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    Time To Answerback Rahul Gandhi

    When recently Rahul Gandhi quite dramatically announced how he admires AAP as a political party and fancies the idea of learning a lot from them, little did one thought he will end up picking only the theatrics. I am not amused though since little else, other than theatrics is anyway expected from the prince. And to add to that, AAP is one of their own. No harm in copying few things, though the master seldom mimics the servant. Like AAP and the other drama queen of our political discourse Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi has developed (read reinvented) his questioning skills in exponential proportions. Never mind if his questions are only limited to Narendra Modi and Gujarat. Never mind if the prince forgets to scavenge his own backyard before finger pointing at one particular man. That is quite special with any Congress stooge. We must be happy that he is now at least asking questions, thereby proving how big a dumb he is and how ill-informed he was all this while.

    But there is a history to his questioning skills and why I am writing this piece now. When Rahul went ahead with his first set of questionnaires on Gujarat governance and its development model, I for one thought to pass it off as the desperate jibe of a frustrated soul. So did the spokespersons of BJP. But to amaze many, the prince continued to dish out his blabbering with alarming stupidity and regularity. Now it simply can’t be overlooked anymore. That is the reason why the spokespersons of BJP and its allies have started to rebut Rahul Gandhi with facts. But I have a feeling; they are failing miserably in properly decorating their outburst, partly because they themselves are half-informed and partly because of Arnav Goswami. Except Rahul Narvekar others that come daily on primetime to counter charge Rahul Gandhi are doing a great disservice to the people of India. People like Piyush Goyal and Chandan Mitra are as useless as an average Chennai autorickshaw driver. Though they pick up the correct point they fail to deliver it to its proper reasoning and make a mess of their argument in the middle. If Narendra Modi is watching those TV debates then he must do something about sending well informed individuals to media debates. Since the designated spokespersons are failing, this lesser mortal writer is taking the onus to clear the thick web of lies that Rahul Gandhi and his cronies are webbing against Gujarat, Modi and RSS for quite some time. After all a person must not be allowed to go on jerking barrels of bile; those not only factually wrong but at times are outright lies. So let’s answer back the Yuvraj in his own language, point by point.

    On questions about Amul – Rahul Gandhi knows nothing about history of this nation, let alone Amul’s. Studying was never his cup of tea. Lets give the prince that benefit of doubt for his idiocy here. That said, the doubt must be cleared. But before we go on clearing the doubts of the prince that have settled in  his shoddy brain, we need to clarify one thing from him. When exactly Narendra Modi claimed to have established Amul in the state? And where exactly the prince heard him say so?  Everyone knows Amul is there in Gujarat since the days Sahid Afridi made his international debut. To top it, none in the BJP camp ever claimed to have established that organization during their tenure. All that NaMo is claiming is the vibrant growth that Amul saw during his period. Is this fact disputable? Seems so for the highly ill-informed and cocooned thugs of Congress party. Lets analyze it a bit. When NaMo took over in 2001, Amul was in the verge of bankruptcy. If my findings are not wrong, Amul was even struggling to stay afloat, let alone staying relevant in this highly competitive FMCG market. After 10 long years we can see where Amul stands now. They have added 28 new items to their product line. While prior to 2001 Amul has its presence only in the butter market in India, they had this miserable presence in packaged milk section, only in and around Gujarat and part of Maharashtra. Now during these 10 years Amul not only has successfully spread their wings in the milk segment throughout India but also have introduced their much successful ice-cream brand. I am not even including their ever growing Dahi and Cheese market. Were these highly profitable product lines there with Amul before 2001? And by the way, Amul had all these products lines in their pipeline from 1986 but never could they materialize those plans in want of political patronage. This is where NaMo came as savior for Amul. Not only he supported Amul’s aggressive plans but also helped the co-operative with financial substitutes as and when needed from state fund. Before 2001 the state has a meager 18% stake in Amul while it stands now at 32%. Hope Rahul Baba and his cronies do a study before accusing NaMo of running away with Amul brand as well. First thing NaMo never claimed in that perspective and second NaMo’s contribution to Amul’s survival is for all to see. So Rahul Gandhi is better off if he keeps his pigment of imagination limited to his cronies. Anyway, running away with the credits for the success because of the hard work of someone else is a trademark with Congress and Gandhi family.

