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    The Last Ditch Effort

    I had once read somewhere that when one gets famous, those who find themselves at the receiving end try to put obstacles on that person’s path. The obstacles start with their open ignorance of the fact that their nemesis is gaining exponential growth. Then they downplay the growth with their typical jingoism. When things become too clear for all to see, the morons get into their business of filthy attack. The attack becomes many folds when they find themselves failing miserably in containing their enemy and his growth. Then starts the inflow of falsified stories, full with lies and deception. When the lies don’t give the desired result, the morons return back to where they began and start ignoring the bitter facts. That is Narendra Modi for you and the morons in discussion is everyone who is masquerading as a secular but in reality is a left liberal fraud in disguise. The patrons of this filthy group of self-righteousness also include our media morons, who for a long, long time have matched stride by stride in maligning one single person.

    To begin with, it was no fight of ideology as the rabid mongrels would make you believe. Because, the idiots who are nothing but a bunch of self-certified flag bearers of secularism are in fact far from having any ideology of their own. So there is no chance of their ideology not matching with any other person, let alone those of Modi. The ideology of the supposed group could at best be termed as the ideology of deception, thuggary, lie peddling and looting of the nation. They seldom displayed any symptom of having a strong moral or profound ethics. All that they always showcased is lack of civility, honesty and accountability but yet they are grouped together for more than 10 years to malign one single person because the person in discussion is a great danger to the convenient atmosphere where thugs like them prosper.

    For close to a dozen of years, the morons have continued with their act of flogging the 2002 Gujarat riot horse. Doesn’t matter for them if the horse is a dead horse already. It doesn’t matter for them if what they are shouting about is something that is a byproduct of their own pigment of imagination. Election after elections; public gathering after public gathering; media debates after media debates; these morons have cried foul for one single case, without looking or caring about the development on the legal front of the whole issue. It never mattered, either by intention or by ignorance, if the courts have literally thrown all of their accusations to dustbin vis-à-vis Narendra Modi. A group with a biased ideology of hatred has gone a long way in propagating their lies and vested interest with full force. Sole intention is to keep the voters in dark about the truth. They got success at times and got badly bruised on most other occasions, yet still the idea of lie peddling never appeared subdued. Not even now, when we are barely a month away from the general elections. Along with the routine and notorious faces, the said group has added another face to their congregation of lie peddlers, going by the name Arvind Kejriwal.

    Any minute you switch on your TV set, you will find one or many of these morons busy slinging abuses of astounding uncivility. Even if the discussion was about India’s performance in the ongoing T20 world cup, these jokers would somehow drag Modi’s name in between to peddle few more lies. A classic example of such moroniry is one Sanjay Jha. Unfortunately, Sanjay Jha is not alone in the ‘without taking Modi’s name at least once a day, we can’t survive’ pack of scoundrels. There are many who grace the astounding company of the likes of Jha. Notorious media anchors like Rajdeep, Barkha Dutt, Nikhil Whagle are also part of this ‘lie peddling’ cottage industry. There are in fact few like Ashutosh who have managed to graduate themselves to higher filth by migrating his hate for Modi from the studios to a congregation of jokers camouflaged as a political outfit. There is a sudden emergence of the master thug Kejriwal. The person who has done nothing in his life other than destructing every nuances of democracy is out there in the open with his venomous double play. A grade-I tout with a dual avatar, one of an anti-corruption crusader to fool the public and another of a seasoned rear licker behind the doors is running around like rabies infected canine and throwing rubbish at an alarming rate. Since December 2013, Arvind Kejriwal is busy all this while in throwing rotten allegations against Modi. Though his career and political discourse started with attacking Congress, off late he was never seen venturing anywhere near any Gandhi name. His tall claims of fixing Robert Vadra and Shiela Dixit once he assumes power has gone in thin air. All that this joker now interested is to attack Modi with all his baseless allegations. While epitome of corruption like Maharashtra is easily overlooked by AK, he fancies fighting from all loksabha seats in Gujarat. Seasoned corrupts of the Congress party never fancy this dual mouth anymore but come to Modi, he even runs around the city of Varanasi and shows his eagerness to fight against. Even though the vicious team of scoundrels has done all kind of name calling with regards to Modi, they never called him corrupt. But this ‘know all’ clown even finds Modi a grossly corrupt politician. And would you believe; our media goes gaga over each baseless utterances of AK as if the man himself is a fountain of virtue and truth.

    This is what I call a desperate last attempt of the clowns to somehow pull down the amazing growth of Narendra Modi. They know, they have failed miserably in the past and with all probability they will fail even more miserably now but that doesn’t stop the morons from throwing in their last ditch of efforts. More than desperation there is a hope; may be, just may be; they would be able to fool the voters one more time. To such level these loathsome characters have stooped down in greed for power and loot money. They are simply blind of the facts and refuse to read the writings on the wall. Or maybe they don’t want to admit the veracity of the writing and the writing is – come May 16th, voters will deliver the long pending justice, thereby wiping out the seasoned thugs and criminals forever from our political scene. But for the morons, till then keep on peddling the decade long stale lies with a grand hope that somehow the lie will hit the target. Funny, No? 


    1. Do not write a biased article. Some of Kejriwal's accusations/facts about Modi's "so called" governance in Gujarat are right only!

    2. U r one of those
      gentlemen who wholeheartedly believed in PAP that there will be a revolution in
      the country. Mango people believed in him and the PAP that it would deliver
      governance. when going to take oath for the chief minister role he takes the referendum
      but not when resigning.

    3. Maalik, I appreciate your point. But will this same guy write about Jaswant Singh issue.No. Agreed, Modi has given good governance and not great governance as claimed by many.Modi and his supporters are cheating people by telling "half-truths" about Gujarat's development.

    4. FYI, Madhya Pradesh has a better GDP than Gujarat. MP was known as BIMARU STATE. Chavan turned it around. But Modi cannot take such credit. Gujaratis are known to be hardworkers. Even a laymen knows that! In Health and sanitation indicators,Gujarat still ranks low.

    5. Get your facts right. Chavan was the CM of maharashtra and not MP.

    6. India has 28 states and how many chief minister have been elected thrice continuously ... i know 4 ... couple i dont know ... you think Gujjus are stupid to keep electing the same guy without any reason .... the growth is there just that the portrayal is inflated .... which is always the case .... please check your latest appraisal report if you are not agreeing

    7. this arun guy is a paid aap blogger, he is all over the place, go to any site, any good artical about modi he will make some stupid comment just liek his superboos AK49

    8. You rightly said... some facts about Modi is right.. perhaps 5 outo f hundred... but most of Damaad 420 has been wrong.. why did he not use his powers and prove.. Worse.. he gave and AAP election ticket to someone who gave a cleanchit to Robert Vadra...... He's bening pushinsed for these u-turns and lies.... thats all..