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    Uri Attack – It Is A Disgrace On Us

    Dear Narendra Modi, let me not mince my words today – you are appearing more clueless than your predecessors. The mandate that you got is not for free or for your foreign trips only. One of the reasons that you got this support because you promised the nation that, during your tenure, rogue elements like Pakistan would be dealt in a manner that they deserve. People were long been fed up with the falsehood of ‘Aaman Ki Asha’ by these ‘Idea of India’ frauds and you came as a refreshing change and looked like upholding the national pride above everything. But you disappointed as any average politician does. The betrayal pinches even more in your case, more so when one looks at your over generosity in rushing to Pakistan to personally greet Nawaz Sarif on his birthday, that too by making all kind of unscheduled changes to your travel plans. What have we got in return? You should have learnt from Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the legendary back-stabbing skills of Pakistanis. But you are rapidly appearing hopeless and no more remain a great learner as you used to be in your Chief-minister days. I am not sure about others, but as an individual, I am thoroughly disappointed sir and it makes me cringe to even imagine how cowardice we look in front of the world today.
    When Pathankot happened, for some reason, I thought, this would be the last of its kind happening on our soil. But I was wrong. 17 of our brave soldiers were killed yet again when a Fidayeen team attacked the makeshift Army Base at Uri on the wee hours on Sunday. That was ghastly, barbaric, unpardonable and worrisome to say the least. Now words can sufficiently condemn the attack, which in all probability, looks like having a Pakistani hand in its design and execution. Pakistan yet again was proved how big a nuisance it is for the region in particular and world in general. It even wonders many, how on earth, a country, which has nothing but terrorism to offer to the world was allowed to be that way so long. Condemnations are pouring in from all quarters and quite rightly so. It is about time that we publicly ‘name and shame’ Pakistan on various world forum and we should do it without fail.

    That said are we going to just do the condemnation and stop there as we were habitual of doing since last 25 years? We had multiple Uri like attacks in the past, both on our defence establishments and general populace. Have we acted decisively in any of them? Every time, we just condemned the attackers and those who perpetrated the crime and forgot the incident in about in seven days flat. This has happened every time. This too happened after Pathankot attack. Lot of oratory skill was on display and lot of gas bags were blown up culminating in absolutely nothing. Starting with our PM to our Home-minister, with our Rakhshya Mantri tucked somewhere inbetween, each one of them just came out in condemning the attack as if condemnation hardly deters a rogue and beggar nation like Pakistan. Condemnation and humiliation shames a self-respecting nation, not a loathsome country like our neighbour. They don’t have any respect left on the world forum. Insulting them hardly makes any difference. They are shameless of highest category and I am sure, we have better things to do than reminding them of their pathetic existence. When they didn’t realize their fault even after terrorists killed their own children after bragging into a school in Rawalpindi, let me assure you, our strong and insulting words would hardly make them realize. Why are we just keeping on condemning after each attack and that too for so long? Why are we so Pussy-footing in matter of national interest and national security? It is a matter of our sovereignty and yet the best that we thought we can offer here is our denunciation or in case of Rajnath Singh, his ‘Kadi Ninda’? Is it kind of a joke that is unleashed on the nation post each such attack? What kind of nonsense we are routinely engaging with when it comes to tackling a rogue nation like Pakistan?

    Every time an attack happens, the nation is fooled by cunning words. By now even the poorest country of the world would have stood up and acted decisively, where in, we, as the so called super power in the making, resort to our vocabulary skills to suffice our ego. Close to 30 years and we are surviving only on our oratory skills to heal the wounds. In the name of peace in the region we are getting habitual of taking it lying down. Is the peace in the region is our responsibility alone? Why are we carrying the burden of peace for such a long period that our shoulders have started to bleed? Why the nation is always cheated of its pride and self-respect? Who to blame for this historical skulduggery act?

    Honestly, there are many factors that led to the situation that we are in. Traditionally our governments were busy protecting their vote bank. For some reason, the belief among the secular outfits is that, a considerable action against Pakistan would render the Indian Muslims against their party. Though this assumption is unfounded and devoid of facts, it still makes no sense to tolerate the rubbish of a notorious neighbour for whatever reason it may be. Tolerating a bunch of rascals is stupidity. Our media and the so called pseudo liberals, who go into a hiding after each suck attack, are to be blamed equally. The silence of the liberals at present is on the expected lines but I am sure, it is not long before these free junkets would crawl out of their woodwork and start barking for continuous dialogue with Pakistan. The morons who enjoy their free scotch at various Pakistan establishments and dish out the ‘Idea of India’ like drivel, routinely advocate for friendly ties with Pakistan. Little did they understand that, there can't be friendship possible with a morally and ethically bankrupt nation. Every sphere of our liberal circle is feasted with morons that talk the lines of Pakistan at any given opportunity. Worse even, in clear case of charlatanism, they even try to cover the name of Pakistan every time it is possible. For once, I haven’t seen a single Pakistani media that talks opposite to their government vis-à-vis India while we have scoundrels like NDTV who do the exact opposite regularly. Look at how this moronic lot tried their best to cover Pakistan yet again, so much so that they even rephrased the words of Lt Gen Ranbir Singh. When the army man had clearly named Pakistan in his statement, these routine Azadi whiners alongside the Kashmiri traitors were seen adding their own context to it. And these are the specific elements who don’t want strong action against Pakistan. These are the idiots that Pakistan has domesticated in India for their gain. Along with the separatists, these sold out outlets are in a mission to carpet out an entirely wrong and different narrative for Pakistan here on our soil. These are the home grown problems that the GOI of the day must take notice if they wish to teach Pakistan an unforgettable lesson. Why not shut these outer walls of our enemy first? They are proven elements that carry anti-India schemes. Why not give them their due. What is stopping us in dealing with these clowns first?