    On Sardar Patel’s comment on RSS – Here the prince picks up a line, leaving the context entirely and going on with his jamboree again and again. Again a bad example of what happens when one doesn’t study the history properly and creates a mess of his oratory. First, the Sardar did accused RSS of carrying poisonous intentions in their ideology. They may be at that time. But what the prince forgets is the comments of the same Sardar Patel about RSS on later stages. Irony, he even forgets his own great grandfather, the clueless Nehru and his open invitation for RSS to join Congress and have a marching contingent on republic day parades. He claims to have the highest respect for the likes of Sardar and what they have to say but never bothers to highlight upon what the father of the nation said about Congress post-independence. Didn’t the Mahatma urge all to dissolve Congress at one point of history? Has his wish been implemented till now? For the prince, whether it is Sikh riots or any other such hara-kiri of Congress, it has to be one fringe element of the party, not the entire party that should be blamed. But come to Maya Kodnani or Nathuram Godse, it is the entire BJP and the RSS which stands culprit. Quite a task to unwind the thought process of this useless chap, I tell you. At one point he forgets the sacrifice of lakhs of people to win us the freedom but apportions the entire achievement to the Congress party but at the same time accuses NaMo of running away with the hard work of many as his personal achievement. Quite an enigma the prince is turning out to be, no? Hope someone does a Sreesanth the next time he utters – “Congress ne Angrezon ko desh ke bahar bhej diya”

    On land acquisitions in Gujarat – This has to be the masterpiece. The day the prince for the first time botched up with his land acquisition nonsense, the same day police were firing at the agitating farmers in a Congress ruled state called Maharashtra. Where was the prince hiding when 4 farmers were got killed in Rajasthan, pretty much for the same reason. He being the messiah of the poor can’t for once see the rotten scheme of things in his own party’s ruled states but never forgets to finger point at a non-existing issue in Gujarat. Hope the prince knows, the so called farmer agitation in Gujarat is for the proposed plant of Maruti Udyog. And it is again no secret that MUL is a PSU with substantial government holding. And as far as I know, neither the ministry of heavy industries nor the home ever asked the Gujarat government to felicitate the land acquisition for the proposed plant. It is the central government that took the pain on itself to accomplish the toughest task of gathering the land and they failed miserably. Had this been a regularity with Gujarat government like many Congress ruled states then one wonders why the agitation never happened in case of previous land acquisitions? Why it has to be only the case where the central government is involved? I am sure, in his gest to show Modi in bad light the prince exposes the impotency (hope Salman Khurshid doesn’t mind) of his own government at the center.

    There are many other questions of Rahul Gandhi but they simply could be thrown to the nearest garbage bin without much ado. Not because of the nature of the question but because it simply exposes one’s immaturity in vomiting way too much, without doing adequate fact check. As it is, this blog never engages in exposing the deplorable and diminishing IQ level of an individual in minute terms. One need not be an expert in economics to set right the ground realities of Gujarat which the entire Congress party is trying to wash off. Getting hold of the latest planning commission’s report and flipping through few pages would be sufficient to rebut the prince slap-by-slap to each of his false accusations masquerading as so called questions of an interested political observer.

    By the way, the dates are nearing and I am sure the prince would get answers to all his questions on May 16th. Till then I hope he holds his patience and frustration within the limit of civility so that we are not forced to  term him a mentally retard. 


    1. I think people of Gujrat and India will give a befitting reply to Rahul Gandhi and his bunch of sycophants, most of whom are too scared now to contest elections, so much for the govt that worked tirelessly for poor for 10 years. This time, very same poor know that how lacs of crores of people money is swindled by congi, all on the name of their welfare. Come May-2014, a huge electoral slap await Congress, like of which is never seen in history of this country so far, that will wipe off arrogant smirk from their faces forever. They are not coming back to power for next 10 years for sure, directly or indirectly. If Modi could stay PM for 5 years and win one more term, Congress will be history, as per last wishes of MKGandhi. It is already dead in most of the sates, final blow will come in May-2014

    2. Congress ne Angrezon ko desh ke bahar bhej diya aur phir Italian ko desh ke andar aanediya & unko queen bhie banaadiya.

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