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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Pehle AAP That Is Going On In Delhi

Team Being Cynical
In my last post published on the day the voting for all the recently concluded elections of five states ended, I put forward my pennyworth on the probable results. I was spot on for all the states except Delhi where my projection or perception, depending on how purist you are, was way off the mark. No, I am not Ravi Shastri hence never said 'all three results are possible in Delhi'. I rather predicted a huffing and puffing victory for Shiela Dixit and expected her to save herself by the skin of her teeth. I also predicted Kejriwal’s AAP to garner at max half a dozen seats. I failed there with my projection and there could be only one probability for such failure. Rather I would say one probability with two different flavors. The probability is that I misread the situation. The first flavor is; I could have misread the political situation of Delhi and the popularity of AAP or the second flavor; I could have misread the IQ and judgment level of Delhi voters. And I strongly feel the flavor is of the later type. Honestly I never thought there could be such enormous number of dumbfound voters in Delhi; those can’t just see the plot behind this whole AAP nonsense.

Anyway, I am here for a different reason. One of my readers asked me if I am coming up with the part-II of my last post since the counting is already done away with. I must admit I am good one week late. Since I was travelling all this while and enjoying my much deserved vacation in Goa after a 3 months long stint in Tokyo, away from my family, the delay in coming up with this post was expected. Nevertheless, “Der Aaye Par Durusht Aaye”.

I may have missed the Delhi election projection mark by quite a distance but I didn’t misread the inherent love-love relationship between AAP and Congress. In my last post I said if a situation arises where Shiela Dixit falls marginally short from majority, the first one to come to her rescue would be AAP. I also suggested how such public display of affection for Shiela won’t raise a single finger towards Arvind since he has this ‘Secularism’ gimmick readily available at his disposal. Though the present situation is not exactly what I predicted since Begum Shiela got decimated quite unceremoniously but I still see a similar kind of situation with a reverse role play. From nowhere Congress has agreed to give unconditional support to AAP to form the government in Delhi. What do you see in this unconditional nonsense? Let’s analyze a bit. What do you say?

Now here is the thing. Congress is the party which was at the receiving end or so as it has been projected, of an AAP onslaught. Starting from the Anna Hazare fast to the point the opportunistic Arvind Kejriwal formed a political outfit; it was Congress which suffered the wrath of AAP/Jan Lokpal agitation. Arvind didn’t even spare the Damade-E-Hind from his volleys of accusations. It is a different story that Robert Vadra is untouchable, not even by our laws but nonetheless Arvind was severe on Congress party and the family. And it is no secret how the Gandhi family is everything for this sycophant party called Congress. Could you imagine Congress going out of their way to support someone who was busy slandering none other than the Gandhi family members all this while? More surprising is the fact that the support is unconditional as well. Unconditional? Really? In the last post also I stressed on the phrase – “Convenience Of Hypocrisy”. Let’s see how this phrase fits these two political outfits that are in a mission to fool the nation.

I am not sure if anyone has marked it or not but Arvind have accused every bloody living thing of being corrupt but not even a milder one at either Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. And I would even agree to believe Shahrukh Khan is a Bharat Ratna material but not that this mother-son duo are holy cows. Huffington post may have deleted Sonia Gandhi’s name from their rich politician list for reasons best known to them but one having 2 Billion USD without having any business/enterprise and that too with a history of being a bartender at some point, smells rat. How many bartenders you know those have 2 Billion USD in their bank accounts? I am afraid; I know none except Sonia Gandhi. But did the champion of anti-corruption, Arvind Kejriwal ever take a dig at the mother-son associate? Why? Don’t tell me he never found any proof of the same. When the entire Congress is a gold mine of corruption, I doubt one would have to work too hard to find the foot prints of Gandhi family in one or more of these corrupt acts. Even a child knows that the fish starts to stale from its head. But surprising Arvind never talked about these two fake Gandhis. And I am sure there is a plot behind this complete silence of Arvind on the Gandhis. And the plot is opening up in the public domain now.

