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    Why The Seculars Have Problems With Diwali And Holi?

    I need not have to elaborate our mythology or even a bit of our history to show how significant Holi and Diwali are for Hindus. I said I need not have to because I feel everyone among us knows what our religion stands for since time immemorial.They are simply not important festivals alone but cultural reunion as well. In a diversified land like ours, even Hindus of India have their own way of celebrating festivals in different parts of India. It is only these two festivals that are celebrated in same vigor and flavor across the board. Lest we forget how even people from other religion also celebrate these two festivals with joy and enthusiasm. Didn’t I say it is more of a cultural union or may be reunion?

    That said, everything including our festivals have a downside to it. That is again an age old fact. Nothing in this world can be made picture perfect without any side effects. For example, Diwali invites some air pollution whereas water pollution and wastage in case of Holi. But does that call for our secular critics to come out of their closets every year and advocate the concept of ‘Noiseless’ Diwali and ‘Waterless’ Holi? Now please do mark that, I am referring them as secular critics and I have reasons to say this. These critics whom I fondly address as “Noiseless Diwali Rascals” are never seen criticizing any festival of any other religion. They may make you believe that only Hindu festivals have health and environment hazards attached to it but the reality is far from it. What about the festivals that induce social damages? The secular critics would never cry foul on them but would find quite convenient to degenerate only Hindu festivals; each time and every time. Why, may I ask? If pollution in case of Diwali is so pinching for these ultra-seculars then the cutting of thousands of trees during X-Mas should also be a concern. If myopic critics feel, we are installing bad examples of water management for our kids to learn during Holi then they should equally be perturbed with the naked display of barbarism in front of every Muslim household during Bakrid or the savagery on the streets during Muharram.Aren’t our kids learning bad examples of humanity and love and respect for life here? Why I don’t see these rascals voicing loud and going on opposing these three festivals in the same veneer? WhyI don’t see these morons advocating for a ‘Cruel-less’ Bakrid and ‘Savagery-less’ Muharram or for that matter ‘Tree-less’ X-Mas? Why this selective amnesia?

    For a change I would have accepted the logic of these critics who are profoundly from our evil media, had they been true to their own. But are our media guys genuine in anything they do? Well, your guess is as good as mine. While at one hand the Sagarika Ghoshes of the world backer for a ‘Waterless’ Holi, in the same breath she shamelessly lets everyone know how much she enjoys her swimming in the pool of her housing society. Is she a professional swimmer or just doing it for fun? Is she going to win an Olympics gold in 100 meter breast-stroke next year for us? A person making water colors during Holi iswastage of water but her worthless self dashing into an Olympic size pool is not.If only semantics were so common with bimbos like her then she would have realized how brazenly she lets her hypocrisies fly out from her contrived brain.Ditto goes with other media morons who advocate for a ‘Noiseless’ and ‘Crackerless’ Diwali. They bank upon pollution and global warming nonsense to sell their one sided snake oil. You may ask, what is one sided? Here it is. They love their fuel guzzling SUVs and Sedans. Every day they would roam around flaunting their macho in public and burning diesel at the rate of knots but find it offensive and callous when people blast crackers for just 3 hours and that too once in a year.I am not sure if something as terrible as awell-oiled Bamboo hits their respective posteriors during Diwali and Holi but these classic buffoons would always come out preaching as if the world is deprived of sane and judicious views without them.Who asks these rascals to distribute ‘Gyan’ when none seems too interested to listen to them? People don’t seem interested, not because none cares for the environment or increasing pollution level but because they know these clowns are jokers of first order. Why these faggots feel it is they who only care for the environment and increasing pollution level around us while rest all are ignorant morons?

