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    Manmohan Singh – 10 Years As Slave

    12 Years As Slave is a powerful movie. Each character in it showed some kind of conviction in what they are doing and not to mention the acting of the entire crew is beyond any debate. Worthy and deserving candidate for all the accolades it eventually won at the red carpet. Far away from the Oscars arena, closer to our home, there is another slave who is about to complete a decade of slavery but miles adrift from the grandiose accolades of the former. That is Manmohan Singh for you. Terming him a slave could sound little harsh but nevertheless, the kind of puppet he is or made one, calls for a foul cry.

    Year after year, this gentleman, whom we were told is our priminister, just occupied the highest seat for the heck of it while the real power remained somewhere else. This chap was made a mascot and a cover, all at the same time to carry along a bunch of highly uncouth and corrupt individuals all through. If that was not enough, this modern day slave showcased some unbelievable hara-kiri during his regrettable tenure as the CEO of this nation. We may give the benefit of doubt to him, for he being compelled to commit the mistakes, which otherwise are not expected of a state-head, but that is hardly any excuse. A position, as important as the PM of the nation calls for conviction and execution, rather being ‘Ji-Hazoor’ types for the so called highcommands. While we are at it, let’s examine few of the many high grade display of foolishness by this modern day slave, on demand by the higher ups.

    Muslims Have The First Rights – That was one kind of a masterpiece, I tell you. Purists might argue, he never said Muslims but minorities but then, you know what he meant with his utterances atop Lal-Killa. Don’t you? I am fine with odd jokers going on a spouting spree to protect their own votebank in their constituencies but certainly can’t appreciate this rotten display of appeasement with an eye on the ballot boxes and that too coming from the PM of the nation. And what about the occasion when he delivered this highly insinuating avowal? A day as auspicious as the Independence Day never calls for the state-head to stand up and narrate the ways and means to divide the nation further. Funnier even, none cared to justify why the minorities should have the first right to nation's resources. What crime the majority (read uppercast Hindus) have done to always remain on the back seat when it comes to availing all that the state has to offer? First it was the reservation system which deprived the majority from attaining heights which they deserve on account of their own caliber. While that apathy itself has already reached a chronic level, our PM thoughts of other avenues to continue denying the majority, their share of justice and opportunity. That is so absurd of a mature nation. Votebank and power even blinds the PM, who is otherwise expected to remain partisan and custodian of the nation and its citizens. Imagine if the Muslims had a ‘Dalit’ kind of subdivision within themselves. Our PM could very well have pledged not only the nation’s resources but also the private resources for them. If the trend continues, I am sure, days aren’t far when you put your lifelong savings to build your dream home but can’t live there since our PM had dedicated your home to the minorities of the nation. Sounds disparaging and unattainable when you read this? Then just try voting such divisive scoundrels to power again.

    Indo-US Nuclear Deal – Many may not understand what that wretched issue was all about. So let me simplify that for everyone to understand. You are living in a neighborhood; surrounded by average hacks those are not so vibrant economically. You are tad well-off comparing to others in the area but the gap isn’t that wide. Now there is a big brother in the same neighborhood, who is way ahead both economically and strategically. He is a bully and master at selling snake-oil. He convinces you, either by force or by bribing the corrupts in your household to buy his yet another snake-oil jar. He suggests that you should allow him to dump the extracts of his toilet bowls in your home since his own tank is overflowing with the excreta. And what carrot he administers for you to buy this notorious idea? He assures you that since he is rich and eats best of the food available in the planet, there is a possibility of finding good amount of gold if we scavenge through his daily drops. And you gleefully agree, not only to store his shit but also to routinely search through it for that assured gold. That is Indo-US nuclear deal for you guys. In a way, this spineless master slave let the US treat India as the dumping yard of their nuclear excreta. Over simplification of the deal would put it in a single line – “US of A will routinely ship their e-waste to India for the dumping purpose”. Since we were, are and will remain slaves, we agree to the proposition, even defying sense of logic as well as other sensible views and voices. The only time this slave shown some spine in these 10 years is during the nuclear deal but alas, that was for all the wrong reason. The slave even dared to put his government on the line of fire to buy this shit-treatment plant idea of USA. Nation perhaps can go to dogs.

    Losing Sleep Over Arrests – This is another nonsense of the ‘Muslims have the first rights’ category but of a different flavor. The first occurrence of this phenomena happened when a Muslim doctor of Indian origin got arrested at Sydney airport. Before the Australian authorities could come up with the reasoning of their arrest act, our slave lost his sleep at once. That was quite quick. Though there were issues where our PM could and should have lost his sleep, before and after the Sydney arrest, he was seldom seen losing his sleep there. He was rather jubilant on other unfortunate eventualities but decided to lose his sleep for the first and last time on a Muslim’s arrest. Could anyone guess, what propelled Manmohan Singh to lose his sleep on once instance while he remained jacket fine on other nationalistic issues? You got that right – heavy dose of appeasement and dirty business of votebank. Though he never claimed to lose his sleep during SRK’s detention at Newark but in all likelihood he must have then as well. But ask the slave to comment on the unfortunate detention of Abdul Kalam, he may very well be not aware of any such incident. That is the mindset of a slave for you. An ex-president is humiliated on a foreign soil, breaching all ethos of international diplomacy, yet our slave of a PM decides to look the other way. He pretty much preserved his abilities to lose sleep for entirely non-issues. Forget Kalam, who was the architect in denying the ‘Bharat Mata’ to become the PM back in 2004, what about the beheadings of our soldiers by the Pakistani rangers? I never heard our “sleep losing” friendly slave utter a word. I never heard the great MMS speaking, much less losing his sleep when his own subordinates were busy looting the nation through 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Augusta westland.

