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    Intellectual Cowardice

    Since the Uri attack, the narrative of our liberals has turned from complete silence to shrill filled rubbish within a matter of four days. I mentioned it in my last post that the present silence of our liberals is temporary. It is not long that they will crawl out of their holes and shout ‘dialogue with Pakistan’ in their signature style. This is exactly what has happened. By the fifth day of the incident, we have all the usual suspects trying their best to change the public discourse, which was mostly anger against Pakistan, post this barbaric attack. They are ‘live and kicking’ all over the place now. Different channels are now open to scare people of their present perception. All of them are busy in their own capacity to scare people on how a Pakistan-China nexus could break all hell loose on us if we think of any kind of retaliation. In nutshell, the selfsame liberals are working overtime to justify the prolonged silence of ours in response to every terror attack of our enemy.

    For them, the spinelessness that we are so used to show for last 30 years is justified because we have lots of liars, who can dish out an entirely different chronicle vis-à-vis what we can do to avenge our bruised ego – that is to do nothing and keep on engaging with stupid dialogues with a terrorist nation. For last 60 years we are repeatedly talking with Pakistan and yet there is nothing noteworthy that we have gained. Still these liberals don’t waste a nuance in advocating for the bogus talks to continue. As I asked earlier – talk with whom and more precisely why? Every so called effort at talks resulted in more terror attacks. A rogue country is busy killing our soldiers and civilians and we have a bunch of faggots who keep on suggesting to do nothing in response. Just lie down and wait for another terror attack to happen on our soil and keep on whining ‘dialogues’ post each such attack. These are the precise terror supporters that India has come to term with for a long, long time and sadly their number is increasing by the day. But little did these ‘useful idiots’ of Pakistan forget that there is no more the government of UPA which was worthless by design. Now we have a government which abhors these terror support service on our soil, and it is none other than the PM who has warned against these scoundrels in as many words.

    In my last post, I had suggested, among many alternative retaliatory measures, India must revisit the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) and if possible walk away from it at the earliest. IWT by nature is another phoney gift that Nehru gave us for no reason. Every country while going for any international treaty sticks to the very basic of protecting its own interest. I don’t see a single benefit for us in this imprudent treaty that Nehru signed in 1960. I can’t explain how every passing day makes me cringe more for this man. We, for reasons best known to Nehru, agreed to release most of the water of the rivers that constitute the Indus in Pakistan. For decades, this single stupidity has stopped us from constructing any hydropower projects in Kashmir. The entire northern state is deprived of its hydropower capabilities because of IWT. As early as 2002, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed demanded the IWT be scrapped for the benefit of the state. The little Johnny of Indian Politics, Omar Abdullha, who now has masters in throwing tantrums every day on Twitter, has his father Farooq Abdullaha standing beside Mufti in his demand. This was a very specific demand post the 2002 parliament attack. It wass again the inanity of Atal Bihari Vajpyee that he thought of some ‘Samjhuta Express’ nonsense instead of such valid demands. Systematically for last 50 years, the entire belt of these six revers are laying vacant with no profitable construction. This is the precise reason why Kashmir goes to a dingy every year during rainy season. A little rain ensures flooding in the valley there by causing loss in crores every year. Lack of irrigation projects across these six rivers is a major reason for it. Not to mention, water scarcity in the valley is fallout of this Nehru’s mega blunder. Thanks to IWT, we simply aren’t allowed to touch these rivers in any manner.

    It is a well-known fact that Indus is the lifeline of Pakistan. Their well-connected canal system largely depend on Indus to irrigate them. Any action by India would eventually render these canals dry in no time. Pakistan heavily depends on IWT to keep on having continuous water flow in their country. This fact can easily be taken advantage of, more so when we are not obliged to any sympathy for a country which has nothing but hate and terror to offer us. In my last post, I too advocated Indian government to look at IWT as another option to strike back at Pakistan. Thankfully, the GOI of the day is looking at the option to fix the mess that Nehru orchestrated in 1960 and no wonder; the Pakistani agents in India are feeling the heat in their underwear. It is a situation of haste among the liberal quarters. Time is ripe to showcase their usefulness to their masters. Hence, the usual plank of ‘Humanity’ had to be let loose on the populace first. But things have changed and changed for good. Since people this time aren’t buying this humanity nonsense for a country that is killing our people, the immediate narrative needs to change to scare. This is precisely what the ‘Telegraph’ tried to do. The staple commie hate factory from the lala-land resorted to falsehood to show how the scrapping of IWT would result in monumental loss for us. These people are seasoned liars and it is no better than TTI that proves it. The truth about IWT is as clear as crystal and I don’t believe that these hate India agents aren’t aware of it. Whatever TTI churned out has a sole reason of scaring people away from truth. Here is the fact, if you care naught for these TTI type rogues and liars – There are six major rivers that fall under this treaty, three eastern rivers and three western rivers. Three of these six rivers originate in Himachal Pradesh while one in J&K. The remaining two, which originate in Tibet, and TTI tries to draw the narrative how China would stop the flow; actually accumulate most of their water in India. A little Google on these two rivers and their sizes and water volume before entering India and after would conclude this. Even if China restricts the water in their side it would hardly impact us. There is absolutely no scientific reason how China can impact us here. But TTI and many alike are liars and charlatans of highest degree. They simply want to scare the populace by citing a slapdash impact theory in event of India walking out of this IWT nonsense. That is what they are paid for. They want to protect the Pakistani interest, even if that means misleading their own people with falsehood. These anti India elements who dance around naked for Pakistan know exactly how IWT is vital for their favourite country. They are now desperate since scrapping of IWT looks a real possibility.

