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    Maharashtra & Haryana Elections – Is There More Than Meets The Eye?

    For an average citizen an election is all about casting his own vote. But for those who are little more interested in country’s politics, an election is much more than just voting; it also means formation of new governments. There are ultra-interested people who look beyond voting and government formation in an election. They look at the nuances to the build up to the polling day and beyond. We call them experts. Experts analyze the ground realities and elaborate the reasons behind the voting patterns, candidate selection, how different segment of the society are voting and why and many such interesting stuffs. Fortunately or unfortunately there are a handful of so called political experts in India. Most of you must have seen those experts loitering TV studios during election days. Specifically during some exit poll discussions and counting days.

    I am no expert in that sense. Comparing the length & breadth of the knowledge that a certain Kumar Ketkar or Hartosh Bal possess, I am no match. They are the so called experts. It is a different matter that, these experts are experts in everything that has a potential to defame and degenerate Narendra Modi. I just took these two names but in reality, each one of them we see on TV studios and debating about elections, are experts cum pathological Modi haters.That is in fact a new found attribute that qualifies as a political expert in India. Being a neutral observer of our politics no more remains the primary criteria. One has to be a master in the art of Modi hating to be a regular in TV debates. So in the murk of this pathetic political jamboree, I had long stopped listening to these biased and hate filled media mafias for any information or ground facts. They are simply not trust worthy anymore since it is their hate and astounding quality of lie manufacturing that speaks on behalf of them. Not that they were ever reliable though but of late they have stooped to levels that never existed before. From 2004 or so I have started my own way of gathering truth in our political dynamics than depending on these non-ethical reprobates. As I said earlier, I am no expert but would any day believe on my own work than trusting these jokers for truth and facts.

    As usual, I did my bit in analyzing the Maharashtra and Haryana elections in my own way. I never believe in exit polls, though the reasons are vastly different from those of the Congress party. I am not going to elaborate again on why I don’t believe in exit polls. I have already done that in an old post of mine. Here I am going to lay out my observations of these two states and where the political tides are heading, not just in this election but for next five years as well.

    Let’s start with Maharashtra. Honestly, looking at the ill governance and loot of Congress-NCP combine for long 15 years, it was clear that they were going to be kicked out. Forget about BJP, the present Govt was so deplorable in their acts and actions that even a party of street dogs (literally) could have pitted themselves against these louts and still the voters would have voted them to victory. Such annoying and arrogant the combination has turned in to for the people of the state. Ajit Pawar asking people, if he should pee in the dams to substitute the deficit water is just one of the small arrogances that I was referring to. So in such a scenario, BJP winning back the state to the relief of its voters is not at all surprising for me. I am sure even if Congress-NCP were the only parties in the fray; people of Maharashtra still wouldn’t have voted them. What came out as a surprise in all of this is the brave step of BJP to part away from Sivsena and go alone in the state. And this is precisely what needs to be analyzed than why Congress and NCP are losing it big in the state.

    I was for long advocating the idea of a BJP-SS split. BJP should have done this right after 2009 or may be even earlier. For a long time SS was becoming a baggage too heavy for BJP to carry. Whatever significance that was left with SS, it seems to have gone with Balasaheb’s demise. Post Balasaheb, the party itself became a liability for the state with absolute clueless and uncharismatic faggots like Udhav Thakrey at the helm. During 2009 assembly elections, it was because of SS and its infighting that allowed Congress-NCP to come back to power. Had BJP fought the 2009 on its own in MH, I am sure they would have done pretty well. Even during 2014 general elections, how big a baggage SS is for BJP was more than evident. All that success SS got was because of BJP not for their own rapport or work. Flowing in the Modi wave SS managed to attain their best results in general elections. But that little victory, courtesy Narendra Modi seems to have gone inside the vacuum brain of Udhav Thakrey. Out of nowhere he thought himself to be the one who can and will call all the shots in the state. But that was far from being the reality and that is precisely what reflected in the results. Though Sivsena is the second largest party in the state, they still are half in numbers than what BJP garnered. Call it a rude shock or reality check, BJP managed to win more than the number of seats the greedy Udhav Thakrey was offering as a coalition partner.Udhav Thakrey getting cut to size was more than evident from the day the 25 years tie-up snapped under the weight of personal ego. Rest as they say is history. The jerk of truth was severe for UT that, he is now waiting desperately for any kind of merging formula from BJP, so as to remain relevant in Maharashtra politics. His adventures for even the least are getting some obstruction in the form of NCP, who seem to be begging to join hands with BJP in the government formation.

    From NCP, it reminds me the opportunist Sharad Pawar. Somebody correctly said – Pawar is where power is. Sharad Pawar is one third grade of an individual whom even his own wife may not believe fully.This is what SP has got to offer as his reputation. Apart from being a hawk, he is a master opportunist and always remains in the look out to hook on to power by any means. People like him are worse than prostitutes because the prostitutes at times refuse to sleep with a particular client. But SP can sleep with anyone, ideologies notwithstanding, if assured of some power in the bargain. But that said, with all his flaws, SP knows where the political semantics of the state lies and more importantly where the political tides are flowing. Like a cunning old fox, SP knows how irrelevance in state and regional politics is imminent if steps are not taken in the correct direction. And certainly a sinking ship like Congress is no more useful to themselves even, let alone for anyone else. To add to the woos of SP, loots like irrigation scam and agriculture scam are not doing any help. If the cover up act is not pontificated ASAP, SP along with his astounding charlatan nephew going by the name Ajit Pawar would cool their heels behind bars. Desperate situation calls for desperate measures, even if that requires licking your own spit. So the shameless Sharad Pawar is ready to run naked to BJP headquarters with this pledge of outside support even when none has asked for it. Elections are very interesting, no?

    Like Maharashtra Haryana has its own story to tell. Though the state of Haryana is tiny in size, the shamelessness emitting from there for last decade was far more than the shamelessness generating capabilities of three biggest states of India combined. While Congress-NCP became shameless for their own good, Mr. Hooda turned shameless to help just one person. And that person is the charlatan of charlatans, the one and only, the Damad-E-Hind, Robert Vadra. While Damad was busy looting everything and everyone in Haryana, Hooda Saheb was busy erecting protective fence around the first son-in-law of Congress. Hooda was so blind in his licking act that, he transferred an honest officer like Khemka so that Damad could continue looting with minor irritants like an odd honest officer. That is not all;Khemka was duly slapped with charges by the state government for interfering in Damad’s loot work. I am not sure but Hooda thought the people of Haryana are fool to remain loyal to his style of dynasty worshiping. The experts term the routing of the Congress in the state as rude shock but I will love to call it the appropriate response of the voters to the enormous love of Hooda for a rascal Damad.

    From being the ruling party in both the states for more than a decade suddenly Congress finds itself irrelevant in state politics now. The hammering for their misdeeds is so severe that the crooks are not even the primary opposition party in both these states. Such savage treatment can’t just be brushed under by terming as the outcome of anti-incumbency alone, as the criminal experts would have you believe.They are anger of the voters for taking them for granted. These are the loud response of the citizens to a rogue like Ajit Pawar that a water reservoir can’t be filled by just peeing on them. These are the answers of the suppressed on behalf of many honest officers like Khemka that even Damad’s could be cut to task if he loots the nation and the people.

    So there is certainly more than meets the eye in these recently concluded elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. And that is – ‘Bhagwan Ke Ghar Der Hai, Andher Nehin’.

    Wish you all a nice, wonderful and cracker full of Dipawali. To hell with the ‘NOISELESS’ Diwali Rascals.

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