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    The Varanasi Blunder Of Arvind Kejriwal

    Arvind Kejriwal is a grossly ill-advised man, provided he does have an advisory board to begin with. In a span of only 3 years AK accomplished as many gaffes as a colony of 30-40 high grade morons would fail to achieve. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the kind of people AK was mingling with prior to his opportunistic political foray but his level of insanity seems to have at least tripled since the day of his divorce from team Anna. Along with making the life of himself and his equally notorious cronies miserable he also has made the life of many AAP supporters despondent by his uncountable number of goof ups and that too with double the speed. The goof ups were so serious that even the hardcore #AAPTards are now finding it difficult to cover up the mess any more. A clear cut reason why many of the so called founding members of AAP are ditching the party. 
    Be it the regrettable stint at Delhi CM’s office or his hilarious stage managed nonsense of an agitation against the central government in front of the Rail Bhawan; be it even his one way philosophy of accusing every living creature on this planet as corrupt or making mockery of established procedures in the name of aam-aadmi; blunders of AK are literally too many to count. There are many among the true AAP supporters who are getting fed up with such daily dramewazis of their leader, who unfortunately designates himself as a certified anarchist. There seems to be a rapid rise of dissent among the AAP supporters on whether to be a party to the hourly base nonsense of AK any more. I had personally interacted with many hardcore AAP supporters and most of them agreed that AK should have stuck to his Delhi CM seat and should have done something differently to do justice to the faith that the Delhi voters showed him. For many of his present and ex supporters, AK shouldn’t have dreamt big so early and should have concentrated on managing a state to build up his already overhyped rapport. But little did the supporters know that AK was never posted to rule Delhi. He was installed for an entirely different reason and he is just doing as directed by his hidden bosses. That said, let’s keep aside the “AAP is Congress-B team debate” for the time being and concentrate on AK as an independent politician to analyze his hara-kiri of last 2 years. While we are at it, we must also should analyze the kind of arrogance the entire AAP thugs have accumulated post a meager 32% vote share in Delhi.

    The latest and perhaps the biggest of the bloopers coming from AK is his decision to fight against NaMo from Varanasi. I am sure AK’s intoxicated brain has further staled post his victory over Shiela Dixit in Delhi but that can’t be an excuse for a cunning person like AK to miss the plot when he thinks NaMo is another Shiela. Just because he blows the aam-aadmi trumpet, he can’t fool the voters one more time and that too against a seasoned politician like Modi. For the benefit of many and AK himself, let’s go through at least two points on why this decision of AK to have a direct fight with NaMo is going to boomerang back at an alarming proportion.

    NaMo is no Shiela Dixit – I am not saying Shiela was a bad CM as many of other Congress CMs are. In comparative terms SD is a far better CM than the most that Congress ever had. And this is where the problem for SD started. Rapidly Shiela was beginning to emerge as a threat to the Mai-Baaps of Congress and their grip over the party. Had SD won one more time, her claim to be projected as the PM candidate of Congress and quite rightly so would have increased many folds. And it is not a secret that any such development may not go down well with the personal interest of the party high commands. As per Congress culture, at any given point, none can be projected, let alone SD, above Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. And again it no more a secret that a vibrant political career of SD has to be cut to size in the larger interest of the perpetual party high-commands. In other words, the history of Rajesh Pilot and Madavrao Scindhia has to be repeated so that none scares the future of Rahul Gandhi. So there goes the dirty trick department of Congress with over aggressiveness to see their own CM getting defeated. If my sources aren’t wrong, the Congress itself planned a debacle for Shiela in Delhi. The equation was simple for Congress that time – for safeguarding the likes of RG, it can sacrifice hundreds of Shiela Dixits on any given day. Along with substantial public anger such apathy of her own against SD benefitted AK immensely. Even after that AAP came out second behind BJP. But look at the irony, AK thinks all elections and every constituency as Delhi. But he forgets one very vital point – NaMo is a far mature politician than SD and there is no rotten high-command culture in BJP.

    The time has changed – When AK started his AAP gimmick, the situation and the public anger was different. During that time, in one of my blogs I had written how AK is in an enviable position where he has the liberty of blaming everyone else as corrupt. I also had written post AAP’s success in Delhi that the real litmus test for AK begins now. And boy wasn’t that a true litmus test where AK failed miserably? His once in every hour nonsense has irritated the same voters who were head-over-heels in supporting him just 6 months back. Now people have seen through the plot of AAP and at best consider AAP and AK as big gasbags with no substance but only noise. In the name of governance AK provided the Delhi citizens anarchy, lawlessness and stunts of Dharnas and street agitations for every damn thing. Without acting on pertinent issues, which the Delhi voters thought AK will, he resorted to some unwanted Harishchandragiri for the cameras to keep on flashing on him. And by the time he was done with all his aerobatics, he duly shunted the faith of the voters to a corner and ran away from his responsibilities to throw tantrums on pan-India basis. Today this; tomorrow that remained the core ideology of AK and his lout of a party, in the process losing the faith of the voters every hour. While initially voters thought AK to be a visionary now they know AK has no vision or at best a vision for a day on how to showcase yet another nonsense to remain relevant in prime time news. The Delhi success which has transformed the entire congregation of aam-aadmis to an arrogant lot was because of a frustrated voters lot and their over emotional love for a crook called AK. Now the mask has entirely pilled off and AK stands exposed more than Sunny Leone with his true self.   