    Forget these paid whores for the time being. Let’s talk about ourselves. How many of you find blasting crackers during Diwali more offensive than freshly butchered animals dangling in front of every Muslim home during Bakrid? How many of you find water wastage during Holi more tasteless than a bunch of maniacs inflicting wounds and draining out blood from their bodies in a street corner during Muharram? If given no choices which of these you want your kids to witness – a beautiful Anaar going off in your backyard or a Mullah mercilessly butchers an innocent goat during Bakrid and that too early in the morning? Forget about morality and all. Diseases like Ebola, Swine Flu, Mad Cow and many more are directly related to unattended animal carcasses and meat eating. For gods shake, even if killing animals for food is still acceptable, it no way makes any sense in killing innocent animals for celebration. What kind of pathetic humans can celebrate by taking lives of innocents? While we are at it, would you also care to know that around 150000 trees are cut in India just to celebrate X-Mas every year? Why no secular jerk cries foul for such insaneand anti-environment acts? Why I don’t see any so called NGO doing street plays to educate Muslim kids the reparations of filthy rituals of sacrificing innocent animals for the heck of it? Now don’t pop-up the animal sacrifices that are carried out in various temples across India.It’s a thing of the past now. We Hindus hate it and have made arrangements via our laws to curb any such inhuman rituals. Can the Muslims also act like we Hindus did and ask their brethren to stop killing innocent animals in the name of some wretched faith?Can the NGOs, the secular scoundrels educate the Mullahs the value of a life, irrespective of whose it is?I bet they won’t and the reason is quite evident from the thrashing a young girl got from these rabid Mullahs when she tried to advocate green Bakrid in Indore. But then, are Hindus easy prey for all criticizes and nonsensical preaching?

    Muharram is fast approaching and dare I say it is disheartening to go out into Muslim dominated areas of the city. For the life of me, I can’t stand people with a maniac look hurting themselves with sharp arsenals and draining out blood on the road as if it is nobody’s business. Neither can I ill afford my kid to see such vicious spectacles.But have you ever heard a single scoundrel criticizing any such misadventure with social norms? Come to X-Mas celebrations now. In a place like Zurich people have shown their concerns on the amount of trees that are slayed to celebrate X-Mas every year. Same is the case with India and its Christian dominated areas. For example, a state like Goa is planning to import X-Mas trees since the local resource has long ran out thin and people have now jumped into the business of cutting down normal trees. In a place like Mapusa or Mafsa, a complete 30 acres land with artificial trees was barraged out for this specific purpose only. Needless to say the timber mafia is behind it and in a program carried out by CNN, the scoundrels on condition of anonymity explained how their loot leads to individual homes for X-Mas decoration. Where are the iRudalis of our media here? Why not the Sagarika Ghoses, Rajdip Sardesais or Nikhil Whagles of the world tear their skirts and trousers in preaching for sensibility among the Muslims and the Christians? Because if they do then they won’t be alive to celebrate any festival henceforth, let alone some ‘Noiseless’ Diwali. But then, as I said earlier, are we Hindus so easy a prey for all the ‘Gyans’ of the world?

    Time to revolt back. I am delighted that the social media caught these rascals at it this time and responded with some magnificence that was long due. I also did my personal bit in ensuring a ‘Noiseful’ Diwali in my neighborhood. I am glad that I preached everyone I came across for a ‘Truckful of Cracker’ Diwali. I personally didn’t burst a single cracker to show respect to the dead of the Hyderabad Cracker Factory tragedy but I never let my personal belief to turn into an unnecessary Prabachan factory for others. Not even my immediate family members. I rather encouraged my neighborhood kids to buy the biggest of them and blast around with joy because it is after all the celebration of light, happiness and togetherness.

    By the way, has anybody taken an account of the number of crackers that are fired during New-Year eve and Shab-E-Raat of Muslims? But again, why to cry for new-year eve celebrations and Shab-E-Raat? These are not Hindu festival; isn’t it?

    Hope all of you had a Crackerful of Diwali. And as I said earlier – To hell with these ‘Noiseless’ Diwali Rascals.


    1. Fantastic article, the points u mentioned will be of great help for me while debating tis issue with my brain washed liberal hindu friends...

    2. Vaidheesvaran RamakrishnanOct 27, 2014, 11:56:00 PM

      In the same breath please also note that the morons object to the immersion of Ganesh idols during Ganesh chaturthi and burning of waste on Bhogi day.

