansal and Kumar were asked to resign right after the session was over when they very well could have done the same earlier and let the house function normaly.

    Anyway, coming back to the topic. The so called oblivious attitude of our PM and his complete disinterest in acting against these two morons is the direct fallout of their nefarious intent to drag the attention somewhere else. The parliament session was just about to start when these two rascals were caught with their pants down and it was expected of the opposition to take the battle to the well of the house. And that is what precisely happened since BJP remained adamant with their demand of expulsion of these two ministers which resulted in repeated calling off of both the houses. Intentionally the Congress tried to brazen out the opposition's legitimate demands as that is what suited the Congress party looking at the nasty situation they were in. In an attempt to take the moral high ground by blaming BJP for stalling the parliament, the dirty tricks department of Congress intentionally kept the rascals in their ranks. Idea was not to remain strong during adversity but to go to the people with a sorry face and accusing BJP of subverting democracy by their repeated nuisance in the house. But didn’t the trick fall flat on its face? Subverting democracy? Seriously? When corrupt people are allowed to occupy chairs of responsible posts, a party seen shielding the very morons come up with their ‘democracy subversion’ antiques is as hilarious as a Laurel-Hardy episode. No?

    Since the moral high ground drama didn’t find any buyers, the thugs asked their paid media houses to come to their rescue. Remember the bloody Cobrapost nonsense that was blown from nowhere during when both Bansal and Kumar were soiling their Dhotis on hourly basis? As a little info, the chap who now heads the Cobrapost team is an ex Tehlka sold out. And the kind of bed both Tehlka and Congress share is no secret for the nation to understand. So where the Cobrapost man puts his honesty and loyalty, when it comes to transparent journalism is anything but clear. Even though the content of the Cobrapost expose was worrisome, I doubt on the timing. I doubt more so when I see this Arvind Kejriwal chap around. He may play to the galleries and furnish his own gimmicks to show how he is dead against this UPA government but in reality, he is another of those opportunistic idiots who regularly share their beds with Congress party for self-gain. How I have termed this team Kejriwal as Congress-B and that too close to zillion times again.

    But thankfully, for a change our media didn’t hopped like a Kangaroo from one issue to other as they are so infamously famous for. For a change, the Arnavs, the Rajdeeps of the world stick to the dented and tainted duo. So the Cobrapost drama bite the dust, as was the moral high ground nonsense earlier did. But could this stop the thugs to play another of their cards? Certainly not. From nowhere a nonsense called ‘Food Security Bill’ was brought in to the picture. Food security for the poor? I mean, when thousand tons of food grain is rotting in want of proper storage mechanism and a public distribution system as pathetic as the track record of Congress party, jokers of the party standing up and shedding gallons of crocodile tears for the poor who remained poor for generations because of the same party is sidesplitting. For me, when a government installs a corrupt and clueless idiot like Sharad Pawar as the agriculture minister, they are never or will never be be serious and concerned for the condition of the poor. As simple as that. This gimmick was nothing but another attempt at taking the moral high ground via the back door.

    All that this party of thugs wanted to pass on to the nation is how unmindful BJP is for the poor and the hungry. I mean, how evil one can get for self-gain? Though the bill itself is debatable to say the least, the Congress party tried their best to take advantage of the poor. I have no qualms if the poor get to eat plate full every day. But does that mean, I have to sponsor 67% of our nation’s population through my hard-earned money? I am sure, the bill in its current form destined for rebuttal from all parties, which even the Congress thugs are aware of but the clowns tried their hands at fooling the nation again by projecting BJP as anti-poor. Hilarious again. Hilarious because, had the morons looked within for reasons on why still we have so many poor people in our country the entire Congress camp, along with their extended rotten families would have committed mass suicide long back.

    Hope the nation is watching. Hope the nation is taking a bold note of all these filthy tricks. Time is coming to show our own indigenously manufactured tricks to this stinking drama company. Come 2014, we will show our tricks or two with our fingers on the EVM machines and throw this party of scoundrels and thugs to perennial dejection. Hope the tricks that we have learnt from this wicked lot would duly be paid back with interest in next general elections and let the morons have the taste of their own medicine.


    1. So correct. This is what Congress is doing since independence. Playing dirty tricks and fooling the nation with their gimmicks.

    2. '2013 : RSS NRI Guuju Bhai spend millions for Modi's image________2014 : Huge win for secular UPA-3 is 325 strong, Modi popularity will come down_____Babu Bhajarangi & Myaya Kodanani will testify that w/o Modi's support they would not have killed people. Few cops will also testify that it was Modi who was behind riots.______________2015 : A fast track court will order death sentence to Modi___________2016 : All courts will reject mercy petition including Pranab Da______________2016 End : Modi will be hanged inside Tihar jail, no one comes to claim body of Modi, Modi will be burried next to Afzal Guru.________________2017 : UPA-3 gets Nobel prize for keeping away Fascists away from seat of power.___________2019 : Congress whitewash, with 300 seats, Rahul PM.

    3. The article should be tagged Parliament : WHere BJP plays all possible tricks, BJP & Chaddis are real M'fkrs, they are demolishing democracy in India, SHAME ON UPPERCASTE PROPAGANDA

    4. Pratul Gupta Ka BaapMay 16, 2013, 3:27:00 PM

      ye Pratul Kutta Daily Rahul Gandhi aur Sonia Gandhi ki chaddi soongh ke aata hai.

    5. Pratul,
      Very nice....now can you predict who will win IPL 6

    6. Pratul has lost his mental balance due to very dangerous diseses of Gandhi Syndrom....

    7. R u a son of Digvijan Sing? or R u sorogated spokeperson of congress?

    8. Bloody vote pr0$$%^e. Sell your mother/sister instead.

    9. And like the last part of story where India proves itself to be true democracy by allowing an overgrown mentally retarded kid to become PM (no discrimination).

    10. gupta ji directly transfer all ur property in the name of gandhis n congress so that they don hv to waste time findin new ways to get their hands on middle class pockets n natural resources..problem solved

    11. n by 2020 by investigation following verdicts will come out:
      1) sikh genocide was due to saffron terrror.
      2) kashmiri pandits left kashmir as the place was too cold for them.
      3) sabarmati exp episode was a plot made by saffron chaddees so that they hv reason to kill muslims.
      4) india has developed