    In the same post, I also suggested to throw out all Pakistani actors and cricketers that are making merry on our soil. It can’t be business as usual here and as such we shouldn't believe people from the enemy camp. By throwing them out, we would hit where it hurts most. This is how you make these people go back and demand their country to refrain from nefarious activities. It is a given in any country that they will try every option to arm-twist their enemies. Apparently India seems like a different case study altogether. It is not a surprise why the Rudalis in our Bollywood are vehemently trying to protect our enemy representatives on our soil. It is again a well-known fact that our Bollywood is full with bleeding hearts for Pakistanis, so much so that, a visiting terrorist on recce is housed and befriended by these rogues. Mahesh Bhatt is prominent among these Pakistani sympathizers. While he himself gets funded to make movies in Pakistan, his son goes around befriending terrorists in the city. The ‘intolerance gang’ in Bollywood are routine offenders of India’s interest. They are in a mission to sabotage the national pride and weep like Rudalis for their Pakistani colleagues. No wonder why these scumbags are getting a group orgasm since the time MNS threatened these Pakistani artists to leave India within 48 hours. The terror support system is activated here too. People like Sekhar Coupta are busy drawing economics from their back side and suggesting how Indian movies gross more in Pakistan than India. Really? This is some kind of mathematics that only these Pakistan doormats can lay out. While the number of movie goers in India can easily exceed the total population of Pakistan, the joker in Coupta seems to be oblivious of this fact. The Salma-and-Sabrina duo isn’t far behind either. They are on a tweeting spree to protect their beloved Pakistanis. The category five moron vouches for some bogus people to people contact as if that would make any sense when we are at a virtual with our enemy. This ‘people to people contact’ in fact is another offshoot of the ‘dialogue with Pakistan’ cabal that we get to hear from these morons in routine interval. Though not a single duffer from Pakistan is seen condemning the Uri attack, our useful idiots are falling over each other in praise. Barkha Bibi even terms it as cowardice as if her regular moroniry is an act of bravery.

    Barkha is not limited to just weeping around for the Pakistani artists. She is castigating people who are question her and her equally filthy brethren. There is no denying that, before driving out these Pakistani parasites, the terror support system within the country needs to be dismantled. The person behind this tweet understands only too well. Of all the people, it is Barkha Dutt who was seen challenging and threatening him and asking if people like ‘Chaar Log’ should be allowed in twitter. Wasn’t it interesting coming from someone who was praised by none other than Hafeez Saeed? The woman who was busy travelling the country in giving enough air space to ‘Bharat tere Tukde Honge haazar’ gang is now asking if this tweeter handle should be allowed any space in the forum. Irony died again today. For long anti national elements were given untrammelled space in our media by fraud journalists like BD and now they have a problem if one calls them fraud in as many words. A call to destroy the terror support cells that we otherwise come to know by ‘our media’ in India, invites the ire of the Rudali par excellence. This is a clear cut sign of the desperation among the liberal quarters and how they want to protect their beloved Pakistan by any means. The street thug Rajdeep Sardesai is another rascal from this terror support system. He goes ahead and rants against Arnav Goswami on a Pakistani channel. But I don’t blame him entirely. This is what happens when people in your home stop listening to you. When your credibility hits an all-time low, you unvaryingly end up at the enemy camp defaming your very own and that is what the street thug is doing. He simply can’t fight with the nationalist stand that Arnav is taking so he has no option but to rant around like a clown. After all remaining relevant in this time of well-informed individuals is a tough ask and the charlatans are simply clueless on what to do other than mindless whining.

    Glad that someone in GOI is noticing the popular sentiment. War is no option but then, no country goes to war for fun. War is always thrust upon a nation. As someone correctly said, you don’t always choose your war. If situation demands for a war, so be it. More than war, it is the silence and the intellectual cowardice that has harmed us thus far. Time has come to learn something from Indira Gandhi.  With all her flaws, Indira Gandhi still had a brilliant quality. She was absolute in her thinking on how to deal with such nuisance. She had no time for these coward intellectuals and their whining. She used to shun them as non-entity and quite rightly so. Time has come to shun these scumbags decisively again and to start with, stop this terror support system within India once and for all. Is Narendra Modi listening?

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