    Theek Hai – Well, that was funny. Even Twitter admitted it to be funny when it trended #TheekHai for the better part of 72 hours. Fun apart, does anyone note the casual approach of the PM in whole of it. To end a public addressing with the words ‘Theek Hai’ shows the nonchalant attitude of the slave. He was addressing the citizens not out of concern but treating it as part of his duty, no? What else can explain the relief that was evident on the slave’s face when he finally finished reading from the handout and gleefully asked the cameramen if it is ‘Theek Hai’ to close the formality nonsense and get on to the bigger issues like Italian command worshiping? While the nation was eagerly waiting to listen to its PM for some assurance, this slave made it look like a routine affair with his regrettable casual approach towards the act of addressing the nation. Pick any public address of JFK or for that matter even Bush Jr and how worthless and ‘Kaam Chalau’ approach that MMS adopted would be more than evident. That said did Congress or MMS ever take the nation or the cause that safeguards the nation’s interest seriously? Well, may be, never.  

    Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees – 90% of India’s population is aware of this biology involving money. We certainly don’t require a slave to educate us on this basic nuance of money manufacturing. This statement of our slave PM at best can be categorized in the same ‘Theek Hai’ nonchalance but with a different flavor. While in the earlier case, the PM took the citizens for granted, he took the plight of the citizens for granted in the latter case. Both acts are of loathsome proportion and least expected from a mature state head. This overhyped so called economist slave had always this 100 days to offer to provide relief to the citizens suffering from acute inflation and unemployment but when that 100 days carrot failed repeatedly, he found it worthwhile to make a mockery of the 3 year long misery of the citizens by throwing tantrums. Dear slave, we all know money doesn’t grow on trees and we common mortals can’t even print and manage money of our own. That is precisely why we elect governments to take up that responsibility. Responsibility to manage the money, which unfortunately never grows on trees but earned. In response to our faith and vote we don’t expect morons to throw tantrums at us and go un mocking at our plight. That is absurd dear slave and in all likelihood a tough lesson, courtesy the voter is round the corner in next 70 days.

    Hugging And Kissing Spree In Thimphu – Though  you are a slave you must realize that the ‘Zadoo Ki Jhappis’ only work in movies and that too in Munna Bhai fame. In diplomacy, strong and convincing stands that matters. On the sidelines of the SAARC summit what MMS was interested was to go on kissing and hugging every Pakistani he came across. And how we were reciprocated with for our pan Pakistan love affair? 167 cases of LoC violation that very year and 94 unnecessary killings of our soldiers on the north-western borders. That is the quality of diplomacy that the equally spineless government of the slave offered us. Every time we saw the slave jackal around when it comes to Pakistan, we had to suffer, either in the form of losing few of our brave hearts or bombs going off on our neighboring city corner. Still we have this permanent catering service attached to our MEA to serve piped hot Biriyani to every Pakistani scoundrel visiting us, both for personal or official reason. This very spineless attitude allowed morons like Rehman Mallik to come to our country and insult the sacrifice of the likes of Capt. Saurav Kalia by terming his death because of bitter cold, not Pakistani ranger’s uncivilized behavior. Can you imagine any other country where the scumbags like Rehman Mallik could dare to even repeat half of what he exploded in India? Not unless you have a slave heading that nation.

    I may go on and on for next three years but would still be halfway to jolt down every meek accomplishments of this slave and his equally notorious government. Both time and interest of this blog might not be addressed through that. Just in want of time and writing space I am limiting to these few pertinent points or else, believe you me, each day of the past 10 years tells a story of cluelessness, meek act of surrender, pan India loot and fooling the public at large. May be, I will come up with few more points when this slave remits office one final time for good. Till then keep patience. 


    1. True. Such a slave he is. Shame on India, shame on the voters for allowing such spineless creatures to remain there at the top for 10 long years

    2. Its not A R Rahman but Rehman Malik.
      Don't confuse our own music maelstro with a leader of our neighbor.

    3. My Mistake. Changed the name accordingly.

    4. I totally agree with this article, except the following part:
      What crime the majority (read uppercast Hindus) have done to always remain on the back seat when it comes to availing all that the state has to offer?
      How come upper-caste Hidus is the majority?!

      According to 2001 census here is the percentage division of Indian population in terms of Caste:

      Upper Caste
      1. Priestly Brahmin caste: 5%
      2. Warrior Kshatriya caste: 4%
      3. Trader Vaishya caste: 3%

      Lower Caste
      4. Commoner Sudra caste:71% (This can be broken further down)
      - Clean Sudras (aka Forward castes):30% of Sudras
      - Unclean Sudras:41% of Sudras

      5. Outcaste Dalits: 12%
      7. Tribals: 5%

      Congress and it's ilk want division between castes, community and religion, because that's the only way they can rule. Now by saying the above, you are ending up supporting Congress agenda.

      The caste system has been corrupted over centuries, that's why a tamasic person can be 'Brahmin' and sages like Swami Vivekananda is not Brahmin! It will take all Hindu's to rectify the this systematic corruption in Indian culture.

    5. Nice piece, as usual.

      Write on the reservation percentage (more than 50% now) and violation of S Court order please.