    3. Eye opening blog ... I always supported noiseless Diwali .... but never thought about politics behind it ... Now I support your view

    4. Bharat should become truly SECULAR by banning ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY
      There is no religion called HINDUISM in the world.
      Hindustanis only practiced SANATAN DHARMA with set of codes and guidelines for an ethical and happy life
      Hindustanis were happy, prosperous in the 17th and 18th centuries.
      Education was more than 90%
      There were no jobless, no beggars
      Food supply was surplus and affluence (gold, diamonds) were glaring
      Moghuls started invading Bharat. Having never witnessed such a HEAVENLY AFFLUENCE as existed in Bharat, those morons started looting the temples, properties, raping the women etc
      This is what Islam taught them
      Then the perennial dacoits (BRITISH, SPANISH, PORTUGAL, DUTCH, FRENCH etc) got to know of the affluence of the Bharat and totally wiped the nation dry.
      <> Looted all the gold and jewelries
      <> destroyed the forest wealth of Bharat
      <> Destroyed the agriculture by slaughtering cows and introducing CHEMICAL MANURES
      This is what we call CHRISTIANITY

    5. People who oppose crackers for noise pollution, environment pollution and safety concerns should target banning of fireworks instead of targeting Diwali. Why should we have noiseless Diwali and crackers burst for Christmas, new year, cricket matches , election results whatever.

      While we are at it, secular New year celebrations are the most dangerous nowadays. How come nobody campaigns for a new year eve free of sexual offences ?

    6. I think Bimbisara was the first who killed his father. Ashoka also killed his brothers. Existence of Dalit in India is a black spot on Hinduism. Do not praise your dark history. You are civilised because of invaders.

    7. Nice one... Controlled and within limits is OK.. but going on exaggerated levels... that's not acceptable.. maintaining a balance is what is required... but that's just my thought..

    8. And you are civilized due to your tribal religion and founder ... hahaha lolz!!!

    9. Your views change after just one blog?

    10. Are we responsible for removing the ills in our society or defending them with the ills of others? I really wonder how Social Reformers would have been treated in this age of social media

    11. This has to be one of the worst things I have ever read.
      I am a Hindu.I get up at 4 am for the morning pooja during Diwali, after which I light 75-100 lamps around my house. Then I make visits to my relatives houses to share sweets. In the evenings I go and donate food to the children in the slum across my road.
      Recently I have started organizing street plays in my apartment one week before Diwali where we enact the various stories behind Diwali including Bali, return of Rama etc.

      You know why? Because crackers are not Indian(they are Chinese). They have nothing to do with Diwali(it is about light not sound). AND THEY ARE BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

      You think you are great because you burst crackers?

      If you are a true Hindu,Go protest against the slaughter of animals or cutting of trees,they are also against our culture.

      But you wont do that.You will simply contribute to noise & sound pollution
      You know why? You are lazy. You want to pretend that you actually care about Hinduism.You are a selfish person who has no concern for older people,babies and animals WHICH ARE ALL PART OF HINDU CULTURE.
      Hinduism means innately caring about the environment.
      Dont distort the Hindu religion in this ridiculous fashion.

    12. Yes they should ban crackers completely.

      And madam, sexual offences should not happen any time of the year.

    13. So just because some guy writes something on a blog you will support it?
      And what,just because of politics you will continue to do something that is harmful to our environment?

    14. Immersion of painted ganesha idols is BAD for our environment.
      Why cant you immerse a clay idol instead?

    15. In your great zeal to fight for your religion, please dont forget that certain things ARE bad practices. If you want,go protest against bad practices of other religions also.

      Being a Hindu means respecting the environment.

    16. At last, one voice of reason!
      The guy who writes this blog seems to have no ethics or logic.
      According to him, we should continue practising Sati (burning of widows) because women are not treated well in Islam also no?
      I understand wanting to defend your religion but this logic....bullshit.

    17. I read a article once that many hindus have low self confidence and secretly admire muslim extremism. So in effect while denouncing them they start moving towards being like them

    18. Have you ever thought what happens to the PoP idols that dont dissolve in water? You can visit any beach in Mumbai the next day after immersion and find it covered with broken heads of idols lying in garbage.