Do you see the love in the air? The drama is well rehearsed, I must say. The generous offer of Congress was expected to be declined by AAP at once and after that the gimmick of ‘thinking over it’ for the benefit of democracy was to be acted. Once both these acts are finished, the clown turned crook turned Congress-B team would accept the offer to form the government. How nice it is for all; No? After all, you rarely get to have your government after getting routed precariously in the elections. Just wait for 4-5 more days for Arvind to turn up before media to announce his decision to go with Congress offer as he, along with all the seculars of India, also doesn’t want to let the communal forces to come to power. All for our beloved secularism, you see. All this grandstanding and writing letters full with their conditions for accepting the support offer is all bullshit, if I may use the word in want of a better one. All is part of the plot to keep fooling the voters on how Arvind is still the messiah for everyone and how he took the support of the most corrupt party of Indian political history, just to save the democracy and of course to keep the bloody communal forces away.

For those who still believe Arvind is a well of pious intentions, they need only ponder at his latest jibe at Anna Hazare’s fast. The morons of AAP are running all over the place announcing how only ‘Gaddars’ would accept the redrafted Lokpal bill. This statement in turn infers Anna as a ‘Gaddar’ himself for accepting the same. And don’t tell me you didn’t mark the arrogance of the entire AAP regiment post Delhi verdict. If you haven’t yet then I would request you to pick any speech of a scumbag called Kumar Vishwas. If someone winning only 28 legislative seats make them transform into such kind of arrogance excellence, you can imagine what they would turn into if they get even a tenth of the similar electoral success in upcoming general elections. And we only thought it is only Congress and morons like Manish Tewari who are capable of delivering marvels like ‘Elected & Electable’.

I am not getting into the list of those bandwagon of clowns who are accusing Arvind for intentionally avoiding forming the government even after getting unconditional support from Congress. It is his and his party’s political decision and we all must respect that. In any whichever way Arvind and AAP hasn’t got the complete mandate either. That said, I would be grossly surprised if Arvind doesn’t accept Congress offer at the end. Well he has an act in the drama to play after all. And which he exactly is doing right now with his jingoisms. But come the day, come the hour, he finally would be a party to that “you scratch mine, I scratch yours” trend of Congress. Anyone want to bet on this? 

P.S - Lets change the proverb : "Everything is fair in love, war and Secularism". 


  1. Perfectly written. Those fools who still can't see the dirty tricks of Arvind Kejriwal should get their eyes tested and their brains medically mapped to realize the truth from the pile of untruth

  2. Not upto the mark. Not at par with the standards set by yourself through your previous blogs. Little biased towards the new kin in the block. Why BJP is not forming the minority govt at Delhi as they have been used to? Why so high moral stand by the BJP? Would the BJP have taken same stance if the general elections are more than a year away? Any way worth reading...

  3. You asked why BJP is not forming the government? I guess you need 36 seats for that and BJP is short of that number by 4. Is anyone supporting BJP as they are doing for AAP?

    Now if AAP, as they pretended all this while are for the poor and less privileged have this golden opportunity to form the Govt and show how one should fulfill their promises.

    Why he is asking for unconditional support? Once he proves his majority, according to our constitution his Govt can't be pulled down at least for 6 months. And Arvind himself claimed, he would fulfill all the points of his manifesto in 3 months time if he comes to power. So why don't he just form the Govt and implement all that gasbag he was selling the people of Delhi for last one year?

    Because Arvind knows, all that he promised is plan and simple Bullshit. Promising 50% reduction in electricity bills is one thing but to implement that and the subsequent financial challenge involved therein is tough to manage. So he is shying away from forming the Govt.

    Wake up friend and smell the coffee. If not, then ask Anna Hazare.

  4. Only some morons will disagree to what you have written!!!
    Thank you for your untiring efforts....
    I sometimes feel that you are writing it for me.....

  5. sir how to convince the fellow voters to not to fall into the trap of so called new parties and most imp if the ppl still don't understand the plot.... I will say they don't want a better life and they want to get killed by these double standards ppl and want to only abuse everyone...

  6. Sonia was not a bartender. She was a waitress. Being a bartender requires some skills - ie knowing how to mix drinks.

  7. VERY TRUE... one more point i would like to mention about this so called Aam Aadmi Man Mr. Kejriwal is that he has started zaadu yaatra only in gujrat and before that he declared that he will defeat NAMO in Gujrat... and he is considering fighting on all 26 loksabha seats in gujrat only... no other states he want to fight LS polls...