    The reporter par excellence and a major in Azaadi whining acumen, Barkha Dutt, just showed how she along with NDTV and many others come handy in destabilizing the political and diplomatic discourse. Anything favourable for India gets the spin that Pakistan wants and irony, it is few among us who do it routinely. She talks about the timing of the attack this time. Fantastic!! In a way she suggests if this attack was strategically designed by India to show Pakistan in bad light at UNGA. Such a bleeding heart for our enemies, I tell you. This is specifically how the useful Idiots of Pakistan work. They change the narrative on its head. We had our soldiers being killed for no reason, and here is a bimbo (with no beauty) who whines if this could be an Indian plot. Exactly what the Pakistanis want. No wonder, a fox across the border picked the subtle lines at once and so does the Pakistani counter act team. This is how these morons fuel the Pakistani claims so easily and irony; we are tolerating these homegrown rascals too. These are the same faggots who rush to Kashmir to shout Azaadi beside the separatists and the stone throwers. These are the same morons who make Bhuran Wani a hero and try to put ‘Kashmir’ into the mouth of a pig when he instead claims to fight for Islam and Bhuran Wani. These are the same rots that glorify the ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Haazar’ rascals and take hour long interviews so that they can vomit poison against the nation unobstructed. And these are the same morons who identify Bhuran Wani as just the son of a retired school headmaster. And surprise of all – we have let these jokers wine and dine on Pakistan money and visit Karachi Litfest type anti-India activities to corroborate their filthy views alongside the enemy. Worse, we even allowed them to go and attend parties of Gulam Nabi Fai and blabber against India at international forums. Why these elements are still flourishing on our soil? These sleeper cells and the Huriyaats are parasites and should be dealt accordingly. Before accusing Pakistan we should look within and explain ourselves the approach that we always have taken in dealing with the traitors. Getting our acts together is the need of the hour. We give these defectors the VIP treatment and foot their medical bills. We give them Z+ security too. When time for recounting comes, these jerks abhor us like enemies and sit on the laps of Pakistan and our response sadly doesn’t go beyond ‘Kaadi Ninda’. Shame on us first, if we really want to finger point at the reasons for such prolonged mishandling of a bugging nation in our neighbourhood.

    Time has come to set the record straight. We must ask why we have kept Pakistan on the Most Friendly Nation list. This list needs some immediate truncation. I see no reason why we shouldn’t pull out of the Indus water treaty at once. Do we really need to be empathetic towards such a nation? There are hundreds of Pakistani artists who are making money here. Our Bollywood is swarmed with these buggers and have become a cheap source for all the 'Thumka' and 'Mujra'. They need to be packing their bags and leaving Indian shores ASAP. Each of those Pakistani cricketers who appear on Indian television should be asked to leave and go back to their country. Put travel advisory to anyone visiting Pakistan. Kick out Pakistani ambassador with immediate effect and call back our envoy too. Don’t allow a single Pakistani to visit India, not even medical tourists. No humanity is affordable with a nation whose motto is to kill innocents and create disturbances. Isolate Pakistan regionally first and then internationally. Throw them out of SAARC. I am sure Afghanistan and Bangladesh would tow our lines on any given day. They are equal sufferer in the hands of this terror nation. Time has come to repeat what George Bush said – either you are with us or against us. Let the world know where we stand. If you want continuous business with us, you need to ditch Pakistan. If you still want to go with Pakistan; good for us and good for you. It can’t be both way anymore. Choose either should be the ultimatum. The message this time should go loud and clear; much louder than the bombs these terrorists hurl or the sound these anti India morons routinely do on various platforms. Be merciless henceforth on anyone found indulged in anti-India activities. Kill the bastards, if required. Enough of drawing blank in engaging with Pakistan diplomatically. They aren’t worth our time. Dish out exemplary punishment to each of these ‘Idea Of India’ frauds, the Litfest mafias, the ‘Aaman Ki Asha’ gang, the liberal morons and these media swindles. If reasons be, we shouldn’t be unwilling of repeating the above picture of Bangladesh war of liberation. To handle the pigs we ought to get into the shit.

    Till that happens, rest in peace you 17 brave hearts. In all probability, we don’t value your sacrifice. I am sorry, but this appears to be the fact at present.  

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