    And by the way, this is for the intellectuals who try to draw a parallel between AAP and BJP when it started in 1982. The false notion that these loathsome people are peddling by saying how BJP also had a humble beginning of two seats and within 14 years they ruled India under Vajpayee. For records, BJP as a party had some ideology of their own unlike AAP which is a media creation and brain child of Congress party to derail the Modi juggernaut. BJP had astounding characters like Vajpayee in their ranks while AAP has this selfsame AK with no vision, ideology or even ethics. BJP started out as a political party and continued participating in our political discourse staying within the framework while AK and AAP are louts who find flaws in everything including our democratic framework, thereby promoting anarchy quite openly. So for the scumbags who want people to keep faith on AK and AAP after such monumental blunders – every party with a humble beginning can’t be compared to BJP, much like how one shouldn’t compare every startup in a garage to that with Microsoft.


    1. must read one... and awesome 1.... plzz give some more points ...plzz an article on present congress party and their google hangout with Rahul g....

    2. @BeingCynical Very good analysis of congress trick against
      SD, your analysis of making SD loose so that she cannot be emerged as possible
      PM candidate and path will be clear for Amul Baby.

      But I need your help to understand one thing, high level of
      politics requires very very strong skills of playing elite politics games (like
      king of Chase game), and as far as my understanding goes Sonia and Rahul both doesn’t
      have these caliber then how’s behind this dirty but highly skillful game. I
      feel that MMS is face of Sonia and I can guarantee you that Sonia is face of
      someone who is playing these high-end games and sale our country to those who
      corrupt nationally and internationally... Can you tell me how that person could

    3. Totally agree.....Snia can't possible be driving this ship. There are some very very intelligent/cunning/cut-throat groups guiding her.......some of the strokes they make in politics are amazing......it screws the Indians but for the party - it is amazing.

    4. JACOB GEORGE PARETMar 20, 2014, 2:36:00 PM

      What an analysis!!! But its just pure hollow inside. The whole of indian population believes that corruption is rampant. Its surprising that if a group of people stands against it, others are trying to degrade the efforts. I dont think many people today think who is SD & who is Modi. they only care to take our corruption. There we find the solution in AK and only AK.
      Do you mean Modi, hand in glove with Yedurappa, Sri ramalu, amit shah is going to weed away corruption & religious conflicts?
      Do you mean Congress, with Ashok chavan, NCP, DMK etc are going to weed out corruption?
      You must be joking; if the public were to believe & get driven by your analysis. God help you.

    5. I will be happy if AK is listening to you Jacob. I hope he focus on corruption than on Individuals. I hope he shares what is his road map to eradicate corruption through political solution. I hope you dont ask me to Read "Swaraj". I read it by the by and its a good book but politics is a different ball game and i want to know what is AK's game plan. but he is not interested in sharing it with us, the aam admi people. Cheers

    6. one important aspect is that our economics suffered because Sonia accomadated a bunch of left leaning NGOs to dictate policy decisions. Most of those NGO types have moved to Aam Admi party. If AAP comes to power anybody can guess what would happen to our economy.

    7. The political games that Congress is playing are by no means elite or skillful. They are just reusing strategies by Nehru and Indira, namely:

      (1) Invoke the Gandhi name and Congress party heritage at every turn
      (2) Play vote bank politics by dividing Muslims from Hindus, backward castes from forward castes, and so on
      (3) Deliver just enough welfare to get votes, but not enough that people will actually benefit
      (4) Keep the Indian population poor and uneducated so they don't know a better life can exist

      Even village goondas use these tactics on a smaller scale. Sonia the Waitress and Pappu the Moron are not intelligent, they are just recycling what has been taught to them.

    8. sunder ShreevastavMar 23, 2014, 3:27:00 PM

      That would be ford foundation..

    9. I totally agree with all your points, but again to perform these aspects in today's Indian politics requires very good level of executions and planning. For example how they sideline Anna or derail Arvind Kejriwal, these are really a master strokes and I don't think Sonia or Rahul even has caliber to play municipality games.

      I am curious who are these people wearing Sonia's mask looting my motherland India....

    10. You ar right ... many NAC members like YY are on deputation to AAP

    11. AK49 अमेरिका प्रायोजित; पाकिस्तान पोषित और कांग्रेस समर्थित सांप है

    12. AK49 अमेरिका प्रायोजित (CIA), पाकिस्तान पोषित (ISI) और कांग्रेस (SONIA) समर्थित सांप है

    13. Quiet a touching analysis and conclusions but there is only one question which needs answer after this. Whome would you vote ..... some party which has criminals, has dozens of scams in past and has a corrupt history or some one who has vision ideas committed to have clean non criminal goverment and fight corruption but also does lot of mistakes has an unorganised party and takes hasty decisison becuase he is the new kid on the block so not yet settled. But given a chance will still do better than others i believe.....make your own believe before you make your fingure marked. You call AAP Joker I will still accept it if you can answer following
      Which other party leader
      - has guts to come in public and take questions from public directly. This is how its done in new york as you mentioned NY here
      - Throw people out of the party if they have criminal background
      - Is ready to give details of each penny spend
      - Is fighting for a bill which if comes in existance will affect them as well if they are found guilty
      If you dont have answer i think you should start considering these jokers seriously

    14. i wonder if by any chance u can explain bjp ir congress gamr plan...and dont give those big management rehashed words...anyone with mid school education can do that. try to be specific...issue based