  8. I asked why the BJP is not forming a minority govt by the same out side support? Why it is not going for the "Jod-Tod" rajneeti which it is used to ala Karnataka?As nobody will dare to bring the govt down considering the impending general election. Did they have the magical figure of 272 when they formed the famous 13 day govt or they were moral bankrupt in 1996?
    From when these thugs became saint, after getting at the doorstep of forming govt, they shied away on the 10th evening saying that we will sit in the opposition. Why not form the govt being the single largest party though no support is visible which can be tested in the floor itself. But look into the opportunistic way as if they were fighting the the election to sit in the opposition only.
    The only reason visible for above is
    "The AAP has changed the rule of the game". They know it by their heart that they cannot survive with a hostile AAP in the opposition and can not afford to take a nosedive in the so called "Modi Wave" as the general election are to be held in 170 days!!!

  9. Boss you know what? A perpetually pending Lokpal is the Mantra of survival for Arvind and his wretched party. This is the precise reason they are even digging at their so called Guru Anna Hazare. Do I need to say more about the opportunistic qualities of AAP and the morons who belong to it?

    Anyway, my job is not entirely to convince you alone. You may prefer to remain rigid with your absurd arguments and good luck to you. I can only request you to get up and not hit the snooze button instead and smell the coffee or else you may very well miss the bus.

  10. for te AAP jokers, UP, MAha and AP are the most corruption free states. JUs FYI- half or AP's cabinet have been accused and are facing charges in SC............the NOISE team has not found anything here but wants to go to Guj to fight corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jokers dont last long

  11. I am writing some speculation, maybe another controversy theory. Sheila Dikshit was becoming very popular with Delhites and another win in Delhi would have meant that she must be given some important post in the central government. But lately Sheila and Sonia had a fallout - we must appreciate what Sheila did to Delhi. Now we all know how Sonia controls the popular media houses in India. So when Anna movement was on, it was being flashed on the media continuously, when Sonia was conveniently cleaning up the Swiss money and transferring it elsewhere. When the meeting to stop Anna's fast happened, it was Kejriwal who had hijacked Anna; as mentioned by Bhaiyyu ji, nobody was allowed to meet Anna. That is when this settlement happened between Congress and AK. AAP was formed and suddenly AAP and Kejriwal were on media houses. Anna was completely blacked out.

    Sheila had to go, and BJP had to be checked, so Kejriwal was so much hyped on the media that AAP managed to garner good votes. Besides, Kejriwal played a double game by cajoling Sheila too, which actually was the reason for so many votes - Sonia did not expect. Her game was to wipe out Sheila, bring forth Kejriwal, then Rahul baba will come out with a gimmick that we should support AAP. Now lately,AAP was playing too long games, arrogance crept in due to unexpected votes. In came Rahul baba who supported Anna on lopkal. Now Kejriwal is upset with Anna and even bad-mouthing him. This has been the strategy of AAP - just keep bad-mouthing everyone else except Sonia and Rahul. But now Sonia has given a great reply to Kejriwal's double game by sending Rahul to support Anna. In this situation, it won't be a surprise to see if Kejriwal will try all desperate measures to come to governance as he has to save his skin.

  12. <> If what you say - AAP IS THE "B-TEAM" OF CONGRESS - is true, this is betrayal / perfidy / treachery of the worst kind.
    <> I am still unable to believe this & I wish what you claim is FALSE, inadvertently though.
    <> On the other hand, if AK is, in fact, a MOHRA of Congress, such a dissimulation will not succeed for long.
    <> Because AAP's reach will not extend beyond Delhi & some other Metropolitan areas.
    <> In any case, AAP will never be in a position to demolish the huge fan following PAN INDIA cutting across URBAN & RURAL areas & States.
    <> Analyze the voluntary assembling of lakhs of enthusiasts in Modi's rally & FERVOUR of the audience. It is no exaggeration if we claim Modi by himself will be able to garner around 300 seats in LS 2014
    <> So, even if Kejriwal turns out to be a TRAITOR, as what you claim, there is no power on earth which can stop BJP from forming a Government in 2014

  13. being_cynical why u pulling the legs of AAM admi party i still not understanding Aam admi party is more better party than BSP,SP,Congress TMC, Communist party

  14. being_cynical why u pulling the legs of AAM admi party iam still not understand Aam admi party is much better party than BSP,SP,Congress TMC, Communist party

  15. Kailash ChaudhriDec 19, 2013, 4:37:00 AM

    He is sick


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